so what gives leftypol? what do you think of this?

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Explain pls. I'm not american

Stage 7 terminal brain cancer.

A moral panic for the youtube age.


Whatever is going on is moderately fucked up

theres a lot to it, ill just link the subreddit and an h3h3 video:

It just proves that nobody will be safe from automation even 'creative' jobs are goin to be usurped by the bots

i dont wanna sound too tinfoil-y, but this seems a lot like some kind of pedo grooming scheme. its normalizing really fucked up behaviour, the comments are complete gibberish (maybe code for .onion cp sites), and the views are off the charts.
honestly i actually understand why varg lives in the woods now.

it's probably some smartass giving himself views with bots in the hope that he can get more genuine ones and reap that ad money.

yeah, and the child style videos are to abuse youtubes child algorithm? so he gets more popular more quickly? but i still dont understand why it has to be so fucked up. like there wasa one where they joked about suicide, like what the shit, kids watch this.

I didn't think that the video creation itself was automated. I figured that animated videos were being churned out by underpaid browns.

There are probably a bunch of 11 year old boys losing their shit over these

that's my guess

that i wouldn't know, seems stupid too since the new youtube bot thing that demonetizes everything even remotely threatening.

It's a moral panic that recently developed over something that has been known about for a long-ass while. Not saying it doesn't matter at all, but it's not really the biggest thing in the world to worry about.

Just some fuckers who perfected the youtube algorythim. they do all the steps perfectly.
They are just the old children toy review and playing with dolls channels that got popullar with children taken to the extreme.

Just picture millions of third world children and toddlers watching this on their smartphones and it all makes sense.

Because kids propagate that kind of shit through word of mouth like a memetic cancer.
I remember when I was 12 me and my mates were passing rotten.com and a million copycats around daily.

Yeah same, I was watching worse on Newgrounds when I was 10

Im pretty sure its either totally automated or near total with content being controlled with algorithms using for guidelines on what to include

Kids and bots now that ive seen the numbers, but they were not that ludicrous when this starteda few years ago.

I hate Holla Forums when they snub shit like this but have a moral panic when they saw shit Holla Forums does.

Fucking ideology man.

this isnt for 10 year olds, this is for 3-5 yr olds. they are much more vulnerable mentally.

Explain? I don't really think this is that big of a deal. Holla Forums taking a moderate position on this topic makes sense given other people's extreme reactions over this. Moral panics are definitely bad, even if this particular panic is over something that's legitimately bad.

holy fuck this is amazing
This is the first one I watched, I'd seen the weird sites with disney gore and pregnant princesses but I didn't know they were on youtube.
Link the best ones you find.

also consider that there are lots of 2-3 year olds fucking around with tablets. like their mom just starts the youtube app and they go on random videos on their own. sometimes they accidentally leave gibberish comments.

Yeah, it's obvious this is just some third-world operation to game youtube ads. It's dangerous that they are out there and masquerading as kids videos, but thinking that this is some giant scheme to groom kids is ridiculous when you think about it. Why groom random kids that you'll almost certainly never meet? Why do it through youtube videos where you have almost zero control over how a kid may actually absorb the content?

Moral panics are bad because you lose sight of what's really the problem. Instead of identifying the likely cause, you come up with a giant conspiracy and waste all your time trying to track down non-existent global pedo networks instead of just, I dunno, organizing to flag the videos as they come up? Organizing to highlight the serious flaw in Google's filtering mechanism?

this one is borderline insanity

Organizing to burn google's servers.

don't say I didn't warn ya

too bad the people who are behind this fetishize private property

Fun for the whole family!

But seriously wtf is wrong with these people.

As an Italian I feel conflicted by this image.
inb4 IdPoler.

Dormi, è presto

What the spectacle has anything to do with this?

Looks like something Holla Forumstards would do back in 2007 for "teh lulz"

C'ho lezione presto compagno, non posso.

Yo if we're taking youtube algorithms does anybody know why it suggests such good music but also suggests shitloads of fascist propaganda and creepy kids shows?

Notice how the fascist montage contain always the word "DESTROY; SMASH; CRINGE; DUMB;" ecc. Youtube promotes generic words.
Honestly the internet shouldn't exist, youtube shouldn't exist.

Yeah but howcome it works for music but doesn't work for anything else?

Music as in vevo and stuff because they pay youtube ecc.
Music as in I'm listening to a song and everything suggested is good I would think that is because music is listed in years, genere and artist and the algorithm promotes similar stuff.

Fuck youtube, they shot down my fucking channel just when it started getting big.

Tackling this seriously and not like a conspiratard:

1. These are clearly not parodies so adults can laugh at them, or clearly marked as such like Happy Tree Friends; They're aimed at children and meant to pass off as the real thing. They even pass the youtube kids filter even when they're disgusting gorish shit.

2. What's really strange is that these videos collectively have billions of views and presumably lots on ad revenue, but Disney lets this happen (when they're usually overzealous on copyright infrigement) even though many of these channels are on youtube's top 100.

Here's some investigative journalism that summarizes the whole ordeal, so you guys don't have to click on a thousand cancerous leddit and pewdiepievids to understand it:


This shit literally makes my brain melt. Those sounds and screams, Jesus Christ

there's something hilarious about this when you think about it through the logic of capitalism.
babies are retards who come to like essentially random content and act as entropy generators

computers pick up on this popularity and things landslide (as more babies like a given trend, even more are shown that trend, and because they're essentially clicking at random they're more likely to view it, meaning more "like" a given trend, meaning more are shown that trend…) from there. then actual adult human beings (in some cases - in other it's just algorithms) actually have to chop and change things together to meet the essentially random whims of baby-babble interpreted via google translate. (in terms of analogy, this is typing "ooga booga" into it and seeing what translate comes up with - not achieving anything like a reasonable translation, but instead random interpretation of random noise.)

you have to wonder, really, whether the ads being viewed between this nonsense have any influence on babies, or if this is a complete circular waste of time on everyone's part. (or perhaps, if people won't be able to think about coca cola in future without also thinking about teeth being pulled. i mean, in that case maybe the market works after all?)

because (assuming it wasn't parody) it's essentially random. kids watching it is precisely why it jokes about suicide, because that's the random content the computer has decided had to be spewed out. since it's not being produced for a discerning audience, there's no reason to ask "is suicide appropriate?" if it moves, kids will watch it, if kids will watch it, the owners get paid.

if it was human-animated, the human animators didn't ask questions for the same reason people in munitions factories don't ask questions: it's not their department, they're just doing a job for an overlord they have no reason to understand.

this isn't a moral issue, it's an amoral issue. (in direct terms - obviously there's a moral issue on the higher level of "what the fuck have we reduced content creation to" - but once you accept "let the computer spew out nonsense that people apparently want", the moral issue no longer applies, this just follows naturally.)


What the fuck? Is this the future of the internet? Bots making algorithm-driven content for bots, to be advertized by bots to bots?
This whole thing is so uncanny it's actually funny. Everyone has been so focused on Skynet and tyrannical AI gods that they haven't noticed the bot ecosystem developing in the meantime.

I wonder if at this rate the internet will still be usable in ten years. Search engines and content platforms are already succumbing under a flashflood of algorithm generated garbage. At what point will the system just collapse on itself, and what will we do then?
Peer-to-peer invite-only networks? That seems like the only way to ensure we will actually be talking to people decades from now.
Nick Land was right again.

A capitalist solution to automation-related unemployment and the shrinkage of the customer-base which follows: Automate the customers, too.

Somehow I would not be surprised if this would eventually be implemented in one form or another in the physical world as well. With ever so zany explanations and arguments supporting the concept, naturally.
There are some instances that remind me of it already —of cutting the human out from the cycle of production and consumption— such as governmental purchases of foodstuffs and such alike only to destroy them in order to guarantee market-prices.

Repost because I'm double-stoopid

che cos'ha che non va?

Is this related to those creepy shovelware web vidya Holla Forums found a couple of years ago? You know, the ones which used a million trademarked characters drawn in off-putting ways.

it's just people in masks, i don't think they can do shit about that. not that youtube would care, they'll shoot down anything if you report it for copyright infringement.

Can you elaborate on that?
Also source?

Probabilmente stava rispondendo all'immagine del cuoco che si spara con le penne.

certo, ma che cos'ha che non va


don't the #ElsaGate people try to blame it all on 4chan?


how is it different from the games I played on newgrounds as a pre-teen where I could murder pop culture icons of the time like Leonardo DiCaprio and the powerpuff girls?
I remember this game where you could like stomp their teeth out and shave their heads. It was juvenile but kids are retarded.

Fitter, happier
More productive
Not drinking too much
Regular exercise at the gym, three days a week
Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
At ease
Eating well, no more microwave dinners and saturated fats
A patient, better driver
A safer car, baby smiling in back seat
Sleeping well, no bad dreams
No paranoia
Careful to all animals, never washing spiders down the plughole
Keep in contact with old friends, enjoy a drink now and then
Will frequently check credit at moral bank, hole in wall
Favours for favours, fond but not in love
Charity standing orders on sundays, ring-road supermarket
No killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants
Car wash, also on sundays
No longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows, nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate
Nothing so childish
At a better pace, slower and more calculated
No chance of escape
Now self-employed
Concerned, but powerless
An empowered and informed member of societ, pragmatism not idealism
Will not cry in public
Less chance of illness
Tires that grip in the wet, shot of baby strapped in backseat
A good memory
Still cries at a good film
Still kisses with saliva
No longer empty and frantic
Like a cat
Tied to a stick
That's driven into
Frozen winter shit, the ability to laugh at weakness
Calm, fitter, healthier and more productive
A pig in a cage on antibiotics

I'm becoming more techphobic every day

because those were consciously made as irony and shock value by human beings
the elsagate shit is made by computer programs with no real understanding of context or how the human mind works

there is literally nothing wrong with this one. It's just cheaply produced but the actual story is what you'd normally find on Cartoon Network, even Lazy Town has more innuendo.

