"Jazz Is Degenerate"

Substantiate this claim, Marxist-Adornoists and students of The Frankfurt School Of Witchcraft And Musical Snobbery. challenge you to listen to The A Train by Duke Ellington and not at least catch yourselves unconsciously tapping your feet a few times.

jazz isn't degenerate, but rock n' roll definitely is.

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I would like to see an actual response to this, tbh.

Actually, Adorno's criticism of jazz was opposite to conservative nazi view on art. Adorno praised abstract, intellectual, avant-garde art, what was called by nazis 'degenerate', and hated jazz for being commercial and fake, when after appropriation from black folk musicans if became mechanical artistic self-lying

and that's not the point, that commercial songs aren't playful and catchy, but that in fact they're; so they're like ilusions, sold as opiate to working class, to make a living under the tyranny of capital prettier and nicer, when social reality remain alienated and covered, and are not present in art

highly intellectal, acstract, and incomprehensible modern music was, for Adorno, expression of the most extreme alienation, what the objective spirit can give; that's why he perceived it as true art, and commercial popular music as false image

also, Adorno hated protest songs because it changed topics containing social reality and real problems of capitalism, into something consumable and even playful;
that made working class dance to sound of our own misery and hopelessness, like dance of death, to sound of petty bourgeois radio stations

I'll have you know I fucking love jazz

So basically, Adorno's criticism of jazz was more materialistic rather than being based on ideological abstractions such as race or degenracy

What musicians did he like? John Cage I'm guessing.

This could be describing krautrock!

Interesting diagnosis was made by Adorno about American culture of musical sensitivity, I'll try to quote:

It's obvious, that Adorno didn't criticize origins of jaz: true, authentic Black American culture, but that what was appropriated, industrialized and sold by music industry.


He liked Arnold Schönberg very much, but also Beethoven when listened intellectualy and with regards to historical context.

So, 'I liked jazz before it was cool'?

So music is art when it serves the people to express their feelnigs and experiences, it's true when it was people music, folk/ethnic, but then it was chenged into product, that was served to people by owners of radio stations. Even if artists was coming from the same social group , that was chosen as a consuments, this form of music was already alienated and served to entertain them, and to subordinate them to the external musical authority: rhythm and standards who were beyond questioning, dressed up as improvisation.
Fake freedom, like freedom in liberal capitalism: you can choose everything and walk free, until you choose and walk as you need to be a prodictive unit.

I thought the same thing when Green Day sold out.

You will never love anything more than Adorno loved music. I challenge you to read On Jazz and not catch yourself seeing in it an accurate critique of recordings like The A Train by Duke Ellington.

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What's wrong with Ellington?