How do you deal with the fact that greedy capitalism and the seek of profit from corporations has destroyed everything...

how do you deal with the fact that greedy capitalism and the seek of profit from corporations has destroyed everything you loved (videogames, music, cartoons, art) but you still think that free market is a better idea than pure socialism.

I consider myself a clasical liberalist, ancap or libertarian or wathever you wanna call it.

I still see the value of free market, but I see what capitalism is doing because of greedy corporations.

how do you make a peace with such diferent views.

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for what pvrpose?

This isn't a corruption of capitalism though, it just is capitalism. It's inevitable for the rich to get richer and accumulate wealth through monopoly and anti-consumer tactics.

man why do commies push the idea that there's not a single version of comunism but there's a single version of capitalism?

nice double standart.

Sure there's some different versions of capitalism but other than extreme social democracy (which I'm sure you would oppose) there's no kind that alters the basic fact that under capitalism capital creates more capital. Without rentseeking and exploitation of wage labour capitalism is impossible and those things will always mean that the profits of the rich rise faster than the wages of labour.

how do you feel about ancaps?

Not very positive my lad. I mean I don't want to be mean but most ancaps seem to just hate poor people.

There are ways on how to achieve that depending on your flavor of socialism, but what we all want is the same.

Don't buy from them. It's that simple.

I'm not well versed in political ideologies but I still think people should be free to sell and buy shit and put their own bussiness without the goverment fucking up small bussiness with regulations that favour big corporations, and that people should produce shit based on price signals using coops to produce locally what they need.

am I a ancap?

You can't. You're beginning to see the light, user.

If you think coops should be the only businesses you might be an ancom I guess. But if you think there should be no government but still capitalism, big businesses will just crush the small under their heel. 'Corporations are only successful because of government regulations' is a red herring, sure they abuse that stuff when they can but their size and economies of scale means they'll always be able to outcompete small businesses. Example: Walmart often sells at a loss for years when they enter an area until they drive the competition out of business and only then raise prices, how could a small business with a limited cashflow stop that?

stop being a classcuck who serves the interests of someone other than yourself and read a fucking book

i don't like markets so this contradiction doesn't really arise.

it's not just corporations, that really has to be emphasised. look at the furry fandom - very little to any corporate involvement and mostly petit bourg bespoke companies. still a shitshow on a level arguably worse than videogames.

we need a much greater degree of both individual production of entertainment media (rather than buying in or commissioning) to generate the maximum degree of entropy and create new ideas with ease, but we also need a return to the paternalistic thinking that once dominated British television. That is, sometimes you need to give people what is good for them rather than what they "want"

as always love this quote

Now, while videogames are stupid so this doesn't entirely apply, it's still a good way of thinking. On this level, results trump process. If the right products aren't being produced (and I freely admit, "I" define "right", though this is more broad than "everything will be to my taste") then the market has lost it's licence to exist in the present form.

It's also worth noting the actual forces at play in the videogame industry. It's not just that big corporations came in and ruined everything, but also that development costs have been spiralling upwards leading to the collapse of mid tier players. There is perhaps a far more moderate solution here (still using the state to bash heads together) of breaking up the resulting large companies and trying to force a competitive situation where everyone is budget constrained and forced to innovate.

because monopolies of old industries become conservatives as fuck and then they're too slow to enter newer markets.

see kodak.
see microsoft and mobile
see IBM
see train and coal industry
see cryptos replacing the banking sector
see internet replacing the telecom industry
see youtube and netflix replacing tv and blockbuster

newer technologies replace older monopolies.

that's one good thing from capitalism.

Why you don't like lootbox in your games, but user it's maximise profit, you should really enjoy it ! it's just a market after all ! i'm right ?
Oh look another great studio die because they are not profitable enough, EA are just great !
Oh look patents it's sur with that will not limit invention for seek of profit !
Oh look IdPol, we can sell stuff with that for "Social change™".
Oh look We don't like insult so we want everyone to be polite™ & tolerant™.

Read Marx,
it's just Capitalisme.


they were invented in a capitalist country though.

That's a nice argument but it's not played out by reality, sure one monopoly sometimes overtakes another but the overall trend will always be towards conglomerisation.

