Is Muke working with LL&A & Co. or what? Why would he dox Bat'ko...

Is Muke working with LL&A & Co. or what? Why would he dox Bat'ko? The right are constantly archiving people's faces and locations, not everyone needs to be an e-celeb.

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Muke is a massive reddit liberal

Muke, why do you think people started bullying you in the first place? He's lumping in MLs with NazBols again, I don't know, how come MLs don't like him? What a prick.

Do you think he goes on /leftpol/?

Not sure he's doxing anyone in this video, you fucking retard.

Wait, I thought the whole point of Nazbol is that it was obviously retarded in an outrageous way? Even if Holla Forumsacks were coming here under the guise of nazbol gang, who would take any nazbol poster serious?
It's just a joke, right?

Yes it is. Nazbols doing Holla Forums entryism are obvious, and the ones that aren't are obvious too. Nobody's actually a nazbol.

Of course. There have been occasional attempts of subversion through the NazBol meme, but really rarely. Muke is blowing this shit way out of proportion because he has a persecution complex or deliberately misrepresents us not to upset his new liberal friends.

You mean Muke and the BO, right?

I don't know BOs stance on whether or not he thinks unironic NazBols exist here in a relevant way. I know he doesn't like them and bans them, but Muke is claiming that NazBols are running this board, and that Marxist-Leninists are the same as NazBols, which is just a desperate attempt to smear us.

To be fair to Muke there's loads of MLs on here who are obviously recent NazBol converts, giving us a bad name, and our B.O. going after everyone but NazBols makes it look like they tacitly support them.

do they actually even like each other

There are a lot of fucking flooding from liberals here, but muke didn't talked about that

No there aren't. I haven't seen any of this at all.

Bat'ko is chill as far as I can tell, but Muke is just fucking obnoxious, as he is to everybody these days. This is either a sign that he will renounce communism soon because he doesn't like the community, or that he definitely needs to loose his virginity.

Stop being hysterical. Muke is someone who disagrees with you. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal or crypto-liberal.

I'm not an asshole to everyone I disagree with though.

You're not an asshole to people you disagree with? Have you read your own posts in this thread?

That wasn't because I disagree with him. It was because his insufferable conduct. He can take the heat, considering he insults and smears people he doesn't like all the time on Twitter. I disagree with Bat'ko too, but he's still a comrade of mine.

You seem pretty upset, user. Maybe you should take a break from the internet for a bit to cool off? :^)

Hating on annoying e-celebs should be absolutely tolerated on an imageboard. Where do you think you are?

Nope. Hating on ecelebs is itself an annoying behavior and it feeds into the perpetual drama that surrounds them. It's annoying, unproductive, and pathetic.
I'm just an anonymous poster on the internet :^)

Yes there are

Nobody's saying these thing, they're saying that the autistic screeching about "muh ebil Redditors xDD" is cancerous as fuck.

There was a thread a few weeks ago.
I mean, where do you think all the "muh ☭TANKIE☭s are r.ed fascists" come from?

Muke, go away. Hating on e-celebs is a staple of imageboards. Have you become a newfag?

Obviously you've not posted on many imageboards, because hating on people bitching about ecelebs is a tradition almost as old as bitching about ecelebs.

implying one thread in two weeks is evidence for the board being invaded by liberals
They came from people getting mad at the B.O. filtering topics they cared about. I'm critical of, but I'm not going to pretend like banning discussion of that topic is a good thing. If the B.O. wanted to make the board better they should have discussed the topic and argued in favor of their perspective like a normal person.

Wow, Luke taking opportunities to shit on other people, people I thought were his friends, like Space.

I guess he thinks he's really cool now

He's read Critique of the Gotha Program. That makes him a scholar on theory, you know. Over a hundred years of Leninist or anarchist thought debunked with this simple trick!

I think Muke is just pissed off by the chat.

At girst i wanted to give muke the benefit of the doubt but I'm joining anti muke gang soon if this idiot doesn't chill out

It's amazing how he can just casually say shit like this. The texts by Marx that Muke has read, as far as I know, are Value Price and Profit, Wage Labour and Capital and Critique of the Gotha Programme. After reading three pretty short texts he believes he knows Marx better than one of the most important revolutionaries ever, who studied Marx his entire life.

And Muke didn't even start with this "I understand Marx better than Lenin" shit after reading any of those texts, but after reading a text on libcom by some japanese leftcom nobody.

He also said that Richard D. Wolff is "obviously not a Marxist" because he talks about co-ops.

He openly talks about visiting Holla Forums as recently as last night on twitter, so yes

It's obvious he's been hanging out in reddit leftcom spaces, where extra focus is put into using language prescriptively for some retarded reason - my least favorite trend amongst leftcoms.

Does he still sell trot newspapers?

Ah yes. The kind of place where you say Kommunist instead of just communist and Kritik instead of critique.


