Some of my friends know that I'm a socialist, but my ancap friend keeps trying to dissuade them...

Some of my friends know that I'm a socialist, but my ancap friend keeps trying to dissuade them. how do I make the ultimate case against capitalism and for socialism?
Any tips, infographics, memes or anything will be helpful.

remind your ancap friend that if things were done your way all your friends would have more power and if things were done his way you would all be enslaved

I dont even understand how one comes across ancaps in real life

Usually AnCaps (that I've come across) are just unknowing Mutualists, Mutualism is a mostly dead ideology and because it has so few followers irl it's pretty easy for ancaps to coop Mutualists who don't know about the ideology into AnCaps are boost their numbers.
I mean I was an unknown Mutualist for the longest time because I held onto the belief that "People need money because nobody does things for free." Although I was never a big fan of the whole AnCap philosophy and had a dislike towards the theories but Communism was the big bad ideology where the government does things so I would always turn a blind eye to AnComs. When I discovered Mutualism I got off the AnCap Kool-Aid instantly

I'm a brainlet and new to Communism

How is Syndicalism or anarcho syndaclism different from Socialism, I also read somewhere that "regular" syndicalism doesn't ban capitalism or something along those lines in which case I don't think I like it much.

Syndicalism is a method of organization in unions or in workplaces. If a syndicalist doesn't want to destroy capitalism he's probably a fascist trying to sound left. The issues with syndicalism are more with unions having lost their revolutionary potential, the IWW is the last one left and it's barely revolutionary any more.

Isn't that just Socialism since the workers own the means of production?

Syndicalism is just a method of managing capital by moving capital ownership to democratically controlled unions.

By being the better friend you win their confidence.


So Syndicalists and Socialists run the government the same way? Just Syndicalists and different styles of Socialists have different ways to get to Socialism??

I don't understand the question

Do Syndicalists and Socialists run Society the same?

No. Syndicalism is a method of organizing workplaces. Socialism is the negation of capital and all that it entails.

So Syndicalism keeps some form of """capitalism"""? Like pay differences and wealth differences and buying goods with money you worked for but you get your full labors payment so the differences aren't as extreme?

This is my brainlet showing







I'm still very confused

It doesn't keep a form of capitalism. It is capitalism. It merely replaces the management of capital to unions. There would still be independent producers and because of this the value form would continue to exist.

He's being autistic about the real movement that abolishes the present state of things. You're describing mutualism, syndicalism is just a method of organization that lost relevance after unions lost revolutionary potential.

idk what you mean by socialists, socialist can be any leftist depending on the context even the anarchists you just mentioned are socialists

Tell them the story of Bell Labs
One thing that is massively underplayed by people on the left is how capitalism only celebrates capitalists.
The people who worked at Bells Labs created the foundation for modern life, yet you know not a single one of their names.
They created the laser, solar cell, mosfet, transistor, but you don't know a single one of their names.
When you ask someone to list names of people related to computers, they are going to give you Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
These people did little to nothing to advancing technology, they merely were the ones who generated the most capital from them.
This is the inherent problem with capitialism, people don't care where it came from, only how fast they can get it in their hands. They don't respect the work of those who made it possible for them to enjoy this, from those who invented it to those who toil in factories in horrid conditions. It just has a fucking Apple logo on it and that is what matters.

Well what books should I pick up or people to listen too. I hear Chomsky is good but I have no idea where to start. From what I've seen of the IWW they look pretty nice, but I wouldn't really like a system where it's capitalism but unions control everything and companies and factories are still trying to out compete each-other and workers in factories like coca cola or something make tons more money then a sock factory (since they sell more) even if the workers got their full labor payment or something like that. But I'm open to change

Then I read somewhere that anarcho-syndaclism is more similar to what I like. I'm a mega Brainlet and I need some educating. I think it sounds like I'm something else if what I described before is Syndicalism.

Here's something on Anarchism and something specifically on Anarcho-Syndicalism.

If you don't want capitalism or a rebranding of capitalism then you could just be a communist. Although if you are interested in syndicalism i recommend Rudolph Rucker and Daniel De Leon.

if there was a magic sentence to dismiss capitalism we would be in full communism by now.
But if you want to make your ancap friend look stupid just ask him about simple infrastructure questions like how police works, how justice system works, how water distribution works (lead in water even has some modern day paralels). He will come with a patchwork of retarded borderlinepsycothic solutions tha no sane person will take seriously unless he is a real high level ancap with max persuasion. if your friends fall for his bullshit they probabbly are hopeless.

Thank you friends I'll give them a read

Trying to stop people from setting up a socialist means of production is against the NAP.

simple, communism is in self interest of the workers

Kind of a tall order there. I have this list here. It's not the most beginner-friendly thing ever, but still.

I suggest you don't get hung up on -isms. Judge ideas independent of what an -ism think of it. Always be prepared to dissent.