University of Toronto Professors Warn Jordan Peterson is Planning a Targeted Harassment Campaign


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Pretty sure this is highly illegal and knowing Canada he would get time for doing this. The best part is that with internet related crimes, you get banned from accessing the internet for doing them as your punishment. He is hanging himself if he attempts this.

I'm not an expert on Canadian law, but it is illegal to have a websites about courses you don't like? I'm pretty sure he is not going to openly incite people to sabotage them.

So much for the tolerant right

If you creating a platform specifically for harassment or that incites harassment, that is a crime.

There's literally nothing wrong with the website he intends to create.

Wait I thought the right loved academic freedom?

Criticizing someone does not infringe on academic freedom.

A more paranoid man might claim that he's making the website so his lemmings go after professors he doesn't like.

His intention is to inform students who don't like those types of views of which courses to avoid. I see nothing wrong with that.

Isn't that what Peterson is against. Oh why bother, all these frumpy looking testicle faced men are hypocrites.


Is this the power of the alt-knights?

yeah, except that's not what it can be used for
if a man made a website with a list of little children whose adult supervision is lax, with the purpose of informing people that these kids need protection, guess how much would anyone give a fuck about his intentions when those kids get snatched by pervs

and also, I don't trust that squeaky voiced cunt any way, he knows what can (and will) happen and that's what he wants

I don't see a problem with those kinds of guidelines if they aren't mandatory.

I don't see the similarity. What exactly do you think it will be used for?

We fucking get it Peterson stop responding to every post

I'm not Peterson.

I wonder who this might be…


I'm a random nobody.


then there's no point in talking anymore


Peterson will end up killing himself

Clean your room so I can actively sabotage you and say I won in the free market of ideas

How long until Peterson gets hit with rape accusations?

Maybe, who knows.

"It will tell you the degree to which the description is postmodern and then you can decide for yourself whether you want to take that and become a social justice warrior, if that is what you think your education should be about, or if you should avoid that like the plague that it truly is … I’d like to knock enrollment in the postmodern disciplines down by 75% over the next five years.”

Peterson's too much of a Nietzschean umbermensch to kill himself, he'll just string out on Vicoden for 20 years

It's inevitable

And what exactly is the problem?


When you get the high you inevitably get the low. He's high off the attention right now, 10 years from now he will think about this every day for the rest of his life until he runs his car in his garage silently sliding into the carbon monoxide

The problem is you Jordan. The problem is you.

You don't have to burn books in order to destroy him, just propagandize against them. If you think Marcuse, Foucault, and Adorno were the galaxy-brained godfathers of Tumblr there's not much to say to you.

I don't.

Nietzsche's Horse > Peterson's Kid Conservatives
tragedy farce etc

American universities are pathetic. That loon is basically creating a cult and only now are they realising this is getting worrying?

Why is it worrying?

You ask "why" as a response more than my neighbor's fucking five year old.



Why do conservatives try to use market based solutions for "problems" very few people have?

Kids know what's up, adults are just too afraid to admit to themselves that there is no ultimate "why" and really there's little reason for doing anything so it makes them mad.

Because conservatives create problems that the market then goes on to solve?

Deep as fuck Shel Silverstein

We finally agree

That's like, my second post in the thread, "finally" might not be the best word here.

So basically a tumblr style callout blog?

Your favs are problematic, a blog by Jordan Peterson

If I'm going to be honest, I trust Peterson's word more than any SJW's. I don't think he's doing this. I mean, WGSI stands for Women and Gender Studies Institute, and they were on "lockdown", whatever that means, for six fucking months over online threats. Not to mention that the very first criticism a a hypothetical website is harassment. Yeah I've seen this bullshit before.

Peterson is an SJW.

I trust an SJW more than I trust Peterson. He looks like a rapist.


Then why is he still teaching his class?

He's working his way to selling snake oil """Nutropics"""" like Mike Cernovich and InfoWars.

