/Lefty/Brit - "Gonna Tory Party like its the 1990s" edition

Welp, the government is collapsing around us, minister after minister is getting fired, the EU have given us 2 weeks to get our shit together otherwise they are gonna just not properly negotiate and literally "none of the above" is a more popular option for next leader of the tory party.

John Major must be getting Deja Vu.

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I feel fairly hopeless, in all honesty. The Tories are going to cling to power until 2022 I think, and even then who knows how much damage will have been done to the Keynesian cause?

Bear in mind that, while we all hope Corbyn and McDonnell will veer increasingly toward Marxism over time if they get elected, as it stands they're running on a Keynesian platform that has been successfully smeared and associated with civil strife (even though the Oil crisis and economic shock of joining the EEC was largely to blame) for nearly 40 years.

I just don't think people will be able to shake off all of the free market dogma they've been told as gospel by the BBC and "respectable society" for much of their lives. People still blindly trust the rich in this nation, and I don't see it changing anytime soon, even if Tory cuts continue.

I would vote for Corbyn, but I don't think I can bring myself to vote for a Trot

At least the tories winning would embolden the left.

Corbyn winning and betraying everyone would be the end the Left of Britain.


More likely he's going to succdem himself, like Bernie would if he has won.

Bernie was already running on a SocDem platform, though. He also didn't have a history of being a literal Marxist, and also including committed Marxists in his cabinet (including Dianne "Mao did nothing wrong" Abbott).

If Corbyn fails, it will be because the Labour MPs cucked him.

Vote of no confidence when?

Not until May fucks Brexit up.

Seriously though, the best chance for a Corbyn victory lies in the Tories making an absolutely unforgivable mess of Brexit negotiations, which is most likely the case.

After all, the Brexit base is made up of two irreconcilable factions; those factions beefing on the one hand, working-class supporters of protectionism, government spending, and restrictions upon immigration, and on the other those wealthier individuals who seek a low-regulation, frugal, and tariff abolitionist Britain. How can May possibly appease both in the long term? The answer is that she cannot, and if the Tory record is anything to go by, she'll side with the neoliberals hoping that her free-market dogma will prove true and win her election a few years down the line.


Dianne isn't a marxist, McDonnell is though…

Tbh perhaps soon, if just the tories trying to get themselves a new leader.

Didn't Dianne Abbott literally say Mao did more good than harm?


The absolute state

I never get this. Keynes saved capitalism by prolonging it's lifetime past it's expiration date.
Instead neolibs keep shitting on it and repeat the pre Keynes mistakes. How fucking dense are these people and why are they getting trusted and rewarded for this? Because they are certainly not the one suffering when they drive the cart against the wall of reality just for Keynes to fix it again.

Every now and then I drop in Brit/pol/ and link some Marxist literature or videos. It's plainly obvious that none of them even have a cursory understanding of socialist theory, and so the hope is that you might convert just one.

After all, I used to be a fascist until I read anarchist works (especially Stirner), and then veered toward Marxism after reading Marx (especially the German Ideology which more or less ended my flirtations with egoism).

The highest level of immigration in this country's history has come under the current Tory government even Thatcher increased immigration. Her very election would kill any of what was left of the far right in this country flattening the National Front in the polls. Why the fuck they worship her over on half chan is beyond me.

Brainlet question: can the Tories replace May without triggering an election? Because they will probably just do that I'd think.

Yeah but shouldn't actually support her argument, seems more like ☭TANKIE☭ wankery than any real understanding of marxist theory.

Yes, they could either force her to step-down internally, pressure her until she resigns or launch a no confidence motion (in which she would have to resign afterwards). To have another election, we actually need 2/3rds of parliament to vote for one.


Again she has nothing to back this up, it comes from a ☭TANKIE☭ "Mao did nothing wrong" rather than any dialectical analysis.

Remember Dugin thought Lenin was a good bloke, doesn't make him a Leninist.