Youtube(TM) is very concerned about your concerns!

we could co-opt this shit and make pro-🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧free speech🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧, libertarian and pedophillic ancaps look bad.

The Porky showed a pic, but I'll elaborate a bit on the history.

At February or April 2015, Holla Forums discovered (or learned from elsewhere maybe) that some of these sites with shitty shovelware minigames, specifically sites aimed straight at little girls, had very weird ones amongst the same old crap. Beynd the usual dress-up and make-up minigames, there were a few ones, usually about health, that were bizarre or downright disturbing. Some sites were almost all normal with a few crazy games buried in places, some sites had a lot of them, but almost all of them shared a similar design and language, as did the minigames themselves. It was made all the more weird by the fact that a lot of them made obviously unauthorized and poorly edited use of famous characters, mainly the protagonist from Frozen. Pics related are a small sampler.

Somehow this failed to reach normiedom, despite a few churnalists having written about them, some of them months after Holla Forums came upon the games. Holla Forums often refers to this meme as "games for girls"


Incidentally, it looks like the AV Club noticed the YT videos too: avclub.com/take-a-trip-to-the-automated-hellscape-of-youtube-video-1820196139

I tried searching cuck/v/'s three archives, but only one of them reaches that far back, and as luck would have it, it has disabled search. I tried using Google on it but found jack shit, somehow. So it seems the original threads are lost. However, searching boards.fireden.net/v/ for combinations of terms like games for girls, elsa, frozen, creepy, bootleg and such will yield some crumbs, and I found one thread from early 2017 reminiscing on all the madness: boards.fireden.net/v/thread/364818212/

Sweet Jesus what the fuck

Bots making content for bots to consume to give capital to make more bots is the future of late capitalism. Humans will find a way into the cracks by adopting the work ethic and mind-numbing repetition of the robots which will replace them.

The bigger story is probably that youtube doesn't want this going viral for fear of having more advertisers bolt. The platform is already losing money, so what do you do if your advertisers catch wind of the scale of the bot farms bleeding them for cash?

The only thing I can think of that would stop kids from watching these videos is to allow users to opt-in to a blanket ban on videos uploaded from IPs that have been blacklisted. Certain problem countries where enforcement is an issue could be blacklisted altogether.

Your new hashtag is dumb. This has been happening for more than a year. Hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded to youtube, nearly all containing grotesque reoccurring themes of rape, injections, sleeping, peeing, vomiting, kidnapping , child marriage, diseases and dismemberment all acted out by characters popular with children from comic books, video games and animated movies.
These things are put together generally with 2D or 3D animation, some are acted out with real people and very low budget costumes.

The strange videos can be put into two different categories, I think. One being the algorithmically generated ones which are put out very high in volume and contain less disturbing themes, and the other being the ones that are made by humans, and then either 2D/3D animated or live acted, are produced in less volume and have much more disturbing themes.

Many of the 3D ones seem to generated algorithmically by a program supplied with various 3D character models and a common children song. Seemingly, a program will use some of 3D characters at random to dance out a preset dance show that goes along with a song, record a video of with with the song, and upload it to Youtube, and then start again. The program may not be very expertly written as sometimes the cast of characters can all be one character and sometimes it seems like the song is incorrectly playing back at 0.4 seconds slower than it should be.

The second category of the strange videos are produced in a much smaller volume, I assume because it takes so much time to animate or record them. These videos work very hard to normalize things like rape of babies, kidnapping, child marriage, eating gross or dangerous substances, pooping, peeing, getting diseases or becoming sick, and being given injections of unknown things. Horrifically, some of the live action videos make use of real child actors. One such video involves rapidly flipping between two different shots of some fake Caucasian flesh being given fake injections while a small Caucasian girl, whom the fake flesh is supposed ot belong to, laughs and giggles at how much fun the injections are.

The first category of videos is obviously a money grab done by manipulating the 'baby with an ipad' effect and youtubes monetization rules. Lazy parents who give their infants a tablet computer to play with often set them up with the Youtube app and let the kid use it for hours on end. This means The small children watch hours of videos that get automatically suggested to them video things they already looked for, like Elsa or Spider man. Once they find one of these strange videos Youtube with automatically suggest more and more of them, assuemedly netting the producers a good profit.

The second category, if we all don our tinfoil hats for the moment, seems like a pedophile grooming regimen. Why on Youtube, where thousands of kids who you will never have a chance at kidnapping away will be watching them, I don't know. But I don't have a more sane or logical explanation for videos of beloved children's characters doing their best to normalize being injected with something, being taken away, being made to do disgusting and unsanitary things things, sexual acts, and marrying older men.

Learn to have a sense of humor you filthy mutualist.

Come to think of it, the creepy "games for girls" might have been generated by an AI like those CGI videos. I didn't know AI was advanced enough to cobble together some simple games, but we live in interesting times.

AI doesn't make the games. An algorithm is probably used to decide the content and/or names though.Gotta get those clicks.

You should refrain from playing "fun bedroom pranks!!!" on children if you want to avoid ending up in the news, I don't think judges necessarily share your brand of humor.

Meant for

It's ad revenue farming with disgusting shit in the hopes of getting more views, what's there to be spooked about?

It has nothing to do with humor, but good job on the Ad hominem.

Why are there always nails
Why are they always pregnant

user, this is different. Humorous stuff made for edgy teenagers is one thing, but most of this gross shit is aimed at preteen girls.

Wow you're spooked son. There's no moral issue here, content for mass consumption naturally flows to the lowest common denominator. Watch these videos: they are the simplest possible culture that can be sold. I just watched a few of these Masha videos… all of the words are basically sound board clips with consistency, story and music. No localization, the music is appealing… this is just a sheer masterpiece of late capitalism.

I need a picture of Adorno saying "I TOLD YOU ABOUT CULTURE INDUSTRIES BRO"

Sweet White Nationalist and Hella Cultural Marxist

Did Holla Forums finally kick you guys out?

To be honest the injections and peeing stuff could be argued to help children get over their fears of needles at the doctor's or help with potty training or something ("look! even Elsa is doing it!")
90% of the content is just fucking creepy and incomprehensible though.

This shit was on the front page of the New York Times a few days ago


Beautiful. If I wasn't a waste of skin I'd be able to make that OC.

I can't do it justice.

Hey, does anybody know if water is wet?

It fucks with my head, frankly.

Like, just defining the differences between this garbage and, like, Happy Tree Friends a decade (yes, a decade) ago. Like, I think HTF is vile, unfunny filth for what it's worth… but it feels insane trying to confirm that everyone else can see the lines between that, this Elsa clickbait shit, violent cartoon comedy with a plot, and surreal/maybe violent cartoon stuff made for "artistic" purposes. Like, at surface, the premises of these things sound like they could just be some kind of crazy artistic statement… and then I watch them and, no, it's jumbled clickbait with deliberately violent and morbid themes which could be passed off as art but aren't delivered as such.

It's really fucked up. Really gaslighty.

Finally get the chance to vent here…

I've only just stumbled into this nightmarish rabbit hole a couple of days ago thanks to the Medium article showen here

Sweet holy fuck, I literally feel sick after only just dipping my toe into insanity. I have basically no doubt that there is something VERY wrong here, and left feeling exactly the way the author of the article felt. The articles posted in mainstream press recently barely even scratch the surface of what seems like a vast incomprehensible network of this stuff. Is it a cult, paedophiles, human trafficking, brainwashing, psychological warfare? I don't know, but there is definitely SOMETHING here and you don't have to go even slightly tinfoil hat to see it. You don't see utterly incomprehensible tropes and phrases coupled with very real displays of violence and abuse repeated seemingly over and over and over again by accident.

I'm also concerned how this might end up getting thrown in the same pile as Pizzagate shit, stuff where 90% of it is built specifically to attack specific political opponents. Unlike those, the links here to various forms of child abuse are blatant, and the network is vast and still constantly churning on. There isn't an obvious political link here.

I'd advice anyone wanting to dig into this stuff be very mentally prepared, since even someone like me who barely flinches at the most graphic content was left deeply disturbed in a very profound way after barely going near this stuff. You can practically smell the evil intent here. I do hope though that more left-wingers will try to get involved in exposing in this stuff since I honestly don't think places like Holla Forums can be trusted to handle something this big; they're too easily mislead by false information and too eager to tie things into overtly politicised conspiracies which will be more likely to turn normies off from taking this problem seriously. There would also be a lot to gain for this board if it turns out a ragtag bunch of anarchists and communists managed to the blow door off a massive paedophile network.

Reddit is on the case. You can go join them if you care so much.

i think there's something more eerie about the weird insane rhizome of algorithms, automated bot viewers, automated bot commenters and the humans that create the videos.

its almost like a cybernetic monster, a system of man and machine, but stitched together by the insane logic of probability and chaos, and it just turns out that what it happens to do is traumatize children

and to piggy back off this poster's point about it being a conspiracy of some sort, i don't think it fits any traditional concept of a conspiracy.

it's the insane logic of capitalism quite literally taking on a life of its own, where human involvement is actually secondary.

fixed the title

I actually don't want to go too deep down this personally. I've already dealt with a degree of depression and this is kind of too much for me. Why are there people saging this thread anyway? Surely, this is at least worth discussing for the people who want to. As I mentioned already, I don't want the Pizzagate weirdos taking charge of this and fucking this up since I've already seen ACTUAL abuse taking place, and despite this apparently popping up over the past few years, it seems to keep being forgotten about until interest flairs up again.

