Military Hate

Anyone else have a massive hate boner for the US Military?

Just the idea of having to be told WHO to kill pisses me off. And apparently anyone who was already duped into serving thinks not serving makes you a "wimp" or something.

Military personnel in this country are impossible to have a rational discussion with due to their brainwashing. Can't fucking stand them.

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Yeah it just makes you want to go out to some random army base and start gunning them down amiright my fellow leftist?

There is a part of me that admires the mindset it takes to kill people. They are stupid and respecting veterans is dodgy to say the least though. I just wonder what kind of day it takes to go "I'm going to go to the desert and shoot people for a living".

I hate how I'm supposed to be thankful for them "we fought for you" "so you should say this or do that." fuck off you wanna go shoot people so the fucking porkies can make money money, do it, don't act like your nobly sacrificing on my behalf

Most of them never even reach that level of cognizance.

You haven't met enough vets then. I know some fucking BASED Vietnam vets tbh. They are so class conscious without being a commie it is amazing. I am pretty sure one of them fragged his commander although I have no evidence.

I suppose, but that doesn't change the action. It is interesting. Im also sort of entranced by the type of skill a well-trained soldier, covert ops, w/e type would have. Imagine if one of those guys cracked and went off on a rampage? They might not get caught for forever, and you know they would do a lot of damage. Not your average soldiers level of skill, but not unattainable, is it?

Like… with a frag grenade?! Tell us your stories.

I dont get it

that's not even hard for me to imagine, what really gets me are the horror stories, like soldiers who torture people. i just read a graphic novel about the second chechnya conflict today and there's horrific shit in it, i don't even give a fuck how many buddies you lost, there's no excuse for torturing random preteens you found in villages, and "the sergeant said so" is just about the worst thing you could ever say.

Meaning the motherfucker killed his commander. I ain't sure though. But he and his squaddies HATED him since he was a pompous cunt. They would tell tons of stories about shit their commander made them do, and finally when I asked him what happened to Lt. so and so he tells me flatly that "he stepped on Charlie's gift" and won't press into any detail as he "doesn't remember". I look at this guy and hearing all of his stories of being a bad authority-hating soldier who hated his commander and sending letters home to anti-protesters to naming the ice cream flavors the army served at the bases leads me to believe that he hasn't forgotten jackshit. I think he and his buddies popped him. I don't think he trusts me although I share a lot of his political views since A LOT of my family members are South Vietnamese expatriates so he is wary. Or perhaps he doesn't want to talk about murder lol. This is just an assumption though, and maybe he has just forgotten.

Daily reminder that Communism will both be militarized and patriotic. Wars will be necessary to spread the dialectic, so suck it up you fucking cuck.

Daily reminder that the US military is full of antifa supersoldiers ready to come out of hiding and start killing whitey once enough Muslim comrades have immigrated in.

daily reminder to read a fucking book


I'm not going to shit on some kid escaping rural Pennsylvania or the Parisian suburbs by joining the army. If they get a hero complex and demand that you kiss their combat boots because they killed hajjis then yeah, fuck those specific assholes. But I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt until that happens.

All the books in the world wont keep you from being a scrawny anarkiddie. Try doing some actual labor for once in your life. A day at the factory is worth 1000 books.

Infantry are the only people who are going to be face to face with the enemy, even then, its rare that you get close enough to your target to see them.

War is hell user, you should see what the enemy does when they don't have a reason to keep the pow alive.

I really hope your just shitposting

read a fucking book

It won't necessarily be militarized and patriotic but it will incorporate some form of organizational and patriotic tendencies which will be used until internationalism is achieved

Regardless of your thoughts on the military, if were going to take lessons from the October Revolution and the subsequent make up of the forces constructed afterword its going to be critical to convince portions of both current and ex-military personnel, even if just over time.

On a separate note, its never about whether you "hate" or "like" a group of people or a person. Its necessary to come to the acknowledgement that there may very well be noticeably nice or generally oblivious people whose removal may be necessary. Everyone ends up where they are by the inevitability of system, every role will eventually be filled by somebody and it will most likely be in their interest to do so. You can't very well blame a solider for being a solider just as much as you can blame a worker for being a worker or even a bourgeoisie for being a bourgeoisie. It is inevitable as well that someone with honestly "good" intentions or character will be in a position antagonistic to the working class while someone who you view as a scumbag will be your "comrade". People become shaped by their circumstances or class. People will continue to work in their rational self interest within the system till its very ceasing. At the end of the day its pointless to assign blame or talk of how someone is "good" or "bad" or "nice" or "scum", to "like" or "dislike". All that will ever matter in revolutionary terms is what is necessary or unnecessary, what needs to be done and what doesn't. Let go of your righteous indignation.

