Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn Jr Charged with Kidnapping US Citizens to Turkey, Illegally

So not, it actually wasn't just money shit.

They're charged with kidnapping

He and his dipshit son (why involve your son in this? what the fuck??) were trying to go past the courts and hand over someone the Turkish Government thought was an enemy of their state

Just what in the fuck is going on???

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Yeah I know people who are rich in the government and military get away with a lot

But how the fuck do you get away with getting paid $15,000,000 by Turkey to kidnap someone

What the fuck

Include a link next time. businessinsider.com/mueller-flynn-turkey-gulen-15-million-2017-11

But yeah, that's some real crazy shit.

My only question is why the fuck involve your son. Is this their idea of father son bonding


This is a better source.

I have never been one of those Donald Turmp Russia conspiracy liberal goons but don't you remember when he told other people, or some singular person I forgot, not to press on Michael Flynn

Yeah that makes this a bit more fucking eerie if it was attempting to kidnap someone for 15mil and he wanted to shove it under the rug. Maybe it's also white collar crime, I'm not going to doubt that. But if this is what he's also really guilty of, and Trump tried to shove that under the rug, then that's some serious shit

I do remember that. He asked Comey to drop the investigation on Flynn Senior. Which is what's so crazy… like maybe this implicates him.

kidnapping Americans for Turkey is just Anti-imperialism. only a deluded K*rd loving AnarKKKiddie would disagree.

It wasn't a random American, it was a significant figure in the opposition against Erdogan. The Turkish Government promised $15,000,000 to have him kidnapped, and apparently they both accepted it, and the Admin shoved it under the rug as fast as possible

Also if you support Turkey you can get banned immediately. If you support giving money to the US government underhandedly, you can also get banned. If you think Erdogan doesn't deserve a bullet, you can also get banned.

Hi I'm Michael Flynn and this is my son Michael Flynn Jr., welcome to JackAss

I thought this was bait, holy kek


Holla Forums needs a Kemelism flag tbh


I have to admit, $15,000,000 is way more than I would have thought Trump would bargain for. Cheap bastard.

No it needs a NazKem flag.

Since Turkey has said as much they would love to kill Gulen, Michael Flynn and his son Michael Flynn Jr could possibly not be charged with Kidnapping but

conspiracy to commit murder

Wait they tried to kidnap FUCKING GULEN? UBERKEK.


shit didn't post the other one.


There's more evidence than that. It's basically set in stone Mueller has his eyes on Flynn right about now. And if this is true, Flynn is in deeper shit than any of us could have possibly imagined.

A Hardy Boys spin off where it's Michael Flynn and his son Michael Flynn Jr dressed in all black breaking into someone's home through the glass with guns screaming "GIVE US GULEN NOW" and they don't solve crimes.

That's called father bonding

A campy late-career Seagal action movie where he defeats the Flynn family terrorists by touching them lightly on the shoulder


Ok I never bought into this liberal conspiracy shit but this is getting insane. He would have just extra judicially sent Gulan back to Turkey to be killed?

This can't be real, holy shit

I mean, not just extra judicially, but on a fucking bribe to him and his son specifically. This is wild.

So much for the anti-muslim right

deporting muslim clerics to muslim countries for personal bribes to own the libs

We all know they make exceptions for the money, they're all capitalists, and capital always supersedes the faith of anyone

*to be killed for no other reason than pissing Erdogan off too much

This is wild

It isn't really that suprising. The same thing is going to happen to Assange at some point.

Why do you keep claiming this is a conspiracy by the evil liberals? It's been on the news for months, there's an investigation going on, many extremely shady individuals have been working as éminences grises for the Trump campaign yet you still fall for the right winger's rhetoric. This boggles the mind.

Michael Flynn Jr is going to crack so easy lol

Because a lot of it is exaggerated, and I've always been in the mind it was just a bunch of white collar crime. This technically is, but it's far far outside the realm of what I was expecting.

There have already been indictments and Trump hasn't been in office even for a full year yet. I don't think anyone was expecting things to move this quickly.

And isn't "white collar" crime, especially at this level, a very serious matter? …


Junior is just a threat to get Flynn Snr to talk. As a person very close to Trump, the information he has is incredibly valuable to the investigation.

Flynn Jr has been very vocal on Twitter about how "WAIT UNTIL THE CHARGES ARE NOTHING HAHA OWNED YA LIBS" this whole time

If that's the case then he was actually begging for these charges to be leveled against him .


The ☭TANKIE☭ line of defense Duerte: That one bitch from Malaysia, Erdogan, George W Bush for being friendly with Putin and calling him his buddy

Hm. Maybe America was the Anti Imperialists all along………..

Tankies…welcome to the #resistance…

Trump had to have known about this

Probably but even he's not dumb enough to leave his fingerprints anywhere near this.

The memes just write themselves…

The memes just write themselves…..

That is an image from twitter. Iphone uploads end up as img_blahblah. You're dumb

that screengrab is making the rounds on twitter. how autistic are you from 1-10?

Michael Flynn (and his unoriginally named son Michael Flynn Jr), bumbling around Pennsylvania trying to kidnap a Turkish preacher has shot to the top of the Trump-era Coen Brothers movies

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism

But iPhones are shit anyways regardless.


What the fuck? Two days ago there was this crazy story about how the secret services were kidnapping and deporting Gaddafi's political opponents and now this?

why does that baked potato have a human head shooped onto it?

He is our ambassador to Mali

It's Mauritanians who have a fat fetish, dumbass

More funny than shocking. Also feeds into the deep state v. Trump conspiracy, as Gullen is a CIA asset.

Holy fuck what happened to you pooh!?