Would Drumpf supporters change their tone if it were Asian refugees instead of black men immigrating

As most of us already know, racism is caused by fear and feeling threatened by new people in society. "You will not replace us" is a popular chant of White Nationalists as example.

Now with impending strife in East Asia could we end up seeing boat loads of Asians fleeing possible nuclear warfare to safer countries like Australia and America and would be see White males change their stance suddenly on welcoming refugees?

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Asian communities in the US are actually decent, and aren't mirror images of third world hell holes like black neighborhoods are.

Such as? Most Asian Americans are relatively wealthy immigrants, or first/second generation descendants of them. Similarly here in New Zealand we get loads of wealthy Americans moving to Wanaka and Queenstown, they're clearly not representative of the American population.

Additionally you're completely ignoring the phenomenon of "China Town" i.e. ethnic ghettos. American film seems to romanticize these places but in reality there's usually a fair amount of poverty.

Lynch all Hilldawgs

the vast majority of asian immigrants to america have historically (and currently) not been wealthy. I understand you think you know more than everyone but some humility helps out in life.

If you asked them now, they'd say they wouldn't mind, because they always use the "technically we aren't white supremacists if we want to lunch black people, we are ackshually Asian supremacists because we recognise Asians as having higher Autism Levels than us durdur", but I bet my left nut and half of the right one that they'd be making yellow peril memes and replacing 'blacks' with 'chingchongs' in their daily rants against non-white people if the situation you described happened

what said, and bear in mind OP's scenario assumes that Asian newcomers are refugees fleeing from war, presumably including poor Asians as well, not just the wealthy suburban Asian-American/European types

I don't mean being millionaires you nigger, having the purchasing power of a middle class family is "relatively wealthy".

they were able to improve their lot in life, on average, and whatever the reason, I don't think we can say that OP's scenario of boatloads of refugees can replicate their success, at least, not before the "WTF HAPPENED TO AZNS" memes start appearing in that scenario

Oh yeah I live in Oakland, and Chinatown is still one of the last holdouts against gentrification, because it's just so ghetto they it just resists gentrification, same in SF.

No. That's how anti-immigrant xenophobia started in US actually, with East Asians.


pic related, a new jersey political ad in the recent election by a trumplet for a smalltime race.

Welp, there ya go. Already started (well, more like always been around)

yes because they have yellow fever

fucking lel

once they see the average Asian tho…


That's perfectly plausible but it's amusing how unanimously convinced they are of this in the absence of any evidence.
One guy also went on an autistic rant about how "it's just a theory but the theory of evolution is just a theory too and we still teach it in school so you can't tell us to stop discussing this theory"
Needless to say the ones who don't believe in the conspiracy are also partisans of the other camp and believe their own story just as dogmatically

Ugh, I can't stand seeing the Eureka flag being misused by right wing fuckwits.

that's all it's ever used by

I don't know, I've seen it used in some left wing contexts.

Meanwhile, in white Appalachia…

Also, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has been using it since the 90's and I think it flies over the Melbourne Trades Hall.

interesting that the crime rates aren't the same


Literally muh dick
I wouldn't put it past the alt right though

If you ask me, whites must be particularly stupid for not committing crime as much as others.

As Oscar Wilde put it:

See Australia

yeah, "whites" really should start murdering each other over minor disagreements and baggies of crack. now you're thinking

Whites should be more discontented with their conditions. Crime is merely one way for a population to express discontentment, and one that is admittedly counterproductive in many ways. But counterproductive discontent is leagues better than being submissive cattle.

I love how this thread has devolved to idpol vs idpol.

This isn't twitter kid

Asians are civilized and productive, I'd rather have no immigrants at all but at least asians are tolerable. Of course you don't want too many that they significantly alter the demographics.

I want red liberals, and Holla Forums off my fucking board

Interesting how there's a difference between densely populated urban areas and sparsely populated rural areas.

the extremely racist stormweenies are a minority on the right

current refugees are despised for being economic migrants

for being diseased, uneducated and barbarous yet the state will fork over oodles of taxpayers money to treat, clothe, home and ensure they enjoy a 1st world lifestyle while significant portions of the native citizens remain homeless and starving

they are given preferential treatment when looking for a job when they are one of the minority of their group that actually wants a job instead of being a welfare sponge, all while there is rampant youth unemployment throughout the west

they also majoritively are islamic and feel that upon entering the christian West that the local dhimmu are open season for rape, assault and robbery
and why not rape and kill the infidels? progressive failed states like Sweden give 'juvenile' child rapists community service as long as you have no papers confirming your real age after you break into someones home and give an 11 yo girl HIV with your dick

if the current refugees were polite atheist/buddhist, law abiding, hard working Japanese citizens the right wouldnt be half as fucking vocal in its displeasure as it currently is

Fuck off Holla Forums

Probably? They're opposed to refugees from Africa or the Middle East because they're Black or Arab Muslim, not because they're refugees.

Since middle eastern and latin women are objectively better looking then chinks and gooks they probably wouldn't

God I want to wedge my face in between those thighs and never leave.

I want them to significantly alter the demographics because asians statistically have a higher Autism Level than snow nigger white people. Whites need to be genocided by superior asians, mostly through us white guys fucking their virgin women

It's because in Victoria 2 you get this flag, when you go fascist.