The direction of your hate is a little misguided. The reason why many of them seem brainwashed is because they literally were.

God damn. Little bit based. Have you ever heard off Zizek's view on ironic distancing? I believe he specifically cites soldiers shitting on their superiors as an example of this. The ironic distancing was all too real though, wasn't it?

Does killing someone far away make the killing not a killing? I struggle to not see technicians as killers, much less the men literally pulling the triggers.

I want to agree with you but I think you missed the point. Being a soldier is "fine", but the attitudes that come with the soldier, at least stereotypically, are decidedly shit, if not outright reactionary at the core. Soldiers are a necessary part of life and will most likely exist far into a successful socialist society.

where's koreanon and his horror stories when you need him?

Such anti-American contents this thread has!

I'll have you know I reported all you godless commies on Holla Forums to the FBI for planning to blow up a federal building, and attempting to fight US imperialis- I mean spread communism.

Why, I remember when I was a rookie agent spreading freedom when I saw The World Trade Center get blown up by an evil terrorist named Bashar Al-Assad! Oh, how those banksters and job creators jumped to their deaths, straight onto the asphalt. I was just returning home after training anti-socialist freedom fighters in Guatemala and saying The Pledge Of Allegiance.

You'll be hearing from The NSA! God bless America, commie! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

I don't even know who's honey potting who anymore!


A fine patriot. Give that man a burger on Uncle Sam!

Sure, the US military is an instrument of imperialism, but don't pretend that killing religious crazies in the desert is the same as killing marxist guerrillas. Those guys like you even less than the gadsen flag people.


No because I'm not a moralfag. If history is anything to go by we will have to recruit from ex- and current military if we want a fighting force for the revolution. If Lenin had autisticly screeched at soldiers instead of recruiting them he would have been killed or sent back into exile to read Hegel instead of leading a proletarian revolution.


I'm not a fan of the imperialism but I am a fan of the discipline and structure.

That being said, I want to get my degree and attempt to be an officer in the coast guard where I'll actually be helping my fellow people and at least stay here in the US with everyone I know instead of getting deployed somewhere shitty to be an imperialist pawn.

The overwhelmingly proletarian character of the army and the American public’s boner for the military mean that not only can many soldiers be brought over to our side, but attacking them is a political non-starter.

Instead we should appeal to soldiers, especially after they leave the military and find that they have no access to healthcare, psychological support, or aid re-integrating into civilian life. We should make them realize that they were duped and lied to for profit, and that they suffered and watched their friends die for porky’s wars. Then when the time comes we will have retired or even active soldiers on our side. There’s a reason the Bolsheviks were so keen on setting up soldier’s councils.

There are fee people more despicable and traitorous than a serviceman. They sell out their fellow human for a sense of machoness and purposes. I would sell my bone marrow, kidney, or body before joining the military and tjey just hop right on. I understand people are that bright, but they know that they are signing up to be murderers.


Intellectually i agree with you, but god I hate the bastards.

Naive anti-Americanism is fucking retarded by itself, but focusing specifically on it's Military is especially retarded. Given the wider socio-economic context the military exists in you can't really simplify as much as you're doing. People who enter the military are predominantly poor, and shitting on them as individuals is kinda shitty. Additionally the military does a lot of stuff other than wage wars, so your criticism falls extra flat.

tl;dr analysis is shit, not every person in the military is bad; this is just virtue signaling bullshit

That describes every army since the dawn of time, retarded liberal queer.

Killing is easy. Discipline is more difficult. I'm sure most people in military are there because they weren't born on a silver platter and the US military pays well.

disclaimer: i know the military is "important" for the class war and they need to be on our side as much as possible. i try to be nice to vets that are nice to me, but if they have this stupid fucking hero complex, fuck them, they are worthless anti-communist dipshits, and if you try to reason with them, you're a fucking idiot in my book, because they will just shout you down or try to fight you.

obviously they were, but the "hero" complex a lot of them have shows that they know they were brainwashed and feel like they are better for it, and they insist everyone thinks and acts like them. fuck these types

Yeah, i get what you mean, but for me, like, it's killing, as they say war is hell so fucking what?

