Varg brfo's alt-faggots

He's literally primitivist NAZBOL now

since when is it a requirement to type 140 characters?

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neoliberal vargemites btfo

says the man in the car, recording his opinion on camera and uploading it to the internet

anprims are retards

He keeps burning them with this, amazing

and also has an affinity for Twix

Excuse me but Varg operates a very sustainable soviet car which he endlessly praises for its efficiency and longevity compared to cars manufactured under capitalism.

He liked the comment of a Pol Pot poster.

Well he's basically a white hotep but I'll be damned if he isn't meme-able as fuck


Do you think he knows what that image stands for?

He's clearly aware that glasses are a modern invention popularized by sand religions

He doesn't come over as uneducated, he probably knows. He's been talking about how he likes intelligent leftists that care about the enviroment and grow their own food, and he has been saying that leftists have a higher I.Q than right-wingers. In this entire video he calls the alt-right low I.Q all the time, I can literally feel the average alt-right dumbfuck shaking in wrath as he watches this while Varg makes chilled out videos in his Soviet car with relaxing tribal music.

Absolutely BTFO

Nazbol are jews hes not jewish LOL

Насколько вы, блядь, тупые, а?

His videos are extremely comfy. But this was coming one day or the other. I remember when he made a video slamming Front National, PVV, AfD and others and caused a lot of butthurt.

I need a Varg Vikernes, I need a Varg Vikernes to remove capitalism tonight

I'm not understanding what your video has to do with your claim

Varg's diagnosis is that civilization is ultimately unsustainable, which may be correct, fuck if I know. He's clearly a fucking crank on anything to do with race but I'll give him some credit for being consistent in regards to modernity.
In a hypothetical late-communist/anarchist future we'll probably have a few Vargs to deal with and I'm ok with letting him live on his weird ranch and write stories about dragons.

Meet Borg Bikernes, the Varg of the left.


Ладно, тогда НазПрим.

заткнись, жид

it's not my fault you don't understand practicality.

there's nothing practical about genocide and neoliberalism

Is it time for the weekly Holla Forums sucks eco-fascist cock thread already?

Meaning, he's a Maoist-Third Worldist.

He and Roo should hook up.

так что евреи не начали болививизм?

Чё за болививизм? Говори по Русски, мудак.


The end approaches, and you Bookmemers won't be able to stop it.

и как жы эта свазано с тем что я сказал?

По любому, мы оба знаем что NAZBOL эта не евреи придумали. Так что отсасись.

Go home liberal

I'm surprised he is able to have a following today with such poor video editing skills.
That scrolling text is straight out of YouTube circa 2008.

he is a primitivist

Actually very good graphics when you realize he made everything just by rubbing sticks together

Nazbol = Alt-right

Nah, most of the "alt-right" are just Koch-tier capitalist memers by now despite the original intent.

Is it really that bad to look forward to the end? the hope of it all collapsing is the only thing that keeps me going. I really can't stand oversocialised leftists, the utter meaningless of modern life or knowing i'm trapped in a cyber enhanced inverted panopticon hell.

t. Varg.

you're on my list

what is more kosher then nazbol ?

Varg is a primitivist as was Pol Pot. I'm sure he's at the very least sympathetic.

your ideology


Varg's ideology is like postcolonialism/decolonization from a white perspective.

We had a good run but I fear being overrun by thinly veiled genocidal reactionary's and the historically ignorant is Holla Forums's future.

who would've thought, coming from a man who burnt down churches from the age of converting europe from paganism

Varg is less spooked now but he's still really spooked


No. Varg is infinitely better than Roo. Varg is honestly the person on the internet who's views are closest to my own, but literally every other primitivist and turd positionist is so retarded I would never call myself either of these things.


What am I supposed to think about this image?

that "we want an ethnostate created via ethnic cleansing" is a retarded idea regardless of who the ethnostate is for


If this image is any representation, postcolonialism is literal fascism

I think Vary would get down with Camatte.

Euronymous liked Pol Pot, being an edgelord and all.

I had the same attitude on my last days of the alt right. I was a nazbol and saw the right in general are heading to self destruction. Then I ended up commie after the constant debates with pro-capitalists nationalists. I hated them with a passion so much that I moved as far from them as possible politically.

Why is he so bases?

what if I want ethnostates for everyone?

Not news to me, he literally praise communist countries here.

this was in the comments, ive never really thought of this line of argument to the answer socialism or barbarism

Wait, how does 'awakening' to your 'indigenous' European consciousness harm Western thought and philosophy? Europe is the source of most of that, as well as the source of colonialism.
Also, this is basically Blut und Boden. Fishhook theory proved correct once again.

he lives in a hut in the woods

"…a fight [class conflict] that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes."

Did you and I watch the same video? He only "praises" former Communist countries because now they're nationalistic and far right like he is.

What is it with this board and jerking off over crypto-fascists?


Nazbol flag just got removed and you think they are going to take over the board? I see this board becoming more leftcom and ML with a anarkiddie minority in the future more than anything

varg is stupid, just a richard spencer level of stupid, which is bit smarter than the ancaps of the aut right

No. He praises them because they didn't sellout their culture.
Culture and Closed boarders ecc. are not fucking nationalism or far right you fucking american

Why is this anchored? Not all videos with mildy famous people is shitty e-celeb drama that belongs in the /leftytrash/.

Mate, I was the OP on the last J Barg thread.

The OP on that thread had a tank flag tho.

Of course he does, he is pretty educated

You guys like Varg, too?! I'm really starting to like this board.

I honestly like Varg more than many leftists. I support him fully; the churches deserved worse.

I'd like to contact him and give him some anprim, eco-communist literature.

I like him more than any rightist as well.

I like his anti-alt-right videos, I can't stand those guys either. They're on a level of "spooked" all their own.