Patreon is a lot rigorous and punitive when some of their users do the some called doxxing

Patreon is a lot rigorous and punitive when some of their users do the some called doxxing.
And what do you know? Peterson fits like a glove in this category now. see
You can report him on this link
When asked about the evidences you can use the link of news site reporting on this (at least put 2 different sources so that this don't look like """fake news""")
btw, I'm making this thread to gather more attention to this.

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Imagine being this much of an assblasted kike.(He's afraid)

Kermit the Fraud is going down, bitch

Imagine being an Albinoid

Leave the old man alone guys, he’s been through enough…

I reported him 20 times under like, 20 different proxies. No lie. I'll do this all night until it goes past 100 reports

*pushes him down*

Were taking away those patreonbucks, faggot

What does he even have besides Patreon in his social life

This his social life. There are social consequences. Now he will know what it is like to feel alone again.

Someone who works under him should accuse him of being intimately involved with five of his past students. I mean look at him. Who would deny it, who would defend them?

So let me get this straight…

You guys are creating an online harassment campaign against somebody, and trying fuck with them financially, simply because you disagree with his opinions on the Internet?

What's wrong with that?



Why does his eyes look like they've been fucking crying all the time.

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Done, reported Kermit the Fraud

Here are two links you all can use if you're too lazy to google:

I'm at 46 reports

I love you mods, I really do. All the props in the world.

you didn't get it straight bucko

big if true

Hang on I change my mind. Why make it boys?

Accuse him of assaulting a transgender student, and has a history of targeting and assaulting non binary students. Make it sound like he has a fixation on them. It would be perfect. Delicious. Sensual.

Look at him. 'Look at him. Look at how much he talks about them regularly. Look at how he makes politics out of it, look at all the passion he puts into it.

Nobody would ever believe him if they said it wasn't true, they would laugh him off the face of the Earth into the Kupier Belt

Absolutely good praxis.

Jordan Peterson stars in Trap Trouble.

Please don't call this creature someone, he is some kind of weepy salamander.

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I'm still reporting his patreon

Are you retards aware that Patreon gets a HUGE chunk off what Memerson earns?

lol SO epic. the revolution begins TODAY!

also this.

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I have no fucking idea what you're trying to say.

What did I say that at all suggested I don't acknowledge the beliefs of this board? Where the hell did this idea even come from? This board is leftist, yes. I get it. How is that relevant to my point that spending hours creating fake accounts to try to take down an eceleb account that won't get taken down anyway is a distraction and a waste of time?

?????? I haven't said anything about memes or arguments. And nobody is even arguing with me until you. Honestly did you even reply to the right post? You post has absolutely nothing to do with mine.

Speaking of "use my "haha le no argubends xDDDD" memes when they try to argue with me"…

you faggots keep calling this board "sjw". That's it. You keep refusing that there are people out there who disagree with you who aren't blue haired Hillary supporters.

Look at this newfag, go back to reddit.

What the hell, why anchored this thread?

The problem is that people like you show up here and go "HA LEFTYPOL TRUMP BEAT HILLARY AREN'T YOU BTFO?"
It's quite tiring.

Because we don’t want a repeat of the Bat’ko shit. The board dropped in quality for quite some time because of that.

Fuck you. Fuck your mother. Take your opinion, and shove it straight up your reddit, impunitive faschat. :)

this is so fucking embarrassing

i dislike peterson probably more than anyone in this thread, but these youtube crusades are so fucking retarded on every possible level. honestly why the fuck do i even come here anymore. forget theory, forget meaningful praxis, forget intelligent discussion in general, clearly we need to focus on false accusations against youtube reactionaries. so FUCKING stupid. there's potential for this forum, but it's completely squandered on this trash

Pipe down, faggot. We're always besieged by both Holla Forums and SJWs, and this is heavy-handed enough to be them. You're falling for their shit.

That said, this is an imageboard. A mix of theory, laughs, chat, history etc. is the way to go. Too much of one thing wouldn't work.