A disturbingly high percentage of proles are functional analphabetics even in the first world

Let's be honest if we have to intellectually emancipate the masses we might as well use Esperanto for it. There's literally no reason to use the intellectually impoverished English, it actually makes things worse because it is so closely connected to commerce and Americanization. Speaking English is speaking the language of economic domination of Capital. It is basically imperialism.


More like

what the hell Germany…UK, scandinavian countries? damn…how can there still be so many illiterate people in Europe

Functionality illiteracy doesn't mean not knowing how to read

It means you can technically read but not in practice.

How about no to forced secondary languages? We really don`t need to integrate globe under singular language.

It means being a stupid fuck more than anything

Want to see a map of what percentage of the European population speaks Esperanto?

Wtf happened with Italy’s literacy rate? I thought they were a nation of readers?

how much of a brainlet are you, at least try to read up and learn a bit if the native language. even if its a visit. americans still wonder why europe and asia hate them.

Berlusconi happened

retarded brainlet

It's not about foreign languages but they are incapable of reading on their own mother tongue. Why OP conflated the two, I don't fucking know.

top kek for the pictures. Even if people don't want English it doesn't mean they have to give up their tongue for Esperanto. Might be cool post-rev though. Sincere asking: what is the use of gendering nouns and shit in most other languages?

Esperanto is an international auxiliary language, it's not meant to replace your mother tongue but to become an universal second language.

Which is easier and cheaper: teaching a nation to speak Esperanto or teaching them English? Since they apparently speak neither.

Retard american

is comrade marcos a posadist?

Nobody is "stupid," they are actively stultified. If they didn't think they were stupid and knew that all intelligences are equal they could teach themselves anything.

From a non psychological perspective, it is useful in languages with a case system because it means endings are kept the same: which when a word can be declined in 6 different ways (as in Russian) ends up being useful. Also some constructions use the same letters ust with different endings based on their gender: школа (nominative), [transitive verb] + в школу (accusative, used when a school is a destination) & в школе (prepositional [aka locative], used when school is a location). In this case for the feminine word for school, we have three different endings: which helps us differentiate between the nominative and accusative forms.

Why should I care if someone in Spain can't speak English? English is imperialism now? Absolutely retarded, while you screech at people about how they must learn Esperanto to stop imperialism, an actual "intellectual" will help them with real, actual problems.
If you were going to "intellectually emancipate" (good God I feel imperialized saying that) people in another country, you would just get an interpreter. Stop shilling for your shitty language.

Man one thing I am going to miss about American hegemony is having English as the global lingua franca. Chinese is almost impossible for an adult foreigner to learn without having an awful strange accent.

this is why americans have a reputation of being retarted. i love learning about other languages. you clearly don't. brainlet/10.

It's not like English is so much better, its pronunciation is a complete clusterfuck.

they wouldn't change the lingua franca just because, lol

Yaknow, when the tables are turned, you really do explain the hypocritical, angsty thesis of the aut-right


Good post


I've been to Italy several times and what surprised me is that almost no one is able/willing to speak English there, not even at basic level. People just stare at you when you ask them basic questions, about directions or in the shops and cafes. Even younger people who are supposed to be somewhat familiar with English don't speak it too well.

Yeah it's weird how Italians don't speak english.

It's almost like some of them have bad memories of english-speaking people.

Such as?

It's because they teach it like shit at school. If they teach it all.

but yeah it's not just that, i've been to several different schools and I was always the only one not struggling with the english class. It's not even hard, I don't know what the fuck is up with that. People just don't give a shit.

where have you been btw? in major cities shop clerks and baristas will know at least a word or two.

Arming far-right militias as a "stay-behind" organization against communist invasion.

Venice, Padua, Verona, Milan, Florence, Rimini, San Marino

I come from a country where Anglo-Americans aren't particularly loved either and yet a majority of young to mid-aged people here speak English to some degree.

Being able to speak english and speaking it to some burger who rocks up asking where places are, are two very different things.

Liberation of Italy was very bloody and a lot of the older Italian generation carry resentment from it: this carried down to their kids.

Also Yank intervention in Italy after the war was pretty bloody.

i can't believe you couldn't communicate in english in Milan. There's almost more tourists than locals.

i can assure you nobody gives a shit about americans in italy.

the germans, though…

the older ones didn't feel bothered to learn a new language, but they'll die anyways

You couldn't find people who spoke english in milan? Who you talked to, only 60+ year old people? There is a fuck ton of people who can speak correct english not only in the shopping area but in a lot of parts of milan. Really the place where people can't speak english is mainly the south, the most exploited place in italy

I'm a northener and everyone here is ready and happy to suck german cock tbh

How the heck do you expect internationalism to work then?
A common language is needed.

Oh wait, you are socdem.

Milan here, can confirm.

Depends where in italy, In the south I'm pretty sure no one speaks english. In milan most people speak at least few words, Rome too.