British Woman of Four Children Dead After Her Unemployment Was Cut, Slowly They Froze Solid

She was had her job terminated with four kids, argue irresponsibility all you want but this could have been prevented. After she was signed up for unemployment, all her benefits were just stripped. Heating was one of the earliest to go. She could no longer house herself safely, but she had no place else to go. They huddled around pilot lights until the finally froze to death. Mother and her children. Holding one another until the dead. When the authorities arrived they were all blue head to toe in embrace.

Before she was unemployed, she lived off meager wages, and with all her money going towards her children, she slowly became anorexic, suffering worse and worse health conditions.

I am trying to wrap my mind around how people will legitimately respond with "SINGLE MOTHER LOL". Her children were hugging her while they all froze to fucking death over domino effect of losing her job. Not even in America, Britain.

All they could do was huddle together in the end as they froze to death.

I know you're going to complain about something about this. And I most certainly think you're going to say that mother and those children deserved to starve to death because she was singly or some simplistic classiest nonsense.

But a family died frozen to death huddling together.

We could have easily prevented that with what we have. What kind of nation lets children freeze to death?

This isn't America. This was Britain.

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She just gave up. What a lazy bum.
Should've sell her children for a fair price.

The one run by the people who want to turn it into a tax haven

Because that's how life works. You sell your children because it's all for you.



I don't understand why she didn't go to a shopping mall or something like that. How do you freeze to death and not realize that you need to go somewhere else at any cost? Sounds to me like the spook of private property scared her more than death itself. This is why Stirner is so important, read him before a spook kills you too.

Ancap tier

Maybe she had


Nuke Britain

I say for every child dying in poverty we take four of theirs.

Uh, her kids were infants and toddlers, you can't leave them unattended in a house that's capable of freezing a woman. She probably wanted to make sure they were safe because I don't know, she loved her kids maybe

the stirner meme was a fucking mistake

Wow, I'm really surprised this happened in Britain

Take her kids with her?

Gee I don't know.
Maybe unemployment services should start organizing mandatory lectures on hypothermia prevention since that's apparently more relevant to surviving in the current labor market than resume-building skills.

Also if it's anything like France the real reason is that bums who try to sleep somewhere warm are kicked out on the streets at night.

You are so naive lol


Lack of nutrition fucks with your reasoning abilities long before you die.


kinda reminds me of this movie, systematic abuse like this is fucking awful

At least she wasn't scared by the spook of survival.

Ken loach is good

It didn't freeze last month, which makes the article clickbait already. Dead from starvation is similar to dying from cold, in both cases the body does not have sufficient energy to sustain itself, this leads me to believe starvation is the more accurate term here, and if she really were freezing to dead, why didn't she go to one of her neighbors to warm up?

I know people like her, I won't argue irresponsibility because that requires a level of capability that such people simply do not have, all that can be done for them is sterilization and giving them a stable environment were people look out for them.

It's already a tax haven. What do you think non-dom status is for?

Another one for my LSC folder.

Where does it say that her kids died with her?

The first picture wouldn't be so bad if service industry wages weren't universally borderline starvation.

Under a socialist regime, this happening would've resulted in her being forever remembered as a Victim of Communism. But since Britain is capitalist, it's merely her own fault and has nothing to do with the system.

Tell me more about your mother.

What is the third picture? A digital billboard?

She doesn't understand them, people like that.

Contradictions like this aren't at all uncommon in capitalism, partially because of its natural tendency to do so but also because you have different porkies pulling in multiple different directions in pursuit of different financial interests. Yes, you have those who advocate for high national birth rates and a larger homegrown workforce, but you also those who have already moved past such a mentality and instead sell the idea of urban abortion clinics and other birth control measures as a way to "alleviate" poverty per family with the sum loss made up for by immigration. In many 1st world countries people having too few children isn't very much a concern anymore, in fact its not too uncommon to hear the rhetoric that people who do have too many should have to "deal with the consequences" of such a fact. Its more "clean" and palatable in this day in age to have all the messy work and burden of having a lot of children be done elsewhere rather than people having to deal with a homegrown influx of children in the receiving country.

I don't understand how this happened. It honestly sounds fake. I need an explanation of how things worked out this way.

Don't worry. I'm sure silicon valley will disrupt heating soon. Something something blockchain machine learning.