The original article goes deep into the algorithmic implications behind this, and it's true, there's is definitely algorithms which are facilitating this network, and it raises a very disturbing significant mirror up to the world.

However looking at the more immediate implications, while algorithms are clearly driving the proliferation of this content, there is still a very prevalent human element involved in the chain. What makes me worried is that I can't find out anything about WHO these people in the videos are, but they're EVERYWHERE. If this were just one or two weird channels, but this is a MASSIVE network featuring human actors constantly recreating the exact characters and situations without any rhyme or reason, but are consistent to a tee. Sometimes it's just adults acting these out, sometimes there's actual kids involved, and there seems to be one consistent trend of blatantly trying to normalise and even promote violence and abuse and creating deliberate disinformation learning (math equations with the wrongs answers, wrong names to color matching, ect.). As purely algorithmic as these videos seem to be, there seems to be some kind of consistent malicious intent here. How is it that literally NOBODY seems to be able to pin down what's going on here, just speculate? If it's paedophiles, aren't there groups out there which specialise in deciphering the networks they use to communicate?

Fuck, I don't get it. Maybe the absurdity of the whole thing is part of why few people seem to take it seriously. It's kind of hard not to sound like a loon when you describe a network of videos of Spiderman dry humping Princess Elsa being the possible cover for some kind of abuse network facilitated and obfuscated by bots. It's scary how when you talk about it in the abstract, it fits right alongside a wealth of ostensibly 'normal' YouTube content.

It's certainly not pedophiles, they have their own Youtube niche nobody seems to monitor or take seriously. Check out miss sunny and Seven Super Girls.

I sage almost everything out of politeness.
But I won't, now, I guess.

Mostly because the stupid red "SAGE!" makes it look like I'm rage saging.

fuck off

take your meds

Just to clarify again, if we do discuss this in the purely theoretical abstract as a metaphor for algorthimically enforced capitalism dehumanising the human element involved in the production chain, that's fine and makes perfect sense, but it's hard to avoid the conspiratorial angle when you literally can't find any information on the motives or identities of the participants involved in the production.

The lengths people here go to is a far cry from simply some random kid in a third-world sweatshop. We have professional grade video editing and it's not all just low quality garbage content; I've actually seen elaborate claymation films imitating the EXACT same tropes and themes. There are also people involved from all over the world, of many different races and countries. If one could actually find out HOW these people can get into this production chain I would like to know, but since this whole production line seems utterly incomprehensible to everyone who looks at, that's where the conspiratorial angle can't help but appear. It's easy to apply these metaphors to art and subcultures which infinitely reproduce certain types of tropes, ideas, and yes 'memes', but even for outsiders, any kind of subculture generally-speaking can have its origins and ideas traced; everything has an origin and it's pretty easy even for someone not part of that culture to get an understanding of where certain memes and repeating ideas originate.

I've unfortunately discovered people already discussing those kinds of channels like the one you mentioned which DO barely ambiguously cater to out and out paedophiles. However, I don't necessarily see why they the elsagate stuff would be separate; they seem to have a lot of recurring common quirks between them, particularly in the relation of bizarrely disproportionate view counts. The speculations I've heard discussed are that these videos are more specifically targeted to kids in an effort to prime them for abuse, but I've also seen speculation into the possibility of it going beyond simply passive viewing for perverts to more proactive criminal intent like human trafficking. This is all just speculation, don't take anything as fact yet precisely because nobody seems to have a solid grasp on what exactly is going on here yet, but it stands to reason that there something paedophilic here at some level.

Yeah, I think it's pretty stupid that it's set up that way. Sage WAS always supposed to be set up that way.



Oh fuck, we're not allowed to make long-form arguments now. Yes, it's a wall of text. This is a fucking weird and complex issue which you can't just summarise in a single sentence. I'm not trying to 'prove' anything, just collate my thoughts into the possibilities of what might be going on here.

you're only making a long-form argument to shore up an argument you have no evidence supporting, that this is something more sinister than bots jerking each other off or something

It was three fucking paragraphs.

yes, and it didn't need to be. it didn't need to be posted at all tbh, it's repetition of the same needlessly-lengthy shit that from the post style and tinfoil I'm pretty sure is from the same guy

Sorry, but only discussing this in the theoretical context of capitalism would be jerking each other off. I just want to ask, have you actually looked into any of this stuff first-hand? I already said that I have no doubt that bots are heavily involved in the chain, but humans are clearly involved to a great extent too.

It's a great metaphor when you look at in the abstract for late stage capitalism, because at some level we're ALL doing the same thing, but this SPECIFIC example I simply can't buy as being purely accidental and being thought up entirely by bots, because the actions people are being asked to perform are so divorced from any kind of reason. Most other recurring 'meme' trends you see on YouTube are at least very well- understood and discussed , and are at least rooted in some understandable level of psychology. This though, why can't I find the contact info for ONE person involved in this production line?

Don't get me wrong though, Google and other capitalist monopolies are DEFINITELY responsible for facilitating this network, but that still doesn't take away from my desire to know who these people in the production chain actually are. When we actually KNOW what's going on, then I think it would be more useful to discuss the broader implications of this situation.

You are wonderful and cherished. If I ever met you in person I'd give you some kind of intoxicant and we could talk theory.

Yeah this gets me wondering how many bots are in this thread right now considering I was saying it was them and not us jerking off. Since I'm not a paranoid dingbat I'll assume you misread and move on.
Yes I have. And this whole argument is sounding more and more emotionally invested. What's in this for you? What do you care?
Humans want money, bots know how to get clicks, which get money. No reptoid pedophile jews from outer space, no frankenstein gangster computer god, just simple amoral profit motive.
Anything but presenting conclusive evidence backing up your grandiose claims that if true could well have us collectively re-evaluating and quite possibly limiting online expression, eh? Because THINK OF THE CHILDREN
Okay, so maybe a few people either hate their job or are taking the piss/shitposting/trying to fuck up the system. I can't prove that but it's less outlandish than your pedo gonsbiracy shit.
as opposed to what?
Not always. I don't see a ton of discussion about YTP or Barney Bunch speakonia vids.
What are the psychological underpinnings of wanting to giggle like a schoolgirl at a Rugrats character describing himself anally violating a longass line of offensive ethnic, religious and national stereotypes? What does the fatass manager who calls him a sick fuck repsesent? What is the significance of the Penis Clown's incestuous relationship with his brother Dick the Clown? Help me out Freudfags
…because a lot of people don't give that shit out?

You know I feel like these channels are the distilled cancer of our societies

What the fuck, this is almost fetish porn.

You are seriously comparing people forming coherent sentences and discussions together to literally just slamming random words together and making bizzare videos about it?
Why does there have to be a personal motive if you're interested in stopping something which seems to be based entirely around the abuse of children. You're not talking to a right-wing lolbertarian you know; they're the kind of people would sell their child into sex slavery.
This idea that you simply CAN'T even attempt to address someone's individual problems just because capitalism is at the root of it is so autistic I can't even begin to comprehend. You sound the kind of person who if they encounter a woman who's just been raped, you'd say something like 'sorry, but the reason you were raped was actually due late stage capitalism creating a society in which we a forced to view other humans as expendable objects, so therefore the fact that you were raped was simply a consequence of superstructures way beyond our individual control'. Also, stop strawmanning me; I explicitly stated I wanted people other than Holla Forums-conspirtards to look into this specifically because I didn't want it to go down that road.
For the final time, I'm not ASSERTING anything, just opening the possibilities that there might be malicious intent here simply due to the sheer volume coupled with very explicit depictions of abuse linked into these communities. There are plenty of videos depicting explict forms of abuse such as force-feeding and bloody mouths, and they run in this same community and adopt the same memes.
I'm pretty sure you can though. As weird as it might appear on the outside, YTP at least has a long history you can trace to a variety of prior mash-up cultures. I can probably also quite easily contact and talk to prominent poopers on the platform too to get their insight into their memes too. With Elsagate, there's a huge obfuscating barrier keeping me from understanding anything about the subculture.
You're talking about the difference between something you can read a metaphor into vs a non-stop assembly line of this stuff where this kind of stuff is EXPLICT and CONSTANT. This again just tells me you've not even bothered to look into anything about what we're talking about here.
And I suppose that also explains why I can't even find ONE forum thread discussing it from an inside perspective, and also why the comments for all these videos are literal gibberish?

who gives a shit. stop posting this crap.

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Maybe I'm paranoid, but there seems to be a fair amount of counter-shilling recently around places discussing this controversy posting things like this who just don't want this discussed, but also things along the lines of 'what you talking about, this is normal', 'you scared of youtube shit now'.

High lever trolling aimed at youtube algorithms and children, possibly for money. Marginal.

If you let your children have access to the internet, you deserve to have them groomed by pedo's tbh.

See, these kinds of videos I don't find strange in the slightest. Just normal cartoon weirdness instead of gross out graphic body horror stuff.

Whose face could be more appropriated to represent WNs?

How old, tho?

I dunno.

I think this has as much to do with certain values our culture encourages for parents and children. Like, if you look at how your thinkpiece "activists" (if they even directly espouse the label) will go gaga over some "woke" Disney garbage, think of the kind of trust busy, distracted parents will be putting in corporate children's media now… how hard this shit is getting pushed onto the actual audience. YouTube, too. Google is heavily responsible for creating the model by which it's made into more of a blind consumerism box when it was originally a creative community. Trying to turn it into "tv" is bad in every conceivable way.

I mean, I guess I wouldn't give a 5-year-old a tablet, either, though. Actually, I wouldn't give anyone a tablet. If it can't at least run flash, it's garbage to me and not suitable for internet browsing for anyone of any age. For another time, though, I guess.

