Feels thread

Let's have a thread for all of you who would like to rant and rave about sadness and despair in your lives. Relationship problems, work problems or just personal thoughts - everything is welcome. Feel welcome to post in this thread the kind of thoughts you can't confine in anybody in your life except for your fellow Holla Forums anons. I will not guarantee that advice will follow, but I guarantee I will read out every response in this thread. You don't have to make it at a leftist perspective, but I'd prefer to keep this thread strictly to socialists/anarchists and exclude right-wingers if possible.

What's on your mind, comrade?

I really just don't want to do homework for uni. I just wanna read theory/Jose Saramago books, smoke weed, listen to podcasts, and dunk on the young republicans at my school. There's nothing quite like studying Thomas Hobbes in your Intro to Political Theory class and the dumbass behind you just tries to discredit socialism at every chance. He literally can't stop muttering under his breath that the only good commie is a dead commie, and that reading theory isn't productive because "that's just what they say, then they'll kill ya."

People like you are exactly what we need. Richard Wolff had a great vid where he said that burgerland is on the brink on a revolution, especially so, since many people in burgerland work longer hours than europeans, so soon they will discover what it's like to divide themselves by class, not by any other spooked categories like race, sex or whatever. I wouldn't demand of you to actively agitate everyone around you, but if you keep living your life and go throught the motions, I am pretty sure you are about to witness spectacles you never thought possible. Saying this as an eurofag, and not even from a country where leftism is particularly popular

American burger here. Things obviously here are terrible. The economic position of the nation and in particular the worker is going to get worse and worse. Pay will stagnant or get worse, most new jobs will be worse and worse, automation threatens huge sectors of economy. The government is realizing its in decline and will the military more and more desperately to try to control resources abroad. This will put even greater strain on the american economy, and along with the rise of China increasingly isolate america diplomatically. All this will only further hasten the routing of economy and life in general in america. Any socdem reforms will likely fail or be too little, too late as capital has too tight of a strangle hold on american politics. This will cause large shirt towards the left, but an equal one to the right as an reaction.

I don't see the left having a successful revolution in this country. With the large conservative military, large conservative police force, right wing militias, private military companies, and still a large class cucked population that will likely choose succession over revolution. People like to post how 45% of millennials support socialism compare to something like 42% that support capitalism. But thats only one generation and I doubt a significant amount will be willing to pick up a weapon and fight the government. People will also mention Debs, Deleon, IWW, and other leftist elements in american history but these are almost completely absent from the popular american view of history.

It a bleak picture of the future andI'm sure ☭TANKIE☭s think Americans deserves it but you do not want a fascist getting control over america. The damage they could do would be immense and probably worse than nazi Germany.

OP here, as a eurofag here, I feel deeply sorry. I'd suggest you to perhaps move to Canada? It sounds like a country that is less right-wing than USA perhaps?

I don't plan on being an armchair commissar or a general in the united workers army or whatever but you are right about those spectacles, it might sound pathetic but the spectacle is exciting and there's enough hope in this situation it really does make life worth living. Understanding alienation and having the glasses to see everything a la They Live is actually pretty life affirming in my view. Alienation while liberal is a recipe for suicide.

Just remember how hopeless the 2nd international was when WWI broke out, no one thought revolution possible, especially not in feudal Russia.

Canada is liberal idpol central though, the best thing there is red liberals.

Don't get me wrong but I think that USA is a very intergral part for spreading the ideas of leftism. No matter what you decide to do, any first world country will be a good starting position for spreading socialism. If you feel alienated or lonely at the moment, I'd suggest you put your efforts towards either finding politically aligned people, or if that's a tall order, perhaps just connecting with people who share your little hobbies. Why not even try and connect with your own family? Everything might help. Just don't be alone for too long. Burger lefties are so fucking essential, lest the 1st world turns into fascism with a blink of an eye.

I know Canada is not a socialist vanguard here, but I'd like to belive that they have much more socialists than USA does. As an eurofag myself, from a distance USA does seem like a very right-wing country at whole.

The sad thing is america would probably be the best place to have a revolution. It had plenty of resource and a secure location. The whole continent would go red with it and central/south america would now have support rather than the opposition.

USA is swamped in debt and the conditions for a new civil war are forming.
So no i don't care if USA actually does goes fascist. if they try anything i'm sure China combined with Russia could finish it off.
Still, i doubt the US would go fascist, my bet would be a military dictatorship.

You should leave tho, that should be your main goal.

Thanks bud, you're being way more generous than I would, but I do appreciate the sentiment

Imagine if the industrial union congress visited Castro's grave and a single tear ran down everyone's cheeks at the same time

Don't forget Iran and Venezuela, Iraq and Afghanistan prove the US is literally incapable of winning militarily.


