Why doesn't this board like Jacobin?

Why doesn't this board like Jacobin?


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took fucking ages to get this through because of the captcha and the chars thing

We do like Jacobin though.

Liberal idpol at its finest, that's why. If I wanted to read a paper whining about a lack of "democracy" or LGBTBBQ "rights", I'd go read buzzfeed, thanks.

What are you on about? There's loads of anti-idpol stuff there. And the new owners are constantly taking the piss out of idpol on twitter. That's why I like them.

They have a fetish for enlightenment values and social democracies.
They are basically anti-communist propaganda with a leftist aesthetics.


"new" should be "two. Dunno how that happened

I like that tho

Pointless virtue signaling. The fact that it still pretends racism against blacks exists is enough proof that it is knee deep in idpol.

Depends who is writing for them.
They can be on some bullshit sometimes.

because they are a co-op are socialism psuedo communist website.

Seriously nigger?

They have good articles from time to time but most of their writers are lukewarm succdems larping as communists.

they've had some really great articles. like really excellent but it's usually socdem shit about how medicare for all is socialism

these are pretty shit criticisms. you're a bunch of purist pedants.

its entirely fair to not like a magazine because i disagree with their politics lol

man sometimes Holla Forums

“Marx and [I have] fought harder all our lives against the alleged Socialists than against anyone else.” — Engels

black people literally don't have 4th amendment rights


Holla Forums can't see the difference between advocating for reforms and reformism. You can be a revolutionary socialist, someone who wants the system to be ultimately overthrown, while showing workers that through mass action their daily lives can be improved. Reformism is believing the fight is over once health care and higher minimum wage have been achieved.

Communists should advocate for the abolition of wage labor not the raising of wages.

You are not more virtuous for laboring under a lower wage in the interim

how bout both

Again, useless unless the masses realize their power, they won't abolish wage labor for themselves. It's like Plato's cave, even if the chains were broken, you have to be forced out of the cave into seeing the new possibilities.

Its not the job of the socialist to radicalize workers or 'spread class consiousness' capitalism does that allready.

Raising wages may be good for workers but its not revolutionary.

Fucking really? wtf is this shit now?

Capitalism doesn't ensure the workers have their ideological ducks in a row, in fact it does everything to prevent class consciousness, just look at the "Do what you love" mantra or the deliberate misinformation published about socialism and the working class daily.

That was the exact position of Lenin that got him into power in the first place. By not acting in left-populist ways, there will be no revolution or workers who will stand behind you.

Raising wages through strikes energizes workers and gets them thinking about the possibilities they could achieve through mass action.

their logo contains a colored I refuse to read

Workers don't need to follow me. They are the revolutionary force on their own.

Yes it does. Whenever crisis happens workers become radicalized. Workers are not radicalized by you impressing your ideology on them.


Otto vom Bismarck perfected this class collaborationist shit in the 19th century, and leftoids have been falling for it ever since. Enjoy getting hyped over winning some meaningless low-level political concessions in the bourgeois political system that limits your scopes.

I wonder who could have been behind this post?

man get the fuck out of here

how retarded do you have to be to think black americans DON'T deal with any kind of prejudice or structural oppression

it could be irony…

Because their readers threw a bitchfit when they had articles celebrating Rosspierre's birthday. That's enough reason not to read it.

It’s actually insane to me that some people unironically believe that black people don’t face adversity because they are black in the US. It’s like an objective fact that they do

really maneuvered my mangos


I like Jacobin but some of their writings on american foreign policy is making it hard for me to respect them


Is there a better place to be Black than the United States? Maybe one of those island tax havens. Not that racism doesn't exist, but the shrieking is a bit disproportionate to the degree of adversity faced at the moment.

Listen to the latest episode of the trillbillies with RL.

Most criticism of Jacobin on this board comes down to the idea that they aren't radical enough. I feel like its misguided because the way to get people on board people with socialism is to use the terminology and the types of arguments Jacobin does. Saying we need to democratically manage our economy is a lot more appealing and intuitive to your typical person than talking about abolishing wage labour and commodity production.

Jacobin has certainly been a huge boon to the American left, both myself and many other left-liberal people would likely not be socialists without it. They are also dedicated to moving the US left from away from parochial identity politics which is something everyone on this board should appreciate.

The legitimate criticism that can be made of Jacobin is they have published some absolutely terrible articles about foreign policy, especially the Syrian Civil War. In particular an article by a Syrian ex-pat that painted the conflict in manichean terms rather than the murky clusterfuck it is. I remember later that the author had tweets dug up cheerleading Western intervention and denigrating the "white leftists" who had rallied against the war.

Jacobin is relatively anti-idpol compared to most of the US left.


I've heard Bhaskar (owner and editor) explicitly argue that the class compromise at the center of social democracy is unsustainable in many of his public appearances.

Not this infantile bullshit. I work at a moving company should I give up on trying to start a union because its opportunist? How do you think the working class was radicalized in the past? People talked about their shared exploitation and banding together to do something about it, why would you discourage that?

In seriousness Jacobin isn't actually that bad, they just have a tendency to sometimes let pink liberals write some groan-inducing articles for then.

Workers need to acheive class conciousness by themselves. You can't impress your ideology on them.

The idea that people have an innate social belief that they'll eventually arrive at instead of a constructed worldview that comes from education and information is so hilariously misguided that only a leftcom could adhere to it

no one does tbf

this is sooooo fucking ignorant. makes me want to hit you right in your stupid face. normally i would suspect that you are infact a porky shill but i've heard this kind of bullshit too many times from anarchists.
move to a slum in the 3rd world and see how low wages, extreme poverty and lack of education accelerate communism. or just stop calling yourself "leftist" and find another carrier for your pubescent edgyness, you dumb fuck.

What is communism without Enlightenment values?

holy shit people really summon this boogeyman for no fucking reason now

welcome to Holla Forums

Wage increases shouldn't be the end all be all, but increasing wages is one of the most basic starting points of class struggle that anyone should be able to get behind. The thing we should be working on is decreasing the workweek and increasing wages has to be a component of that

And without prior experience to know which direction is beneficial and which direction leads you nowhere, you end up with failures like Occupy and the rise of reactionary thought that we are experiencing now

I have no idea where people keep getting the idea that communism isn’t an enlightenment philosophy, but it really needs to stop.

The point is to not stop after the initial reforms and to keep demanding until you reach a revolution. What you are advocating is not to start anything to begin with.


It's a lot more intuitive, but it tends to give the wrong impression about what it's all about, and it might not be necessarily all that appealing