Holy shit dudes!! I knew the Palestinians were likely being abused, but I didn't know it was this bad...

Holy shit dudes!! I knew the Palestinians were likely being abused, but I didn't know it was this bad. I know the word gets abused constantly, but Israel indeed seems like a modern fascistic state. It has it all, civilized violence.

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Hey Holla Forums, here to get crimson pilled on ethnostates?

Yeah, we've known about this for a long time.


Yeah, yet liberals (and even some leftists) call you an antisemite when you say that this is clearly an apartheid state.


I'm not Holla Forums.

Well, the equivalence between being anti-Israel/anti-Zionist and being anti-Semitic is something the apologists would like for people to think is true, even themselves. Do you know who fucks it up? The stupid neo-Nazis and nationalists waving Norman Finkelstein's books who cause people who legitimate concerns to be smeared. Like always, they fuck everything up

I've always hated Zionists. The second video makes it seem like Israel is in Manifest Destiny mode where they are systematically exterminated by cowboy settler's

Palestinians need a Mugabe who will send all the white-skinned J*ws back to Europe.

You are a fucking idiot.

I think the Holla Forums falseflagging hysteria is getting a little out of hand

Explain. Palestinians want all of their lands back, not just some.

Mugabe is a fucking idiot. national liberation=/=socialism will end up badly. Look at zimbawe.
Plus I don't want more jews here.
Moving them will create some disaster, just fucking kill them or take the Burma pill

lunatic state. lunatic people


They also discriminate against Ethiopian Jews: youtube.com/watch?v=n10pSFUJ4RA
Totally not a white supremacist colonial state!


The issue is that 1948 borders are impossible to achieve, just as it is impossible for Germany to reclaim Konigsburg, Silesia and eastern Pomerania. The only viable situation one can create is Gaza plus the West bank; heck even the Jewish settlements are too permanent to remove without having to force the people out at gunpoint. People tend to forget that the israeli settlements aren't people rocking up in campervans, they are American-esque suburbs and gated communities.

So what we can do?
First it requires overthrow of both Hamas and Jewish home in their respective counties.
Second requires monetary reparations from Israel itself for development.
Third the creation of a stable political state or states that respect the rights of minorities: not just Israeli jews or Arab muslims but all the other Israel-Palestine minorities (arab jews, arab christians, beta israelis, druze, bedouins, armenians, greeks ect.).
Fourth requires an admission from both sides of past wrong doings: in Israel's case the repression of palestinians both resident in Israel proper and the West Bank & Gaza, also actions taken against BME jews (like the beta israelis). In Palestine's case that involves rocket attacks against civilian areas and guerilla massacres of civilian settlements.
Fifth requires deals with surrounding states: specifically Jordan and Lebanon as both posses a lot of Palestinian diaspora.
Sixth requires the final and definitive settlement of the Jerusalem question: personally a return to teh 1948 agreement of de jure terra nullius and de facto self-governance of the city by its own residents is the best solution: with its independence being guaranteed by as many sovereign states as humanly possible all with a small armed detachment to prevent either side from trying to seize it in a military fashion.
Seventh requires the integration of the settlements in the west bank that are no deconstructed into the general infrastructure of the region (which believe it or not is surprisingly an issue).

Now will this happen? Tbh long term I think so due to demographics, but without some serious action by foreign governments through internal subversion to depose both Jewish Home and Hamas, not any time soon.


What? I can fucking stand their stupid fucking religion and special privilege that they have.

good thing the int'l community (not including u.s. and israel, of course) supports a return to the pre-'67/occupation borders
the settlements are illegal under international law and constitute a war crime (it is patently illegal to acquire territory through war, and to carry out population transfers). the law demands the settlers be removed, period, by gunpoint or otherwise; and that has happened in the past, when israel's hand was forced by outside pressures
hamas might not be the nicest group around but they are not a barrier to settling the conflict. i presume you're trying to play the "both sides are as bad as each other" card; don't. israel, and its american enablers, is the problem. hamas is probably on its last legs anyway
getting israel to do this would be a start
laughable hasbara. the ratio of palestinian dead vs israeli dead is obviously and undebatably weighted against the palestinians. to compare a few suicide bombs and firework "attacks" to large-scale ethnic cleansing; landgrabbing; colonialism; multi-decade military occupations; episodic massacres; extrajudicial killings; house demolitions; and generalised terror, isn't even worth comment
yes, it's called the refugee question, and israel doesn't want to solve it
under international law, east jerusalem is occupied palestinian territory and israel must withdraw at once. it would likely be the capital of a hypothetical palestinian state. however, israel considers jerusalem its "eternal and undivided capital," refuses to end its occupation, and would rather nuke the place than let the "arabs" get their dirty hands on it. so if you want a settlement, get israel to leave
again, the settlements are totally illegal. either they should be dismantled, or the settlers should be removed and the settlements given to needy palestinians
not unless americans demand it (unlikely), or israelis abandon their quest to dominate the region and subjugate the local untermenschen (again, they'd rather die)