I'm not so sure, bro.

sure, we can agree crony capitalism suck.

but I still consider mysel an ancap or whatever you wanna call it.

mate Capitalism is Capitalism there no "Capitalism without Capitalism opression"

you need to shill me more gulags and venezuelan starving memes to sell me socialism.

venezuelan professionals come to my city to suck dicks to afford food bro.

75% private industry… sure looks like socialism to me!

bro, no need to shill me socialism when all my life marxist guerrillas has been shilling me their ideology through terrorism financed by Cuba.

We even clap when non leftist leaders that aren't even extremists get killed, not talking into account we support right wing death squads killing human rights workers here.

So no, we don't want socialism in our country.

oh boy here we go again, let me == R E D == pill you :

i will for that ex-ancap that become a ancom , he is called BadMouse :

I choosed badmouse because he has the same ideology "background"

and some zizek :

go watch and comeback

Just start humanity over again nigga like just drop some nukes man

I'm not so sure bro.

you need to read more on my shithole history.

There's not left here, all the historical important leaders have been killed.
All the left movements have to separate themselves from marxism socialist because being a "guerrillero" means political suicide when you got Cuba and Venezuela in your borders.
Also the average citizen here loves USA and capitalism.

So no, no need to shill me socialism to a colombian, that's like shilling comunism to a republican.

here's a good analizis:

97% of my country thinks of terrorism, drug dealers, chavez and cuba when we think of leftwing politics and socialism.

So no, don't shill me your ideology.

you have nothing to lose in watching those video.
beside you will understand more.'état

we are all prisonner of ideology :

there no "good" or "evil". you should learn about ideology.

bro, I rather read Basic Economics of sowell than read marxists books, at least the free market ones makes more sense rather than blaming the evil capitalism.

and every citizen here has families or have personal acquaintances which have at least one family killed by leftist here.

I myself have a political cousin that dissapeared because of his political afiliations here (we presume it was the guerrilla) and a female friend of my aunt was killed by the guerrilla.

So no, we don't like nor we don't want socialism here.

you're a reactionary - gtfo :^)
Jk. Just embrace socialism

rather dead than red we say in my shithole.

Are you saying you don't know anyone killed by capitalism? Sounds sheltered as fuck.

we rather be like the united states rather than venezuela.

look, the people who support socialism and marxism are always first world sheltered white kids.

nobody, who have to deal with real socialists and marxists in the real world, actually supports them.

I don't like marxists because marxists have killed people from my near social circle.

And I see everyday venezuelans inmigrating again to my shithole telling me how good is to live under socialism.

So no, you don't need to shill me your meme ideology.

I rather have food in my supermarket.

you're ignorant about anything to do about "marxists books", you're prisonner of your own ideology you can't escape from it,
the only you can do if you want arguee to know the basic of it, even reading just the wikipedia arctile will do.
i will submit to you 3 questions, you will go and answer it, then look them up from wikipedia.

-define communism.
-What's Labor theory of value ?
-Why do you need to work ?

comunism was something the jews invented to destroy western society, basically to blame the poor situation of workers under industrial revolution.

It basically is to punish the hard workers of a society by taxing them to sustain the leeches of a society (niggers and spics) by taking resources from the hard working class to feed and educate low Autism Level races (like mine) rather than letting them to help themselves, learn to work hard, build their own bussiness and make wealth by themselves.

capitalism rewards hard workers people to create wealth that society benefits from.
comunism is a meme ideology that punishes asians and whites so niggers can afford to not work, make crime and spend their welfare check on drugs and cocaine.

It's goal is to destroy western countries and install a jew new world order.

pseudoscience disproven by real economics like austrian economics.

because somebody has to create all the wealth and food and clean the streets and mantain the machines that clean the streets.
Not all people can afford to be renaisance people or even artists.



there's not real marxist on white countries, is all a bunch of old professors that spend their lives reading books like wolff or sanders and a bunch of entitled SJW millenials.

the real marxists are here doing what socialism is: taking control of your population, make it like cuba and worst korea and starving your population.

I rather read austrian economics than something written by a jew.
hell, even chicago economics make more sense than marxists.

So, who owns the factories and pushes globalism and all the other memes?

don't blame capitalism for something done by the jews.

