How can I use Cuba to cite as an example of a successful Socialist economy in the modern era when the "muh socialism...

How can I use Cuba to cite as an example of a successful Socialist economy in the modern era when the "muh socialism always fails" argument comes up? What sort of deflections will I get?

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Cuba is capitalist, not socialist; thou canst have one-country socialism.

Che was a Chad.

Same as you do with the URSS.
Also just side it with haiti
Same as always


Private property is fucking outlawed there basically. If Cuba is not socialist what the fuck you gonna cite instead? NK? That'll go over well.

Castro died with millions in his accounts.


Cuba is a small island with an embargo that lasts for decades. The fact that they survived this far is amazing, it's proof alone that colectivism is superior.

Nice american propaganda, fuck off with this shit.
It was debunked.

This is the correct answer. Socialism is not "when the state owns production". Let's not trick people into thinking it is.

ta.nkies should really read marx first instead of Stalin

Providing healthcare to the people of your fiefdom is not socialism.

Cuba's only value is in contrasting it against the US and showing how shit it is in comparsion despite its huge wealth.

It was Lenin who said that

Cuba is literally not socialist their Mark-Suc

citation needed
"The development of capitalism proceeds extremely unevenly in different countries. It cannot be otherwise under commodity production. From this it follows irrefutably that socialism cannot achieve victory simultaneously in all countries. It will achieve victory first in one or several countries, while the others will for some time remain bourgeois or pre-bourgeois."


Socialism When You Wish Upon a Star

International revolution doesn't mean that every country on earth has a revolution all at the exact same time.

so what should cuba have done differently? ask if florida wanted to do a revolution with them?

what's up with that?


Cuba couldn't have done anything different. because conditions were improper for international revolution

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post. Don't worry, since anti-soviet leftists are more eager to collaborate with reactionaries than left-wingers, and make themselves irrelevant, next time we will ensure they will STAY irrelevant.

why should revolutionaries in one country wait when they are ready for revolution, potentially killing their opportunity, to appease the arbitrary qualifier of international-ness?

If there is a revolution in one country then the same thing that has happened to all "socialism within one country"s will happen as well. Capitalism is a global system and needs to be destroyed globally. A revolution in one country and only one country is not an anti-capitalist revolution precisely because of this.

What's wrong with that?

That's right, revolutions don't come about because everything is fine and dandy.
I don't know how that was relevant
I am afraid youa re confused, a revolution is not a coup. It is not the swapping out of one government for another "left wing" one.
Cool larping

What's wrong with constant collapses and only establishing an alternate form of capitalism?

Soviet Union was the only reason capitalists played nice with workers, and leftist thinkers were actually listened to. A platform they used to bash the Soviet Union. Now the USSR is gone, Yugoslavia was torn apart, and leftists became irrelevant for a quarter of a century.

I never said that the Soviet Union was larping.

Sure it was. It actually tried to promote socialism, help other revolutions and improve people's lives around the globe. Something that was met with scorn. So next time, you're on your own.

Do you not know what larping is? And i was referring to you as the larper for making vague threats such as "next time we will ensure they will STAY irrelevant." as if you will have any power to decide who are what will be forced to stay irrelevant.

Oh, no threats on my part. But anti-communist left can't be useful idiots to capitalists if you give them no ammo.

Great! If you wanted to keep yourself quiet so badly then why speak up at all? You wouldn't want to give the capitalists any ammo now would you?

even marx thought it'd basically be the germans or, maybe, POSSIBLY the *shudders* the french leading the lesser peoples into socialism

Cuba is socialist.
I said Cuba is socialist, not a FULL COMMUNIST society.
There are neighbourhood councils who take most of the political decisions (the state controls mostly diplomatic and military aspects of government). In EVERY SINGLE ONE of these council buildings, there is a stockpile of weapons and ammunition, unguarded, meant for the use of the general population in case of a Burger invasion. If Cuba's so bad, why hasn't an uprising happened?

Fuck all of these liberals, zuccdems and armchairists, Cuba is actually existing socialism. None of you has gone there and seen the fucking progress.



but it's more comfy than liberal capitalism

AIDS "education camps"
Fidel Castro was a racist
Che Guevara was a racist
Racism is a prerequisite for a successful socialist takeover

Neither is socialism "workers' ownership of the means of production." When will this meme die?


I have a video saved on YouTube which you can use as a first hand account

Also make sure you bring up that they've been under embargo since the Missile Crisis and them being around for so long is a sign of good things to come. Note that people will say "they drive old cars" point out what I said before. "I have people who left Cuba", use my video I just shared. A think from someone who lived there

Parenti speaks with such passion.