This is what every Jordan Peterson listener looks like
it's absolutely perfect

Or we get a reverse trotskyist effect: where they are all reactionary in their early lives and turn into leftists later on (like the 1970s and 80s in reverse).

The concept of a NRx having a bicycle crash and turning into a leftist Peter Hitchens kinda gets me hard ngl.

Polish uni student here. I started reading Marx about six months ago, so I am kinda new to all the theory, but once I embraced it, I tried to persuade others to at least try to read some of Karl's works. Didn't work though.
Here in Poland you won't find any big or meaningful far-left organisation, only leftst parties here are succdem at best, and communism is de facto banned, and you would be fined or even jailed for carring USSR flag, singing it's anthem etc.. Calling somebody a "communist" is almost a slur. Things are not looking here, but personally I know few fellow communist students, and we are thinking of starting some small organisation in order to eduacate some left-leaning students.

Iraq and Afghanistan are excellent examples of resource extraction though. At worst the US will retreat to the Americas.

Not him but as a burger living in a big city of mostly slums which unfortunately is, along with living in bumfuck nowhere, one of the only bearable places to live as youre spared a lot of the alienation that comes from living in an "economically competitive" area. Right now were being gentrified out the ass, colonized by liberal faggots and """young professionals""" so the city might not last much longer but even tho my prospects are absolute shit this is my home and I love my community so im not going to leave until its gone.

vote for razem, it's the closest we can get

Yeah, I thought the same, they are the best thing that we can count on right now

Given how many Holla Forums converts on here I'm fairly hopeful that this will be the case. At the very least they'll have to adopt some kind of legitimate anti-capitalism given the state of the economy, and the lack of viable alternatives (even fascism wouldn't fix shit).

Does the IMT have a branch in Poland? If not what about helping to found one?

I have extreme and total distaste for the modern left despite on all accounts agreeing with them on policy issues, so much so to the extent that I've started to drift more to centrist politics than proper leftist thought.

I'm trying to meditate on why this is the case if the right-wing is by and large more responsible for the current political unrest in the West, and is more of an affront to my ideas about stability and social harmony than any idiotic Tumblrina. I think it's just a pure gut distaste for the movement in general, and the fact they emphasize social justice issues over economic issues whereas I couldn't care less about social justice but prefer economic focuses.

Is instinctual disgust about all the tilting at windmills and incoherent shouting about racism and sexism on the part of the loud left a satisfactory explanation for this, or should I just suck it up?

Tbh a huge part of why I used to be right wing was the massive amount of disgust I felt for most people in general. I had a hyperfocus for anything that made me feel disgusted, and that made me hate the world. Shit just didn't live up to my ideal image of the world. And on top of all of that my identity as a straight, white male was basically dismissed outright.

The way that I got out of this mindset was to stop giving so much of a shit about cringy, shitty people. When I did this I started to notice that most people were reasonable, and that there were tons of people being turned away from participating in politics by shitty SJWs. If someone were to start a movement that included these people, and had a universalist, class-based politics I think it'd be pretty successful. Imo the "dirtbag left" gaining popularity is the start of this kind of thing, and I'm hopeful that it'll be successful. It kind of has to be if we want to have any chance of changing anything tbh.

tl;dr: you disgust is understandable, but it's probably blinding you to some of the less fucked aspects of leftist politics.

I feel you completely.

Its a satisfactory explanation and you should both suck it up and give yourself some temporary distance from politics when sucking it up is making you crazy. Find ways to strategically support what you want to happen even when the other people supporting it are insufferable. I am also at the point where I literally harbor more daily hatred for communists than I do for right wingers and even liberals, but recognize that I feel that way because most of the time fascists, conservatives and liberals are retarded beyond engagement so I dont feel the need to even get worked up over them anymore. But then when most communists and socialists are also fucking idiots that makes me crazy because I hold them to a higher standard. It has nothing to do with the "truth" of the politics, when you immerse yourself in any social milieu youre going to see its bullshit because so many people, especially those distressed enough for radical politics, are insufferable in some way or another and social milieus are not only illusory but especially obnoxious when they take themself to be a real movement. Im not saying dont critically evaluate the actual politics of course, but dont start thinking the uncompromising liberation of workers and the poor is hopeless or unnecessary just because the people calling for it are flawed and annoying. Most people are flawed and annoying.

What helped me was organizing in actual poor and working class communities in my area instead of college SJW infested socialist meet ups. You only need a few people to set things up, then hold low pressure zero obligation barbeques and movie screenings where people can come hang out. Maybe have some literature explaining the "spirit" of the event or something but always keep in mind your audience and keep it casual. In my opinion 1 union guy thinking some antifa is alright (most antifa is shit in most ways but understand that this is most Americans at least point of reference) is worth at the least 10 red-liberals at a Democratic Cops of America meeting.