Just farm some cryptodegrees with your computer m8. Bitcelsius is pretty valuable right now.


Do bongs not have wood ready to build a fire?

A) fire codes prohibit fire stoves and the like
B) If you're poor you probably aren't going to spend the bus fare to collect dead branches in the park

How the fuck can somebody be too incompetent to stop onset of hypothermia indoors with modern materials available? How do you think the Inuits ensured their children, and Elderly survived with only access to Animal Furs/snow brick? Also, thinking ahead, and PLANNING tend to be a pretty fucking good idea if you’re aware you live in an area with a climate that can be fatal. I have lived in North Carolina without power in a single wide trailer, it would regularly get down below 20° during the winter. From what I understand Cheshire UK only gets down to about 30°, that isn’t impossible to survive without power. I’d cover all the windows with trashbag plastic/straw, and seal up any door that wasn’t being used the same way. You’d wear normal clothes, and a layer of crushed newspaper/straw on top of that, your BDU, than your flannel/jacket. And it’s if shit got really bad you’d heat up water with a sterno camp stove, put it in zip blocks bags, and shove them down your second layer. Keep in mind this was done with zero income, and I have survived 3 winters doing this shit.

Urbanites are strange

She was probably a fucking dumb bitch, with no concept of living independently. That’s like giving a 9 year old an apartment, and telling them to live on their own. Sadly the majority of people in the west are like this.


Are you that fucking infantile, that you consider layering clothes with newspaper/straw some type of complex, and ancient esoteric artform? I guess making a friction fire is akin to rocket science in your world view.

sad story but couldn't she find some blankets or something? knock on a neighbour's door and try to get help? call the police, child services, even the fire brigade? was she in the middle of nowhere? maybe her mental faculties were compromised or something

Did the kids die too? I haven’t read that in the articles I’ve read on it so far.

All this shit happening under austerity is slowly turning me into an unironic Stalinist.

Do you realy think the police would help

Fuck off, Porky.

Even China has the decency(?) to install suicide nets instead of just blaming the people who jump off.
Or maybe that's just because they don't want to pay the clean-up fees.


Gee I wonder what mysterious force is responsible for this development.

Happened to me a long time ago. Remember the words of abolitionist John Brown (who was paraphrasing Hebrews 9:19-22):

Revolutionary terror is necessary for the reformation of society. Otherwise the terrors that they have inflicted upon us will go unanswered by history.

it takes a lot of mental gymnastics to shift the blame of a woman and her kids freezing to death from failed bureaucracy and wealth inequality to fucking immigrants, how do they do it?


almost half the fucking comments are about this sort of bullshit, incredible

its been said before but I must be said again, right wingers are brainlets. There is no dancing around the issue.

That dumb bitch and her stupid…oh…oh there were children who froze to death…four of them…which could have bee helped by competent public service and not austeritic hyrstrionic bullshit from sociopaths like you….


Yes, four children froze to death.

unless that faggot is a manager. shitty manager at a franchise store I know makes $60k a year excluding bonuses.

Don't strawman on the newsarticle though OP.

It's due to the ineffiecincies with the policies in place that lead to this shitty outcome.

But if she's stripped of her benefits, she should've called for help. Any relatives or the FATHER would do. I would approach a church or non-profit organization next. The next and last in line would be the state.

If she did everything of the above, it's just unfortunate. Shitty system. shitty policy.

This is what "means testing" and related policies do. Socdems need to stop falling for the neoliberal bait.

They just have an extremely strong confirmation bias.

[Insert neurotic rant about "women marrying the welfare state" here]

You know, when it comes to children and others being in danger, it shouldn't be the fucking responsibility of them. Their neighbors should have said something called someone before it was too late. Putting the onus on them distracts from the incompetency of British authority.

It is really shitty policy but I'm not be an edgelord and focus on what the mom should and should not have done when all of them including their toddlers are dead. Nobody did this on purpose, but it was the responsibility of people around them to make sure these this family was safe.

And not freezing to death.

How many times have you been banned at this point you stupid asshole. Your hair is a fucking nappy mess I'll post that picture every time you post here.


It's satire, you dolt. I'm mocking Stefan Molyneux's raging hate-boner for women and the working poor.

Why, you keeping count?

