How would socialism with American characteristic look like?

How would socialism with American characteristic look like?

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Rolled 7, 2, 2, 3, 3, 6, 6 + 7 = 36 (7d7)you would get welfare based on your weight

more weight= more welfare

a nuclear wastland, hopefully.

Peace, land, and burgers.



Georgism with UBI, and Canada gets annexed.

Marxist-Leninist-DeLeonism with diet camps.

It will make vorkuta look like fucking disneyland. Yeah, all americans will end up in a gulag


As an American I can confirm that this is what comrade Soros has in mind, I've sat in on multiple planning sessions for this with the Antifa Central Committee.

It will be resisted by the yuropoor left who will side with nationalists against the red burger.

You forgot to mention how all the right wing twinks and betas will be forcefully feminized, neutered and given over to our frontline and shocktroop brigades of roided up niggers in the moments they aren't being mentally comtrolled by fully sentient military AI that identifies as a man, who identifies as woman, who identifies as a military AI.

I'd start training your asshole if I were you, cumbum.

Up against the wall, bitch!

You know how Republicans always use the "right-to-work" and "value of work" trite? Imagine that but unironically. Where instead of having the highest income, people compete to be the most productive and helpful.

idk a lot of overalls probably

Our cultural revolution would be poc murdering whites en masse resulting in a "totally not a Nazi masturbation fantasy" Nazi masturbation fantasy.

Would you let Jimmy Dore be commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Union of American Syndicates?

Unironically, American socialism will look like Orwell's 1984.

Thing is, even the Stalin's USSR was more pluralistic in many ways, unless you were part of its' power structure, than the modern USA. Now, add up American moral crusading, its huuge prison population and violence with revolutionary dictatorship, and you'll get true communist totalitarian state.

Gay ass mods deleted my posrs or what

Under Chairman Bob Avakian ofc

to keep you is no gain, to destroy you is no loss

If anything I'd say anarchism has a better chance of working in America than socialism. There's so much empty land people could just form their own tribal communities.

Unironically it would potentially be anything that isn't Marxist-Leninism (or it's similar variants). Considering how much the United States feared the Soviet Union and considered it as literally Satan, it wouldn't be very friendly to the idea of it. I can reasonably see Syndicalism (home grown IWW, Americans love things from the 'States), Orthodox Marxism, or any other similar anti-hierarchical communist ideologies it could follow. Marxist-Leninism I'm just gonna conclude post-60s as being impossible to bring to the US, for obvious reasons.

It would be codefied in a sacred paper document

True freedom. American socialism has always been the perfect synthesis of socialist economics and enlightenment individualism.

''Stand up, damned of the Earth
Stand up, prisoners of starvation
Reason thunders in its volcano
This is the eruption of the end.
Of the past let us make a clean slate
Enslaved masses, stand up, stand up.
The world is about to change its foundation
We are nothing, let us be all.''

Like this



Public roads.

fucking hot


If by that you mean most realistic, then market socialism with some succdem welfare.

Can't have burgers under "muh climate justice"

Like this, but the government spends tax money on it.