How old, I dunno, something on the order of 14 or 16. An age when you would be okay to have them roam a foreign city alone. It's easy to miss when you're old and jaded, but to actually not get yourself fucked on the internet, you need a lot of discernment, and this isn't even mentioning the absolutely brain-melting effects that social media seem to be having on the young.

As to the media pushing woke content on kids, at least that way it motivated the adults to sit and watch with them to bask in the woke-ness. Beyond that it is of course a blatant marketing trick, as the Ghostbusters reboot fake controversy made crystal clear.

the former would seem to read too much into behaviour, the latter too much into children looking at the world. (i mean think for a moment - does siblings playing mother/father together normalise incest and childhood pregnancy? no, because the kids have no idea why the idea of a brother/sister mother/father paring is weird, they're just copying the very baseline thing, what their parents do.)
i'm sure no children have actually experienced these things, or become fascinated with the ideas regardless. (possibly due to curiosity.)

the worst part about the "it's all pedos!!!" thing is that pedos are such a boring and outdated thing to worry about. i mean, jimmy saville's been there and done that on television - is that the best the internet can do? jump that up to 11 with international pedo gangs?

a story along the lines of "human actors being made to act out whatever inane nonsense the computer churns out in response to kids being interested in bizarre topics" is at least a new occurrence for the computer age. work no longer merely pointless, but inane.


That's way over-protective, imo.

I never got myself fucked on the internet browsing it at 10, and I think part of the reason for that was lack of these "acceptable" sites. When I saw something I didn't like, I knew it, and so I spent much of the time reading about mythology and films because the internet was a vast place where you could find all sorts of stuff about those things. If someone had just put me on YouTube (didn't exist then, thank God) and said to just browse that… well I'd have been fucked. (And part of the reason for that is that Google has made it harder to use the site without running into this other garbage - everything else gets buried without bot armies to boost it.)

The worst that ever happened was someone in a chatroom threatened to put a gypsy curse on me. I shit you not. Oh, and there were viruses, too, sure, but we literally have built-in browser shit that can basically prevent any of that now, and I developed the critical skills to avoid infection back then pretty quickly.

I don't think they're pushing it for the kids, they're pushing it for adults of course. There is no "woke" content. I'm saying if "activists" are out there vouching for Disney, parents have got to be trusting Disney even harder than before - it was already a brand for their kids to consume. And yes, of course it's a marketing trick. That's the motivation for it, but the effect is cultural - it represents another inch of moral independence that has been abandoned to the whims of corporations and branding. The cynics themselves who would once cry foul are replaced with doppelgangers leading cheers. I can imagine this leaves the demographic that would already consume it even more ready to do so.

The craziest thing about all this is that it's reaching communities and news sites that aren't that big into "UNDERCOVER HUMAN TRAFFICKING RINGS" and "SATANIST CARTOONS BRAINWASHING KIDS" type scares before, while the usual tinfoilers are mostly ignoring this.

You would expect people who can see Satanic/Communist/Masonic symbolism in Pokemon and the Lion King to pop a blood vessel and die frothing at the mouth if they catch a glimpse of this fucking filth. Well, maybe that's happened. But more likely this is some weird case of crying wolf in reverse: when you're delusional and you constantly see wolves everywhere you can't even tell the difference when a real wolf shows up. "Yeah of course the reptilians are grooming children through cartoons, that's what I've been telling you for the past 20 years dude." It's still weird. This should have permanently been on the front page on InfoWars or whatever since it was first spotted, but it apparently never became a story before the mainstream media picked it up.


Barbie and various Kens shit in the toilet or on the bathroom floor. Barbie has her girlfriends over and she shits on the couch. Her friends shit on the rug and chair, respectively. Barbie take a bath and shits in the tub. The narrative shifts to a Barbie unboxing subplot. We return to the main action with two Kens shitting their pants in public.


Someone once said this seemed like MKULTRA tier psychological suggestion shit or something to them and I agree, there's some very weird shit going on here. Part of me wants to look deep at this whole thing myself but the other part knows it would fuck me up inside somehow

Those American real life actors are just the same people that created junk like those prank videos which seems to be a pretty organized business and has been established quite some time ago.

The people making the bots, the former pranksters acting out weird, infantile shit, viets filming their kids do dumb shit, indians gifted by Bill Gates doing the search engine optimization and the myriads of other third worlders churning out flash animations all do it for the same reason: to get the dirt patina to a dollar paid out by a bunch of people who had enough capital ready at a time when a business based on exploiting popular fads via computer algorithms became a profitable business.
I've seen the Holla Forums threads about those weird cat and Elsa flash games and all the conspiracy flinging and bewilderment and in my opinion the simple answer is just that new technology creates new businesses. In the context of today's society being utterly deranged due to meatspace entropy this shit is comparable to a guy riding a motorcycle around a circus arena's walls.

Now just wait for the weird shit when toddlers are handed VR sets by their apathetic parents in a few years.

I think the easier explanation is that the weirdness is intentional to be mesmerizing to kids and that weirdness is just REALLY fucking strange to us due to the creators of those original flash games and movies having a different cultural background. Piss and shit as media content are viewed different in India than in the west for instance. See youtube.com/watch?v=_peUxE_BKcU

Have any of you contemplated how terrifying this is for language acquisition? The language gap is already bad enough based on socioeconomic status, now we'll have technologies that make it actively worse.

Eh, it has no understanding of or concern for social taboos. I would at least consider the possibility that it allows it to build a better model (can't really call it understanding as that implies conscious process) of human mind.

Oversimplifying it, imo.

I thought about this, and I just don't think that foreign media is all uniformly like this. I mean, really, you could probably just as well cite first world stuff - JoeCartoon, for instance… I think a lot of this previous stuff actually isn't explicitly targeting little kids, and certainly not meant to make bucks specifically off of small children and algorithms.

I'd take it as some kind of measure of how disingenious the tinfoils are.

Maybe someone else already mentioned this itt, but, from what I gathered browsing /x/, this is possibly linked to the Finders Cult - pedophilia, child trafficking, the usual stuff. The cult was exposed around the 80s but investigation didn't go any further (you can probably guess why). I don't remember just quite how the cult and these videos were linked together but it may as well be the case.

You should also know that there are some unlisted (or perhaps they're on alt channels, can't remember), more eerie videos. They're scattered around these channels, nothing happens in them except a string of orders being said with noise in the background. The only thing that's shown in these videos, from the looks of it, is the indoors of an abandoned warehouse shot through a shoddy camera with some colors and shapes edited to it.

What I think is happening is that some porky realized the potentiality of youtube marketing - knowing how parents leave their kids with tablets so they won't have to spend their time entertaining them (I saw this happen first hand in my extended family), paid some families/actors to "review" his toys or make shows themed after them, and got bots to heap on views so it would show up as a popular recommendation for kids. So there you have it, we managed create something more repulsive than the bombardment of commercials and product placements - the commercial IS the show. So there is your answer user
I suppose that some of these channels are unrelated and it's several porkies advertising while petty salesmen try their game as well (I think determining which is which could be done by looking at the view count). Some could even be in good faith and only wanted to provide entertainment for kids.

As for the possible links to something more sinister (as if blatantly brainwashing children into consumerism isn't sinister enough) there are some things to take into account here. First, this is a worldwide trend: by their looks and accents, in the few that they do speak, it appears to come from America, Britain, Russia and somewhere in South East Asia. Although I'm inclined to believe it's mostly from Russia because of the particular characters they market (Masha and the Bear) in English. Secondly, there are several types of these videos which I've noticed: (1) Toy activities done by children or an anonymous pair of hands, (2) "Family fun" where it's the whole family showcasing the product masked as a wholesome activity for the kids, (3) animations and live action episodes where the characters either showcase the product or either do something more disturbing, or both. I'm not sure if these 3 types are related, but they carry the same aesthetics, random words in tags and titles, marketing, characters etc. Thirdly, it all starts with fairly innocent if niche videos, some toy or crafting, some not-that-bad episode about Elsa and Spiderman shenanigans, some singing and rhymes for little kids. But very quickly more gruesome and disturbing videos show up as recommended: feces, torture, kidnapping, pregnancies, death, etc. I'm pretty sure whoever made these is playing the long game, and released the innocent videos first to build up a subscriber base.

So where do these strange and disturbing videos come in? How did this get from children nursery rhymes preformed by finger puppets to Minnie Mouse giving birth in a dirty bathroom? Well, it is either an elaborate global network, so dispersed that it's hard to pin down its origin, and it began as a marketing coverup for more nefarious things like child trafficking by these pedo-porkies. Or, it could have emerged naturally out of the Free Market(TM) and some individuals or groups capitalized on the wave of bizarre videos to insert their agenda between the lines. What some anons suggested on /x/ is that the more disturbing content is meant to normalize for children kidnapping, torture and such, so when it happens there would be less resistance. These videos brainwash kids, put in them some subliminal messages, and when the time is right they get directed to the unlisted videos, some trigger word or whatever is activated and the kids are ordered to go to the location. Who knows, maybe that is really what's happening.

I think the comments are actually the result of little kids accidentally hitting random buttons.

Underrated post.

How are you going to deal with your kid inevitably stumbling into the internet? You're going to run into a situation where you kid gets severely socially alienated because they weren't raised by social media, and therefore don't act the same, or miss out on a ton of social interaction because of their lack of connection to that medium

I'd rather either not have kids or do it Captain Fantastic style tbh. Maybe i'm just spooked but how SNS aggravates the worst kind of self-harming hedonism in unperceptible ways and saves it for history and the NSA to remember disgusts me on a fundamental level

Can you link to any legit sources? Beyond the original WaPo story (written during the height of Satanic Panic btw) all other outlets are of the tinfoil variety.

I can't kek, the initially connection was from /x/ so what do you expect?