You really are new, then, at least to fullchan. Go back.

Show some respect. The Japanese leftcommunist movement that peaked at two dozen students (number got cut in half after one half executing the other) is obviously the example what we all should follow. Look, there was that Japanese dude who analyzed some translation of some German text (perhaps an indirect translation, German->English->Japanese), and what the Japanese dude wrote got translated again into English, and that's an ideal template for making arguments that use a few word atoms as a fulcrum to rotate kilometres of texts around to create a gigantic origami goatse and call that piece of art "What Marx Truly Must Have Meant"(TM). What other opinion could a reasonable person possibly have, do you think the native German speaker who disagreed with Muke in the thread we had about that here knows better than Mr dead Japanese dude delivered (an no doubt, improved) by a chain of twitter theorists to Muke, you philistine!?!?!

The worst one is the extra autistic focus on how communism/socialism actually ISN'T left because "you wouldn't call capitalists left-feudalists would you?", even though I probably would and it's a pointless semantic debate in the first place.

So is 'studying Marx your entire life' reasoning to never be wrong on Marx ever?

Fairly sure Kautsky spend a lot of time studying Marx. Hell, he even met the guy. You faggots will accept without question one Marxist scholar got it completely wrong, but as soon as someone suggests another one did you lose your shit, all the while never really looking into the arguments for either case.

Hello, Muke.

The problem isn't that no one can criticize Lenin, it's that "one book Muke" is doing it. It's just one step up from Joy Ann Reid saying the same thing.

i wan 2 fug mukes boipucci

Like it's not that you can't criticise Lenin. It's that a fucking 19 year old youtuber who absolutely is not well read on Marxist theory is repeatedly saying that he understands Marx better than one of the most important Marxist thinkers ever. Muke (who started a youtube channel to educate people on Marxism, after reading one (1) book on the topic) saying Lenin didn't understand Marx is nothing like Kautsky and Lenin disagreeing with each other, for gods sake.

I chuckled.

I think you're both confused as to how he came to that conclusion. He never randomly decided it, he drew the conclusion from what people who have studied Marx for years say, particularly from that libcom article, which was the condensed version of a section of a book about Marx's conception of Capital.

About a month ago, we had a thread where Tsushima's text got dissected, and there was one guy (maybe two) saying it was the greatest shit ever and he was constantly assblasted about absolutely ever reply, then there was another thread about it just a week or so later, and that guy declaring himself the winner of the last thread, and couldn't paraphrase anything said to him in the other thread, and he also forgot what was said to him during the second thread.

The text by Tsushima is peak sectarianism, since there is nothing in the differences he claims to have with the other guys which really implies any difference in 1. how to get to / identify the revolutionary situation, and 2. how to actually do things in the real world during the beginning of the socialist transformation; and the long term doesn't really depend on theory guys who mainly talk to each other in a language nobody outside their club understands. (And his attempt to make a case for his position regarding this very long-term stuff isn't good. It will happen that way because Marx said so is an absolute SHIT-tier argument even when talking to a Marx fetishist, since Marx didn't claim to have a magic crystal ball and was very vague about the very long term, and when you look at the few vague words Marx produced on that topic, you don't really get the impression that Tsushima nails it. Tsushima getting it wrong is also not important, since it literally doesn't have an effect on anything, it doesn't work as advice for what any org should do right now or in an actually revolutionary situation or in the early phase of the transformation. Tsushima calls other people idiots over something which is basically off-topic for the era we live in, as sad as it is to say that, and he doesn't deal with that off-topic question in a competent way either.)

didnt read the rest sorry

Tell me how you will survive on twitter now that they allow 280 characters, Muke.

why on earth are you talking about that, that's not the libcom article. That's just an essay that discusses what Socialism might look like.

This is the libcom article that talks about Lenin's understanding of

The only arguments ☭TANKIE☭s have had against this is that it's from

He's been shitting on space for months,

The article is similar to Tsushima's in that it tries to draw particular meaning with certainty from a few words. It makes a big deal out of distinctions in meaning when Marx said society instead of state. But given that he talks about post-class society either way I don't think that makes a big dif.
The article also says that Marx wrote about people indeed getting back in proportion to the amount of work they do. Of course, if you want, you can define getting labour vouchers as something else than getting a wage, but this ultimately rests on distinctions that people in the world out there don't usually make. Describe labour vouchers to a normie and ask him whether he still considers getting these for work as getting a wage. Pretty sure he will say yes.

The whole article is about obsessing over a handful of ambiguous words.

Ignore one book muke, watch finbol. Not only is he better read, his videos actualy have structure and his voice is soothing. This in contrast to muke's perennially-stuck-in-puberty voice, and obnoxious "take reverse take" video style.


who cares?

That picture scares me

Wait until you learn what she's drowning in.