Of course organizing is draining as fuck and if you try to push yourself too hard you'll be exhausted. And if you cant reconcile not-being-miserable-all-the-time with your politics your subconscious is going to be sabatoging you to try and change your politics. Getting your own house in order isnt a meme and isnt supposed to make you feel bad or distract from class struggle with crude individualism, it's just saying that 1 person who is a well adjusted leftist making a good impression on friends, family and the occassional stranger will always be more helpful than someone who is a shrill dickhead for 5 years before disowning socialism and their own youthful cringiness in the process throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Eat well, read, excercise, socialize. If you can make a routine out of that then starting a reading group and a gun club with your coworkers will become much easier.

My feet hurt because my work shoes are really uncomfortable. But I can't wear any other shoes because I might slip on the floor and deep fry my face.

Also the hippy shop ran out of the incense I like and the stuff I got instead doesn't smell anywhere near as nice.

Lol i have a black muslim supply store near me where i get mosque incense and its really nice

I just want to get fired, get my severance and go full keruac around the world.
I've been waiting fucking months and did all type of shit that would have got my ass fired in a second, but nothing. They are not firing me for some reason.
I fucking hate my job, the people I work with, the place I live in. I just want to see something different everyday, be around the world, have a fucking adventure.
I feel fucking depressed, I drink myself to sleep everyday hoping for something to happen. I can't stand it anymore, I feel like I'm waisting my time

Forgot the shitposting flag

How much would you get for severance? You have any shit you could sell? Check out TEFL (teaching english as foreign language) programs, if you can stay at work a little longer and get a $1,000 certificate they can hook you up with really good packages where you go to Asia and teach kids English and they pay for your airfare and rent plus like 2,000$ a month plus healthcare benefits. Dont need to speak the language or have a degree even. Technically you dont NEED a certificate but it helps getting better deals.

Also check out WWOOF, it connects you with farmers literally all over the world and lets you work out a deal with them to stay and work like 15-20 hours a week in return for lodging and food, sometimes decent pay.

Dont just dream fam theres so much more to the world. It is fuckin hard tho

Going to China to teach kids is a great way to get fucked over if you're not insanely careful. I have a cousin who went to teach English to kids in China, and they got utterly taken advantage of.

I just wanna move to Britain before the next economic crash. Everyday the light gets a little bit dimmer here in burgerland. Thank god I have friends who support me, but christ what a dark world this is. I have no hope.

Thanks but I'm not from an english speaking country.
Severance would be of 200 k that goes to add to what I already own. I have to get fired so that I can stop paying alimony without legal consequence. I don't own any property so I have little to no taxes on my money and I can get wherever the fuck I want and I ain't got no intention to work again a single day in my life. I'd rather rob banks or some shit like that when I'll need money

I hate art school. I just want to learn how to draw. Why did I fucking apply to this garbage. It's not American, don't worry, so I'm only wasting a couple thousands at worst, and my parents are pretty well-off. Still, I wish I had the motivation and wasn't a lazy fuck.


So depressed that every time I post something hoping for genuine discussion I get nothing but sage-bombed but when I post obvious bait people fall for it every time.

Are they not teaching you how to draw? It's funny but actual drawing lessons was one of the least favourite parts when I was in art school, since I mostly enjoyed computer classes that taught me stuff actually needed for graphic design career.

Went to work, hit the gym, showered, went out and managed to fuck a girl I've been talking to, now I'm home drinking a beer in front of my computer as I get ready to watch Enter the Void. The sad thing is I felt more alone during all that than I do shitposting and haven't felt a real connection with anyone in over a year.

You land the job through family connections?

This sounds like the kind of life I'm unironically working towards to.

Hedonistic Nihilism is the fate of all leftists in this late capitalist hell.


They only let people with college or trade skills get citizenship.

Comfortable life is in my self-interest, bucko.

where do you study comrade?

what the fuck

Hi I’m super new to Holla Forums so I’m sorry if I didn’t make this post correctly but I have been a Socialist for many months, almost an entire year in fact. And basically I just went through a terrible breakup with a girl who I associated everything (especially, my left leaning opinions) with and so every time I think of politics in general I think of her. She cheated on me and I have terrrible depression anyway so it’s been rough the past few weeks, anyway I’ve been wondering how everyone else here deals with having something like that happen but still moving on with your passion for Socialism/Anarchism/Communism? It would mean a lot! :^) thank you

So the biggest thing to realize here is that the relationship you had has changed you irreversibly as a person. There's no going back to being the person that you were before you met them, and that's a hard thing to deal with when you've been hurt badly by them. Trying to revert back to the person you used to be is a mistake. Leftist politics doesn't belong to her. Fuck her. Why the fuck should you give up on something that you now enjoy just because some dumb whore fucked you over? Just own it and make it your own, dude.