Not arguing that those don't exist, but I'm going to assume you live in South America by your post and almost nowhere there has any of that been true. Hell, look at Colombia's history with the FARC and ELN. Also, in your view, Marxists are both dangerous tyrants with the strength to round you up and throw you in a gulag but also sheltered lifestylist white kids who are incapable of doing anything meaningful. You can't have both.

there's not real marxist on white countries, is all a bunch of old professors that spend their lives reading books like wolff or sanders and a bunch of entitled SJW millenials.
the real marxists are here doing what socialism is: taking control of your population, make it like cuba and worst korea and starving your population.

"Capitalism is trading and markets" is a meme defintion that if it were true it would hold no contradiction to socialism.

You come across like someone who doesn't read much of anything. Typical illiterate jungle monkey. Hope you get killed by a guerrilla.

you need to read the critiques of socialism done by free market guys and why it doesn't work.

You say you want to be like burgerstan well you sure are goddamn retarded like burgerstan, you might as well be honorary burger

well it's seem i had wasted my time, i tried te be friendly and min educated you,you even can't not read wikipedia articles.
keep stuck in your downfall, incapable of rational thinking. not wanting to escape.

so why did you even bother us ?
if you have nothing to learn, begone.

It's called mutualism, OP. Any capitalist system is absolute cancer, even worse so without any government to ensure some type of freedom on private property.

I consider myself a republican, so you're trying to sell comunism to someone who follows le argument meme youtube philosopher and the water filter news youtuber guy.

In any case, I do think crony capitalism needs to be in somehow dismantled, the deep state needs to be purgued, the dems need to fuck off and many other things.

I don't agree capitalism is evil and shit, I do think we can solve many problems like poverty and greedy practice by replacing the welfare state with an universal basic income.

that way people with skills and dreams don't have to work for others and rather would make their own bussiness and innovate, artists would create art, companies would have to make wages that convince people to work there, people would be able to afford leisure.

I still think capitalism can be reformed.

What's mutualism?

actually I agree with austrian school.

Its time to stop shitposting

What you call crony capitalism is simply the lack of understanding of the instrumental role that the state plays in enforcing private property. The fact that the state and the ruling class have an important relationship with each other can only mean one thing in this context: cronyism is immanently integrated into the system.

and you're simply using words to blame capitalism over what the globalist want.

blame the jews if you wanna put that way.

I'm a right wing person, good luck shilling me left ideas.

A low government system of non capitalist free trade and markets replacing corporations with democratic businesses instead.

Where are they going to work for themselves when everything is owned by the rich? They have to work for someone else because they majority of us don't have land and can't get land because owning land is the key to being rich and the rich will never give up enough land to let not be at the top of society. At best you can get some useless plots of lands with the wealth you're able to accumulate by working for someone else to give you the illusion that you're getting anything done.

How about you understand what capitalism is first before assuming what socialism is?

that sounds fine to me (mutualism).

like local cities hiring a private national coop made from paid volunteers to fix the roads.

rich people aren't the problem.

people that create wealth and invest and build companies should be rich.

99% of families become poor after the third generation.

like 80% of rich people are first generation.

I don't quite follow. Are you trying to say that I'm pinning the blame on Jews?

Gona need some citations on that ol'boomer

you can't blame capitalism over what the cabal of zionists jews are trying to do.
globalism and neoliberalism are the same shit (jew control).

agreed, rather it's property owners in specific and become rich of it in the progress.
Agreed, Property owners are not part of this as their work consists of not working while collecting the work of others.
Wouldn't suprise me, wealth always consolidates upwards in capitalism while everyone else gets poorer, the rise of monopolies since reagan era deregulation is bound to leave some property owners without porperty to leech off.

Hope you don't quit the friendliness thing comrade, we need more of ya on this board.

Thats not a citation thats just a website making an unsourced claim

What system got them there?
What system keeps them there?
What system increases their wealth?

and who suported ideologically the russian revolution and invented cultural marxism?

and who suported both allies and nazis in WWII?

do you think they care about ideology?

only dumb sheeps fight over ideology.

Can you go 5 minutes without muh jews?

Imperial Germany?

fuck i forgot to backup my zizek pics.

funny how you support an ideology invented by a jew.


who owns the porn industry, media industry, academia and control 2/3 of american political power.

I know it's just semantics, but no, that's not what that is, seeing how there would still be markets and capital accumulation, money, commodity production. It would simply be capitalism with co-ops

Hey ☘️☘️☘O'brein☘️☘️☘️, what are you doing


nice digits, Holla Forums

Muh joos.

