Right Wing Delusions

What is wrong with the American conservatives these days? The core of their argument is basically just crying about the left and the "eternal SJW". I mean, just look at Ben Shapiro and PJW, considering most of their videos amount to "da ebul leftists :DDDD".
Like they are literal reactionaries, in that they base their politics as a reaction to someone else's.

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At least 'real' right-wingers are a bit more respectable.

I don't know why Holla Forums denies the existence of SJWs.

Purple hair feminists number by the thousands now, and they act like exactly like the right tell them to.

Fucking righties were making money filming them on Youtube, they aren't a myth, they are real and should probably be taken care of instead of ignoring.

The fuck are you on about, you silly nigger? At least a third of what the board does is complain about idpol masquerading as leftism.

This really isn't knew. They have been crying about liberal crying for decades. Never mind how right wing our economic and foreign policy is its the leftist who somehow control and ruin everything.


nice strawman to avoid the question

Well, there you go.

Now you understand why right-wingers hate the "eternal SJW".

Like who doesn't?

Well, if you identify as reactionary, it would make sense to, you know, react. Besides any reactionary worth his salt would say that things went to shit at least as early as the French Revolution, if not the Reformation.

what the fuck are you on about you enormous faggot

it not that SJWs don't exist its just that they are minor nuance in the grand scheme of things.If all SJWs had a heart attack tomorrow all of our problems would still be here.

You realize that even if they were all the united states, you are talking about being a percentage of a percentage of the population? Big deal? Not Eben.


We don't want to live among ooga boogas and blue haired feminists if feminists like ooga boogas so much they should move to Apefrica instead of bringing Apefrica here

Nope, we would get rid of the SJWs, one of the biggest entity in modern political activism.

They happen to be present in pretty much every left-wing activities.


Is that actually the BO hahaha

Yes, notice how fast I got banned for posting it?(USER WAS UNJUSTLY CENSORED FOR THIS TRUE AND ACCURATE POST)

It is. Also Slave Ray punched Spencer and bikelocked that guy from the grave.

LOL not to "not a real socialism", but come ON user.


People whose lives aren't 100% gay internet shit.

"If you repeat it a thousand times, it automatically becomes true" or something like that.

What event was it that actually made him say this anyway?

Berkeley riots over some homosexual who is cleverly jewing thousands of redditors

Many of these SJW types are actually quite similar to their direct opponents, in that, as OP describes, they base their arguments and beliefs almost entirely off reaction to their opponents.

Because it's almost 10 years now that the internet has been complaining about le big bad sjw, we don't give a shit anymore and the only reason they are a thing is that there's a bunch of people sharing their shenanigans on the internet to "make fun of them", resulting in actually spreading their bs. Stop being obsessed with retards.

this implies most people think like you. this is wrong, most people don't have a problem with immigrants.

They support a racist fascist apartheid state just like the left



Which is why the right often dissolves into personality cults

Also shit thread btw

What was he actually banned for? I don't see anything in the rules

I'll say that's a pretty offending post to SJW's

Perhaps the only rule that's very vague he might of broken

He was banned for the first rule there spamming. That faggot has posting that same single image with less and less energy spent on the OP for what feels like a year now.

there is a group of faggots from Holla Forums who have been spamming that same image for two years now, they want people to think the BO is a tranny when he's actually just a dude



I'm pretty mad considering the multiple genocides that took place in those countries thanks to the US.


they literally aren't

That's right. Also he has long abandoned ancapism

Anarcho-capitalism was a mistake


Of course it's a boy only a soyboy cuck like yourself would be unable to recognize it you hipster

anarcho-nationalism is less of an oxymoron than anarcho-capitalism.

Citation Needed.

Its that simple. Literally just anarchy + private property.

Sweetie, we've talked about this :)

Hmm.. yes. Only the right.. only them..

which collapses the second the lower class asks for anything THEY PRODUCE that's more than bread.

This is no longer ancap, since ancap assumes private property.
What you are describing would be theft and punished.

Praising Stalin automatically makes you a fash

Personality cults on the left arise after they've done great things. The right worships their leaders despite that they often aren't doing anything just for the sole reason that they are the leaders.

Let's say you see a cow and you want to take it. I appear out of nowhere and say no that cow is mine. I have ((private documents)) that attest it and you trying to steal my cow broke the nap, so I shoot you. Since there is no authority to verify my private property, Who can stop me? This is the future ancaps want

I really want AnCaps to explain why the fuck would people even subscribe to private courts if there is no monopoly of violence by the state to enforce their verdicts.

honestly that's a bit of a problem for AnComs as well

I talk to a lot of SJW ancoms who say stupid is offensive. Even then, the SJW stereotype doesn't really exist. It's only a liberal thing. The closest people I could find to SJWs tend to be very nice people. Most of the right's enemies are made up and fabricated. That's why so many seem so bat shit crazy. SJWs may take things too far but I can at least see where they are coming from. The right though…. what they believe is loony and far from reality.

This is what the right believes:

The left are being funded by a nazi communist jew named George Sorros who wants to take everyone's tooth brush so we can cut down trees in order to increase the value of lumber. Then through the growing hunger arising from slowing down of production, the left will brainwash straight white men into being transracial pansexual non-binairies and force them to work gulags if they don't comply.

You just make the employees sign a contract to use the court system the property owners want to use. If you don't agree then no job for you. But historically speaking, company towns did exist and if there was a problem, they will just kick you out of the town.

The funny fact is that historically speaking private courts existed and were shit, people affiliated with a cpurt or another won more. Pre modern jurisdiction is a nightmare

I love how you see it only from the employee point of view lol

Ancapistan actually existed. The state ended up defending it.

What if I decide to use sharia law?
Those companies existed under the legal umbrella of the state of became the state itself (East India Company). So I'm just having to leave the town and I'm a-ok? What if I murdered someone?

I'm not the other guy and I'm not ancap I said that those private courts were shit, and you are right they were approved by the monarch anyway even if private. The only thing I can think as complete ancap jurisdiction is when after the fall of roman empire some places existed private notaries that made legal documents under the sign of two contracting private entities, but if anyone thinks these were good times he's retarded

Which is retarded.