your comment about reparations is a decent idea, though


The jews are a threat to no one.
There are about 15 million jews and 1.5 billion muslims. That's a ratio of literally 1:100.

dumbest comment itt

Literally the only one with facts, so I do get your point.

Jews gonna Jew.

The US military is. Guess who the US military answers to?


imagine if the ownership of the global economy would be proportionate to ethnicities

Amazing how casual anti-Semitism is always tolerated by supposed """""leftists""""""

Hasbara detected.

yeah, fucking casuals


Why does the US allow Israel to continue building illegal settlements in occupied territory?

It makes no sense to me. The US has so much power, economically, militarily, and diplomaticly. Why didn't Obama tell Netanyahu to cut that shit out? They weren't exactly on good terms.

No one badmouths Jews like other Jews among themselves.


I wonder!

The structure of the US Government tends to obscure the actual power center(s).

Really makes me think

please tell me you're being ironic btw

Not at all man. The American's level of compliance with their criminality is inexplicable. It's can't just be geopolitics and military bases.

Well, if you are a politician, your main goal is to get re-elected. To do this, one often needs Jewish money. Not taking the proper stance on Israel will piss off AIPAC, AJC, and other big Jewish donors, so they won't give you any money. The Jewish media will mobilize against you and donate to your opponents. Plus, as we saw with Harvey Weinstein, Jews in the US aren't above siccing Mossad on US citizens for their own reasons. For instance I think the ADL spied on one of the guys who wrote for The Exile, and he was Jewish. Mossad probably has a lot of dirt on higher ups in the defense establishment. Finally, we can't discount Christian Zionist true believers. This movement largely came about due to Jewish influence in the first place, and they're all about bringing about the Second Coming as soon as possible.

Read Mearsheimer and Walt for an intro on this topic. People who say that it's just geopolitics and bases like Chomsky are being dishonest and are basically hasbara leftists on this issue.

Here's a link: mearsheimer.uchicago.edu/pdfs/IsraelLobby.pdf

This is exactly what radical centrists say 'cultural marxists' believe. Suppose it does take a ☭TANKIE☭ to go there.

I can't really understand how jews are still tolerated tbh
Since the creation of Israel the jews have been nothing but a nuisance, and a treat

Palestinians are fags.

being against killing palestinians and an apartheid state doesn't mean one is wholesale against jews.
bibi is part of the right-wing no? there is more nuance to this than what your post implies.

The jews learned from the best. Palestinians have lived their entire lives in homes, only to get outed by some foreign jew who wants to migrate to their holy land, then they are forced to leave at gunpoint to relocate to increasingly smaller territories.

My favorite burger shop is run by a Palestinian from the Gaza strip. I told him "When someone sends cruise missiles over a wall to kill innocent people, who are the real terrorists."
He said, "I wish more of you thought that way."

Now I get free fries from my comrade.

I'm talking about this thread in general

Read the ADL's defense of illegal settlements and tell me if you still feel that way.

According to who? The United Nations is basically powerless without the United States, and the Jews have colonized the United States Government, so that doesn't really mean much.

Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 49

Why does this board have such a big left sionista/antideutsche presence, do all the other gommie communities run them out of something?

Why would you make such a stupid generalization of the board?

To be fair most people here hate them tol

It doesn't, Zionism, if im not mistaken, is bannable

Jews, probably

because they have the US goverment and military industrial complex in their pocket?
they blew up a US navy ship because they didnt like how close to their illegal nuclear facility it was and didnt even have to apologise.

a treat for what, furnaces?

because the onlyone defending zionism is usually zionists themselves.

anyone who isnt a zionist or mentally challanged

Any of you ever tried talking to an Israeli about this sort of stuff? I find they mostly all seem unable to accept it all.

it isin theory, but is it in practice?

ever tried talking to a serial killer that what he did was wrong?


threat* is what I meant


the international court of justice, aka the world's highest judicial body