No. The self made meme in my case is real

You’re right man, it’s been hard and I need to grow a pair and own what’s mine all my hobbies and all my passions, it’s just really easier said than done she was my everything for a while and don’t get me wrong I’m still pissed but in order for me to retake my passions and my loves I think I just need a little more time, to be honest. But thanks for the reply, the fact that anyone actually replied at all means the world to me.

Warsaw University, How about you?

Szczecin, Pomeranian Medical University
good to know that there are fellow communists organizing somwhere in this shithole, keep up the good work

I've hear Szczecin has a good underground electronic music scene, are you familiar with it?

It's in everybody's user.

How'd you get it?

I'm sorry to be the one dude who will go r/incel here but I honestly think my unattractiveness and my lack of desirable attributes are starting to take a serious toll on my emotional stability. Like lately I've been getting really weird at times when I'm reminded of what a normal love life is like and how undesirable I am, which is often now because I've made many friends in the last couple of years and I'm no longer the lonely anti-social weirdo I was before, but being on social gatherings and getting no female attention feels somehow worse than being alone at home and not trying at all, and now I have to tip-toe my way around group conversations about sex and dating that often get me really fucking bummed out.

I don't know if I'm a proper mental case yet, but I'm acting weirder and weirder when I'm high or a bit drunk, getting aggressive easily and just withdrawing from everyone, so I now have to police my own behavior and force myself to stay socially functional even though I just want to stay away from everybody. I have a really weak constitution for all this stuff because I was consistently mocked for being ugly growing up so idk, I just feel at the brink of collapse. I never thought of myself as suicidal or anything, but I'm crying like a bitch at nothing nowadays and I'm really terrified of thinking what 5, 10, 15 years down this road will lead me to.

On the bright side, politics might be the best way to completely forget I'm me so I'm reading a lot these past months. Political theory, history, philosophy, social sciences, fiction, etc. When I don't have a book with me I often just send a bunch of things to Instapaper because I don't want to go through my one-hour commute without a distraction and get lost in thought. I wonder if that's how dudes like Karl Radek became such dedicated socialists tbh.

I can't relate but have a solidarity feel user.


I live in the southern USA. Enough said.

After looking into it enough I know that the future will be a nightmare no matter what and I find there is virtually nothing good to look forward to in the coming decades. The 2010s are easily the worst decade since Depression/WWII and I would rather it all ended sooner rather than later. I wish the elites would just launch the nukes and stop torturing us like this.

have you ever felt nothing?, like nothing at all, i no longer feel anything, no sadness no happiness, i don't feel fear, or disgust, when i watch anime or tv i no longer can feel excitement, or be on the edge of my seat, fuck i don't think i even like those now, i mostly don't like anything these days, what is even happening to me?

That sounds like fucking bliss

lmao, fucking based

IDK, not necessarily much sadness and despair, just pure anxiety constantly. This might sound like first-world problems or whatever. But I am a new PhD biomedical scientist, just starting off my career. Got into this field because of pure altruism, not pat yourself on the back type shit, but simply because I can't see myself doing anything else long term. Maybe its a type of low grade autism, but I am entirely devoted to trying to solve health problems and generate treatments for disease. Its my life's passion.
The shitty part comes from science being this hyper-competitive field with loads of bullshit. Types of journals you publish in, the stamp from the school you attended on you diploma, how marketable your skills are, ect that dictate how successful your are. This isn't a lucrative field where I'm gonna be out making bank, but to even be a professor in this field requires sacrifice I'm not sure I can make forever. I'm ok with working 12hrs a day 6 or 7 days a week because its for nobody's profit, nobody is making money off the papers I pay to publish in journals. But I feel like I shouldn't feel like shit if I take a day off of doing work. But I do. Its in some ways worse (in a different way) than standard wage labor for a porky's profit because its entirely self-derived. What sucks is I feel like I am selling myself short by taking a day off. One step closer to a treatment for diseases people suffer from. One day from publish a new study, learning more about an affliction, when all I want to do is buy guns and make a more equitable society.

acceptance. Ignorance can be bliss though

it's awful, would you like to have everything taste like mushed paper?, and you still have to eat 10 kg of paper tasting food a day to survive, except that you are not capable of feeling hunger

this is a metaphor for how i feel

much respect. I grew up a block over from where he did. We hold him in high regards where I'm from

damn dude, it sounds like you have a pretty good praxis tbh. How did you set up those local BBQs and movie screenings? Just local promotion/word of mouth? Any success in regard to promoting class consciousness?

you're not very good at this thinking thing are you

Better than constantly feeling like shit

You'd think that, but not being able to feel like shit sucks too. Being sad can at least be cathartic sometimes. Being numb constantly offers nothing of the sort. At first it's a relief, you've finally gone from feeling sad as shit all the time to feeling nothing at all. But then as time goes on you just want to FUCKING FEEL SOMETHING AGAIN. It's horrendous.