I say stop adding "gate" to everything and think it has meaning. #GateGate

I'm okay with my kids being weird, seeing as how insane normalcy has become. would probably find a community of like minded individuals to socialize with, a special school, etc. So yeah, the Captain Fantastic option, or no kids at all.

*the funding and planning of channels from Russia, the performers could as well be 3rd world hired actors to play in shitty things they themselves don't realize

Don't forget a lot of child trafficking is from Eastern Europe and South East Asia


Seems that it started as a toy review channel but then they realized that the better way to get views is kiddie beach videos. Those parents are fucking despicable.

If anything I love these videos. It's like the front page of reddit, but for kids. We can finally see pure human instinct and psyche on display.

You ever notice how besides the obvious advert shilling, websites like reddit are filled with nothing but clickbait shit about girls? 90% of the front page is dominated by girls in zelda costumes or girls doing mundane things. Apparently, the humans really just love watching girls do anything. For some reason both sexes are obsessed with videos and images of girls. You can slap a pretty girl on just about anything and it will get millions of clicks. Same with youtube and twitch, people could just go watch porn and be done with it, but they don't. They'll waste hours watching a girl play a fucking video game badly for some reason. Girls are the ultimate skinner box for a large portion of the population. I bet the only reason you're reading this is because of pic related.

It's the same thing with these Elsa videos, for whatever reason kids the world over love watching known characters in bizarre and exaggerated situations that are relatable to the real world. Nothing that happens in any of these videos is something these kids haven't already seen on TV or in movies, the only difference is that its in the form of cutesy artwork not normally associated with violence. I don't think there's really any alternative motive other than money. People in charge of these channels know this garbage gets views and so they make them or get algorithms to make them. Kids will mindlessly watch them because they are distilled forms of what kids like to watch, and advertisers will pay out the ass to invade their brains. It's really that simple.

This board is fucking counter-intel or just pretend to be blind.

So we have a bunch of people dressing as Disney characters, or fucking clay animation of Disney characters engaging in penetration jokes, scat jokes, pregnant jokes, kidnapping and torturing jokes.

Yet Disney never takes any action regarding their licensed characters being literally shat on.

No one questions why and how these actors are found and paid.

No one does but a bunch of internet autists on 4chan, Holla Forums and leddit.

Yet on this board of revolutionaries and supposedly "smart" men? Yup, nothing is going on here, just a bunch of Google algorithms and clickbaits lol.

This is a good point, I admit, and strange.

I'll be the advocate of the devil here: this is probably because the video's had little adult world exposure. People didn't flag it, lawyers din't see it, and so on. Not a conspiracy, just structural inertia.

It's a fucking conspiracy.

You don't even know who writes the scripts for these and how they pay the actors.

No, it's not fucking Google.

You think Google is smart enough to do these scat jokes and gay porn?

And shit, this has literally BILLIONS of views.


Who even see this shit? It's just bots seeing bots.

For those who are interested.
Everything else on the net about The Finders is bullshit city as far as I can tell.

The fact that the view counts for such garbage is so high would tend to indicate bots.

That's my point exactly. Not seen => not flagged => no lawsuits. This is an argument against conspiracy.

The fact that these bots were going around unharmed in Youtube suggests Youtube is fucking covering for them.

Youtube wants these vids to stay up and popular.

Could be, I wouldn't put it past them. For whatever it's worth YouTube has been taking steps to keep these videos away from children, albeit belatedly and only after public outcry.

It's bullshit reaction now that various people are calling them out, if we (meaning the internet autists) didn't blow this shit up, it would be still be going.

Let's work from this chain of logic.

These videos were not result of some independent Youtube creators thinking of new ways to earn cash.

They were videos of paid actors who were clearly following scripts written with specific scenes in mind (and these scenes were actually done before, as in the toy review videos, same goddamn ass shot, same goddamn needle penetration). Someone wants these videos to stay up and be popular and fund the production as well as amassing a huge amount of bots to inflate the views of these videos so that the kids will see it cuz they are popular.

This is not the action of normal every day pedos where they hide and stay low regarding their pedo videos, this is an attempt to get kids to see stuff that kids shouldn't see, and clearly so. This has intention behind it, and it's far above just making Youtube bucks.

And if you care, you would see this normally have all the Disney characters, which the short-lived exemptions being the simpsons.

You don't see the other popular kiddie characters like the Pokemon, Stephen Universe, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon.

You just see Disney characters.

Isn't that fucking weird in a sense? Like these guys were given the rights to only use Disney characters?

Probably has to do with the fact that they're filled with lonely sad people

this is not another pizzagate don't be an idiot

Why are you covering for some sick ass porkies trying to groom kids, man? Some fucking communist you are.

I dunno about Pizzagate but this shit is real, and it's literally on Youtube Kids.


Well, considering the SJWs (on tumblr, twitter) and such are actually being very silent about this, I would say so, considering how deranged these videos are, compared to the average anime loli or vidya tiddies.

Where's the outrage?

yeah man Soros is definetly paying those damn SJWs to stay silent about this…

Someone is definitely paying these actors some mad cash.

Not sure about why the internet "cultural critics" turn a blind eye to this but will always say tits in vidya games are wrong.

i see no evidence that this has anything to do with pedophilia, only trolling+bots+autism

The gay porn is more prevalent but the actual kid content is more about abusing them (kidnapping them, shitting on them, burying them alive, penetrating them with needle), so it's some kind of kid abusing porn? Is that still pedo?

Perhaps consider for a moment that there are easier and less overt ways to groom children. Or that there is actually a far easier explanation for this.
Many of these videos have millions of views, one posted in this thread has over one hundred million. That's millions of dollars in ad revenue.
The main reason this got found out about is because the content means it ends up on Youtube Kids. Who knows how many channels and videos are out there that do not use cartoon characters or actors dressed up as ones?
Some of the videos seem so bizarre they either appear to be generated or directed by algorithms. Why? For one, it helps bypass Youtube spam filters. While the titles contain enough keywords that they end up in auto-play feeds, and thus help mask bot views with real views.

Literally who? SJW have always been a vocal minority. People have been complaining about violence and nudity in video games for decades. SJW did not start this. And it is as inconsequential now as it was back then.

No, the bot spams were inflating the views, these ad revenues cannot come up from bots seeing bots alone. They were funded first, then inflated so that every kids can see them.

They are rather too specific and detailed to be generated by algorithms, there's no actual randomness here, it's fetish content, that keeps repeating itself.

These vocal minority end up on the news (two were on the UN) for female representation on vidya, they weren't lacking in voices nor media coverage.

Surely, just surely, seeing literal girls being thrown around and abused should get their attention?

This is them grooming children worldwide via Youtube, I don't think there's an easy way, the kids want to see funny videos and they get groomed on their own freewill, shit's wack.

Still it could be nothing more that shots and poo getting popular and hence imitated.
Nonsense. Zoe and Anita where there to talk about internet harassment and whatnot.
This stuff has slipped under most people's radars until just recently. Expect to see more commentary from 'sjw' voices in the future.
Why I'm beginning to think Reddit spacing fag is full of shit.

Like what exactly? The toy reviews originated these exact shots, they weren't being randomly thrown in.
Yes, two little women who were invited to the UN to talk about internet harassment. Just normal little things. When will I get invited to the UN to talk about elsagate?
Yet tits in vidya never slip out of the SJW's radar, nope, but millions-view Youtube videos do.
I mean, it certainly does contain scenes kids who are abused for fun, and it keeps the repeating it over and over again.

Millions of views by bots or unsupervised children.
I don't know why you keep bring up sjws and videogames. But yes, now that this subject has been brought to light those types will start to talk about it. Here's a GamerGhazi thread:
No one is denying that these videos are distasteful and shouldn't be marketed to young children, I'm just not buying to whole Illuminati kidnapping network thing.


Why do you assume we don't think this is a problem?

The fact that this is a product of pure capitalism is not something we see as innocent. If you do, then that's a problem. When we say that a group is hurting kids for profit, we consider this a bad thing.

YouTube does this with everything.

Google basically gives exemptions to pretty much any content that harvests a bunch of views. It's part of why YouTube mellowed out on major copyrighted stuff for a while after Google bought it. Google takes the route of most clicks.

This has resulted in fucked up shit. For instance, for a good time years ago in Russia, one of the most popular YouTubers was Tesak - a neo-Nazi thug who literally posted videos of his gang of small children sexually humiliating gay men in dubious "To Catch a Predator" knockoffs with bizarre twists to them. And he was a "partner," so Google was paying him until an outcry (mostly in other countries) was raised.

It's probable that major label/corporate channels use tons of bots, too, and they obviously don't want Google messing with it so they don't. YouTube's old code of conduct was kind of abandoned years ago.

let me guess, if you show one of the videos to a pizza vendor they'll give you a free baby

Now I'm reading the whole thread in Gilbert Gottfried's voice.

They're differentiating between this and that shit, though.

Record it plz

This is some dark shit.

The CAP creates over-production…


I can't quite do it.

I hate how this artist is either normal boring women or hardcore bdsm futa rape

Hey, don't hate on Wokada. Wokada is one of the best Miku artists around.

I thought it looked familiar

Yes I KNOW but the moment I recognize the style, the thought that "oh yeh this is the futa strangulation rape guy" is just sitting there in the back of my head as I crank one out to quality miku

I don't want to imply I'm reading into anyone pointing out that fact, but I hope nobody here is trying to draw some kind of parallel between a highly skilled manga artist who likes to produce the odd bit of similarly high quality fetish art for other adults with an active social media presence and clear motives to the specific subject matter of this thread.

