Trotsky was the leader of the Red Army

Why does everyone suck Stalin's dick for beating the Nazis (with loads of Western support), but Trotsky almost never gets props for leading the Red Army to victory against not just a major reactionary counter-revolution, but also the concurrent invasion from four great powers (Britain, France, Japan and the United States) and a separate German invasion?

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Because he lost the power struggle.

So did Stalin, ultimately.

Western support wasn't that great and the nazi invasion of millions cannot be compared to a allied expedition of several thousand. False equivalence.

Stalin also did a good job military, that's why Stalingrad was named after him.

Trotsky was a pretty shit millitary tactician outside of Russia. His invasion of Warsaw was a mess. 'Permanent Revolution' ment more war for Russians. The whole reason the Russian imperial military joined the Bolsheviks was to get out of the war. Stalin wanted 'Socialism in one country' and no war. Stalin has a much better track record than Trotsky in terms of military victorys.
sorry to sound kinda ☭TANKIE☭

What's weirder is that he also thought that it should apply to society as well. An ideal trotskyist state would involve lots of patricide.

There was no radical difference between Stalin and Trotsky.
Permanent revolution would mean the same: support to any ideologically affiliated organisation, which is what Stalin was doing anyway.

Socialism with Khorne Characteristics

Stalin didn't want to invade Poland in the 1920s. He said it would be a "catastrophe", Stalin have very little power over Trotsky. So Trotsky invaded and the Red Army lost - witch makes Stalin look good (and less radical)

He probably would have been far more effective against the Germans tbh. Hitler was a moron and Trotsky was proven as an experienced and skilled commander.

He changed the name of Stalingrad before the war. It was called that because he was an egotistical retard.

Sounds a lot like Maoists when they explain the cultural revolution.

Not really. He stabilized the Tsaritsyn front kinda, and collected a lot of grain from the peasants. Afterwards, he shared some of the blame for the defeat against Poland. His real gift was the ability to build the Party and rebuild the country

This, not to mention all the best military minds of the young republic were trotkyites who were purged tukhachevsky???

that's not what permanent revolution means you illiterates, that's world revolution.

permanent revolution is the act of industrializing society without capitalism, and moving directly through from feudalism to socialism.

Stalin screwed up the 1919 westward offensive

Stalin was ordered to attack Warsaw with Trotsky and instead attacked another city, splitting the Bolshevik forces and losing both battles instead. If Warsaw had fallen, Poland would have capitulated, linking the Bolsheviks to the German communists. By aiding the German communists Lenin would have been able to save Rosa, and flip Germany. Thus Stalin is responsible for the failure of the world revolution, and the last 100 years of capitalism.

Hitler being defeated by a Jew would be nice but Trotsky actually wanted do re-enact Lenin (like Hitler wanted to re-enact WW1) and let the Germans take Ukraine in order to replace the Soviet State with a new one run by Trotskyism.


Stalin is a retard when it comes to military matters and his purges, two consecutive reorganizations of the army, and refusal to mobilize in the face of Barbarossa were the biggest threats to USSR.

because he was kicked out by the Stalin and goons so they can have full power, like the power hungry piece of shit that Stalin is.

No war except for the class war you imbecilic national-bourgeois leftoids. At least Trotsky understood internationalism, "socialism in one country" is pure red-fascist revisionism.

Pure ideology.


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Trotsky and his porky commissars used their power to shit on the footmen of the red army. He don't deserve any credit for their hard work.

except Stalin personally failed as a military commander in that war, thus making sure of a soviet defeat

Wrong. Both Trotsky and Stalin were experienced in warfare with only light armor and minimum airpower. The men and women who ran the operational workings of the Red Army are the true heroes. People like Georgy Zhukov, Konev and others orchestrated the war while the citizens gave their lives fighting the fascists. They were accustomed with the different type of warfare that was now present with heavy armor and bombers. No one man can claim WW2's victory other than those who stood against the fascists as a whole.

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"Western Support" on the Red Army on WW2 was ridiculously small, and you cant deny the enormous role that the industrialization and modernization started by Stalin had in preparing the Red Army to confront such a formidable foe

Stalin hated the cult of personality around him. The city's name was changed because of his efforts in fighting for that city during the civil war.

Read up on some history kiddo

Why don't you correctly cite these claims, you worthless faggot?

Wow, I'm not a trot, but he looks so badass in this picture!

Frunze did far more for the Bolshevik cause than Trotsky.

Few people even know he (re)founded the Red Army and led it through the civil war. He's always remembered as "that other guy who should have succeeded Lenin but got dieded".


Stalin had not part in the war with Poland. Why you gotta lie to me fyam?

Stalin was the commander of the Lviv front, and the problem is precisely that he didn't take part in the battle of Warsaw against orders


Sorry for poor quality because it's a picture from a hardcopy book, but have a badass all leather Trotsky.

Warsaw battle was lost because of Stalin.
Get your facts right Moron

Trotsky looked like a nerd but damn he got results (and unfortunately was picked last for iceball). I like Trotsky more than I like Stalin.

*Cough* All Power to the Soviets.

Be sure the "Vanguard" edits anything against the ☭TANKIE☭ Dindu narrative.

You got a source or are you just shitposting?

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I agree, we should suck Zhukov's and Konev's dick

We should suck Rokossovsky's dick

great analaysis couchgeneral hindsight

it was lost because of lenin actually

it was lost because of Engels.

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he purged his own generals right as the nazis were building up their war machine on the soviet border

actually it was his factory owning father

It was lost because of Bernie Sanders for killing rosa before she could surround the Poles

read a book, we all know how it started with the big bang 2017 years ago