Nothing cathartic about constant pathological sadness and dread.

The grass is always greener I guess. I hope we both can find some way out of this tbh.

Feeling dread means you still believe in something. Have hope comrade.

T. Fellow chronically anxious and depressed burger

I feel fucking great. I'm doing an internship abroad, getting swole at the gym 3 days a week and having lots of fun. Only thing that's shit is that I'm in a dorm so I can't shit post freely. Also I want to read more but I have to work from 9 to 5. Also fuck china firewall to be honest.

I highly recommend working out btw. Download the app 5x5 stronglift and go 3 times a week. It helps against being depressed and you can get ready for the habbening

It's okay user, I'll respond to you

Reading theory is the only thing I find enjoyable anymore lads. Doesn't matter who it is, Lenin, Kropotkin, Bookchin, Bordiga, Gramsci, Stirner, Marx… anything to forget about how shit things are.

I mean, I'm not depressed or anything, I'm just not happy and have reached an impasse as far as progress goes.

greetings from Rostock, not too far away

truly the best and the brightest are attracted to communism

Sadly, no - neither time nor money, I haven't get to know the city yet; even reading theory is difficult with the amount of material they throw at you during the first and second year of med school

Communists are not opposed to working, merely opposed to being exploited.

I don't know anons, I feel lost rn. I'm about to graduate college and I don't even have an internship lined up. The economy for getting a job now is so much harder and now everything is temporary. Not only that but our economy seems to be on life support now, something about it feels like it will lapse into another recession. I don't want to be working in the service industry for the rest of my life but if I need the income I'll have to fucking do it. That being said, I'm a lot better of than most of my friends. I feel like higher education is the least popular it has been in ages. Most degrees are worthless, and the others that are good are flooded with people (like CS and business). It brings you so much debt and if you even graduate (lots of people drop out) you won't even get a job out of college. You're going to have to work for somebody for free and then hopefully they'll hire you. The whole system just seems rigged top to bottom, especially in burgerland. I've spent a bit of time and Europe and while I'm not an expert on the job market there, the quality of life was definitely better/cleaner. Part of me loves America, the other part of me just wants to kill over half the people in it. I know the chances of revolution are slim but I feel that more and more people are turning towards leftism in these dire times.

Anyone share this feel?

do you like rostock? are there leftists in mecklenburg-vorpommern? v important

Just turned 25, never had a gf and still a virgin :D
I'm less anxious about it now than I was before but I'm so bored. I just want someone to cuddle.
My weight lifting is going good in that I'm progressing but visually it seems like nothing's changing, ffs.
Money for rent will run out soon and will have to sell my labour to survive and I'm nervous as fuck because working makes me want to die (obviously).
Trying to read as much as I can but damn the internet has fucked my attention span.
Hope my family decides to do as little as possible for Christmas. I just want to be left alone to read until it's over.

I have nothing to say but just wanted you to know I read your posts so here's your (you)s. Btw who's the girl?

Unironically, get a prostitute

Nah. I'll get Tinder at some point and hook up with some 6/10 or something. I'm not even that bad looking I've had girls proposition me for sex in the past but I turned them all down lol

Difficult to believe you went all the way to 25 without it

I don't know what to say.
In general I've barely socialised at all in the past 5ish years. I'm basically a hikikomori.

I just want to be left alone guys. America is accelerating towards utter shit, and I cannot just sit in my house and read, working at my library job during the week. I know it will only get worse and worse, and one day I'll probably die in some famine or epidemic after the world turns into Judge Dredd, and even if I survive, I still just want to be left alone. But I can't isolate myself, it's all political war whether I participate or not, since it will all crash down on me. Should I just move to the woods? Am I just paranoid? I'm too worried about how quickly America will collapse into fascism or some nick land dystopia

I dunno, found the pic on [spoiler]facebook.

It's not that hard to believe, a lot of guys want their first time to be with someone they're romantic with and it doesn't happen in high school and college or jobs take up too much time to get to it. The anons got the right idea, hooking up with an average or above average girl isn't hard if you live close to a major city and use apps but finding a girl you want to spend time with is next to impossible.

What's it like to have friends

It's nice. You've got people to talk to about things you like, and you can lean on them when you need help. Good friends make life much easier to bare. Luckily it's not all that hard to make friends if you're willing to go out of your comfort zone a bit! What social activities have you participated in recently, user? If you have difficulty socializing I'd be willing to listen to you if you need to vent about it or w/e.

Yup, it helps a lot to have a few friends if youre going to do it independently of any leftist groups. Then you can ask coworkers and family to stop by, any kind of acquaintances. Use parks and local community spaces, print any literature at the library.

Yeah for sure. We have a couple dozen smart and serious members who are now more like a network of friends. And the demographic is very different from most leftist groups, we are mostly from poor working class families and opposed to the left-liberal academic milieu.