His will probably be named less originally than Gorilla Mind and Brain Force Plus though. And no, I didn't make those up. Cernovich sells pills he claims will accelerate your mind called "Gorilla Mind" and Info Wars sells "Brain Force Plus"

I really want to commit suicide at this point because I know this will become a niche market nobody can get rid of. And I am positive Peterson will do this and be part of the problem.

Oh shit

For those who need a source

I hope anyone smart enough to realize it's snake oil also realize these conmen believe their audience is retarded enough to buy snake oil. You don't market this garbage to people you have any respect for.

very black mirror-esque tbh

I have a particular seething hatred for people like this since my own father has dumped tens of thousands into alternative medicines over the years, including:
It's what happens when hucksters take generic anti-elite rhetoric and apply it to the entire medical profession.

He's advocating that courses he doesn't like be CANCELLED, not avoided. Read the OP image

This needs to be put in the fucking MoMA

It feels way too fucking Paul Paul Verhoeven to me. This is straight out of Robocop and Total Recall and Starship Troopers.

All it's missing is, "Would you like to know more?"

Is this the future we chose?

Not to sound liberal but

You elected Trump what did you think would happen when worlds collide

You infused the spectacle with complete power not seen in ages. This is the future.








That's next level ideological conditioning. Not even the Nazis developed systems like this. Since "postmodern" is a widely debated and vague term, this will translate to "everything I don't like". What even is postmodern theory? Usually when idiots like Peterson talk about it they mean post-structuralism. You can point out postmodernism in architecture easily, in philosophy and social sciences, maybe not so much.

This reminds me on the movie Equilibrium where there is an institution banning all emotion, Peterson's is similar because cracking down on the very basic notion of academic critical thinking is something that is new - he doesn't call out particular academics he doesn't like, but academic life itself. If people like Peterson would end up anywhere near power, it would be a nightmare.

I seriously can't wait until Marcuse, Foucault, and Adorno's books are being burned in the street, could you imagine if the Satanic panic were revived but all the energy goes to academia instead of metal music.

Wait, why the fuck they didn't fire him instead of making this warnings?


Is he tenured? Why keep this guy around? Drexel is probably gonna can that dude who trolls right wingers on twitter for less.

You wanted this

What will happen when the algorithm recognizes Peterson's own course as sufficiently pomo?

that would require it to work as advertised

How would something like that work anyway? Does it just scan it for the word "feminism" or something like that?

As one of Dr Peterson's fans, if I ever suspected he would incite others to do violence against someone with an opposing view, he would cease being a mentor for me.

Acting in violence to stop someone with an opposing view goes against everything he has ever taught. His whole theme is to use words to resolve disagreements.

actually it seems like he's creating an algorithim to make sure you never have a class were you have a disagreement lmfao



Lysenko was wrong about things but he was intellectually honest. He wasn't a tool and had some interesting thoughts ahead of his time.

I find postmodernism most easily identified in politics and less easily so in art and architecture.

Postmodern politics is nonsensical. It literally rejects rational reasoning and supplants it with a victim mentality. For instance:

Rationalism: fewer women are interested in becoming engineers or have a lower aptitude for the job. These interests and aptitudes and biologically driven.

Postmodernism: the unseen hand of patriarchy attempts to repress women by brainwashing them from a young age to believe they cannot or should not do it. These interests and aptitudes are created by a nefarious white man.

thank you for enlightening me with this valuable high Autism Level poast

What you talk about is just normal structuralism, not even post-structuralism which is the real boogeyman the right is going for. I don't even know how to qualify this as postmodern because it's a vulgar strawman.
Postmodern architecture is probably the easiest to identify out of all things considered "postmodern":
Postmodern architecture isn't even popular any more, all new buildings in the west are Deconstructivism. Can I just use your horrible post to shill for the futurist North Korean architecture?

it's not "specifically for harassment". it sounds basically like yelp but for rating how "marxist" teachers are for alt-right dweebs to scoff at.

yeah he would just decide that certain trigger words were bad and just scan lecture outlines for instances of them

Post-modernism rejects grand narratives, the victim mentality of SJW's sees anything and everything as belonging to its grand narrative. They're maoists who've been taught to speak by American HR-departments and should not be granted the prestige of a broad and deep philosophical tradition founded by Nietzsche and Heidegger.