The only "good" war IMHO is the class war. That's it. What other "good" war is there other than those fought in self defense?

I mean, I am not saying that to be edgy or anything. I don't fear death, for me it's really the reason, and I'll be damned if I die for some stupid fucking capitalists and taking mortar fire for them instead of their own songs going to fight their bullshit wars. Fuck that shit.

I just don't understand that mindset. Like, ohhh, you're "tough" because you can go kill people in the desert and take orders from tyrants, but it's everyone else who realizes how fucked up the military is as an insitution and refuse to participate that are the "pussies."

It's an amazing brainwashing tactic but I'm more impressed how well it works on everyone.

Just try and tell these guys "Yeah, you're fucking stupid, you killed a bunch of people to keep the DOW up, that's it."

And they'd go off on you for being "ungrateful" and shit. For a bunch of tough guys, none of them can take actual criticism where it is most due. They take any criticism of the US personally, like you're taking an actual dump on them or their own life choices.

It's just fucking stupid, and really it boggles my mind why people even can serve unless they have no other option.

For like, idk, black dudes in the ghetto trying to GTFO poverty, I get that, you have NO other choice. But a lot of these types that I run into are full of shit when they say they "had no ther choice".

They were running from their own middle class bullshit problems and thought killing some "sand niggers" would solve it for them. These types piss me the fuck off, I don't like them and I'm ashamed they are allowed to serve and so easily carry out this country's fucked up policies.

me too…. for me its like, sure, vets day is one thing, but you can't turn on the tv or hear an ad anymore without constant masturbation over "veterans" and "thanking those who serve this GREAT GREAT COUNTRY".

It has elevated people every good for nothing fuckass to "hero" status and I honestly have to wonder how many people are as sick of this shit as I am.

oh dude, no way, i know. vets are hit and miss. the "good" ones I met were some of the best friends/acquaintances I've ever made. The problem, though, is how there is so few of these types. Most of them IME are pure unadulterated retard assholes.

Also, vietnam vets != post-911 vets. Those vietnam vets had the balls to say "fuck this war" and kill their own fucking officers or just abandon their post outright. That shit isn't happening now.

t. fucking noob commie retard that missed the whole point of the post

some people do it to escape a bad situation and i don't blame them. the notion that most do this is horse shit.

yeah, this is literally 99% of veterans you meet. maybe it's just me, but they pretty much are all right wing retards in the army and marines. Maybe navy and air force aren't so bad, but I haven't met many of those guys.

yeah k w/e

pretty sure you're a moral fag, i'm not screeching, you're a fucking idiot if you don't see how the majority of veterans are anti-communist reactionaries that will kill you on sight in any kind of revolutionary scenario.

i'm not advocating for "attacking" them. if calling them out on their bullshit and their brainwashing is "attacking" them, i can only presume you are a lib, conservative, or Holla Forums . get real.

only literal fucking reasonable response in the thread. THANK YOU

yeah, this whole notion of them not being held responsible and "its ok they dont know any better" is fucking retarded. they know exactly what they're doing.

criticizing the military establishment and veteran worship isn't "tankie virtue signaling"

if that's the case, criticizing capitalism is also "tankie virtue signaling"

you must be some delusional liberal that sees himself as a communist or something, idk

fuck you

Nah. What I'm going to do is let go of my "rational" self-interest and tribalism. For me socialism/communism is an ethical duty to abolish the class system and create a better society. It's all about my hatred for injustice-oppression and the reactionaries that fuel it and my love for justice-freedom and the revolutionaries that seek to enact it.
The vast majority of bolshevik leaders were bourgeois and aristocrats going against their class self-interest. You can't trust someone who only cares about their self-interest since they'll betray you as soon as they are comfortable enough and their self-interest is threatened. You can however trust someone who sacrifice their self-interest for the greater good and doesn't fear death since they are motivated by their hatred of evil and their duty to destroy evil.
Fuck off with your amoral and uninspiring socialism that doesn't demand for any sacrifice on the part of the revolutionaries and will only attract untrustworthy traitorous SCUM!