I'm pretty pessimistic about the left atm tbph

He's a Trotskyist though…

marxism leninism is a brain disease, what the fuck

vote for the fucking communist you weird retard

What did he mean by this?

Lolwat? McDonnell wasn't even involved in Militant what are you on about?


it's better to have a trot in power than a tory stop being so goddamn picky


t. New Labour

speaking of which this bitch is just the worst

It's a sad reflection upon our society (inb4 spook) that the tweets of a politically illiterate children's author (and I say this as a fan of HP) can actually inform and shape the worldview of liberals.

If she made a stand against Labour in the next election, literally thousands of people would abstain from voting.

They really wouldn't: Corbyn holds far more sway than JK does anymore. Accidental cults of personality spurred on by football memers are a powerful thing.

Corbyn might be bigger but there are absolutely still people who would change their vote based on what Rowling said. The only thing to do is to counteract it through winning over even more people (and besides I imagine she'll make a lukewarm endorsement in spite of Corbyn in any case).

Eh I doubt it considering she has been so anti-corbyn from the start yet Corbyn still got like 79% of the 18-24 vote.

J.K. Rowling is a staunch Labour supporter, but she’s made her thoughts on Corbyn pretty clear. However, although she’s no fan of Labour’s leader, she’s still likely to vote for Britain’s left-wing party – if this cryptic tweet is anything to go by:


told ya


is this real?

Remembrance Day tomorrow. Hope there's not a terrorist attack.

The problem is liberals can only understand politics through pop cultural reference.
Who's like Gandalf, who's like Jon Snow, who's like Voldemort, who's like Princess Leia.

No, not that the real ones are any less strange

what are everyone's thoughts about using remembrance sunday as a opportunity to spread leftist anti-war sentiment?

could be a good chance to bring up how pointless all the deaths were
but with all the patriotic emotion around, some normies could find it disrespectful

They're all liberals on halfchan?

I'm more concerned about some Jihadi cunts doing something stupid and bolstering the right.

I'm a fan, but the way to do it is to spread anti-war remembrance out of solidarity with the deaths of the soldiers being remembered. It's a fine line to walk. You can't say shit like "They died for nothing", but rather "These deaths were unnecessary, could've been avoided, we ought to protect our troops by avoiding war altogether, etc."

No doubt it's a possibility, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

inb4 alphabet false flag :^)

If I'm not mistaken plenty of far-right groups, especially on the continent and in America, are seeking to do just that.

That is, they seek to launch false flag attacks to stir up racial conflict or some other such crazy shit.


Okay this is the kind of shit that vindicates GMiL: Corbyn and McDonnell appealing directly to porky.


It's like you guys don't know what slick entryism is, do you expect him to tell them to fuck off?

t. beefsteak nazi

Read the fucking article, porkies are growing to like them for certain policies, not the other way around

If you read the thing you would see that the response from one of the guys from the cbi was this, “These are great aims. But how will they be paid for? However much we all want to achieve them, British business is not a bottomless pit of funds.” They weren't exactly bowled over by Corbyn or anything like that just a rather typical porkie responce. Theresa May wore a braclet that had Frida Kahlo on it once dosen't mean she's a communist.

That's dog-whistling capital flight.

i'd forgotten that part
think I've just woken up the whole building laughing.

Like leftist organisations, porky has factional splits.
I feel that there's a genuine possibility that what will happen with Brexit and the next Labour government is essentially a retrenching of Social Democracy by taking a side in that split, that is by aligning with export oriented manufacturing and certain elements of the service industries in a battle against the interests of the city and the financial sector.

No USSR to scare them into cooperating with each other. No use for workers in the information age.

Can Corbyn get it together ffs and form some coherent policy?especially concerning EU membership
Hes really shit the bed with any UKIP support he got at the last election

He can't without upsetting one half of his base.


