Present, to the supreme revolutionary council...

present, to the supreme revolutionary council, the pros and cons of genociding those who refuse to acknowledge there is no god in public.
Pros: more resources for everyone, average intelligence goes up, humanity will not be distracted by thoughts of the afterlife, humanity has just taken a huge step towards the future, liberal tears, it attracts many young angsty oppressed youth to the cause
Cons: time making mass graves, guillotine sharpening, some cuties who would make good sex slaves may get executed(though it is extremely reactionary and not Marxists to keep sex slaves)
There is a strong historical precedent for genocide, why should communist deny this tool?
Let's face it communism is the most advanced creation mankind has ever created.
In this world Muslims are killing Muslims because they have a dispute over who of two dead guys was the prophet's successor. In the past Christian killed Christians because of minor doctrinal differences. Man has killed man for simply speaking another language or having the wrong last name.
Why do such minor unimportant reactionary ideas get to use brutal tactics while the communist tie their hands behind their back.
If you are a reactionary communism is you enemy. Communism isn't to be concealed and kept in the dark to supposedly fester and grow. Communism isn't a virus that kills you. Communism is beast that sinks it fangs into your neck, the beast does not care whether you see it or not, it only wants you dead.
If ye comrades be apprehensive about implementing effective techniques remember all the common people who rose up and fought for communism and died horrible deaths, lost family, lost years in order to achieve communism. How frustrated would they be to see their sacrifice was for naught. 60 years after the Greek comrades rose up, Greece is still oppressed. 60 years after Mao declared the Chinese people have stood up, the Chinese people are forgotten and exploited by the rulers. 80 years after the may 15th incident in Japan, Japan still lives under an emperor. 60 years after the Soviets defeated the fascists, there are no Soviets.
You may disagree with the leaders of the movements, but I don't ask you to take into consideration what they did. I ask you to think about the young man who walked away from the family house not knowing whether he would come back alive. Guided by the desire to liberate his fellow proletariat. What was his death for? And why has so little changed since then?

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