Just for the record for people who haven't dealt fully into this situation and might be misunderstanding the outrage many people are feeling right now, the issue of this thread has little to do with people's individual kinks and fetishes, it's the discovery of what appears to be a bizarre non-stop systematic abuse of algorithms to deliberately targeting and exploit impressionable young children with profane garbage and hiding practically in plain sight. It's very important to keep that in mind when you earnestly start 'thinking of the children'. Some people will attempt to exploit situations like this for overreaching artistic censorship.

I'm burger but I don't watch meme channels like Frank or h3 so I have no idea what the fuck I'm supposed to see here.

Wokada also draws some awesome feet. Sage for contribution.


Post more

he should be giving lessons, anime feet are atrocious at least 90% of the time.

I'm not familiar with h3 (though I think they had Jordan 'Daddy Issues' Peterson on recently, so they're probably pretty keen to be indoctrinating children in their special way. ElsaGate subreddit, despite the connotations you might get from the 'gate' suffix in recent years, has so far remained a pretty reliable source for info on this.They seem to have kept the Alex Jones-tier conspirtards largely at bay and have speculation marked as just that: speculation. The main problem is that's all anyone can really do at this point since as far as I know, nobody has uncovered a solid lead as to what exactly is going on here.

By all means, cleanse your palette from this depravity with Wokada's artfully produced erotica.

This. The Occam's Razor explanation - low budget studios churning out subpar content with zero concern for childhood development in tandem with some automated monetary reward system - is sinister enough. No need to go chasing shadows here.
If anything this phenomenon has more to do with mockbusters, bath salts and other types of cheap knockoffs than any kind of satanic pedo cabal.

Synopsis of these videos as voiced by Gilbert Gottfried should be a new subgenera.


Just because something is rooted in capitalism doesn't mean the people involved in the chain can be held as somehow innocent. That's ludicrous. Google may be an enabler for this kind of behaviour, but to simply ignore the sheer fucked up depths people exploitation involved in this production and not try to hold people involved accountable is absurd. To be complicit here would be to be complicit here would be to send the message that this is somehow okay.

nobody said that btw.

Sorry, it just feels like some people here aren't taking the immediacy of this situation all that seriously.

fuck this conspiracy shit it's time to NUT

After thinking it about I'm convinced the "Elsa and Spiderman bedroom pranks" subcategory of videos are actually meant for grooming.

- They're clearly mature, essentially thinly-disguised softcore porn. There's no fucking way videos about getting drunk and making out naked or half-naked in bed (including between girls) would be considered appropriate for very young children in any context, and any adult can see they look like cheap porn setups.
- They're not just a tactic to upload porn on youtube. The content is way too tame for that, and there's a lot of sexier and more explicit content that's legit available on youtube, not to mention actual porn that constantly passes under the radar. And these aren't just shitty flash animations or videos pulled from some random porn studio, but played out by live actors for youtube. Some of them have fetish appeal but overall it's a lot of effort for such a weak payoff.
- They're probably not aimed at older children curious about adult stuff either. The channels who upload these also upload "Learn By Colors" etc videos clearly meant for toddlers and babies and nothing in the title really indicates how explicit they're going to be. By contrast there are other categories of videos that sometimes have SEX and related terms in the title despite the content being innocent stuff, those are clearly clickbait. Here it's all obfuscated for children to accidentally stumble upon while watching harmless baby videos on autoplay.
Tinfoil stuff:
- Parents who have heard of this have mentioned that they can tell their children have watched Elsagate videos by the fact that they're constantly humming or singing the songs that get repeated in the videos. Strangers can tell, too.
- While Elsa and her girl friends are played by unmasked women who look like they do porn for a living, the boy characters always wear spiderman costumes or sometimes joker masks. This is significant because while little girls will readily identify as Disney princesses they probably wouldn't identify some gross fat creep as their prince. Here they learn that Elsa will get in bed and make out with strangers wearing a costume or a mask and let them fondle her or massage them etc. Meanwhile there would no reason to insist on having the male characters always wear masks if it was just regular porn or even cartoon porn.

So the most charitable explanation is that they're made by people who get off on tricking children into watching lewd videos, and the full tinfoil explanation is that they're made for grooming. I don't know about the other shit, maybe they're just piggybacking on the harmless nursery rhymes videos, but I assure you these particular videos are made with malicious intent towards children (it's also pretty evident they were made by semi-professional porn studios.) It's really hard to accept any other explanation.
In any case it needs to be reported. I'm no prude (I see nothing wrong with teenagers watching porn) but it's really alarming and wrong for toddlers and elementary school kids to be exposed to this sort of shit. The simple fact that there are porn studios who have switched to making softcore vids aimed at kids is fucked up and indefensible.

Oh, that's clever.

Here's another theory, elsagate is another get rich scam by alt-right nazi tinfoil hats, just like pizzagate.

Not gonna lie, some of these videos are legit fappable.

So they invested millions in third world studios and yt viewbots just to set up this scam? Are you sure you're not the tinfoiler?

been there. done that. ruined a t-shirt.

Catwoman and baby Else lez out on a bed, then Catwoman tops baby Else with some bloodplay.
This one makes more sense in this context:
urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sploshing Once again baby Elsa gets topped at the end when the Joker otk spanks her.
Baby Else vore fetish with Spiderman and the Joker. Also a toilet is involved.
Spiderman prefers his kisses with Elsa to come with a mouthful of earwax, boogers and toilet water. Elsa's consent is a nonissue because of Spiderman's magic wand.
Vampirism on the toilet.
youtube.com/watch?v=6eWKSJNpVgo Waterslides in the snow?! That ain't right.

why did they not produce kids shows like this when i was a kid?

Yes, it's cashgrab. Right wing tinfoilism is a massive business niche ready to be exploited, with mass produced "skeptic" videos, tailor made "conspiracies" and all the clickbait ad money that comes from the buzz around them, fake news outlets like breitbart or stormfront, personality cults around celeb loons and their books… the list goes on

Mickey Mouse meets Happy Tree Friends?

This is the essence of late capitalism.


which one is it, user?

i mean, if these videos weren't borderline weird they wouldn't have any sort of relevance. you can tell just by looking that 90% of the views on them are bots.

that goddamn finger family is a fucking earworm, that's for sure, i watched about 30 seconds in total of this stuff and it's been stuck in my head for two days.

what does the videos with horrific babies teach them?

among the conspiracy stuff i've heard about this, this one seems to be the least retarded to me. i've seen this kind of shit on youtube before though, and this is definetely not the MO of that kind of creep, they require feedback from the person.

i don't know how you can say this, the sets are cheap in this and in porn because… they are cheap. it's not like it has to look a specific way in porn, it just has to be serviceable, and that goes for these videos too. i also don't know how you can tell that the elsa actresses look like they do porn for a living.

nah ok i take that one back, there's some videos with legit thotties out there. definetely not most of them though.

This shit is going to turn the next generation of kids into sickos isn't it

Yeah this stuff is definetely fetish. One of those even wants me to log in to confirm that i'm not underage.

So is this just some sort of fucked up costume fetish then? Like classic porn parodies but with the added kink of parodying children's youtube videos specifically instead of boring old goku-does-sailormoon crossovers. Rule 34 on algorithmically-generated youtube kids' videos.
That's somehow weirder than MKULTRA conspiracies.

Yeah it's fetish stuff. It's not done with superhero costumes to try and convert children into sex deviants, it's just what these particular folks are into. It's no more malicious than having a kid stumble upon your balloon popping or pie-in-the-face fetish videos, it's just not the original intention at all.

Not the whole thing, but those particular videos are DEFINETELY the uploader's fetish. I have a weird fetish and I've seen so much of this crap that I can just tell. Most other videos I've seen don't ring a bell though.

It's not like I'm shocked by people being into cosplay porn, porn parodies have always existed.
But as far as I know furries don't upload yiffing videos to youtube under titles like "BUGS BUNNY BEDROOM PRANK!! FOX RUBBING JOKE" on channels named KidsAnimation and mixed with regular "Bugs Bunny Teaches Typing" videos.
I'm really confused about the way they go about this basically.

I do agree that the grooming hypothesis is a real stretch.

We have been beating around the bush again and again.

Why is the grooming hypothesis a stretch?

I realize, but I can't consider it "case closed" just like that, man. It's too weird.

It's hard to imagine that they would put this much effort into trying to subtly groom kids they'll probably never meet on the off-chance that they run into some poor girl singing the finger family song one day. I'm the one who came up with that hypothesis hours ago and it just sounds stupid to me now.

how in the fuck are you going to find a random baby that watched your nonsense video on the internet once?

been watching these for a few hours now. does seem a bit odd. there are multiple sets of actors, some white and some Vietnamese. similar styles and names/descriptions. mostly mildly erotic weired super hero faff but the odd thing is the descriptions and channel names seem to target children. lots of ads and millions of views. these guys are making money.

i bet Hillary Clinton and dominoes pizza is involved in this some way.

Why find any specific one?

The point is to brainwash millions of people into accepting these fetish.

….ok now we have this.
Russian. same costumes. now with actual children being bound and tied up.

still a slim chance. also what are you going to do, walk to the baby and see if it reacts well to you peeing around while the mother's watching? because if you just kidnap the baby there's no point in brainwashing it, it's just a fucking baby.

This what happens when you destalinize a country

what game tell me now

I wonder what effect this will actually have on the childs mind. What will come out of hammering videos into a babies brain all day instead of giving it actual toys

Was he right cutting his children from society?

they're exposed to his dumbass shit instead of society's, same difference

Whats worse to be exposed at

varg, that's a no brainer.

Alternative viewpoint I thought about in the car today: Elsagate is a deep state/nationalist false flag designed to soften up people's resistance to digital surveillance and online censorship.

The aut-right and usual conspiracy nuts haven't latched onto this because the false flag fits their narratives, or they've been warned ahead of time by their friends in government to kill any stories on the subject.