Of "them" who? The parents? Even in the UK the state doesn't know what's going on inside homes. There was nothing anyone but her could do.
You assume the neighbors were watching the woman freeze to death. Are you sure none of your neighbors needs medical help right now?
No, not dying in your own home is your fucking responsibility you lazy fuck. Other people have enough of their own problems to be checking on you man-children every 5 minutes.

She has the main responsibility because she's the only one that knows better about her circumstance. No one has the ability to mind read.

The neighbor wasn't mentioned on the article and First world country neighbors are just anti-social. I remember reading a nigger being found dead after she died for a year or so.

and I never did. My opening is blaming the inefficiency/failed bureaucracy. I could also blame wealth inequality or failed wealth distribution. I blamed her second because she wasn't desperate enough to survive. In a third world country that I know, you'll hear people shouting outside the road that there is a fire or whatever accident that happened to them. But again, I don't know anything about her circumstances around that time so I could only use my creative thinking.

Based on the article, it's the mother since she's the only one aware of her circumstance. See my argument on the first point.

because whoever created the policy is an idiot/incompetent. There should've been a clause for non-participation.

You could do that.

Nothing is more fucking infuriating than incompetent parents.

Another white family extinguished because of social democracy

I think it's unfair to assume every single death is a result of capitalism though. There are some cases where death is just a case of poor judgement. We really don't have enough evidence to know what happened here. What would she have done if the power went out from an ice storm or something? I lived through the ice storm of 1998 in Quebec and people still would have died under communism. Many lost power in January and some decided to try and tough it out instead of seeking shelter and died of hypothermia as a result. There really isn't a way to save people from their own stubborness.

I never claimed that. I claimed capitalism killed this family via malnutrition. That's not really up for debate.

God, women really are fucking useless by themselves…

fuck you and fuck your attempt to convoy nationalist idpol in with this, faggot OP

t. britfag

eat a dick lol

Relevant song. Also, I move that our resident Phil Collins lookalike, Space, be made to sing this number on karaoke :^)

Holla Forums 5 white people died, isn't that something you should be upset about rather than the ebil wymyn?

he might be an r/incel refugee here to culturally enrich our board

That is true. I'm still getting used to the new userbase. The next months will be quite …. interesting for the board.

Hey, stop talkin' about our mam country like that, ya knar? i'm just goin' to assume ya're american, reel, 'ecause nobody else hates the uk n' us never did much wrong. Us're an innocent people in an innocent time. Our rat like head of state may kill bairns by freezin' them to death, n' she may 'urn down entire tower blocks. 'ut us didn't dee that. Nobody on earth has a reel to be this like mad at us, it's only the americans, fuckin' a

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I have been homeless, i grew up poor.
She could have given up her possessions and moved into a homeless shelter
but noooooooo thats to "dirty" for her bourgeoise ass, thats "bad" fucking retard
move into a shelter and forget a house you dumb cuntfugller

You're assuming a lot of motivations here.

Those bougie fucking toddlers who died am I right.


There are plenty of UK homeless shelters/ womens shelters that have heat. she could have moved.

I criticized their mother, not the children who died you absolute mongoloid.
it's through her bougie attitude to the class structure that these innocents are dead.
unless she was to stupid to find a way to a heated structure, furthermore she decided to not give her children to the state.

Im sorry but if you are faced with such a dilemma that you are freezing to death in the winter snow and you decide NOT to find a way to get in contact with state provided services, you are basically killing your own children, by not giving them to foster care.
Foster care is rough as hell but its not as rough as freezing to death.

I'm going to post someone from the military from 1930 who gives a fuck so when I say something edgy about an entire family freezing to death not on the events that lead to this situation, but on the victims of freezing to death themselves.

Maybe they should have been more like you and been homeless.

Nah you're just a fool lol

Yes her bougie attitude of not wanting her infant and toddler children to be exposed to the elements. Have you, really actually been around babies? Have you? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical. And you'll probably say that they fair very well under the cold.

I agree that due to the system in place in the UK, these people froze to death.
I don't disagree with the idea that these people lost their lives due to the state.
However the mother could have prevented her children from dying by moving, into a state provided shelter/ putting them in fostercare.
Its not that hard, then again i dont know much about how hard it is for you to get into fostercare in the UK so maybe the children would have had it bad anywhere.

Every time you post a picture of a random military officer, I'm going to laugh at how seriously you take yourself in an argument about British infanticide

hahahaahahahaaha these fucking children are toddlers do you want them to just leave the house and be be better off.