JP's definition of "post modern" is what needs to be deconstructed. He is way off base. By most definitions JP could be considered a pomo professor.

We all know how this is going to end, anons. This particular grifting scheme will be fought tooth and nail both by his colleagues and by anyone with half a brain who can see this for the scam that it is. He may even be legally required to cease the entire project (not sure about Canadian laws). That, in turn, will be used to further their narrative that he is unfairly being targeted and that his free speech is being suppressed by postmodern, neo-Marxist academics. He'll be painted as the victim and his entire base with their collective persecution complex will make this an even bigger issue than it would've been if it were to have gone forward anyway. He'll then enjoy the patreon bux as he does another podcast/youtube circuit on Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, etc. where they continue to eschew material analysis for 'muh baddle of eyedeeyaz.'

Jordan Peterson is sick. He's a mentally ill individual surrounded by millions of enablers.

Can I get a rundown on what exactly is wrong about JP and his positions? I'm only vaguely aware of him via seeing "sort your room" memes.

he thinks the holodohoax was real

I see, going against the SJW's is a scam because he won't win. That's odd according to SJW logic, the SJW's he lists claim to be marginalized and oppressed by a gargantuan institutionalized and systematic kyriachy, yet it is them that hold top positions at universities with Peterson -who according to this theory has already achieved total dominance- being branded a leper.

you create a list like that and alt-right people will take advantage of it and try to get them fired. Holla Forums has been trying to dox leftists for months now.

So pomo isn't "things I don't like," it's "narratives I don't like"

thank you for this valuable correction of the record

Anyone who thinks a university counts as an "elite institution" needs to get their head out of their ass

Unconditional support for peterson is good accelerationist praxis. the academic industrial complex is a release valve meant to neutralise any real revolutionary movement.

muh woman in tech is just machine society creating new objects for governance purposes. The STEM technostate god wants you to believe it is not only good, but the very standard of goodness and human progress. All the while finding new ways to exploit every aspect of your psyche via skinner box pavlov dog algorithms.

Let's not get into semantic nitpicking.

But SJWs actually are rapists. They keep getting outed these days. Where have you been these past couple of months?

Regardless, my experience with them is that SJWs lie almost compulsively, without a second thought, and never admit to it, even if caught red-handed.

With the dosh he's suckering out of the aut-right, I really doubt it.

SJWs claim he will advocate.

So then, SJWs were lying. Fucking told y'all.

That said, kek it's an utterly retarded pandering crap, even by e-celeb standards.

But… he's speciffically trgeting "postmoderns", whatever he means by that. He isn`t atacking academic life itself.

Was Peterson ever even actually in danger of losing his job or was that just something that was played up by magapedes?

this is just the managerial psychiatric state collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. Universities are not hallowed temples of learning, but glorified accreditation mills/ provisional psychiatric holding facilities. Online can teach you everything you could learn in college and more. Peterson is an old fool, but he's doing God's work, The sooner it can all burn to the ground, the better.

What is the difference between this and Amazon reviews or Trip Advisor?

A basic rating from customer is not fascism, it is democratic in fact.

which is another reason why Peterson should count as a sjw and be ignored entirely.

Considering how much he makes on patreon now the dude should be grateful for getting fired.

There is a world of difference between studying something online and speaking to an expert on that topic face to face. Plus universities have access to a shitton of academic documents and research material that's closed off from the public. (this is a big problem that I don't support btw, but that's the situation we're in right now.)

Such as?

Student is not a consumer for fuck sake.
Jesus fucking christ. Holy shit.

oh please

Student pay for these courses.