"London Tory council to charge tower block residents £4,000 to fit sprinklers
Leaseholders hit out at Wandsworth bills for post-Grenfell fire safety measures"


Fuck this shit man, honestly. My local council bought a cherry-picker the height of their tallest block of flats the WEEK after Grenfell.

Reading theory is the only thing I find enjoyable anymore lads. Doesn't matter who it is, Lenin, Kropotkin, Bookchin, Bordiga, Gramsci, Stirner, Marx… anything to forget about how shit things are.

I mean, I'm not depressed or anything, I'm just not happy and have reached an impasse as far as progress goes.

m-maybe I could make you feel good… with my mouth…

Bye bye BoJo, BoJo Bye Bye

I've given up on seeking physical affection mate.

That's kinda boring, user.

Electoralism is a brain disease. Fucking boycott the election you pukes

I know, but I refuse to let myself hope. I've spent four years hoping for things to get better, so for the time being it's just theory, looking for work to get some money before Uni, and sleep.


Stay strong Jezza


Don't get me wrong, I'd vote for a SocDem, I'm just not one and if there was a prominent Marxist candidate instead, I'd vote for them.

Two party system matey voting for the SPD or whatever you may as well throw your vote away such is life with first past the post system

How come the 'Common Wealthy Party' party has fallen from the public memory into obscurity. It was a Left-libertarian and Syndicalist political party that saw the most success in the 40s and won 3 seats, compared to the communist party who only achieved 2.
This shit sounds dope.


Just doesn't seem possible anymore.


No, Acland's personal opinion advocated for camps in his officially unaffiliated book.
Acland's was widely unpopular in the party.
Learn to read.

O Shit

I have a feeling this is meant to be a copycat attack, based on the 1993 remembrance sunday bomb.

Imagine being young Diana and having this pure, sweet, blue eyed boy give you head as passionately as he can.

4chan britpol seems pretty lefty now

Alright, where's the Bordiga poster from Brit/pol/?

I've been trying to get them to read communist literature for a little while now. Most of the time they just respond with memes, but eventually they'll get unsettled by the fact that our side responds with literature, and they respond with unsourced assertions.

I'm not as massive a ML as I make out, I just feel like it's the easiest bridge into socialism (it's how I became left-wing from fascist).

Anybody remember "class war" they where quite active in the 80s but now their just made up of ultra larpers

*cuts your bollocks*

Manspreading is the most forced shit ever. Men will always sit like that because they have balls and because it's comfy. Women are welcome to do it if they wish, but generally they have little need to.

hahaha no thanks. hopefully may hangs on till 2019 when the population will be fully radicalised

What's this?

t. brainlet

Boom bust cycle, user is saying that there will be a financial crash in 2019 so that's when we start operation "Make Harry Perkins look like a fucking liberal".

actually i've never noticed anyone sitting like that except once with an american who was very noticably sitting like they were trying to ride a very fat horse, with their legs at 90 degree angles.

as it was an american i choose to believe is a result of them riding fat horses on their ranch.

Jezza needs to get down the gym and get strong, I think it would really boost his appeal.

So what happens to the queen and her inbred family in the upcoming revolution

She will get a place in a National Care Service home just like everyone else, somewhere in Somerset me thinks, the salt will be good for her bones.

Kondratiev long waves, read Anwar Shaikh.


We need to redpill Labour MPs on MMT so they can kill the austerity narrative dead when they go on TV. How do we do this?

Eh Austerity is kill anyways, the tories promised solvency by 2015: look where we are now.

It's not kill, the tories are still saying there's not enough money and people still believe them.
If you told people you don't need to tax in order to spend their heads would spin. People still think economies work the same in macro as they do in micro.

Should I bother going, lads?

Haha I'm a fucking mess lads.


CLP NEC nominations so far

88 for Yasmine Dar,
85 for Rachel Garnham,
75 for Jon Lansman,
37 for Eddie Izzard,
30 for Johanna Baxter,
36 for Gurinder Singh Josan,
5 for Sarah Taylor,
12 for other candidates.
Dar, Garnham, and Lansman are /ourguys/

Get rekt Izzard.