I mean it wouldn't be that surprising, you're a toddler and you survived in the elements just fine.

No you see, if my 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter were lugging back packs of cold in freezing rain for miles, they would be better off if they just stayed inside.

*they wouldn't be better off

Freudian slip. I must know you're right that developing children adapt well to the cold.

Im not saying for the toddlers to just get up and walk you fucking mong.
Assuming the mother had SOME mode of transport that includes walking herself, she could have made it to a shelter.
that or she could have called state care needs by payphone, though i dont know if britbongistan has those anymore.
im saying homeless shelter, or foster care, either one should have adequate heating for them to survive the cold.

Or are you saying that both homeless shelters and foster care would end up in the same results?

Who said i was taking this seriously? it's 3AM on a friday night.

im not saying for them to just live on the streets, Homeless shelters exist in most major cities. Houses for the homeless, and usually they will take children in so that they don't fucking die.

Boy he did it again! Stop stealing the valor of the troops.

Yeah Metropolitan areas are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo helpful to the homeless

Fuck off, you were never homeless stop posting green army men

It's pretty clear that she was already broken inside, user.
She lost her job, then the benefits. Considering her actions she was most likely depressed, which together with her encroaching starvation meant her mental faculties were sensibly reduced.
It's not an impossibility that she might have just given up and decided to live her last moments with her children.

Not saying this is the case, but I would not be surprised. Our society is pretty good at crushing one's soul.


Im not saying its all butterflies and rainbows, jackass what i am saying is that a shelter would take the children in or atleast it should but then again i've seen some really scummy shelters.

Reading the article it says the children were at school and that the mother was the one who died, it doesnt mention the children dying.
"She claimed that her daughter had been sitting in the freezing house as she could not afford heating, and wanted to save it for when her kids got back from school. "
No mention of the children dying, still this wasnt right, and reading more into it her benefeits were cut off because she was hospitalized.
That's really fucked up.

Agreed, it is very likely she was deppressed its quite sad to think about actually.

Yea the children are alive which makes all my previous points invalid, it's disgusting that the state can allow this to happen to a citizen, then again it's a clearcut example of how much the state does not give a shit about you or your life, since you are number to the state.
what's a little attrition to the herd?
this is a disgusting use of beurocracy to kill someone who wasnt making the system money. utterly abhorrent

"Don't need no ma-"
*freezes to death*

It is also what happens when you don't have family support. I mean, there are so many poor people. People die of starvation, because the entire extended family is poor, but people don't die of cold. In an urban country like U.K., I am sure someone has an extended family who is decently wealthy to let you stay for a few week. The problem is not only that capitalism screwed her over, but also that capitalism broke down the family structure. Feminists, unfortunately, are trying to break it down one step further. One thing we do in our country is NOT THROW AWAY YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF YOUR HOME. Is it really that difficult to raise kids for a bit longer so that they have more tools at their disposal? Why do you think the Chinese and Indians are so successful in the capitalist structure? It is because they were able to maintain their family and its values. I bet you will find more Indian kids loving their parents than American ones. It is not because Indian parents attend to every whim of their child. It is because there is a love as well as strictness. In this way, the parents get more respect, and in turn are more likely to keep them in home. Stop treating your child like your friend, until they come to a certain age when you feel that the person is more mature enough for the friendship.

Four children is just irresponsible. This women murdered her kids.

Also this.

Learn to read, autistic sociopath. Her children are alive and fine, she died because she could not afford to heat up the house all day, so she kept the heating turned off while her children were at school. She died trying to keep her children warm.
And you as the typical incel immediately try to find a way to give the fault to the woman, while not knowing jack shit about her life. Maybe she was forced to have those four children, maybe she had them while things financially were going well, maybe the little shit that was the father could have been there to support the mother of his children.


My reading is fine. If the kids are indeed alive then OP should learn to write.

to be fair that article was probably more supportive than negative, just their readership being retards on this occasion

Talk about blaming people without knowing anything about their lives. Maybe this hypothetical father was a muslim refugee who was murdered by a roving gang of far-right extremists. Did you ever think of that, huh? No, you just immediately make up a story to blame men while absolving the woman of all responsibility, a woman who somehow managed to freeze to death while not even homeless, in the middle of England in the fall.