We started by my friends and I combining with and remaking a local Redneck Revolt branch, so look into groups in your area that would be willing to do something like that if you dont have a few people to turn into a core group.

word man, I appreciate the advice, will take this to heart and try to implement it. thanks

Can't remember the last time I did anything social. Recently recovered neet. I work fast food. I have social anxiety issues with I think stem from my lonely childhood

doesnt chuckie kind of look like Seth McFarlane but with downs syndrome?

Also: Burger in 'commie'fornia, we're fucked for a revolution tbh. FDR neutered any chance of a revolution back in the '30s, it was kind of our only chance for a full revolution. Nowadays, our best chance is another USSR invading and winning, and implementing it by force tbh

as for personal feels: Never get any sleep (maybe 2 hours a night maximum) massive caffeine addict, eat a full meal maybe once every 3 days? get shat on and discredited because i'm young and obviously no young persons opinion has any value whatsoever and cannot possibly thought through at all. to top off a shit sundae, got dumped in the only good relationship I've ever been in for no reason and out of the blue, considering groveling back to abusive ex just because it's some nice bit of order in life

Of California is vapid as fuck. Fuck that place. Move somewhere else, like the glorious NE

actually doesn't sound bad. hows the weather/food/gun laws around there?

Fuck it, I think I can greentext/blogpost in here

So that's my blogpost. Any advice or solidarity? How should I recover myself from this setback, and not just go from a dysfunctional depressed socdem to a dysfunctional depressed marxist?

Start lifting weights, take the easiest route through uni while teaching yourself theory, and get a Tinder or something to pop your cherry.
Become a hedonistic anarman with nihilist characteristics.

It can't be worse than Texas.

Please. Please.

This bit is literally me lol.

In my experience, having a shitty social life is a time bomb, and it's something that will destroy all other aspects of your life in due time. You can be very productive person for a semester or a year, be a good student, read theory, lift and eat well and so on, but eventually the feeling of being socially dislocated will kick in and the ensuing depression and sensation of pointlessness will affect your habits for the worst.

So, honestly, work on that. It's even possible that the reason you were so motivated during the election is because moving to a new political group and seeing so many people being engaged in one common cause (of politics) gave you a sense of belonging that you're eager for, which allowed you to focus on your studies and reading habits without that background noise that loneliness creates.

When you're a loser, it's 50/50. I like the company but I hate being close to people who have normal lives and achievements, because I'm always comparing myself to them and feeling like garbage.

My biggest hurdle to a real social life is living with my parents as a commuter student. My daily routine consists of getting up early, riding on the bus, attending class, and riding the bus back. I definitely want to get involved with student groups, especially the IRL Left, but my last class gets out at 2:30 and all the group meetings take place in the evening. That means that A. I would have to wait in the library for several hours, and not have a chance to relax after class, and B. I'd have to answer questions from my parents about this and either construct an alibi or "come out". Sounds pathetic, I know, but that's been what's holding me back.

Is it an /r9k/ meme or something? Not really familiar with chan culture beyond this board.

Is this really that transformative? Perfectly content with masturbating for sexual fulfillment tbh

My fiance of 7 years left me today. Im gonna be ok.

I live in America.

I feel tearful

Don't give up comrade! I love you

Sexually abused by mother and my father died when I was eleven. I could go on but I cba to type, I just feel terrible all the time

don't give up comrades. we're here for you.

If you're a prole it's the easiest and cheapest way to meet women.

…oh well, could be way worse, I guess. But still I hate how I constantly feel sad. Maybe one day it'll pass.

y-you too

Conservacuck retards at Uni

Genuinely getting close to suicide, I don't feel like there's any hope in my future whatsoever besides idle fantasies of economic recession and joining a lefty militia and if my only hopes and dreams are for the terror of an economic recession and a civil war then I really am fucked

Bachelor in psych and sociology. Omw to counceling, guidance, and such for the downtrodden in the social system. Oil crisis and HR, HMS, and other papershufflers with masters' or 40 years experience from petro industry gets fired and are given jobs in social system that even I am overqualified for. Now work as substitute kindergarten assistant for less than half of what I would have earned in a edu relevant job.

Also, have to wait until spring to know if the cuttings have rooted, if seeds will germinate, gathered plants have survived. Also, want to plant a few more plants and seeds (that I can't gather locally), an but money is scarce. Also can't afford aquarium gear atm.

Can't afford a rural home with large property either. Fuck me.

