Cuck King did nothing wrong

This is why I can't trust modern feminism.

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What the fuck is this meme?

What does this have to do with leftism?

Just shows the state of liberal feminism, I guess.
I don't know, just seems like witch hunts are political, and I'd like to know if organizing society around socialism would change that.

I mean it's socially retarded behavior but it's not LITERALLY RAPE or whatever.

The left will lambast Roy Moore but defend this cuck.

Public masturbation is a work of a deranged mind.

He fapped in front of her.
I've done that when I was 11/13 too.
Fucking a 14 years old is objectively worse

You fucker, can you explain why you masturbate when you can fuck her?

She is right there, why behave like an cuckold?

I just want hollywood to burn to the ground.

I just hear about Louis C.K. doing some shit but I don't know WHAT he did. Can someone catch me up to speed??

Well I was very fucking little. She didn't wanna fuck.
When you are an adult? Don't know.
He's a fucking cuck no doubt, but at least he didn't harm anyone

He asks co-stars to watch him masturbating.


Underage fap show?
Was she your age or older?

I was like 11 or 13 she was a year older than me I think.

He asked some girls if he could mastrubate in front of them and if they said yes he did and if they said no he didn't. This is bad becasue he was famous and famous people aren't allowed to ask about sex because that would be coercive or some shit.

That is a very young age for sexual activities, but what do I know? I am a virgin.

I…. Ok. I really don't care lol

I guess that makes me some insensitive human being but I'm wondering what the fuck I'm gonna eat this weekend. I don't give a shit how some celebrity gets off. Jesus Christ is this really what this fucking country calls news now?

I dunno, that sounds newworthy to me because public masturbation is not healthy.

It's been on all day.
He lost all of his big contract hollwood jobs and pretty much the only thing he can do as work at this point is stand up. They're treating it like he confessed to raping these women.

sounds hot

maybe they'll do a "sex predators only" paralel hollywood and get peter thiel to fund it.

State issued chastity belts from here on out my dudes.

At least he actually masturbated in front of her. I've had someone make this claim after walking in on me jacking off. I was in private, it wasn't even a situation where she could see anything, and I stopped immediately. She apparently thought I'd be too embarrassed by the memory to explain what happened. But the truth is I didn't even remember the incident until I was reminded of it.

this but unironically

I was premature with everything fam.
That said don't worry about your "incel" status.
There are a lot more virgins around than you think of.
Be aware of your qualities and your flaws, use this confidence.

That's terrifying.

Peter Thiel and his gay lover Moldbug team up with Harvey Weinstein to produce a a remake of salo to be filmed on Thiels floating seasted autistopia

it's an humiliation fetish, he's probably getting off at the fact he's been exposed

Hey that's not oka-
Wait this isn't a real person's opinion. Ben out of Ben.

Seriously, I don't care if this dude beats his dick in the middle of the street. I'm not going to rally to stop him.

I think some of the girls said he did it even after they said no so there's that. If the accusations came out a few months ago most people would think he's a weirdo and laugh it off, but people are losing their jobs for saying Hi to women under this climate so I don't think he'll bounce back.

I kind of hope he'll end up joining Cumia and the rest on that Disgraced Comics network because those O&A shows with Louie were the greatest

My ex asked me to jack off in front of her once and it was the most awkward and uncomfortable shit ever and I felt so insecure. I have no idea what's the appeal of this, particularly when you're fat and old like Louie

this all probably just going to lead to a return to victorian era sex relations where there is a separate everything for women where the ladies have to all go so that they can safe from the uncontrollable carnal desires of brutish men. really looking forward to having no women in the front bar of pubs again tbh.

He did nothing to not make it look like that.

Friendly reminder that occasional sex is as dangerous as hovering your ballsack on an angle grinder.

While Hollywood is full of sexual abuse it's really notable how the stuff with Corey Feldman got buried while this shit is getting all the attention. The "sexual misconduct" stuff seems to mostly be fueled by the burger spooks on how sex is icky. Even some of the stories about fuckin Cosby were shit like

would really need a source on that - it's something that seems to be getting said a lot in comments sections or on reddit or whatever, but it all just seems to be people assuming that it must have happened because well, like, y'know, it just must have. unless some new part of this dumbfuck story broke while i was asleep, the closest any of the stories get to this is the one who thinks he might possibly have been jerking it on the other end of a phone line and said nothing

Can a femaleanon explain this to me? Why is seeing a dude jerk off in front of you some sort of traumatic experience rather than just some weird shit that happened?

What are people not responsible for their own attraction now?
Isn't this a meme about how women constantly want men to listen? This sounds like a man fucked a girl, and now he wants to double dip. However, that obviously isn't what is happening here.
What? We need top leftypol scholars to define the qualities that literally make you to good to have sex with. This is some next level "We must mine for more idpol conflict".

Penises are like, scary man.

I could've sworn on the JRE they talked about Louis CK jerking it in front of women and that was a while ago. I don't get why it's such a big deal now. Maybe because of all the other actors accused of sexual harassment, people decided to dig up old shit to join in the public shaming. The spectacle is strange sometimes man and people who unironically follow celebrity gossip get the bullet tbh fam

What a surprise.

1. if you are willing to have sex with random people you don't have a history with and don't know if you can't trust you're not good for it

may just be some of his standup.

"ally" is seriously just a euphemism for "unexposed sexual predator"

You have a folder of Akkos? plz share some.

I would be on this hate train, seeing as a lot of the predator male feminists that have been outed were retards like Kriss, but It is getting extremely annoying that men can't be anything anymore.

No it was a story he was telling that Louis was known for masturbating in front of girls

Just be yourself.

It's funny everyone already knew this and now it's coming back out of nowhere.

Also considering what he usually jokes about this is actually about what I'd expect he'd be doing in his off hours.

You replied to me yet I have no idea what you are trying to say.

THE THREAD IS ANCHORED HOLY UCK THE MODS ARE DETERMINED TO NOT HAVE ANY ACTIVE THREADSThis is the fucking holodomor of active threads, the leftypol mods make Stalin look like a fucking anarkiddie with their absolute insistence on locking every fucking questionable thread


He's not a rapist or whatever but he was being creepy and rightfully acknowledged he was in the wrong. From what I could tell in the case with the two women he jerked off in front of, they initially thought it was a joke when he asked, and when he did it they screamed at him. I think a normal adult should be able to read people's reaction to things like that and realize what he was doing was inappropriate. Also there's a possibility that he blocked the door. I know it's not an edgy or cool take but that's what seems to have happened from what I can detect.

Louis is funnier than 90% of comedians tbh. Of course you're probably an underage ex-polcuck and don't know him beyond the cuck king memes.

Nah. Louie is good but his stand-up is awful

Nah, watch Hilarious. One of the best specials ever made.

Oh, no. He broke some faux pas. Call the police.


SJWs are cancer, american liberals are cancer, american upper middle class white northestern and west coast culture is cancer, american media is cancer, america is cancer.

The penis is a weapon they can be penetreted by. In addition, women associate male sexuality and male agression.

No, you're wrong. Sometimes they said no but he did it anyway.

Rude 2bh.