I mean, i appreciate some of corby's sentiments, but i think my lefty friends are a bit delusional that he'll solve brexit or back out of it.

He's gone on record as a eurosceptic in the past, and i doubt thats changed.


Fucking Anarchists.

what did he mean by this?

So how many of you are former brit/pol/ers

I mean I think he will solve brexit: by taking back control from Moscow, Washington and Brussells and then reindustrialisaing the NORTH INT EH WHITE HEAT OF THIE TECHNOLGOICAL REVOLUTION FOR THE MANY NOT THE FFFEEWWWW.

Yeah, but mostly lurked.


Okay from reading this, it sounds like McDonnell wants to turn the ORB into the kind of apolitical oversight org that Lenin wanted to watch-over the CPSU towards his later years.

Lol Theresa is blaming her losing her majority on Russia and not on her being an incompetent fucking retard

Source? Though it's just like British politicians to steal ideas from America.

I am currently working on what I consider to be a groundbreaking critique of 21st century capitalism; much like Capital was a groundbreaking critique of 19th century capitalism. This work currently spans 950 pages, and I anticipate producing perhaps an equal quantity more to complete the book.

My Professor, who is also committed to the cause of socialism, considers what has been completed thus far to be an effective and ingenious new refutation of capitalism, and one he believes could radically alter the intellectual landscape.

Conservatives here have been blaming electoral blunders on the Russians since Wilson.

how does perfidious Albion keep getting away with it?

Holy shit will the anglo menace ever die?

Tell us more, user.

Post it. Don't be spooked by IP considerations.

Tbh lad I doubt it, but I would love to be proved wrong.

Steve Keen's also writing his "magnum opus" and he thinks his work will be revolutionary too.

I'm hopeful for what Steve publishes next tbh. The guy knows what he's talking about


I just realised that the guy in that pic is my cousin. Small world.

Burger here, where are the most lefty places in the UK?

Glasgae (although also very nat), Manchester, Liverpool and some of the smaller northern cities like Durham. Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London are pretty idpol liberal mostly.


Glasgow and Liverpool are probably the most. Glasgow's left wing has lets just say sympathies for certain groups across the irish sea. Although Glasgow also has a pretty reactionary right wing due to them having sympathies with the other side of the troubles. There are more orange walks in the west of Scotland than there are in Northern Ireland. But it's mostly left wing. vimeo.com/227094885

Scottish ANTIFA have the best praxis: Be passive aggressive until they feel awkward and sod off.

Yeah I like the antifa here they also do shit for the homeless youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8pDvBFPc8

Honestly if I was prez for a day I would do helicopter money for everyone except for Tory voters. Fuck those cucks.

Some glaswegian antifa came down to Liverpool to help us chase out the edl a few months back, good bunch of lads.

Liverpool la, when I visited there a few months ago they had CNT flags stuck to lamposts all over the place

It appears to be them, as in one of their videos they are at the train station n Liverpool (I assume you are talking about when the EDL tried to rock up by rail but got chased off to the benny hill theme).

Also Manchester is pretty lefty, was at the rally on the 1st of Oct and the people there seemed pretty class conscious. Has Corbyn done it? Has he finally awoken the british proletariat to its struggle?

SoFed have a fair presence here yeah

Here, what the actual fuck are SNP doing lads? Why would anyone want a minimum unit pricing on alcohol - it's not like it's being taxed more so at least more more could potentially go into public services, no, it's just flat out going to cost more money. People are still going to buy it and get pissed and it's going to disproportionately affect the poor. It's exactly the sort of unnecessary market regulation the right likes to bitch about and needless to say it'll be blamed on "the left".

I mean, in aggregate I don't deny it and a new tax would be better (if the Scottish parliament has the power), but speaking on the most microeconomic level possible: I more or less quit drinking because they stuck about a pound on the price of my favourite drink and now the number looks obscene even if i can afford it just as easily as i could before.

