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Chapo is Dead, Long Live Chapo

"Brazile Nuts" is the best episode in months. DNC v Clinton's Brooklyn is amazing and batshit.

If there was ever any question, the show has embraced mocking da libs, and next episode will be a D.S.A. celebration hour (though Felix and Matt will hopefully pump the breaks on too much autofellatio). For better or worse, this is still the nexus of all leftist podcasts, and we must reckon with it as such.

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The Saudi episode was also great
Fuck king Salman

I laughed extremely hard at the Brazile episode. Good stuff.

Where does Felix get all of his background in Mid-East affairs anyway? His comedy persona is this loveable slob gym-gamer bro and most of his published stuff I can think of is mostly sports related, but whenever they talk about middle-eastern politics he's like some idiot savant.

He reads a ton of books about the middle east and talks to people from the region online.

It kind of makes me sad that he's such a goof but so well read and my attention span has been so absolutely obliterated since I left college that I just have an ever-growing stack of books I'll probably not get to for years.

Turning off my phone and going to the library on adderall does the trick for me.

This is perhaps the most leftypol activity I can think of

Chud here, I've listened to half a dozen episodes and I'm not impressed.
Are there any better lefty podcasts that you lads would recommend?

I like Trillbilly Worker's Party but they scratch an itch for me as a rural southern leftist, and they also have a tendency to just ramble on non-politics stuff so it might not be for you. I've been enjoying Hell of a Way to Die recently, which is two leftist vets talking about military culture and issues from their perspective.


I believe his dad is from somewhere in the Middle East and he's talked about his Street in Chicago having a few middle eastern people he grew up with

Ideally I'm looking for a lefty politics/current events show.
I spent a while in Appalachia. Great people. I didn't realize there were leftists out there.

why make a new thread, the old one is still alive?

he joins Saudi chatrooms with the screen name "Hotel Businessman"

Is the cyclical still alive? I though the BO might've messed with it during this recent dust-up or something. I tried posting in it yesterday and it said it was capped and I couldn't post.

I think it's been replaced with the general podcasts cyclical.

Yes, this is the new thread.
Please just let this one die so as to not clutter up the board in this sensitive time

Why did the board owner throw a fit? Or was it the mods?

Who threw the fit. You're supposed to be professionals.

I don't understand the question and I'm neither a mod nor the BO. I'm just pointing everyone to the new podcasting cyclical

Cum town

The B0 had another temper tantrum about R0java recently but that's not related to the cyclicals getting screwed up, apparently restoring the old board settings to fix the flags somehow fubar'd the threads by merging an older version with the current ones.

Saudi episode was the best foreign policy episode they've done since the Turkish coup attempt

Somebody needs to check if Nick Mullen is doing okay

amber still lives with him, i think she has it covered.

why do they love chelsea manning so much?

Any bootleg of new premium?

Nick would be great on Chapo and there's no good reason that they haven't had him on. Are they really that scared about the woke crowd these days?

100% yes. I think you can say pretty much anything to try and make a joke but you got to appreciate that many people don't think like that. Its far more than just the "woke crowd," most Women are pretty uncomfortable with rape joke type shit. Having Nick on would just cause unnecessary drama.

I listened to episode 158 during todays torture session. This was my first time listening to chapo. The analysis of US electoral patterns was somewhat interesting, otherwise the show seemed fairly dull and the humour was badly done. I don't understand the appeal either.

pretty misogynistic of you to assume that most women are humorless pussies

threw a fit because it's a mentally unstable tranny

pretty misandrist of you for presuming they were being misogynistic and not just a retard

pretty obvious your an autist who has never interacted with Women before. Trust me dude I've learned the hard way, many Women will get extremely offended by the most mild of jokes involving any implication of sexual misconduct.

tbf, I was at the same show and posted

wondering if declaring that Amber IRL is a snack/fam is really haram. help me thru this personal struggle sesh. thanks.

Why does Amber have sympathy for Nick? His jokes are funny, but they are harmful in the end to women, are they not?






Reminder that Chapo NIGGERhouse is for dumb liberal idpollocks

link to premium episodes?

Felix could beat your ass. I could beat your ass.

it hurts, he's so qt

Cringy numale bullshit. I thought we were above idpolitics but apparently not when this trash is shilled here as if it's witty and relevant.

hot damn sick bantz

t. 4chan /mu/

t. numale

being a socdem in brooklyn with a beard pretty much guarantees you'll get laid ya know

as if "numale" is even an argument

Calm your shit, Molyneux. I'm insulting you, not reddebating you.

congrats, the insults accomplished nothing and no one was offended, now what will you do?

Felix's arms are ironically as probably big as your torso

You're clearly butthurt about a simple term for making fun of weak-chinned retards. Really makes you think.
I've said my piece, anyway. Trying to save Holla Forums from going down this cringy road.

Nu males are weak and effeminate, like Felix, who's arms are fucking massive

You're more of a numale than Felix. These are just facts.


I would absolutely let Felix and Nick double team me.






live show kino

Do trumpcucks really look that much more "alpha"?

This is my O face