Honestly being in the military isn't nearly as bad as being a military worshipper, and leftbook and twitter retards who think that being an ex-serviceman is literally the same as being a cop are pretty fucking obnoxious too

Most people enter the military these days to pay for college. kek

I’m saying you should clench your teeth and fellate them like everybody else, while at the same time redpilling them about capitalism and imperialism.

That's fucking bad.
Fuck the usa

True. But not all military jobs are infantry or combat-related.

Not particularly. Why hate soliders for serving in an imperial military? No empire in history has had its soldiers simply lay down their arms and quit for the greater good of Humanity (tm), so I don't see why this would stop now, and it won't stop when China becomes world hegemon either.

They choose to serve tho. Fuck them

I'm a US army vet. You can have a rational debate with me, friendo, but we'll probably agree on most points.

You should die tbh

We all will. No need to hurry.

But you should be like executed or some shit.
Fuck you. Why you went there in the first place?

You're so edgy. Why did I sign up? Because I had always wanted to ne a soldier, and I thought I was helping my country. Now I teach what I know to people like you. Your moral outrage will never convince anyone to join us. It's as if you expect soldiers and only soldiers to know what the "correct" opinion to hold is without ever being exposed to any socialist ideas. Being a soldier is just another job, and contrary to what you might think, most soldiers never kill anyone. Most of those jobs could be held by civilians, but you bitch and moan because they wear a uniform. Never
heard people like you say that lockheed engineers or technicians should be executed. It's always just the guy in the uniform. For the record, though, I did kill people, but only when they started shooting or when we caught them planting IEDs.

You have to be 18 to post here.

These are Drafties, of course they're going to be class conscious. Now that the US Military is volunteers since Vietnam (after Porky learned his mistake) they're the most class cucked of all people

Never got the hate for the military here. most people i know who voluntarily go are poor and have no future that can sustain their family. Many of the smart ones i know who want to go to College don't want to economically destroy their families under debt that they won't pay off till their in their 40's so they join the mechanics and Tech parts of the military.

Your job as a socialist is to uncuck them, not to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that leftists hate them and want them dead. We save that only for porky.

Wait, It wasn't porky who raped childs and burned villages in vietnam or korea.

A big reason the Russian revolution was even possible is because Russian soldiers returning from war were disillusioned.
No that being said American soldiers are a different beast. Most are fed a steady diet of American exceptionalism, patriotism and Fox News as kids growing up. The best chance at radicalism great them is after the war when the govt fucks them over, it often times they are too broken, afflicted by ptsd, homelessness, drug addiction, and are not given the resources they were promised. But I know plenty who come back fucked up but still clings to their patriotism.
I’m of the opinion that we will need the military, at least in part, to fight a revolution in the US. But it becomes a question of how we reach them, and how we direct them. This is going to obviously sound fucked up but I think we’ll need a big war, like with North Korea or something on that scale to have enough to over and have the patriotism beaten out of them. When they return home they need to be targeted heavily with propaganda. There needs to be a heavy and target campaign to recruit veterans of active conflict to our cause to have any real revolutionary potential


Ok, then why should I hate cops?

Hating the institution is not the same as hating the individual. Of course, there will be a time when lines must be drawn, but we are not there yet.

Professional armies were a mistake. Every single citizen should have military training and arms.

This is liberal tier. You are just trying to make a case for yourself here.

No, reflexively acting like a moralizing faggot is liberal-tier. You just loke having edgy opinions instead of being pragmatic. You sure are going to win people over by saying you want to kill cops and soldiers, though.

No you fucking idiot. I'm not moralizing. I'm saying that soldiers/cops are the biggest scum on the earth, the biggest class traitors and revolution potential in these groups is totally absent. Russian revolutions started thanks to soldiers and war, true, but they were drafted whereas today you voulouteer.
If the cops and soldiers are considered the highest point in patriotism exposing all the shit they did and they are doing is gonna help my cause.

The problem is not even the fact that you shoot people, everything else from prostitution rings, rapes ecc. is the fucking problem here



Notice I quoted you and you made shit up. It's almost like you live in a fantasy.

Obviously we must now hate niggers too, sonce treating people as individuals is not in line with "leftist" "thought".

You are the one justifing cops and soldiers here.
Hate the institution and not the individual is stupid, I could say the same thing about talibans bet you won't make an excuse for them tho.

