I hate my bourgeois family

Home from school for the weekend and my dumb ass liberal family are getting pissed the fuck off. My hypocritical liberal sister told me that the faculty at her school shouldn't go on strike, I told her they're just sticking up for themselves because they're stuck in shitt contract labour in order to keep down labour costs, and she literally told me that 'if you stick up for yourself you get fired and that's life'. She is a truly hideous human being and I deeply resent my misfortune of being related to her and having to interact with such a god awful atrocious human being. This is from a person who constantly virtue signals about Milquetoast liberal 'social justice' causes she reads about on Buzzfeed or wherever. Her attitude is all lifted from my rich, elitist, and empathy deficient parents, who have drilled anti-working class propaganda into our heads since childhood. Luckily I had the critical thinking skills to see through the BS while my sister blindly believes anything my parents tell her and then acts like a self-righteous cunt about it. I truly despise these people and I think they are absolutely disgusting.

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Good, now become an Anarman by lifting and reading.

Haha, I've most of At the Cafe actually. It's a pretty good text. I don't think Malatesta actually BTFO'd all his liberal/conservative peers that hard though.

The lifting part still stays then. I've lost starting strength pdf but do that or something so AnChad gang can grow.

I should. I don't know how you read my mind but I've been considering lifting in order to build my self-esteem

Read that, download myfitnesspal to keep track of your calories and macros, and start a routine. It takes time and dedication but you can make it, just remember to do cardio unless you want to get killed by a sauna.

Shock: imagined.

all true but i have a nice big aesthetic cock thank you very much

It's kinda funny that you hate liberalism given how wholeheartedly you seem to embrace a kind of liberal individualism, OP. Stop being a stuck up cunt to your family, that doesn't do shit politically. You're likely just going to push them further from left politics than they would be otherwise.

Yeah dude, there's absolutely nothing worse than the undergrad socialist who keeps talking about how much his conservative/moderate family just doesn't get it and how they annoy him. Any leftist with a modicum of self-awareness should avoid being that guy because of how much of caricature it is

Meet real socialists and work together towards reaching the masses through the internet, events, labour institutions, etc. Let your poor stupid family be.

Can the sauna really kill someone with bad cardio?

This isn't about your sister's political views, is it?

Nope, at best you probably have a tiny, feminine boiclit and a tight boipucci that craves for a B B C. Take that, rich daddy!

This is rooted in reality. Maybe when you leave home you'll realize life isn't fair and convincing your coworkers to union up while you still have a job isn't always easy. Enjoy the free food clothing and shelter while you have it, my friend. Real life is gonna knock your balls off to where you're a husk of a man.

Sure that's true generally but she's using that to try and justify her opposition to the strike you moron

Yes, google Zyzz.

lmao op is really just wearing these pathologies on his sleeve isn't he?

op, your family is not the enemy. the political front is not happening when you disagree with your dad over the weekend.

Well in that case, I agree. What are her tits like?

Back off. I'm sure there's all sorts of reasons for his family acting as cunty as OP describes but it doesn't change the fact they might not be class conscience at all. If he wants to be disgruntled with them he can.

I feel you OP
my father is a petty bourg and he thinks that everyone is slacking off except him
nevermind that all he does is making sure that other people work
goods assortment is pretty stable, suppliers are stable too, banks that provide loans are long time partners too, prices are determined by software with some minor human supervision
it all just rent at this point
he does not deserve his mansion with fountain, house skynet or whatever that shit is, giant fucking pool that he never uses
my inner bourg tells me that he became weak, he buys into all this bullshit about wonders of the free market, he hesitates to use predatory pricing, he hesitates to cut labor costs because he sees himself as a benefactor and job creator
it is only a matter of time before his competitors undercut his ass
if you miss on a larger market share opportunity, you're a fucking retard. Period

good riddance
working for him convinced me that petty bourgs should be put against the wall

Aka every leftist intellectual

Typical, quit being such a whiny bitch, the last thing the left needs is losers like you.

Why do you have to be such a cunt to a fellow comrade?
Instead of throwing insults and marginalising him away from leftism how about you educate him?

Basically this

you could pick a worse family to live with tbh

Just hate fuck your sister and give us a nice story.

A good way to distance yourself from your bourgeois heritage is not to bother us with your entirely bourgeois frustration.