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Here's the mirrored video btw

how can such a brainlet have hundreds of thousands of subscribers .

Did Sargon just redpill a bunch of centrist libs into thinking that socialists despise SJW's?

He's not wrong though. The moderately liberal bourgeoise as a class is equally responsible for the repression of the proletariat.

I don't think his retarded fans will make connections

Saddest thing is he is a literal cuck. He's raising the kid of another. He is the best definition of cuck running around. Yet all his dipshit followers sprout 'cuck cuck cuck'.

No, his followers think liberals are dumb, and everything further left is insanity.

I don’t think being a step-Dad means your cucked. When did society get so fucked that people think caring for a child that’s not genetically yours is cuckoldry? Adoption has been common for millennia and so has remarriage of parents with children from past marriages.

I do think he was a retard for arguing that he was somehow cucking anyone by being a step-Dad.

Oh for fuck’s sake.


Can Zizek or someone just debate this idiot so he finally die off and get a real job already.

society didn't get so fucked, a bunch of incels desperate to manufacture SOME form of superiority over the sex-havers have declared all the sex-havers to be cucks anyway

daily reminder

There always has been a pressure to raise your own genetic off spring. Correct that adoption isn't uncommon in history, but on men in every society there has been pressure to produce their own off spring. It's a biological ingrained thing I believe.

the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
"jokes in literature about elderly cuckolds and misers are rife"

Taken from a dictionary.

Considering the oversexualization of America and Europe, it comes as no surprise that 'cucks' are more common now. Also the whole thing with social media and how word spreads make it more apparant and noticeable in society as a whole. While in the past it would be a thing of ridicule to a person that only a handful of people knew about, now it's all over the internet.

Forbes 400 are just 400 people. Ethnic origins naturally shifted due to globalist policies enabling other ethnicities to get a share.

And the top 10% have has much wealth as the bottom 75%. Jews make up less than 1% of the human population. Rich people all being Jews, which is what Sargon is implying is literally just a meme to make it seem like leftist are antisemitic.

No, he's too useless for that.
Muke actually did decent against him. That should tell you enough.

Carl is useless, I mean.

The picture was actually taken of graffiti left after the black bloc protest during Trump's inauguration.
Still pretty stupid because he can only point to singular instances of a handful individuals. Not surprising for Carl, since alarmism is his brand.

I meant to post these in another thread, but it's always good to serve as a reminder


Context is Carl has no idea that libertarian socialism is a real thing, and Rebel has to explain it to him.



But liberals do get the bullet though.


What is the most useless and retarded philosophy and why is it skepticism?

Scientific skepticism is the opposite of useless/retarded. Radical skepticism on soapboxes for e-fame is a completely different beast.

Any scientific experiment whose purpose is to ascertain something is uncertain comes off as futile in my opinion.

What’s funny is the people are skeptical of everything but capitalism

*these people are skeptical

That isn't the purpose, though. The origin is to always remain reasonably skeptical or suspend bias to analyze evidence that demonstrates or repudiates hypotheses.

What in god's name?

Before he hid the monthly donation amount he was getting, Peterson was just shy of 68k a month.

Yo what's with right wingers suddenly always emphasising America as a "republic".

Republics are more elitist than democracies. It also helps to justify their obsession with electoral politics and refusal to even consider appeals to public opinion.

american's republican government and its generally autstically difficult to work with nature is meant to protect the land owning classes.They founding fathers all but admit this really.

Uhhhh I don't get this thread that graf is genuine it was put up after Milo was chased out if Berkeley in February

Yeh but why are they all suddenly doing it way more now?

Because Democracy is the watch-word when the perceived threat to the ruling elite is communism. Once that threats gone or receded they feel more at ease to pursue anti-democratic schemes they’d wanted to try out for a long time

already done, fuck youtubers

I'm browsing that anticom site and holy shit is it the gayest shit ever

fucking brilliant

lol wtf is that site


Time to start an alt-right dog whistle channel while the fire is still hot.

This would be a good idea, make a dog whistle channel, profit from him and in the end you make a video revealing that was an act all along.

and someone please kill sargon already, I can't take this faggot anymore

"Cuckold", Corno, (translated literally it's "Horned") in Portuguese is a very popular insult that has been a part of popular culture for as long as I can remember (there are 90s rock songs that feature the theme) , and has origins in classical brazilian literature, I'm pretty sure it's common in other Iberian and Hispanic countries like Mexico and Cuba too, Holla Forums got culturally enriched by memeing spics and they don't even know it.

it's popular in central and south italy too


republic is a form of state, democracy is a form of government.

boy he dumb af

mama mia please fuck-a wife

That's plain wrong.
To decide what your state is, it has to answer following question.

If it's the head of state, then you are a monarchy or a dictatorship which states that democracy is bad, mkay (fascists)
If it's the people, then you are a republic.
You can't fuck that up.

A democracy is differently defined. Among them whether the trias politica works.
The UK has democracy despite being a monarchy.
Germany and France are democracy that are republics.
Saudi Arabia has an absolute monarchy and no trias politica, so no democracy and certain states should be very ashamed for supporting these scumbags.
Then you have dictatorships who claim to be in a republic but follow the trias politica loosely. Turkey goes full speed this way. Some right wingers desperately try to put Venezuela here as well.

The horn association is definitely European and probably older than Brazil itself, possibly going back to Rome, but no one knows the exact origin. Judging by their literature, the English thought cucking was the fucking funniest thing ever and they were right

Nah, he’d love to be martyr. He’s the type to kill himself if he thought it proved a point about the sjews. Guy thinks he’s modern day Socrates