Well, we tried to persuade them with jobs and land. A lot of former Talibam ended up working for the new government. This is how you conduct counter-insurgency, you dumb liberal. Also, please point out where I excused bad actions by cops or soldiers.

Why do the effects of bourgeois ideology on shaping the proletariat's worldview get thrown out the window with the military? The vast majority of people who join do so for economic reasons under the naive assumption that their propagandized vision of the military as a "force for good" is fundamentally true.

From the moment you started posting. You are assuming that everyone itt is either a western european or burger. When you minimize the damage that your kind has done to a lot of countries, when you say stuff like "military members are one person" as if 90% of you are not a bunch of fucking animals. I don't need to redpill soldiers or shit like that when my concern is kicking you the fuck out of my country. Ho Chi Minh was wrong? I should liberate my country from the invasor because that's hating on the individual?

For the same reason that you'd do that with cops. They do so much bad shit that you stop caring about them

I shouldn't

If you are not from the US or Europe, your opinions on how we should persuade European or US soldiers don't actually matter. Thanks for playing, and I hope you kill yourself.

I hate people like that, ape mindset. Military culture in the USA is shit.

Read op scum, this is a thread about hating on you criminals, idiot.
Also you put your fucking bases in europe too you son of a bitch.

I think it is you. Or maybe it's an American thing, I don't see nearly many as people who were in the Canadian Forces act this way

If the individual in question isn't more powerful than me. I ain't respecting him. I don't have to, especially if he doesn't has anything about his personality that satisfies me, he is not my friend just a loser trying to dog me around when he really can't.

I didn't put those bases there. See why there is a need to differentiate from individuals and organizations? Next you'll say that Americans can't be class conscious because they benefit from muh imperialism so everyone should hate them too. This is typical D&C shit. You really should kill yourself.

Most vets don't act this way. I was usually embarrassed when people thanked me for my service and if I saw one of my guys acting that way I would have fucked him so hard his asshole would be sore into his 80s.

This is one thing socialist movements must not fall into. Remember that you are there to serve the people, not the other way around. This is why young privates are taught to say "sir/ma'am" to civilians. It should be this way for socialists too.

Near every american base criminality ramps up for some reason. They put you there and you acted like an asshole.

Again, I didn't act like an asshole. Why do you keep making the mistake that all US military are one person?
Prove it. Who is it committing the crimes? I mean, it couldn't possibly be that most servicemen are young men and that's the demographic most likely to be troublemakers, or it couldn't be that criminal activity ramps up to meet demand of young people with disposable income. No, it must be something intrinsic to them being soldiers. Next you're going to complain about all da niggers because the same is true for them. Guess we have to hate blacks now.

I have had active duty soilders tell me: "get out of the way civilian." It's just rude. I know not all soilders are like this but man it makes me mad. They act lile they are better than everyone.

Those guys are pieces of shit, and I'm sorry you had to go through that. If it makes you feel any better, they would have been douchebags even if they never joined up. It's important for soldiers to remember that they exist for civilians' sake. Please don't hate all vets from the example of a few faggots.

It's no problem, it's mostly young guys that act like that. I just assume they don't know any better, like i said it's just rude.
This is just japan
Near rich zones there aren't criminals
You will face little to no consequence for your actions. Most of the shit you do is not even known to the general public.

All the well know vets are like this, just think of fucking chris kyle

So many crimes that they have to list individual incidents instead of statistics. It's almost like you're talking out your ass, considering how many servicemen have been through there. Also, one of those incidents was a civilian working at the base. Should they be killed too?
Bullshit, and what are "your actions". I've certainly never murdered or raped anyone. Why do you keep thinking all of us are one person? Are you retarded? Not to mention that you don't know anything about how soldiers are or are not punished, considering you've never been a soldier and don't even live around them. Simple things like being caught drunk on duty are grounds for an assfucking of major proportions. No, we don't get away with shit. Stop making up stories.
Wow, you must have the highest Autism Level on this board, with that though process.