Go move to Shanghai if you want to live as a minority under Chinese tutelage then. No need to bring them here.

Why? According to all racial science it would be more advantageous for me, as a snow nigger hibero-celtic white man, to breed with a superior east asian and have the kids in my own country.

It's simple science. I'm just being a race realist here, if the west wants to survive whites needs to start fucking asians only.

Ethnonationalism doesn't reduce to Autism Level.

Come to >>>/leftpol/ friend. We have Brocialism flags.


Read Settlers.

Fuck you too kid.

Settlers is the greatest work of nazbol literature ever produced. Never before has racial separatism and Maoism been so thoroughly synthesized.

sounds like the Holla Forums fantasy but written by a leftist tbh

Yea, its pretty dank.

Not an argument.

It also ignores the role that black americans played in the "settling" of the north america. It's not even theoretically coherent.

can't say I blame Global Color for wanting revenge tbh but at least Settlers is honest about it


Global color is not a monolith though. Non-whites in America exploit each other all the time. That's how capitalism works.

*blocks your path*

tbh I just wanted an excuse to use the phrase "Global Color", you are obviously correct

Yes, really hard to see that. Is leftypol truly alright with mass murder, exploitation and racism against minorities as long as it does it? Really makes you think.

Why didn't they work together with fellow POCs to protest police brutality? Settlers lied to me.

They (native populations) should be trying to avenge their awful standard of living and current exploitation at the hands of government and private parties. Try to punish ethnic groups for past slights is pure idpol as it encourages class collaboration.

Why the fuck did you read settlers in the first place? It's fucking bullshit.

you're right
I should campaign to have Italy, Turkey and North Africa annihilated in a nuclear holocaust for participating in the invasion, enslavement and exportation of my enslaved ancestors to the fighting pits of Rome or to be the mutilated harem slaves of Arabic sheiks

the roof koreans were only defending their private property and persons from heroic POC who thought it was time to liberate the electronics and opiates of the masses from their shelves

Attacking civilians and smashing thing is not good

Wrong. It is well established history that white labor had a hatred for yellow labor.


You missed the entire point, "comrade". The long history of labor documented in Settlers and our current history shows that one cannot simply ignore race. Discouraging POC idpol merely blinds us to the racial dimension found in every aspect of politics and enables us to be exploited even more.

Idpol fosters class collaboration. It should never be encouraged.

encouraging it is hypocrisy
and rationalising encouraging it takes some pretty serious doublethink


All the people in this thread making non arguments against Settlers need to answer one simple question.

If class consciousness is suppose to create a unified proletariat, why is it that history has consistently shown the opposite, that a racially heterogeneous working class is more eager to exploit itself than fight against the bourgeoisie? Neglecting the racial dimension of proletarian politics as

do is essentially asking for people to ignore the fact that race matters. We in no way, shape or form live in a post racial utopia where our skin colors can be disregarded as just that. Ignoring racism is a recipe for disaster for POC and merely a nuisance for whites.

There are two paths each racial group can take. They can either bet on class consciousness or racial consciousness. Historically, racial consciousness has trumped class consciousness, so why should POC bet on the model with a poorer track record? Im not asking for a moral justification here (morals are all spooks, remember), but simply which one is more suited for my interests as a non white. Leftypol has yet to give a real compelling reason why we should bet on class consciousness after 2 centuries of it backfiring.

you bet on racial consciousness and keep pushing it and it will backfire on you in the most horrible ways
push the West into that direction and you will be erased, the reactionary movement that will evolve in response to some POC race based movement will give them the justification to remove you and the irritation your existence causes
what endgame do you see in promoting racial tension in that manner?

Race is a spook. It is not essential and can be manipulated by those in power. You cannot base a movement on it. You can only use it start one. The American Civil Rights movement used that strategy to great effect.

it's almost as if diversity is an impediment to revolutionary politics

Why is it that everywhere Asians go they must smoke?

Racial consciousness is largely inescapable. Therefore it is the default option. Where is the proof that class consciousness is strong enough to overcome race? Examples are few and far between. The refugee crisis might be a good example, but its obviously more of a political tribalism thing between liberals and conservatives than it is a genuine class movement.

This tbh.
It's easy to suffer from yellow fever when all you see are just those plastic surgery ridden models.
Once you see the real thing you get cured instantly.


does not follow from this

since something not being biologically constructed doesn't magically rob it of all social power.

also actually contradicts this

since if something can and actively is be manipulated by those in power, then it is OBVIOUS that it is pretty useful and influential.

But every race has bad looking women.
The difference is that asian girls get idealized a lot more, so it's shocking to see ugly ones

those are like the top 1% of Assians. Asian girls on average are really not attractive at all imo

I think the average Asian girl is a attractive, but I strongly prefer Arab and Latin women.

Latin and Arab are mostly fucking ugly.
everyone that isn't a slav is ugly.

tbh if hes attracted to latin and arab id say hes got a semites taste in women

Hmm, maybe

Most illegal immigrants to the US do come from Asia and he either doesn't know or care

Tbh I am curious what Dugin or Freda would actually think of Settlers

Dugin would probably like it.

This. Asian did nuffin, they good bois