One of them is child abuse, the other is child neglect.

do… do we actually have to choose?


i do wonder


beat you to it famrade

Dang. And yours in way better.

My one mistake was putting something on top of the "keep calm and rape a lot" shirt by accident

Okay I'm spooked now.

I got the impression that the reason that the aut-right wasn't taking it all that seriously was the impression that dealing with this might require YouTube to seriously start clamping down on what is being uploaded to their servers, and since they take advantage of the lax moderation rules in order to peddle neo-nazi propaganda, there might be some inclination to look the other way for the sake of their own interests.

Unlike the retarded Pizzagate shit, here you can actually see content which seems to deliberately target children. You don't have to start attempting to decipher recurring phrases and codewords to see the systemic abuse taking place here through the YouTube algorithms.

To be honest I straight up think it's a conspiracy of some sort. I can't see any other explanation. And that's weird because the most likely conspiracy that something like a satanic/antisocial occult cult or pedo grooming operation is poisoning the cultural well is still crazy as hell. But… it's happening.

Why are there so many toddler videos involving children being doused in bugs, or getting elective invasive medical procedures, or subtly engaging in violent or sexual behavior? I can't imagine the toddler with a tablet demographic is demanding this content. Someone is trying to normalize this shit, or gets off tricking kids into watching this stuff.

A moral panic a la the 80s Satanic Panic has the characteristic of not provably happening except in the shadows. This is objectively happening. This form of popular notice and response to this phenomenon might have a moral panic tinge, but it is verifiable.

You can watch the videos right now. Most of them are still up. People have reported their kids watching these strange, strange videos. The question is why they exist and who makes them. The only other debate is if you personally don't think they're strange and inappropriate as hell for kids (or anyone really).

I don't get why there are so many apologists trying to normalize or dismiss this very fucked up phenomenon in this thread.

It's already been said explicitly why people are impatient or hostile to demanding URGENT ACTION on this issue: we have genuine fears that this can and will be used as an excuse to justify/increase internet surveillance and censorship.

There are easy fixes to this, but no one is talking about them here because a handful of posters are trying to spin this big narrative of an international pedo ring sexualizing toddlers halfway across the globe and ignore any rational discussion.

O…kay. While I agree censorship is bad that seems like a pretty hysteric reaction to the mere presence of discussion about this one thing on the Internet. I don't see very many, or really any, people calling for "urgent action" at all really. Mostly just going "omg have you seen this crazy shit?"

Wait, how does this connect to your first point? First you were claiming you only objected because you were concerned about authoritarian response, now you're making positive claims about what is and is not causing these videos. That there can't possibly be anything nefarious going on because reasons.

And how is this unconnected "nothing to see here" dismissal "rational discussion"?

This is a good point, though I'd point out that at least there do seem to articles which do put focus on the sytemic profit-model cause of this more than the "outraged parent who needs the whole world childsafed" angle. This is at least an improvement.

While I agree to an extent, we have verification of the content but not the motives (beyond profit, a field in which many appear to be seeing success) of the perpetrators. And there was content in the '80s that was pinned on Satanic/gay/whathaveyou conspiracies - heavy metal, gothic rock, hardcore punk, early hardcore hip-hop… all being consumed by kids (albeit mostly older "kids" in their teens) and frequently with themes and imagery the parents didn't like.

The only thing keeping me from doing this sort of shitty YouTube kids' stuff is my sense of ethics and aesthetic sensibility - if I had didn't hold such beliefs and wanted to make a profit off of YouTube, I would have a reason to do this stuff.

That's not to rule out anything, and certainly not to compare the nature of this stuff to previous inappropriate stuff that got to kids. I can't go out and say that Mortal Kombat or Mars Attacks cards or whathaveyou weren't marketed to kids - they were, and I still think that a lot of what's happened previously was unethical (particularly MK, though, fuck that shit tbh), but they weren't funneled directly to them and ultimately did much less to disguise what they were and they actually had other primary audiences (ie kids older than 6) and other purposes besides stringing together keywords.

He's clearly not talking about that, though.
user's talking about the "pedo ring" yarns specifically - they weren't ambiguous about that or shooting down discussion in general.

They aren't saying, that though.

If they were, the "easy fixes" they mentioned would be totally unnecessary. As far as I can tell, most of us are foremost blaming this on ruthless automated capitalism - and last I checked we generally are not fans of capitalism and its various shades of ruthless and automated. When it's inserting itself into lives, slowing the progress of technology with cheap profiteering, destroying culture, and encouraging people to traumatize children and use them as a reliable consumer class - capitalism is nefarious.

Learn your colors by watching a Vietnamese kid take color coded shits.

No, I don't think so. The fact people are trying to cash in is not surprising. Nor was it strange that someone noticed kids count as advertising views and watch stupid incomprehensible shit endlessly on the kids side of youtube. What's strange and got my noggin joggin is the consistent grotesque or antisocial themes in the "Elsa-videos" that have no business being in there and seem to add nothing in their attractiveness to potential viewers. If anything they seem to risk potential blowback by concerned parents, as has now semi-happened, for no real reason.

Let's say you wanted to sell out and make one of these videos. Okay, you hire some vietnamese girl off craigslist to put on an Elsa wig, put on a Spiderman costume, possibly grab a kid from somewhere, and you all run around doing random stuff to get that sweet kids youtube megaviews cash.

How would you do it? Would you tie a kid up on a pole, cannibal style, then throw a bunch of fake centipedes on him, then simulate a drowning in a pool with one of the characters, maybe start a fight, show someone getting injected with a needle while screaming in pain for no reason, then end with the kid cuddling with craigslist Elsa in a bed where she then inexplicably grows pregnant? I wouldn't. I don't think anyone sane would. Not for any moral reason so much as that stuff makes no sense. Yet these video creators seem to love these themes.

Theory goes that the grotesque content is the result of AI miss matching keywords and so forth. The humans who make it are baffled by the subject matter too, but it's what the market (as dictated by algorithms) is telling to make.

Like Chinese factory workers manufacturing weird fad toys and knock-offs there of.

Here's where I disagree - those things are actually really popular keywords as far as I can tell. Basically, the trends bots are noticing are vapid corporate children's shit and shock shit. When you factor in Google's algorithms for recommending things with popular keywords and add in the pre-existing weird fetish side of YouTube, the result is that you have something which will have a massive net gain of the combined clicks from keyword-crawling bots, small children, and curious perverts. GoogleTube then recommends this stuff to all of the above, who provide more reliable clicks than other demographics.

Business is all those gore elements have being in those videos. They don't make logical (or artistic) sense to us because we're people and not robots programmed to seek out the most profitable path possible - but they make sense as far as ad dollars go.

I wouldn't. But the reason for this isn't that it's not profitable, it's that I have a conscience. It's the same reason I wouldn't make a battery and then digitally alter it to hold less charge so I could sell unaltered ones for more money (see Elon Musk) - I'm not an "entrepreneur."

It's not innocent. That's the thing. And the people making it are sick. The disease is full-blown capitalism.

anyone know the origin of Five Finger Family? I think it might be Danish because they have a tradition toe naming songs.

bretty sure the music is frere jacques

Ho Chi Minh died in vain

Found it! It was a Barney Song from 1991.
Someone came along and altered to lyrics a bit presumably to avoid copyright violations. Then Youtube studios bought the cheap knockoff right and made animated hand videos and here we are now,

It's totally pedo grooming. You might say the creators are just gaming the algorithm but who controls the algorithm?

You talk about YouTube like its the old broadcast over the air channels of yore. YouTube collects oddles of information and knows exactly who's watching what when and why. It's completely within the realm of possibility that they could find the most groomed kids.

This isn't a conspiracy, cyberpunk authors have joked for a long time that extreme logical conclusion of the commodification of children is to turn them into sex slaves, what could possibility fetch more money than that. See "Sex Puppets" in Trans metropolitan for an example.

A computer subroutine and bots that abuse it. I think bots and pajeets are a more likely explanation that worldwide pedo reptoid conspiracy.

Knock it off with the concern trolling, you know what I'm talking about.
BPP is right, this exists because Youtube is fucking lazy and driven by sheer greed. The fix should be ridiculously simple: patch the Youtube Kids app to ONLY show clips from pre-approved channels (Disney, PBS, BBC) but that would mean kids would have less random clips to randomly click or tap on. Which means less ad money. Which means don't give your 3 year old an iPad for christmas because the algorithm said it's more profitable to subject little jayden to the vietnamese cartoon gore bot network than to create a g-rated walled garden.

So we've gone from a pedo conspiracy by Comet Ping Pong and the DNC to Google.

Well, at least the conspiracy is slightly more plausible this time round…

While I have no doubt bot and algorithm abuse are a big part of this, I don't think it's JUST bots. I don't know of any AI currently existing which could drive this phenomenon; facilitate it perhaps, but drive it…no. Again, nobody's going 'full pedo reptoid conspiracy', but it seems very likely that there are a substantial amount of people involved in this with highly malicious intents.

Oh wow, big science guy with the science opinions marching through here.

Um, why are you being such a condescending prick? I do actually follow the developments of modern machine learning fairly closely. I don't pretend to be an expert, but I am a programmer, and I at least know what modern day AI is and isn't currently capable of.

Here, you have a situation where the titles and premises of these videos seem incredibly algorithmic, crudely so almost, like generated from an early 2000s spam bot, but you can surely explain to me how bots are overseeing and directing of the entire production pipeline of said videos, and why they so frequently like to include violence, gore, and horror if they're simply intended for creating low effort garbage for children.