When money is involved, they can have their voices heard.

yes and that's part of the problem

imagine believing this

So students cannot even criticize their teachers? Even online? Wut?

Can't say I blame the right for finally gaining some mordicum of intelligence. Communists would (and should) shut down right-wing thinkers when we have power, so if rightists truly believe Communists are evil, no reason they shouldn't try to do the same.

* all humans in positions of power and/or authority

We already have a site for students to rate their teachers that isn't based on some irrational fear of cultural marxism.

I'd honestly like to know who these kids are that are being forced to take womens studies courses… otherwise, why complain about it? Just don't take the fucking course lol.

No it's just disgusting having private and paid schooling in general

to be fair, I'm starting to think Peterson might have somewhat of a point. Honestly, queer theory and feminism have become a religion with lots of parallels with christianity.

Honestly, who are these Jordan Peterson fans that are majoring in gender studies or womens studies, or whatever B.S. degrees…

It's ridiculous. Imagine spending a decade in school earning the right degrees to teach some underfunded program and having this faggot from Canada and his child audience harass you online because they think you'e a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧cultural marxist🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 subverting the west. It's bunkers.

If anything, they're carrying The West to its logical conclusion, rather than subverting it.

but Peterson sees the queer theory and post-feminist shit as le communism whereas you (correctly IMO) see it as repacked capitalism/religion

Never attribute to the Enlightenment that which you can attribute to bloody neo-Marxists.

no one here is saying that Mr Peterson.


Something like 1/3 of Americans have college degrees and that number is going up. It's not like super rare.

a generic university isn't an elite institution, but many universities absolutely are.

Yeah, billy graham and milton friedman just forged every genealogical trace that links them to critical theory.

Not an argument.

B-b-but don't conservacucks complain all the time that the leftists don't want to hear opposing views?

Nice poll you got there, professor. Shame if something happened to it:

this is some serious Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace shit

wasn't there an article about how specifically jones' nootropics have some stuff in them that makes your sperm infertile? guy's banging on about gay frogs while covertly strangling his fans' little swimmers

what a piece of shit

late stage capitalism is one helluva drug


The Peterson Redditor has Logged On

But also we have to encourage the free exchange of ideas and eliminate collectivism, by collectively getting rid of teachers we don't like.

What are the chances that Peterson is fired by this?

Why are there so many fully clothed people at that water park?

Probably low, but in a sane world he would be gone.


>this is harassment in Canada
Feels unironically nice to live in freedom land occasionally




Isn't patreon against people that dox others ? I can remember quite well that is something that the website don't tolerates.
We could y'know, make some reports on his page, considering that he makes a fuckton of money out of it
Heres the link for the lazy one's:
If you hate or dislikes Peterson that's your chance to make him cry again


You're correct. Peterson would be banned in the first week if I'm being generous, first day if I'm being realistic.

Thanks for the link user

You should read the tiny grey transparent text at the bottom telling you this hasn't been authorized or tested by the Food and Drug Administration

It's there, mid way, you have to look for it. I'll try to grab a screen.

Christine Brophy tho?

Jordan "brainlet" Peterson thinks "postmodernism" and "Marxism" are the same or even compatible.

Anyone who admires this guy's intellect should be embarrassed.

Beyond the soy part, beyond the FDA part, it says you shouldn't take """Brain Force Plus"" if you're pregnant, have been pregnant, or are breast feeding, taking other medication, or have a health condition to avoid this product. I know its blurry and all time tiny legally allowed text, but you can make out some of it

You clearly have no idea what the website is and are just listening and believing like the good little goyz that you are. The website will serch class descriptions for some keywords and then detarmine wether it is a postmodernist/SJW course or not, so people know what to avoid.

I don't want to just point out your atrocious spelling

but your spelling's atrocious, I have to say

You're doing good a good job serching

it's not a safespace if the opposing views are actually just jewish brainwashing to destroy the west.

How do you find the boogeyman?

