The case for Gorbachev

Even though his economic ideas were shit what was actually bad about him allowing people greater freedom of speech and expression?
Like if he had just scrapped going full suc-dem mode and he simply implemented Freedom of speech/Expression/religion what would have been the actual issue?

The issue would be ignoring economics. Implementing Freedom of speech/Expression/religion is good and all but economics comes first.

There would've been nothing necessarily wrong with permitting freedom of speech and expression. Religion is, iffy.

The real problems of the USSR were economic, and which Gorbachev could've rather actually fixed things, simply kept the course, or do what he did in real life and basically make the USSR a red liberal capitalist state.


He gave PizzaHut to the Soviet people. He is a hero.

He didn't.
It's just the narrative the U.S. pushes because he let them rape the country with pizza huts


Gorbachev proved that totalitarism is utter bullshit
There is nothing efficient about it. You just have to place the right man into the right position and watch this house of cards to fall down on it's own.

If they just had abolished commodity production Soviet Union would still be here.


but Imperialism taste good.

top tier analysis

You can only reach full communism if you ration every fucking type of product separately. Anything else is just counter-revolutionary bullshit tbh


Gorby never intended to dissolve the USSR and in fact never did, that was brought on by Yeltsin. But he was always a succdem who wanted to the 'reform' the USSR into a succdem country. Arguably that would've been worse than what ultimately happened because now Russians yearn for communism again as a result of the brutal (and obvious) onslaught of capitalism, while under Gorby they might be fooled into thinking communism was still there. Not unlike China, perhaps.


Freedom of expression ought to be a basic part of socialism, but the thing is, the average Soviet citizen didn't have the mean to express himself in any significant way, because he couldn't just go and start a newspaper, let alone electronic media outlets. The way the USSR was set up, this meant that only party apparatchiks in charge of media outlets got to speak up their mind, which helped them dismantle the system for their own gain.

Every time thihs comes up, I point out he did an ad for Louis Vutton ages ago already and no one seems to even notice. Why does pizza piss you people off but absurdly overpriced accessories don't?

He should be fucking hanged, Yeltsin too for stealing the elections, god i wish i could muder all Russian leaders since Gorbashit


I don't know why Gorbachev makes everyone so mad. It's not like the USSR wasn't already capitalist.

Gorbachev confirmed for pizzagate involvement.

Didn't Bernie tweet something suspiciously similar to this once? I can't find it but I distinctly remember it and it made me kek when I made the connection

he blew up whatever was left and working of USSRs state capitalism, yes he fucking fucked up

Freedom of the press allowed the world to learn that members of the Soviet military were living on cabbage soup.

Honestly I feel like you can’t really blame Gorbachev. It was more Brezhnev’s fault. Gorbachev inherited a fucked situation in which the Satelites were held together only by force and glasnost and perestroika exposed a lot of that.

Huh, I never stopped to think about its impact on freedom of expression. It might have helped it a lot.

Remember when during a recent PRC congress some people from the party were talking about getting to communism Soon™? Quite a few of people on Holla Forums reacted roughly like

Nothing, had he stuck with only that the USSR could have become objectively better than the US.

To be fair, prior to the latest PRC Congress, I could count on one hand the amount of times I've seen anyone on leftypol defend modern day China as real socialism, and that includes the even the ☭TANKIE☭st of t.ankies. The only reason you now have people defending China — and it's really not that many people defending it — is that Xi consolidating so much power means that if he wanted to, he could radically change the whole structure of the country by his will alone, so there's blind hope that his will is that of the revolution.


I just watched the Gorbachev Pizza Hut commercial. God that was fucking disturbing…

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