I'm seriously running out of money but have absolutely no motivation to find a job. I dropped out of my master's degree last year which could have landed me a boring but cushy webdev or JavaEE job, but I was too depressed at the time to go on (and low-level stuff is more interesting tbh).
I live in an European country with one of the worst unemployment rates of the EU (~10%), and there is this prevailing ideology where businesses always want the perfect employee and don't want to give a chance to someone with almost no experience or train them, but at the same time put unemployed people in the "lazy" basket to justify the status quo and stifle class solidarity. Moreover, I have a problem with the concept of spending 40 hours every week doing often useless, or sometimes even harmful tasks just to satisfy the god of economy.
It is just capitalist logic pushed to its own conclusions, but in the end, I just want to declare forfeit before the race even begun, despite begin potentially a few months away from homelessness or move to my mom's house in the middle of nowhere without a car.
In the end, I feel a sentiment of injustice. I'm not a genius, but I'm not stupid either. I feel like I could be useful, doing 15 or 20 hours per week of manual labor or whatever, and going to the university on the side to learn new things, but that's not how it works. You need to invest all your energy in one role at a time, to fulfill capital's insatiable needs.

I omitted from this rant that I'm an alcoholic with recurring episodes of depression, but there is still something that makes me mad when I think about this. It seems like humanity is badly optimized, and somehow its own worse enemy. Maybe I'm just not fit for survival in God's master plan, and kinda undesirable from a Darwinist point of view. Maybe capitalism is a mechanism of natural selection, and I'm not intelligent and motivated enough like the people on HackerNews to make up for my lack of assertiveness, self-confidence and brute optimism. I don't know, but it sucks in any case.


a buddy of mine used to have it bad and she would constantly say this kind of stuff to me. i mean i'm not saying either of you are bullshitting, but i assure you it's not as bad as you think you are. at the very least i never felt bad around her.

People here are talking about how increased class consciousness will probably happen soon, but I just can't help but to feel skeptical about it. We've been on the brink of it multiple times before and each time things sorta just seemed to shift back to how they always are.


Kill me pls. At least I went to a birthday party last month, that was kind of fun.

Same gut continuing
I also realize I have a unique opportunity in that my mother is from europe so it's easier for me to leave America and apply for citizenship elsewhere than most burgers, but at the same time I see revolution as just as impossible in her home country (Ireland) or any other EU country country I can go to/England because of how hard it is for someone to arm themselves there

there's a lot of millenarism on this board for some weird reason. class consciousness won't "happen" by itself by no means. i don't know how people on here can so stubbornly ignore reality, honestly.

i dunno how it is in ireland or UK but here you just have to apply for a permit and wait a while, americans exaggerate a lot about this shit. i'd worry more about self defense laws.

Ah ok. I mean that's still somewhat of a concern but if there's like some fairly large scale social upheaval happening it isn't as big of one.

Kind of in the same situation. I'm just trying to get into a relationship now, and try living for that.

How old are you?

Thanks mate. Its time to get my life together now im no longer comfortable.

H-have you come back to us, Comrade Lenin?

Dude just shave your head and own up to it Patrick Stuart style.

good reason to bulk as well

I've got tickets for an antifacist punk gig but noone to go with.

Announce it under the facebook event page of that gig, I'm sure someone will message you if you keep it short and to the point. If all else fails, just trade them for cigarettes near the entrance.

my plan was just to strike up a conversation with someone if I found myself feeling like billy no mates, can't be that hard since it'll everyone there will be people into the same music and politics as I am, I'll probably see people there I know anyway

colder than Cali. Reality is tho summers are really nice, it gets pretty hot but it’s broken up by winters. Keeps things interesting
Depends on the state. VT NH and Maine are pretty lax
Mass is pretty strict but I know plenty of people with some pretty dope guns, so it’s possible. Mass is not as bad as New York, Connecticut or Cali
Way better than Cali. New England in general is pretty well know for its food. The other thing is the price. You can get a BOMB meal here at a restaurant for like 20 bucks. When I went to Cali, id drop 35 and get a meal that wasn’t half as good. Also the variety is amazing here.

Texas like all places has pros and cons. Cost of living is really great in Texas, especially compared to Cali, and one Texas city, maybe Houston was considered the best place to live in the US. Forget which city it was but u get the point

Sounds good, I hope you'll have fun user!

Moneyless ancom will not happen in your lifetime, just end it already if ypu hate working so much.

I have no idea how to relate to people, guys. I used to have friends and be kind of charismatic years ago, but then I got even more depressed and socially isolated myself. All I did was work, read (usually pessimistic and reactionary shit) and shitpost. I'm better now, but I still don't know how to relate to people at all. I have one friend, but that's only because he's willing to talk about history, politics, philosophy, math, etc. all of the time. Other people are friendly to me sometimes, but I don't know what to say to them. I can hold a conversation, just not a "normal" one. I listen to their conversations and I don't understand why they enjoy them. I feel like an outdated or broken model of human that's entirely distinct from the kind that can develop healthy social relationships. Even my desire for social relationships is disappearing, but at the same time I feel like I have an unhealthy way of thinking, and I'm not looking forward to dying alone of a heart attack at 56 in a one room apartment and having my body lie around for weeks because no one cared to check on me.