No spell check on phone, also good arguments, you really showed me wrong

like a safe-space


is strictly for


so you're a brainlet that literally can't spell the words you want to use?

Need muhfuggin fone to auttakekt

Anyone post this yet? I think about it whenever I hear Peterson ranting about French "postmodernists."



the guy is either a knowing dupe or an unintentional dupe for breeding fascism. He really is so anti-communist that he would ally with fascists and only become "anti fascist" before it is too late.

This is why i hate him. Typical liberal that resorts to bourgeois morality and attempts to pain commies as blood thirsty tyrants while libs/conservatives are just peaceful hardworking folks or some shit. His view of capitalism is supremely idealistic as well. He preaches hierarchy and order and insists that communism would cause everything to become a disorganized mess where nobody would be incentivized to work harder and achieve great things.

Dude is all over the place.

I'd do it. Why the fuck wouldn't you do it.


What's the worst thing that could come of this? Worst case scenario, some liberals get slandered and get mildly threatening emails by kekiddies.

He's targeting anyone he deems a "Marxist," retard:

And? That doesn't change a thing I said, since practically anything he dislikes is "Marxist postmodernism". Quite frankly, all it does is embarrasses him and his followers.

Wait, are you upset that he is giving these courses free advertising?

I mean if you believe Marxism is the ultimate goal, why wouldn't you want this known to the people taking the course?

Say for instance you were to have a catalog built on courses designed to teach chemistry, would you presume it was built on a premise of harrassment?

It kind of sounds like you're trying to cover it up, sneak it in, and make it hidden that the course has been built upon Marxist systems.

It's almost as if you know, on some underlying level, that this was all built on bullshit and the only way you can have people listen to you is to hide it amongst abstracted terms lile oppression, sexism and racism.

Nice Redditspacing, faggot. Read Bordiga.

Lol Sorry I used all my Bordiga on the toilet.

Protip: Neo-Marxism is his buzzword that means "anything I dislike". It ranges from anything from liberal feminism to things further left. Had you not been a leddit brainlet you would have noticed this retarded cultish thought and laughed at it, especially since this "marxist" threat he is talking about seems to solely be people who you'd catch browsing retarded Tumblr blogs, not actually reading Marx.

Nice try fucktard. Name a frech postmodernist philosopher that isnt a fucking marxist.

is this the newest tack petersonfags will take on this issue? "lol it's advertising wink wink *trollface*"

ebin reading skills fellow redditor. Kermit the Meme is not speaking about French philosophers, he uses the term to broadly encompass entire ideologies with no relation to them. Isn't it funny how you cucks support a daddy figure curating what you see and hear, and from who?

You're a joke

uhh, Peterson rants about "Bolshevism" and the Soviet Union all the time and thinks Communism would lead to the death of civilization.

Ffs you are all a bunch of marxists, are you seriously making the argument you all got there om your own in spite of marx existing? ==WEW LAD==

Are you having a stroke or a mental breakdown? You are getting less and less coherent


What has Dr. Peterson done wrong though? I disagree with him, but I don't find his logic on ethical requirement of religions unreasonable. And yeah, post modern feminism is just repackaged Christianity. The strong always ruled the weak in Europe using Christianity, while exhibiting Machiavellian values. (Poor Machiavelli wasn't Machiavellian though). It includes the popes during the time of the crusades and the Papal States, and so called pious kings of Europe. Communists like Stalin were hardly the white knight we see among the majority of the hippie communists today. But the fact that religion was also a great tool for civilising barbaric people also makes sense in a way.
But yeah, we should not obstruct free speech, not in the case of Peterson at least.

So much for the tolerant right.
This all falls squarely within free speech though. Left idpollers do it all the time with professors who are not sufficiently woke. Let them destroy each other, I hope they take the current higher education framework down with them.

I might have to start watching Peterson. After watching him get interviewed by Sargon of Thatcher I'd marked him as disinteresting. This new project and the reactions to it seem to confirm that the allegations of Professors engaging in "Trojan Horse Pedagogy" to force Social Justice ideology on students explicitly attempting to avoid it. Given that such practices are a violation of the autonomy of the individual and the political neutrality of the academy. Peterson is not the wrongdoing party here.

fuck off.