A more cynical soul might wonder if there's any lobbying interest involved, since (in theory anyway) you increase the price of cheap shit booze and people buy the (price-unchanged) good stuff instead. Or the good stuff gets to hike their price even more to show how good it is.

Fuck me lads


Never gets old that.

I was out of town when that was on but great job anyway lads. If theres a next time I'll make sure to show up.

I don't like rich people tbqh

Read "lighting-up" in this context as literally setting on fire so I got pretty excited about teachers torching shit in protest.

i love how much Big John McDonnell scares our press and all they're conditioned to do is lamely fire back with pithy nothingness

Was just on his twitter then and this guy posted some shit in his comments. Don't think he understands what this fabled thing called "tax" is.


Literally nothing to gain and everything to lose when the Tories are doing a perfectly good job themselves at making everybody hate them over Brexit. If he's seen as stirring the pot too much the press will end up calling him a 'traitor' or some such nonsense, best to let the Conservatives loudly shit themselves on stage uninterrupted tbh.


Socialists are against unearned wealth; it's literally the opposite of "free shit".

caption this

Basic life necessities would be "free", though I dont think any willingly unemployed moocher would be tolerated under socialism. RIghtwing americans get super mad at the idea of hospitals healing sick plebs who should in their opinion just die for not being upper class before getting sick.

"I can still feel it, the lost clause"

When does the government collapse REEE

Tbh we can afford to wait: every day the tories fight is another month post collapse that they will not recover.

Yep, i think the same thing when i hear people complaining about not being 20pts ahead yet. Make the Tories feel in comfortable, don't make them want to pass this ticking timebomb.

Everytime I walk through town and see a homeless person I just become so enraged at a system that permits such deprivation.

This post exemplifies welfare state ideology; all misfortune being the fault of an idle overlord.


You people are such simpletons.

You people are so callous.

Rent, mortgages, council waiting lists… all not nice, all callous, I want my house and I want it now!

Bruv that's not hte point, we have Russian oligarchs buying up mansions in Chelsea while some guy who is likely a veteran or has a decent degree is sleeping in its doorway. The failure to utilise full human potential is why we aren't on Mars already goddamnit.

Yes everyone should be entitled to housing. Not a house. The idea of home ownership is Tory brain cancer designed to enslave the proletariat.

It's the consequence, try thinking about those too.
If those mansions got converted into council houses (a bad idea cost wise) the problem with your proposal making homeless into a loophole still remains. You're also very naive about the nature of the homeless, few of them are simply down on their luck.
It's difficult, billions of people, all with their own unquantifiable motivations, if people just didn't think so much it would all be so much easier.

Factually incorrect, we have 205k unoccupied dwellings (aka those who aren't just up for sale and are "long term empty") plus those who are occupied by foreign plutocrats who are not resident in the UK. We could house 280% of all those who are homeless right now in England. So no, with some actual organisation and coordination, we could solve not only the homeless crisis but much of the housing crises that exist in our major cities.

I know a great many of homeless people are due to mental issues, addiction or various other psychological issues. However those are not unpreventable nor untreatable conditions, in fact they are all things we as a society can deal with to a decent degree in the modern age. Also you would be surprised how many homeless people are there because they couldn't make a rent payment. Remember homeless doesn't just mean rough sleepers, and you have landlords threatening to kick people out of their universal credit doesn't come on time.

That's why you don't try a billion people at a time, you build up regions where the maximal potential of mankind (to a reasonable degree) is utilised. You work on these regional structures and build a better world a block at a time. It will take time, but it is 100% possible.


When people are provided with public housing however, leftists claim that migrants and the poor are being tucked away into ghetto's. Doesn't matter what is done, it is never right.
There's a perverse enjoyment in the tory fixation leftists have.

You need to relearn the basic fundamentals of economics in general, and capitalism specifically.