If you can point to me to a similar phenomenon of where an entire range of videos are created, purely down to the whims of bot algorithms, I would be really interested to see it.

there are humans involved in the production process of some of the videos
the harmful content like blood, piss, and so on come from the fact that people are morbidly interested in this stuff, or that babies randomly click on it, which knocks it up rankings, which makes it a more appealing thing to make videos of (and show videos of, for youtube, because people will watch them.) which knocks it up the rankings in a vicious cycle.

there's also the fact the disturbing content stands out much more to us as adult observers. for every "mickey mouse has leg amputated and is slowly asphyxiated in a hyperbaric chamber KIDS JOHNNY JOHNNY YES PAPA SUGAR" there's a billion MICKEY MOUSE RIDES A TRAIN KIDS RHYME PEPPA PIG SPIDERMAN FINGER FAMILY videos that are completely inoffensive.

a random process will yield random results. if the universe is really just entropy then why as a species do we create rape porn?

I should note that humans are often involved in the production process, they just don't give a fuck. It's not their department.
It's as easy to do railroad paperwork shipping potatos to berlin as it is to do paperwork shipping jews to treblinka. what is being shipped isn't your department anyway. it's (when you're cutting corners anyway) as easy to draw spiderman being burned alive by jesuit monks as it is to draw the ten little nigger boys doing their thing.

i mean, do you think the thousands of social conservatives working in factories in the third world to create fetishware think "oh maybe god wouldn't like this"? or do you think they think "i'm getting to eat today"?

What in the literal fuck is this image trying to say

How can you NAZI it it's REICH in front of you!

You're making a bunch of images with confusing messages in a thread about an international conspiracy to brainwash youth. My only assumption about the image, and I think this is a grasping at straws, is that you assume this is not an international conspiracy but just something some vietnamese kids are doing to exploit an advertising system, which has already been disproved, and the image says that normal people (aka Me) are ecouraging it because we are in "support" of Capitalism and Consumerism.

You can't meme, your image makes little to no sense at me, and the above is a guess.

I didn't make it, you're just retarded.

t: brainlet

It's a brainwashing program. This is designed to pretty much turn the brains of modern infants to jelly so that they will be barely sapient, mindless consumers and slaves. It's incredibly obvious.

No, that's controlled by market forces and profit motive. People trust bots' algorhythmy crap because it gets results, workaday indifference seems a lot more likely to me than non-profit-oriented systematic malice. >imblying this is some kiddie-diddling cult is like saying a drug dealer or bank robber are doing what they do because they worship Satan: it could be that, but it's really much more likely they just want to make a quick buck.


The thought that this isn’t some devious prankster makes it even more terrifying

It’s the cult of the invisible hand of the market doing it

I always wondered how a retarded invisible hand would be a better idea than a system that prevents this horrible shit. How can cuckitalist use that as an argument? It makes no sense lmao

Dunno man, many of these games are re-skins or tweaked versions of each other. If you provided the AI with "templates", I can see it re-skinning and changing the rules a bit. It would explain the jarring combination of Elsa and leech therapy, as game elements get mixed-and-matched. I doubt even some codemonkey in the ass-end of India or China being paid peanuts to crank out shitty shovelware would know better than this.

Maybe you haven't considered that the games themselves are fetish/gross out games originally intended for an adult audience, found their way to boorus like swfchan (most of them seem to be flash games) and then got hoovered up by bots looking for any kind of content to post?

Jesus Christ, I don't visit for a couple of days and the thread gets filled up by triggered cucks. Seriously, why are some people actually angry about this? Just let us speculate and pretend-panic, for fuck's sake.

People either genuinely believe that there's a google-run pedo grooming network behind this, or they're (more likely) Holla Forumsyps looking for the next pizzagate smear campaign

That doesn't preclude my hypothesis tho. And anyway
I never found these games anywhere but in those children's site, and besides, several assets used in the games are childish too, which isn't something fetish or gross-out games would have.

Man, niggas gotta learn to deal with stray Holla Forumsyps. If they get mad, they shit the thread up with angry rants.

I mean, I'm pretty pissed about it, but I'm also pissed about Google and consumer tech in general.

What we're seeing is a watered-down version of what the elite do to actual children. It's all a metaphor for what happens in MONARCH sessions.

But it makes the more rational hypothesis (third world botnets scamming adsense) a lot more likely than some grooming pedo ring that can't even physically reach the kids they are supposedly targeting.
I've seen similar ones on swfchan
People get off on lots of things, buddy!

post proofs or take your meds

Wait until children get exposed to Grimm's Fairy Tails!

Fair point, but at least those had plots.

how in the FUCK is this related to politics

It's the purest incarnation of late stage capitalism.

by that logic, is everything that happens in Western civilization Holla Forums related? oh hey, Chester Bennington killed himself. how emblematic of late stage capitalism - better make a thread on Holla Forums!

people use this place like a chatroom

this is one of the more relevant threads we've had. Quit your bitching

I bet you think Trump posing for photoshots with third world dictators and people smashing coffee machines is "real politics"

This is the same shit all over again, to bribe people's enjoyment through activating their mental RAS/Reticular Activation System: what is the biggest shock or what feels weird when they look at familiar things. The point is to fuck with the kids' enjoyment so they want to look at stuff that makes the feel weird. Children, toddlers and babies have no way of stopping these feelings or rationalizing them into their symbolic universes, which is why they are so damaging:
webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:gphI8wflrHUJ:https://track5.mixtape.moe/frhirn.pdf &cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Dark Deleuze has plenty of good insights as to how the new capitalism is supposed to arise: moreover, if you look at Tiqqun's Cybernetic Hypothesis, you will find that using their Zones of Offensive Opacity works best: tactically disengage from Capitalistic interactions as best as possible, while building institutions that both don't need markets to function, and will be able to appeal to peoples' enjoyment specifically.

We simply need to teach our kids to enjoy life better. Give them simpler toys, but real-life complicated toys, not a metal and glass screen box.

It has been brought to my attention that the linked video and plot synopsis do not match.

Here then is the REAL Barbie scat video.


I apologize for any distress this may have caused.

kids aren't gonna assume anything with a needle or a bedroom in it is sexual because they don't know what that is, christ

I played with real toys as a kid and didn't watch TV. most of the shit in these videos is the kind of stuff I did with them.

ITT: a bunch of people who don't remember their childhoods.

That's the sort of things parents both have the right and duty to control. I don't have kids, but making sure the sort of things they would watch don't turn into that is definitely control. Making sure your son or daughter does not fuck up and turn into a killer or rapist IS YOUR JOB AS A PARENT:

Speak for yourself. I wish I could overwrite all the retarded 20 minute toy commercials that passed for kids' entertainment back then. Moreover, dealing with assholes who kept insinuating you were something you weren't plus not knowing how to effectively respond traumatizes a young child. I am glad I am somewhat past that.

You said why would someone groom children using YouTube if they could never meet said groomed children. I'm telling you Google know not only exactly where the children watching those cartoons are, they know exactly where the parents are, the emotional state of everyone and how much money the family has.
I used to work in intelligence and they train you to target people who need money and who like you.

They say a broken clock is right twice a day, and I think Holla Forums is actually on to something with Pizzagate and deep state pedo rings.

I'm not sure how these videos play into it or if they play into it at all. There was this one video I saw in my journey into this rabbit hole that definitely confirmed it though. It was this little girl in a princess costume brushing her teeth or something. (there were other videos of her "making a mess and stuff) Really wish I could find it but her face is just zombie like, there are little pale bruise marks on her face that looks like they are covered up with something, and all the comments are fucking pedotastic. Again I'm sure someone could find it if they do some quick searches (I don't want to see anymore of that shit honestly)

But pedo rings and large child rearing organizations are not out of the realm of possibility, in fact they have existed before and exist today.


Btw look at this page if you really want to see something weird.

What we are seeing in Hollywood right now is a changing of the guard. All these people have blackmail on eachother, and they get in these mini wars where they blow up sex scandals on each-other in retaliation for shit.

Dan Schnieder is next.

Man why cali is so full of batshit insane stuff related to cults? I've read that darby crash (a musician) went to a weird christian school where they gave him acid and shit. Also pedo rings are a truth imho, not necessarily a cabal of the majority of politicians, just maybe a minority that can get away with it. In the end it's just an exercise of power, it's clandestine but the more power you have the more clandestine you can be. Look at the original masons of 1600 they were nobles or rich people, not peasants. After I read on dutroix affair or whatever I think it's the right thing to assume that such a thing exists

Agreed. I don't think hundreds of politicians gather in the woods to sacrifice young kids and everyone just acts like it's normal. More likely it's a few politicians who have connections to child trafficking and sex. The majority of people in DC and Hollywood have an idea that it's going on from the rumors and sketchy shit going on, but they don't have enough evidence to prove it and know they would be destroyed if they tried, so they keep their heads down, drop subtle hints here and there and feed information to people on the internet without drawing too much attention to themselves.

I think most likely these politicians will visit these weird sex cults and also child trafficking rings in foreign countries, the child traffickers will use their presence as dirt on them, and when it does blow up like in the Weinstein case, it's because of internal factors, not external ones.

Louis C.K. and George Takai were most likely retaliation for Weinstein and Moore.

What a dramatic little bitch

So glad to see "satanic pedo cults" making a comeback in the popular imagination. Reminds me of the 90s.

Imho hollywood is disorganized if it has a pedo cult while I can see politicians getting their shit togheter for the sake of pragmatism. With this i mean that it's possible maybe your average high class politicians know there are some involved in shady stuff and maybe know who while hollywood people probably know about that shit only when introduced. I see how high profile figures would have a more structured cabal secret for the masses but not for people of their professional status. I don't mean as that they know who fucks childen with a goat horn but that they know involvement in shady stuff, and as shady stuff is made by man they know who is involved and you know that for example if someone is involved with a guy that generally deals with "prostitution stuff" the crimes are sex related. I think your hypothesys are very interesting it probably works like you said.