Is epic sortingman even that relevant anymore? People barely seem to talk about him now, and even on Holla Forums about half the board thinks he's retarded.

Peterson is still very, very relevant for Holla Forums and Reddit, I reckon.

Could you please explain why these posts are Holla Forums?

Why is Holla Forums always so triggered by Peterson? I think it's jealousy tbh. Half of you spergs think you're the next great intellectual and are just so much smarter than all the people around or on tv because you've read whoever-the-fuck your latest theorist is. It bothers you to see Peterson talking to this big audience of excited fans. People who take him seriously and work to implement his ideas. Why? Because you think you deserve to be there. You should be the one making speeches to a huge audience about what the world is and how to live. Peterson is just so undeserving compared to (you). Isn't that right leftypol?

die sodomite

such insightful analysis

So he already cancelled his website, truly a brave stand against cultural marxism he waged

source ?


University probably told him to cut it out.

God this is such an embarrassing post. Makes a great screencap

Truly the mark of our next great Intellectual

We want the youtube audience

Also fuck off, I just want to see him humiliated because he's already a humiliation to himself. If we just double that, he won't ever be the same.

In one of his video's he said "post-modern neo-marxists" should be punched in the nose on sight.

Something like 56% of Canadian's youth have a post-secondary education. A university isn't necessarily an elite institution but the school where Peterson teaches (University of Toronto) certainly is. It's considered to be one of the top two universities in Canada.

Ah, leftist elitism, you will never be the same after you lost the working class vote.

god fucking damn it I thought a fucking Beaverton article was real. False alarm

Thanks user

Back to high school kid

Go back to school, kid. By the way, who's the cutie in the photo?

Just because we want worker's rights, does not mean you are free to look as ugly Jordon Peterson. Your personality has little to do with your rights. Anyone is free to bully you for being a complete sobbing blubbering faggot like Peterson. As a matter of fact, don't add "ah" in front of your sentence, it makes you sound pretentious which goes against your point isn't it. Stop defending this failed person. Maybe if you wanted to be less like him, you would actually have friends.

I'm going to anonymously accuse Peterson of sexually assaulting a minor, not only this, but this person will be non binary.

I will just proxy and do it again, and again. It's not like anyone would ever believe he didn't do it.

doing g*d's work user

This Holla Forums levels of low

Don't thank me, thank Peterson for never taking care of himself, never shaving, having a shitty hair cut, hyper focusing on a specific demographic of people who want to be feminine (He, in this case, would just be attracted to), and at the end of the day, It would really be all his fault for being who he is. If it wasn't, we would have an argument, but he already behaves like a cookie cutter child molester who would go after a specific target hypocritically to his own obsessions. I mean, it all fits doesn't it?

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Peterson actually hasn't, so I'm doing someone out there a favor.

nobody cares

Anything goes against right-wing propagandizers.

Given that a certain someone has openly posted on 0ch that they think class struggle is waste of time and everyone should be doing idpol, I'm sure you can guess who might be behind these bullshit posts.


why do people go on about how eloquent and articulate this guy is?
he's like a mix of PJW and every 14 year old ancap

Oh, I am having a laugh.

Confirmation bias.

Fuck, that picture gives me DDLC flashbacks

Honestly he's just mad that psychology is even more of a joke than sociology.

So much for the marketplace of ideas.


No we just hate Peterson and everyone you just posted because they're all faggots just like you.

And I already tipped the sexual assault rumor to the press in Toronto.

We'll see who's finished when Peterson gets fucking buried alive in these allegations he's an internet child predator.

Peterson is pomo.

I’m sorry, what is PoMo, I’m a communist so this isn’t in my standard lexicon


Not a fan of /ss/ I take it?


t. Holla Forums false flag

I'm actually not Holla Forums, I just want to see Peterson cry again.