Rotherham Floor layout.png

Which would wreck the housing market leading to a halt on construction and create the incentive to claim homelessness to receive a house. Again, you offer no evaluation, not even a bad one, of the consequences of such a massive land grab (international law, market conditions and perverse incentives to name a few).
You assume a universal subject of whom the ailments can be cut out like a tumor. That's another thing with welfare state ideology, it conceives of human misery almost solely in medical terms.
Who is the you, you speak of?

Economics is not an exact science.


hi /pol
maybe that's because they are, since in the US sense it's unambiguously the case and even here you can probably track a divergence between council houses and housing benefit.

Let's do it immediately then. People need to be shaken out of thinking homes are assets first and foremost.
oh no perhaps the state will have to step in and build houses people actually live in rather than the private sector creating stores of wealth for Chinese plutocrats and penis extensions for the intolerable upper middle classes. Oh no, oh dear, oh no.


Reeks of bourgeois economics. They just cannot understand that we don't want "capitalism with a human face" or "welfare capitalism", we want the capitalist system destroyed and the private property it rests upon abolished.

Then make the penalties for wrongly claiming a house harsher, in addition to regular checkups on housing to ensure the person is living there.

The state would do it, numbnuts.

Landlords don't provide houses. Landlords don't keep houses functioning. Landlord don't build houses. Landlords don't plan houses.

You are asking how much money do we have to blow up the landlords' asses so that they'll do above in sufficient quantity. You are asking the wrong question. What landlords do is step between the thing and the people wanting to use the thing. When an entity operated by the public provides housing, why would you criticize that from the point of view of a rent-seeking landlord? Are you one?

richard leonard desu



Ladies and gents, the efficiency of capitalism: you have to keep homes empty and people on the streets so we can overbuild houses that are kept empty! Also the only thing builders build are houses, nothing elses, just houses.

Also everyone remember the international convention on the building of houses? It is a part of the UN charter iirc. Eminent domain or adverse possession don't real.

For starters this is not "welfare state mentality", most socialists want a smaller welfare state because we want people to actually be able to WORK; not have to rely on dole. Secondly, no I view the issues in a medical, psychological sense. Psychiatric science does real, people aren't inherently doomed to homelessness or poverty they are impacted by their material conditions, Changed their material conditions or the means by which they interact with them and they will change. Alcoholism, drug addictions psychosis of most forms and others aren't spooky spirits that inhabit and curse a person: they are medical conditions that can be treated.

Impersonal collective you, aka thou or the french vous or the russian вы.

Btw you don't actually make any real arguments here, just go with "have you thought about the abstract impact of X" without backing up HOW that impact would even occur.

Corbyn/Leonard 2020


Hastily made OC, it you want to make it better please do.

this just turned up on my feed

Holy shit I cannot handle the fucking feels right now.

This stuff is more common than one might think some guy with breathing difficulties died after being confirmed "fit for work this year". These are only the stories that we know about too this government has a lot of blood on it's hands.

Jesus Christ…

is giving aaron bastani the succ revolutionary?

On the one hand Scottish labour is better off, on the other hand I can no longer laugh at the terrible leaders they usually have.


Man I forget about how bad Murphy got fucked in 2015.

In fairness he was a fucking joke youtube.com/watch?v=GYdp-BgGkr8


what do these blue labour mongs do with their lives now? join the lib dems?


Kezia Dugdale faces Labour suspension over I'm A Celebrity

My sides.


At least he knows he's a liberal and not left wing. I'd be very happy if Corbyn's presence leads to many more liberals leaving the Labour party

Tory just alert:
There are no unemployed in UK, says Hammond in TV gaffe

literally torries irl


Stay in Labour because they care more about their career than their personal beliefs.


+Good reference
-Not relevant to the current convo
-Slightly misquoted

Gee Whizz, having Kezia Dugdale and Stanley Johnson on I'm a Celeb is going to be a fucking disaster.