Abby Martin's on the Jimmy Dore Show, fuckers!

Abby Martin's on the Jimmy Dore Show, fuckers!

There should b a few more upcoming vids with her after this

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I like Abby Martin a lot. In this video she redpills Jimmy about IdPol and how Trump and Hilldawgs are just two sides of the same IdPol coin.

I was just about to make a thread about this, this is a great sign that Jimmy's moving farther to the left and his show is gaining greater traction

Reminder that Abby Martin has interviewed Papa Wolff and may be able to connect him with Comrade Dore.

she is so god damn sexy too oomph

Jimmy confirms he's into traps about 4 minutes in. Truly, /ourguy/

She's great

Did anyone here watch her when she did Breaking the Set? That show was the best shit on RT

Abby "the Zionists shall be hung by the Palestinian vanguard" Martin.

What is it that makes her so hot?

She's not dumb and spooked like 99% of woman.

Hmm, generalizations make me think

Who is Abby Martin?

She used to host a show on RT and now hosts a show on TeleSUR. She's very far left given how well known a figure she is.

my newsfu

The difference is, I know I'm being retarded. But there is some truth to what I said. I personally find her attractive because she's smart. That's what I was implying.

She also makes quality leftist content, for example:

She's qt but otherwise she's just a female, less funny version of Russell Brand

Well Isreal is am apartheid Jewish state
Hopefully she just misspoke

Israel IS a white supremacist state. Specifically one catering to European Jews. African Jews are heavily discriminated against and at one point were sterilized without their consent. This white Jew supremacy is, of course, primarily targeted at arabs.

Cute face, I'd like to fuck and then cuddle while she tells me about current events.

She is much more educated and far to the left of Brand. And how is Israel not a white supremacist state?

Israel is absolutely a white supremacist state

99% of first worlders are spooked reactionaries due to porky propaganda. Male and Female.

Men are also retarded.

was so sad to see it go, i wasn't aware of empire files until recently

There is no way she doesn't browse Holla Forums

I go on her wiki and first thing I see is that she believes 9/11 was an inside job.
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You do realize that Wikipedia articles are purposely edited by government socket accounts to make people critical to the mainstream narrative look bad, right? This isn't a conspiracy. In the German speaking countries there is this guy from Switzerland, Daniele Ganser, who has been fired from his university position because he was questioning the official version concerning the collapse of WTC7, and became somewhat popular in the following years as a voice against US imperialism. His Wikipedia article gets changed back over and over, despite him correcting things, such as him being described as a "conspiracy theorist" in the introduction.

Anyway, a bunch of people then decided to look into this, and found out that this was changed by the same moderator all the time. Since the logs on Wikipedia are public, you could see how this single account was changing averagely about one paragraph per minute (!), so the dude obviously would have to have no life. They managed to dox him, and it turned out to be a piano teacher at a music academy from Hamburg, but even during his lectures his account changed all sorts of stuff on Wikipedia, in different languages as well, all on the topic of the Middle East, Israel (like deleting paragraphs of negative media reports about Israel) and so on. There could only be one conclusion: His account is a gatekeeper account for the government or government affiliated lobbies, nothing more.

Abby really is /ourgirl/

If you don't believe me watch this (yes I know she works for telesur so this is somewhat bias but still):


Red tide world wide, we cant be stopped. Muke on Contra, Abby on JD. We are days away from a youtube takeover.


it was

She used to be big into conspiracy theories. She's matured since and she dropped most of that crap.

Hope he uploads more of her visit. Abby is fucking based.

The only conspiracy she believed was that is wrong for Russia to fight Fascist Soros backed Ukraine.

Looks like nuclear strikes against USA are back on the menu.

Did they record a full podcast together?

idk famalam

it would be pretty dumb for her to visit just to be in a 15 minute video

This. For the first time I can remember, I'm actually somewhat optimistic about the future of online leftism

For everyone who still think Abby is just a red liberal:

Ive followed her for a while, also hottest reporter ever in my opinion.

Also her appearances on Joe Rogan are worth a listen.

Jimmy just quoted Marx!


New Jimmy Dore video, fuckers!

Abby Martin Exposes Untold History of U.S. Empire


Abby Martin Exposes Untold History of U.S. Empire

"Israel's bought our government" - Jimmy Dore

t. hasn't even bothered to watch a full lecture by Wolff.
He only offers workers coops as one possible alternative to top-down business structures because it proves that there are alternatives, not as an end goal for society.

Watched for click-bait.
Couldn't believe how much Jimmy Dore shilled for le reformist bourgeoisie while Abby the Limousine Liberal was in the room. Called Planned Parenthood "the activists." Nervously called Hillary Clinton more progressive than Bernie Sanders.
LOL shade!!!
Jimmy Dore jumped the shark then poured champagne down its throat.

He manages a co-operative. His work is a serial infomercial for his private ventures. "Economic Update" is literally an update on his personal economics.

welp, Zionists have taken over The Jimmy Dore Show's comments section

She went on Conner Habib's program. Gaylefties take notice.

Daniele Ganser is fucking based, seen lectures by him. Certainly not a conspiracy theorist

I'd like to respectfully ask the people here

Why do you give a fuck about Jimmy Dore?

There are much better channels out there from a left perspective. The Real News Network for one is outstanding and they struggle for views in spite of good content, while shallow Jimmy rides on the TYT network coattails as the guy who is less of a corporate sell-out than Cenk.

Liking Jimmy Dore is like thinking that Paul Joseph Watson is even better than Alex Jones.

I watch both, along with On Contact, Richard Wollf, Redacted Tonight and 95% of lefttube.

Paul Jay and all The Real News folks are actual journalists while Jimmy is just an entertainer. The unfortunate fact is, that the entertainer has a much larger audience and if we can get an openly Marxist message on the show, that's huge. Besides, Paul Jay, despite being more intelligent and talented than Dore will ever be, is already well-read on Marx but remains a reformist instead. That's fine, because TRN actually is active in Baltimore local politics and they fight the good fight there - admitting to Marxism would hurt them at what they're trying to do. Dore is not an activist and has no credibility to lose; all that matters from our perspective is that we can get him to relay our message to his substantial audience. Nobody here, I hope, actually gets their news from Dore.