Hillary Clinton is doing late night comedy now

Hillary Clinton is doing late night comedy now

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Will she run for president in 2020?

That is a really good screenshot op.

my gott.

She never had any dignity to begin with, what do you expect

im so happy for her. she's really taken the election loss well. I pray that shell run again!

based mama clinton will finally show both the brocialists and sexists where its at. i have stockpiled two dozen pussyhats just for the occassion :)

Probably not otherwise we're going to have another 4 years Trump.

Probably at this point the best bet for the democrats to win elections is to just double down on the diversity narrative. The only problem with this narrative is that it's a narrative that divides people based on race or religion. It's unhealthy for society because people will default to tribal instinct and stick with their tribe, that being their religion or 'race'.

It's also unhealthy for another reason. It makes the talking points in politics about race and religion instead of class. The real struggle that is going on that has impact on people their lives is the class struggle not the issue of race / religion.

If the points of race / religion are not addressed naturally in a time of economic depression and weak leadership from a government they will turn on another though. That's another reason it's unhealthy since it can cause widespread unrest. I believe this kind of unrest namely with the white population of USA has caused them to vote for Trump, instead of Clinton.

If you're living in the US and are white you aren't really gaining a lot from the democrats (or the republicans but that's another discussion). America is one of the few countries I know of that enables 'positive discrimination' also known as affirmative action. I find it quite unique for a country that is always pushing for multiculturalism and integration to have policies that are unequal for the population itself.

The next thing you get is that republicans will push for their own version of affirmative action for Christians and whites. And again if this were to happen they appeal to tribal relations, instead of the ongoing struggle between classes and the gap between rich vs poor.

That was painful. I can't even look at her anymore without seeing Margaret Thatcher.

By God's good grace, we can only hope so. The Democratic Party will be wiped out for good if it happens.

i think ww3, we need ww3, its the only way we are going to end this horrifying post cold war age of neoliberlism, hyperidpol, corporate democrats. Just nuke it all, even after being beaten by trump they still wont go away, the donor class and plutocrats control america, they control both parties, they refuse to recognize class issues. posadas was right. the only thing that can be done is nuclear hell

Is that Weird Al on the right?

Try not to be too jealous, sweetums! You can always try to primary her again next season! Oh, looks like we rigged it again. Oopsie-daisy. Better luck season after next, Bernums?

she clearly is Chad politician

Sailin for a jailin?

i hope she gets cancer

she seemed like thatcher-lite to me. I wonder what she thinks of her

I like /ourguy/'s version better youtube.com/watch?v=8ieMOZwt-eM&t=5s

I know Chris Hedges is a pacifist cuck but he's really correct when he calls America an "inverted totalitarianism"

Fuck, hahahahahaha!

The odor of failure

Trump's novelty act presidency has established that this is the new path to the white house.


This is an age when the State and the Spectacle have interchangeable actors.

That's Sheldon Wolin specifically.

Does this have an effect on the chances of revolution? of successful revolution?

She's too late. People's faith in the late-night-comedy show as a pertinent source of information has been shaken by the election. Remember; people thought Trump didn't have a chance, in no small part because of desk comedians.

What horrors await us?

From a traditional analysis? I doubt it. It's quite literally like trying to instigate a revolution in a fictional setting. Only consensus reality matters, and Porky is the one who sets it with mass media.

But of course, we can't predict the brand new contradictions that may arise. Who knows, maybe this merger between entertainment and politics might somehow be what makes the system start toppling over.

you must discover the secret location of her phylactery, warrior

God, please, why won't you let this nightmare end?

The fact that people treat her as some deity to care about and to actually try to make her seem like able is disgusting. But then again this is the same society that is rehabilitating ruby as entire legacy every day . Fuck it

Well Voldemort had like 7 of those so Hildog probably has like 13
Fuckin Liches

Hillary is a total GILF. That gold suit is hot as fuck.

I know you're joking, but I seriously wonder how much all these late night comedians actually know about the propaganda they're spewing, or if they honestly believe whatever is in the envelope of information their "politics guy" gives them to say.

I don't think they care, they want money and to a lesser extent "woke"accolades.

That would be the worst timeline.

I hope her dumb kid runs and causes an infowars armed uprising

Why couldn't Trump make up his campaign promise to lock up Clinton?

Cuz he reads Napoleon.

Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake.

The bad:
Tie your shit down and get a better optic when you can. They're cheap now, no need to get a shitty brand. Keymod is understandable, but mlok is going to be the standard.

Buddy that's just a pic I got on here a few days ago
I don't buy american guns if you catch my drif t

I don't actually catch your drift.


If Sanders is alive, I'm guessing he will run for the democrats.
Either that, or Facebook's owner, for example. Some celebrity.


it's a meme you dip