Oh so we're acknowledging that Europe isn't a socdem paradise now without resorting to making threads in our native tongue? Neato!


The people who organize unemployment benefits and thought cutting heating in THE UPCOMING WINTER was a good idea should be shot or alternatively locked in a freezer

AFAIK, Bongland's social security net is obfuscations upon obfuscations.

Citizens' income now!

tbh it'd be pretty sweet to collect $60k plus bonuses to be a glorified foreman. I'd totally be a manager who is cool but kinda sketchy, I'd let employees on my shift smoke trees but they'd have to share with me

people like what, user?

What a fucking selfish dumb bitch. If your children are in danger give them to the state.

I would do anything (including massive amounts of theft and fraud) before I gave up my children to the capitalist state in order to ensure their survival. Stop being such a class cuck.

She was probably a selfish ass libertarian, or right winger. After all right wing = mental illness

Coming from a le tankster, that’s real hilarious.


People who won't do the obviously right thing, like anorexics don't. Just eat… duh.

There is no answer. And that is the fault of the organizations of power that brought us here.

If the state wasn’t bogged to the fucking ground with Arabs entering the country, they’d be objectively better at supplying people like this women with aid.

Mohammed and his twelve sons named Mohammed who were all doctors needed the heating more than she did

They are in the uk to improve her life and be doctors after all the nice unelected neoliberal eu official who never had kods worth millions told me so

Many people who fiercely oppose monopolies get angry if their partner has an affair. think about it.

It doesn't, I think that's a misreading. It sounds like the poor woman died alone. She was anorexic, which probably made her susceptible to hypothermia.

Can you fuck off with your autistic feels>reals bullshit? Yes, it's the ebil Muslisms to blame, not the economics of neoliberalism or a capitalist elite that have balanced the budgets on the backs of the poor.

It's almost like you're trying to distract us from scrutinizing the capitalists.

Can you quote where exactly he blames anyone? All i see is him pointing out the retarded policy of favouring immigrants. If you want to insult rightwingers, at least do it correctly.

Leftists solve their cognitive dissonance by strawmanning any criticism of immigrants and the favouring of immigrants as blaming immigrants for everything. They're fundamentally about cliché's.

I think the real question is why the comments section retard is deflecting discussion about how shit the welfare state is onto the tired narrative of preferential treatment for immigrants. you are a naive cunt if you don't think this isn't pure dogwhistling.


What fucking mental gymastics you cuck! She died because she had nothing and was refused unemployment! all while millions of immigrants suck the system dry! they never get refused ohhh noooo that would be raciiiiist.

Its called personal responsibility. if you are mentally ill and have an absent partner having 4 children probably is not the best idea

Let's import another 360k Pakis this year, diversity is our strength. They will drive up wages and increase availability of services for people

kys you cuck

Congratulations on having a retard tier comprehension of politics

Keep bending over backwards to defend your precious shitskins as they continue to drive down quality of life for everyone, you won't be able to do it for much longer. People are wide awake.

yeah because the shitskins write the govts spending plans, well done retard

shouldn't have had that many kids then should she?
stop subsiding stupid people to have children and stop promoting dysgenia

go fuck yourself

good luck living in countries that eventually degenerate into somalia then
when fertility isn't eugenic any civilisation is objectively in decline

try to be original some time Holla Forums it's more fun that way.

not an argument, brainlet

pretty fucking ironic considering you don't have one either.

My statement: subsidising stupid people to have multiple children is extremely dysgenic
Yours: hurr, go back to Holla Forums!!

Never used Holla Forums for any length of time, so please inform as to what your actual argument is

I say, jolly chap, you must've gotten lost and thought you'd gone off to the symposium where people give a fuck what eugenicists have to say.

She wasn't subsidized, that's kind of the point. And considering that in Europe the fertility rate is well under the replacement rate, you should be happy that this woman contributed so much to the survival of the white race. We don't want the niggers to outbreed us right?
It's not like even in Africa fertility rates are going down like the economy in '08.
And I don't see how you can claim that this would cause a dysgenic mutation. You'll have to elaborate that, my dear Holla Forumsyp

Okay, I guess we'll just have to import more virile young Africans to breed the future workforce!

Honestly, fuck off

They died because they were white.
If they were shitskins they'd still be getting gibs.