Michael Parenti: 16 Things Libya Will Never See Again

Based Parenti does it again.

RIP Comrade Gadaffi, you tried your best

>inb4 "Yeah but okay Gadaffi WAS actually bad bro like c'mon, like that was actually one of the things Obama got RIGHT dude be realistic"

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You should read this apologies for lolbert source but the article is good


He should never have said that, he had porky chomping at the bit for cheap labor and consumers

All socdem tier and all funded by oil.


you have absolutely zero conception of the real world

You'd think there are some people who want to restore it.
Yet Libya has 5 governments, and none of them is Gadaffist.


Did OP say that it wasn't? Seriously, I don't get what people like you are about anymore, nobody ITT says that it was socialism or whatever, the fact is that it was objectively the best possible outcome for the Libyan people, I don't even know why you would want to unnecessarily stir up shit if you didn't actually want to shill for imperialism

Guess we better blow up literally all of Scandinavia, especially Norway, as soon as fucking possible :^)


wasn't that last thing (the manmade river) a complete disaster?


How is that a complete disaster you retard

for what reason

fucking baguettes

Gaddafi was a top bloke.

Your point?

You will be missed Gadaffi. You were not perfect, none of us are or will ever be. But you did good for your people and the US military industrial complex profitted off your demise.

this tbh

Best Soc-Dem EVER tbh

this. additionally a lot of people did not have as much access to these services as one assumes.

cuck-tier logic

What did you mean by this?

The cuck logic is in seeing said resources as rightful property of the dictator, with every cent spend on you being a generous gift.

depleting a huge source of drinkable water in a 100 years seems, I dunno, bad

woah, so this is the power of fascism

Gaddafi was a turd positionist (fascist) and a mass murderer. The Libyan Revolution was an antifascist revolt.

Parenti is a loathsome moron who defends anyone who happens to be an enemy of the US, including the genocidal tyrant Milosevic.

Is this the best Parenti can do? Hooray for Social Democracy at the barrel of a gun, it's certainly better than the alternative (Because we all must know deep down that actual socialism was never an alternative). Now does Parenti actually offer Left Praxis and Left Theory, or is all he can do whine about how terrible the West is, like a liberal yelling how racist Trump is?

Maybe people like you actually do need a dictator, natural slaves and all.

Unironically kys

Do not respond comrades.

Yeah… idk what is up with these types either. Nobody fuckign cares about your ability to point out hte obvious.

even then, like, i would take socdem policies over unrestrained capitalism on steroids lmao

I like Parenti but on facebook/internet he is a typical old person. No doubt he just copied and pasted that from somewhere without checking how true it is.

The only lesson to learn from this is how amazing life in Libya and other petrocountries could have been if they had people who weren't greedy crackpot dictators in charge and how terrible the takeover by imperialist stooges has been for them.

t. Trotskyite


Good riddance

ITT: imperialist victim is a dindu because he's an imperialist victim, citations are for losers, everyone who disagrees is [insert buzzword].

you can't make this shit up

Most Trots have been supporting the FSA since the beginning. They are a parody at this point.

Cite a thing that Ghaddafi did wrong that isn't "resist western imperialism".

you're the ones claiming stuff, not me. provide proofs, billy.

The achievements of Gaddafi are listed in the OP, you idiot. You are claiming they are not true, so go ahead.


I am claiming there are no CITATIONS you retard.

Here, have some more gaddafi achievements.

Literally all those things can be googled really quickly. Check the post above you. Your screeching for "sources!! sources!!" is just a deliberate attempt to draw this out as much as possible because you have no arguments.

If I'm going to post a source you will attack the source, this is always how it works with your people. Hurr RT durr.

However your OC made me smile a little. Have another like.

A lot of those aren't good. Encouraging people to waste electricity, waste fuel and buy expensive cars is not good policy.

Nobody says it was an utopian but for a poor-ass country like Libya this was pretty cool.

I don't know what makes people so grumpy about a cool anti-imperialist SocDem in the Third World with meme potential who spends the oil revenue to make the life for his people better? The alternative, which we see now, is obviously a hundred times worse. I think judging Libya by its environmental standards is a little biased.

They drunk the kool-aid.

I also just found out that most of them aren't true.

Holy shit america is beyond saving


They really are inseperable at this point tbh

Those are some wild claims by the Free Generation Movement. Who are they?

I see.


t. Liberal imperialist celebrating literal slave markets of the new Libya. Take your refugees welcome sign and shove it up your ass, then neck yourself.

Looking at these patrons, an ISIS YouTube channel is probably more honest than this shit. Reminder that there are people on Holla Forums that are still naive or outright dishonest and use imperialist sources all the time, like Anne Applebaum for example.

RIP the Lion of Tripoli

But they have KFC now and freedom

Such anti-American contents this thread has!

I'll have you know I reported all you godless commies on Holla Forums to the FBI for planning to blow up a federal building, and attempting to fight US imperialis- I mean spread communism.

Why, I remember when I was a rookie agent spreading freedom when I saw The World Trade Center get blown up by an evil terrorist named Bashar Al-Assad! Oh, how those banksters and job creators jumped to their deaths, straight onto the asphalt. I was just returning home after training anti-socialist freedom fighters in Guatemala and saying The Pledge Of Allegiance.

You'll be hearing from The NSA! God bless America, commie! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Maybe Islamig Gommunism wasn't such a bad idea…

that qt on the left at 0:29 could be dead