Also fuck off iidf

yeah, good goys, let's blame capitalism but never ask yourself who profits over capitalism and owns media and the political power.

good goy, divide and conquer.


I think I know who…

Even if this were true, not all jews are capitalists, and they suffer at the hand of capitalists too, jewish or not.

They gain from capitalism and create communism to destroy it? How would being deplatformed by removing capitalism not ruin them if thats what they profit from? Sounds an awful lot you just want to force people to allign with your shitty ideology flip-flopping every chance you get.

let me guess you believe in the Frankfurt school conspiracy meme

their end goal is NWO.

it doesn't matter what colors or ideologies they use to gain control.

is always the jews.



rich people are jews, retards.

Holy shit man every single fucking day!
At least a day we have someone with a seemingly passive and curious atitutude come here pretending to want a conversation. Just to sudenly prove he is an utterly blinded by ideology lolbert, refusing to even try to understand any concept we bring up.
From now on use i will post pic related whenever i spot one.

I'm stealing this pic
but renaming it

Of course not, goy

Mixing by Autism Level involves a lot of overriding variables resulting in unreliable results. Also, what area, what industry, what country - everything counts. Without it it's just empty propaganda.

why do you think they want to make anti semitism ilegal in every country?

Holy shit this kid can't look past his ideology.

And they earned it through diligence, hard work and intelligence. Survival of the fittest in the free market. Are you trying to want to steal their well-earned wealth from them? Are you some kind of slimey, stinkin' commie bastard or what?

Intelectual property is a spook user, It was yours from the start. Feel free to improve it as you see fit.

Get out Holla Forums!

Where are you getting all 40this info on a jewish conspiracy, did they tell you? How is it they run the world's shittiest conspiracy in the worls and still have control over everything, What the fuck is an NWO, how would it be any differant tha. The delusional worldview where the jews already control all of the things, and yet must control more.
Most capitalist aren't jews, and even if they were, capitalism doesn't discriminate on who can be an exploiter. If you get capital, you can extract surplus value from workers, if somebody in Africa has enough capital to start a firm, they could extract surplus value, or someone jewish, or asian (lots of successful capitalists in china) or anybody.

tl:dr you talk like a fag and your shit's retarded

Also, it's not in who are rich, and who are poor (it's primitive and arbitraty separation) but who are owners of means of production - bosses, and who are workers. Dividing it on false 'rich - poor', is giving a assumption of reality to a bourgeoise money system, and then, engaging us in power fights internal to ruling class (like, Jewish ruling class vs. non-Jewish ruling class fights) where we're only amunition

start digging faggots.

Because they didn't want more retards throwing chip outs against other citizens while getting the country ruined in the process.

nah not really, during the middle ages Christians didn't wanna touch money or anything with finance so that's why all the jews are bankers. They took all the finical sector jobs. Nothing really to do with the hard work meme.

Why do you think the US invested into shutting down communist countries and outlaws communist parties?

You dont, any anyone that advocates for a society that bases its progress and continuity on the adquisition of wealth as its ulterior motive deserves its shallow, predictable product

Read this.

Get out Holla Forums!
All g mah nigga I ran out of nazbol memes.

OP calm down


lurk moar.

this and jews were not allowed to have land, so they became alchemists and merchants. All the hate towards them also led to them having a really close and self supporting community. Ironically christianity made jews the perfect capitalists, rich, hidden and with tons of privileged information.

If you can't be bothered to read wikipedia, why should I be bothered to read you're retarded shit.

I did read it, whoo lad. Not 1 citation, a non ironic use of ILLOOMINARTI, and trying to tell me (a skewed) history with ,e,es and shitty poorly editited prose, fuck off what a fucking slog that was

It's time to take the red pill Holla Forums. You're not even begining to scratch the real surface the rothschilds are just puppets.

I'm not Holla Forums I don't really know why I'm here but as a free market libertarian type I am planning on trying to make my own video game and art because I am dissatisfied with current vidya/movies/etc. Maybe people will buy my game and I can make a living on it. I can at least try and if I fail at least I will have had fun along the way and gain a new skill (I'm learning to draw).

you're a simple child trying to understand what is happening behind the scenes, blaming something you don't understand.

wake up sheeps.

most of people are bluepilled as fuck thinking they're redpilled.

make a mobile free game, put some mobile banned with some bitcoin network.

become rich in five years of the bitcoins you have made.