Send help.

My hard drive died on my main computer a few days ago and I feel just like giving up on everything. All the things that kept me going was on there; my editing software to make art, my video editing software, my literature and poems, all my games and my saved PDFs. My life is so pact with work that I don't think I will be able to actually start fixing the problem until June/July next year. I just hope everything was backed up okay and that the problem is actually fixable. Or even be lucky enough to find time to fix it within the year.
Not to mention the problems of having a complete lack of social life, fuck tons of essays to write (I'm a complete brainlet who somehow found himself on a really intense one year foundation course), failing to talk competently to my crush at work, forgetting to talk to people I used to know for months on end and trying to figuring out what I'm going to do with my life.
At least I saved most of my Holla Forums memes onto this shitty laptop I'm using.

Not as bad as the truly shitty experiences and circumstances other poor Anons on this thread have gone through. A lot of posts on these types of threads on this board, including this thread, have genuinely fucked me up. Keep going guys; we all love you.

How's your diet? You need to eat a shitton in order to bulk up, and if you want six-pack abs you need to lose fat
I know that feel too well. I keep trying to read but I always end up shitposting instead

To the other retail wageslaves, how do you deal with all the abuse? Customers can be the cruelest people in the world, holy shit. I know it's bad to define yourself by your job, but it's hard to stay detached from it when people treat you worse than an animal.
Why are cashiers viewed with such utter contempt? Nobody has any regard for even the basest human dignity if you work behind a counter. Maybe I'm just socially retarded, but I cannot deal anymore.

become a NEET
working at a liquor store exacerbated my depression to the point i quit my job again. not sure how I can keep a steady job without it making me despise myself and the people I give service to/work with; might just off myself eventually when I hate myself enough for leeching off my parents

Because they're the only ones most people get to unload their frustrations on. They go home from work where they're treated like shit and then they go to the store and make your life living hell. Service workers are paid punching bags.

Take it as a Cremation Project. Rise again like a phoenix.

I have nobody in my life to share solidarity with. My family are all either apolitical or bleeding heart liberal, and the one friend I have who claims to be Syndacalist is little more than a lifestylist who spouts memes.

cry me a river

the only positive thing in my life is that I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months and exercise is slowly unfucking my grotesque posture. still ugly but at least I'm getting cool heroin chic hollow cheeks

there are few people, and even fewer leftists. But the "cities" are ok

More men should try drag

apart from weed and skateboarding I am in a very similar position.

Noticed myself prepare and research subjects in regards to nomadic lifestyle, homelesness, survival, agriculture and what not. Can't tell for sure but think I'm starting to lean towards decadent thought, perhaps it's the educational meatgrinder taking it's toll. Either case feels indeed like we're on the verge of a ninety degree turn, yet somehow doomed by perpetual stagnation that just won't let the dominos topple over. Inspiration and fascination with nomadism seems oddly similar to that of peasantry common throughout modernism. Maybe it's the prolonged solitude taking it's turn instead, with whomever I get to speak of philosophy, cannot help but feel just bored, whatever matters I can discuss with people appear agonizingly obvious to me. Whilist whatever I curiously delve into nowadays, not to mention leftist rhethoric, tends invoke feelings of confusion and being lost instead. One good thing about it however is that I might've seeped some utilitarianism, pragmatism or what not. Whatever my eyes or hands happen to stumble upon, sooner than later end up finding a gold mean in perspective or approach. Nontheless a bit restless on how I'm going to survive, cope and make do on my own. From a practical standpoint material, wellbeing and love-wise. From a metaphysical point of view afraid of not finding a place for myself and a folk to find myself amongst, no nomadess or gypsy to settle in this stationary heart, so the settler may settle on a wayfare with a trusted companion, afraid of not being able to stand up on my own one day without a shoulder to rest wearily on, even though I always did and had to make do on my own.

Welp, least I do not overthink as badly as I used to.. right..
Or at least living a "no bullshit" policy has proven quite relieving, whether not bothering with as mentioned, half assed people or half assed philosophy, half assed hobbies, half assed "needs", anything really.
Spares a fair lot of effort, time and devotion where it could be spent wisely instead.
Still need in need of change however, sooner or later, soon enough. If it won't ignite by itself then I'll make sure to spark it myself.

OP here, this is a great thread. Even if I can't reply to each one of you, I'll have you know that I've read almost every post in this thread, just so you know if you haven't been replied to, at least I've heard you out. I wish good luck to every one of you, may you have a decent life!

Likewise best of luck to you OP, if needs be when it won't come by itself, make your own luck instead, cheers to our paths toward fulfillment.

Will do, o glorious hoochie

How do you become a Peterson worshipper from being really into Zizek? Fucking hell.

Thanks, you too.