You are right. It's a bad link. These are better.
They don't get jail if they rape someone that's for sure
Lived around them in my childhood
Read my links
Bet you don't even belong on this board and you are trying to shill for the army force

Except they do, and you're just pulling shit out your ass again. Sexual assault prevention is a huge part of military life and the sexual assault rate for US military members is lower than that of the general US population.
No, you lived around a base. You don't have any friends in the US military or family, nor have you ever been there yourself. In fact, you are not even American. Why should American socialists listen to you in how they treat the military, especially considering some of them, like me, have been in the military and currently have family there?
I did. They're trash.
Did I say you should unconditionally love soldiers? No. Did I say you should join? No. I said individual members are valuable assets to the socialist movement in the US and Europe. You just have an anti-American bias and want Americans to hate themselves as much as you do. You have no idea what the situation is in the US and yet you have the arrogance to try and tell us what it's like. Fuck, you're trying to tell a former soldier what being a soldier is like. You can be as anti-American as you want. Just don't be surprised when those Americans return the favor.

I gave you links
What the fuck does this even mean?
Why shouldn't they listen to how the military acts around the world?
Read op again you fucking
Nice argument
No shit. Problem is that you are in an anti american thread defending americans.

Also you posted a link from a site called stars and stripe.

And those links were junk and dishonest.
It means that we have special fucking classes that everyone has to take, and that we have a guy in charge of sexual assault prevention, as well as fucking you hard if you're even suspected of that shit. Yeah, I know. It's almost unbelievable that we would like to keep a professional force. Yes, porky does like professionals, contrary to what you might think. You can say a lot about what the US military is used for, but the individual members don't go around raping anything that moves. This is pure fantasy.
We do, we just aren't fucking retarded and don't conflate the actions of an entire organization and pin it on individuals, because that would be stupid and irrational.
And learn to write, you phucking.
Yeah, it's almost like I want international solidarity instead of infighting because that usually ends up with the US bombing your shitty country and making it even shittier.
Yeah, and your link is called sputik news. But don't believe the article. Actually go look up the statistics for yourself. Your links are dishonest, not mine, and a cursory google search would show you that, but you'd rather attack the name of the source than actually look it up, like a faggot. Hope you're not that Korean faggot that got mad that a big-dicked American fucked his girlfriend. In socialism, women will still be free to fuck guys who aren't you, and you can't let that make you hate an entire nation.

Your sister is dishonest you fucking idiot.
So the rapes during the war are just fantasy?
So I should be happy that near my fucking town there is a foreign occupying force? Should I love the soldiers?
So basically Ho chi min was bad
Your source is pure ideology not mine, you should look it up on google and don't fall for every single piece of american propaganda that is handed to you, but then gain you were a soldier so you've already been duped a long time ago
Not korea, but you americans act like criminals all over asia.

You are also acting like the classic dickhead american vet. Hope someone you loved in killed in service

I support the troops only when they shoot their officers.

Wow, great argument.
Rapes happen in every war, and you're stupid to think it won't happen in the future. It's almost like criminal exist in all areas of life.
I don't know, as I don't live there, but antagonizing them needlessly certainly isn't going to help.
I don't know enough about him, but I don't think he just started shooting at Americans for no reason or that he had a specifically anti-American bias.
The source specifically points out that it came from Japanese government statistics. You can look those up if you don't believe the source. Seems to me you're really resistant to do this, and you're really projecting when you cry "propaganda".
We don't, and your attempts to prove it have failed. Stop trying to make things up to justify your bias.

Oh, no you said mean things on the internet. That's not going to change the fact that you're weak and stupid and this is all you can do to vent your rage at your own impotence. You're just a dumb nationalist trying to cosplay as a socialist. There is no internationalism to be had with you and you're better off dead. Let's hope old ordnance finds you and puts you out of our misery.

Most of the veterans and police I've met have had personality disorders. Military guys are the weirdest though.

Vets will be a major part of the vanguard. Learn to deal with them.

So the US military really are just a bunch of hypocrite welfare queens who only enroll so they can slam each other's dicks after a long day's work of raping/killing/ innocents and/or peddling oil and opiates from the mid-eastern world?

You do realize that while you may not be able to see exactly who is shooting at you, you can tell you are being shot at. Are socialist revolutionaries all going to knife-fight their way to socialism? Because if not, then I don't see how this is going to be any different for them.
It's almost like I'm on Holla Forums.

No they won't. The level of indoctrination of most vets makes them incapable of being a major part of the revolutionary vanguard. A few could be part of it, but most won't.

Implying you know shit about what goes on in the military