Get a new reaction images folder I keep seeing this same thing and its annoying

And that's exactly the thing with SJWs. Every single one of them lies compulsively, not just the leaders. Even the most insignificant Twitter bench-warmer doesn't think twice about lying, even if just to reinforce the echo chamber. It comes from their moralist character. Lying in the defense of an "undisputably good cause" isn't a sin.

Alas, I am owned.

Don't be disingenuous. The site he's making is still retarded but completely different from whatt the accusers said. As far as the description given goes, it's not even a database, it's just one of those text analyzers that never get anything right.

these quotes are, quite simply, disgusting. i have no experience what whatever "theory" this turd has written in the past, and i'm now quite happy that this is the case.

it isn't just that her FLAGRANT mischaracterization of the theory of lacan as being simply "linguistic" is so fucking dishonest it hurts, it isn't that she's so fucking stupid as to claim that the ecole normale represented a homogeneous category of thought, it isn't even that she would like us to believe that someone like althusser has literally ANYTHING to do with the sophistry of postcolonialism or deconstructionism, it's that this fucking IDIOT has no idea what she wants. where, pray tell, would she like philosophy to go if these gosh darn "postmodernists" (jews) were finally out of the picture? where is the field to look towards once the apparently meaningless questions posed by french philosophy are finally exterminated? it's the exact fucking same BULLSHIT that peterson spouts over and over again: "the jew-err, i mean "postmodernists" have tainted the once pure and holy space of western philosophy, if only those damn semit-oops, i mean cultural marxists, hadn't infected this once-pure utopia, everything would be perfect, and western thought would be returned to its great roots!" she has no answer for this becasue she structurally CAN'T, she and her ilk have NO THEORY outside of being opposed to what they think is postmodernism. it's so FUCKING childish.

this is intellectual dishonesty at its absolute purest. you kind just see it in the fucking garbage these walking dumpsters shit out at every possible opportunity. paglia has not read a god damn LICK of lacan or literally ANY OF THE PHILOSOPHERS SHE LOVES TO BITCH ABOUT in any serious manner, that much is absolutely clear. and she, peterson, and fucking chomsky too, all fucking dare to even try to call themselves intellectuals in any meaningful sense, when their criticism ONLY ever adds up to "hurrr itz wurd salad, reading iz hard, goddam pomos!!! (i.e. my word for every book i can't understand in five minutes)" paglia and the rest of her anti-intellectual FILTH represent reactionary thinking, down to its anti-semitic pathologies, to a fucking T.

There is nothing wrong with reviewing teachers/professors. From what I have heard him say he never said it would state specific teachers shouldn't be teaching. He did say it will tell you how heavily Marxist ideologies are pushed by said teacher so that the student can CHOOSE if they want to attend said class or not.

Besides, there already are websites were students can rate professors its just very little known and little used.

He has never said anything that would be inciting violence, or harassment. He is simply giving students a better way to pick and choose which professor they'd like. Something all college students ought to be doing anyway, this just makes it easier.

If teachers have an issue about students actually knowing what the course is going to be teaching and how before they attend then there is a bigger issue here then being stated

Literally just report every teacher and make it useless. Even better, defame the teachers constantly so that they can get sued.

Peterson is probably mad that no one except for losers takes psychology seriously anymore so he's taking it out on the more popular fields.

The website is not about "reporting teachers" its about classifying them by ideologies taught in their course using the teachers own words

I will say he is openly disappointed about social teachings in college going to shit however the ideologies he's talked about classifying often extend beyond that into as normal and basic of classes such as English, business hr etc. At the end of the day college is a business selling a service. There is nothing wrong with deciding which teachers you would or would not like too take.


Can I report my math professor for being postmodern?


People like Peterson think that anything left of Reagan is literally communism.

PJW and Alex Jones are fucking numales. Real men take Adderall to stay woke.

what's your opinion on peterson, freudposter?