Roy Moore accused of molesting kids

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Pizzagate is real

Elite organized pedophilia is real, pizzagate is not.

It's a meme, relax


Ok, at this point, is there anyone in burgers politics and media who isn't a sex criminal?

what did breitbart mean by this?

Tbh the same could be said of Britain. Who in British media and Tory politics, has not fucked a 5 year old and thrown money at their parents threateningly

This actually makes me sad.


Remember kids, rape is acceptable when you read poetry and play guitar before doing so.

Roy Moore's co-author on "So Help Me God", John Perry, was also outed a child predator. Hmmm. HMMMM. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Sadly this wont really matter, do you honestly think Alabamians really care about this? They won't.

So he'll still win.

To be fair he didn't actually rape that one.
On the other hand he was still serenading a girl literally half his age.

They move in packs.
Also is the statute of limitations the worst thing ever? This is fucking bullshit.

Are the details confirmed? I keep hearing conflicting reports and the only one that said nothing happened is breitbart

Breitbart and housing pedophiles go together like bread and butter lol

Oh disregard that then, I was just going off that quote.

Well that I've seen anyway. I'm open to rescinding this if another report verifies that I haven't seen I'm just expressing my skepticism at breitbart

So a 46 year old woman and her 72 year old women are being slandered for over exaggerating what they both said was basically statutory rape and don't want this man to get away with it, and he's leading 10% in Alabama.

Listen, I get it, this country is a capitalist hell hole slowly eroding our rights, but can these reactionary fuckers in the south please just stop electing and defending people who can get away with violating people that they supposedly were in their own protection? This is absolutely sickening.

It's worth mentioning that Roy while working in law 32 years ago, met this 14 year old sobbing and crying in her child custody case. Her 72 year old mother today explained she thought he was just being generous, but now that he very well might be elected, they can't stomach the idea of him having legal power over them.

To Anons in the south: Stop electing these fucking people. Tell your fucking family about this shit, I really don't care if they don't care, Roy literally hooked up with a 14 year old at 32 crying over a custody case and the emotional trauma that comes with that intertwined with statutory rape. That is just, bottom of the god damn barrel.

If you keep electing these people, it will give other people feasting on identity politics to capitalize on the issue, and strain us even more. Don't let Roy Moore into office, no matter what.

fuckin miniature dinosaurs, man

So, even the Right can have SOME redeeming characteristics?

A 46 year old woman, a 72 year old mother to that woman, and two people completely unrelated to each other now 48 and 49, all coming out with similar aspects to his behavior, ust made it all up despite not knowing each other at all. This all came out well after the fact of one person.

And what makes me believe this is true is the ages of the women in question now, and how women in the South usually keep hush hush about these things our of fear of family and social repercussions. Their ages combined with context and collaborating reports despite not knowing each other at the time, not to mention he previously surrounded himself with others guilty of statutory rape (see )

Really makes me doubt this. If they had been 20, 30, sure, we can have that seriously fucked up discussion

But these women are almost in their 50's, and even one of their 70 year old mothers corresponds to this. I seriously don't think this all happened out of a scam. People wait this long or ignore it because they don't want to deal with remembering it, blocking it out etc. When it comes to electing this person into a position of power over women and their reproductive health

Yeah, I don't think I would want Roy Moore in our fucking government. We have enough fucking sleezy fucks, hell who may have done what he did and keep a network of hush hush. But when it gets open like this, it should be a warning to all future politicians and current politicians their future can be forfeit. I have a terrible feeling Roy will win, but if he does I can't imagine this will go away quickly.

Stop samefagging. Nobody is even calling fake news, dumb nigger

At the same time, you're quick to draw conclusions as well. Given the age of these women and their collaborating responses despite not knowing each other, leads me to suspect this is not bullshit at all. In fact isn't it a bit premature to say its bullshit?

Powerful people do this shit regularly. I have no reason to doubt this.

Not evidence you moron. How hard do you think it is to pay off a bunch of old women to say this shit on national television? Not hard at all. If you can get a million dumb roasties to march over Trump being a meanie poopy head, you can get a few dumb whores to bullshit for you. Women do this shit all the time; this is just the next evolution of the liberal establishment. Stay cucked faggot, next time you have a socialist revolution they are going to pull the same shit on you (like they did with MLK LEL)


I guess this dude's kind of awesome…

*tips trillby* you sirs.. have taken the MANLY pill :D

Babystrange is still strange…

I mean, it's better than that. It disrupts the status-essentialist roles of capitalist occupation.

Now, if one could only get him to stand up for the -legal- equality of anyone he wants to bone…

every time
also fucking Alabama man
Evangelicals are beyond saving

If you're not vegan, you don't get to talk about ethics.

14 is really not that young tbh.

I have no inherent problem with teens fucking adults despite the large age gap here, and think people who do are spooked as fuck, including much of the "progressive" movement. That said, this is still scummy just because of the whole "in the middle of a custody case" thing. At least wait until she's had some time to sort her life out.

The Fake News media is attacking our Saintly Moral Crusader Roy Moore to protect us from the degenerate hordes we go to war with for decades. That means he's a threat to the establishment! By engaging in war, he's making sure it ends! MUH P R OT E S T A N T I S M! I FUCK MY COUSIN TWICE REMOVED ALL THE TIME AND SHE'S 13, SHE SLEEPS IN THE PIT. WE'RE HAPPY –

t. 52-56% of Alabama voters.

'but what if the child consents tho?'


I-It's not? What if you just yell "surprise!"?

Don't say this, it makes you sound like Reddit. Wait, never mind, half this fucking board is Reddit now.

protestants are fucking crazy

It's alabama he'll still win

'Anarchism' in a nutshell.

Don't forget to divide people up by percieved status and give them a different, micromanaging life-plan based on what their status is, though. Otherwise, you aren't REALLY anarchist…


This movement has fallen…

All we need now is someone in the Senate to yell "baby fucker" when he makes his first speech

In all seriousness though whenever I see aut-right people complaining about muh western values muh fun I am gonna bring this up every time

I don't think anyone cares at this point. You have two tribes fighting a cold war and his tribe will support him because at this point he's the only one they've got standing against their enemies.

If it really bothers you, Murricans, you should probably change your election system.

Are you aware you're babbling incoherently?

"Anarchists aren't really against heirarchy. They're only against unjustified heirarchies."

- Benito Mussolini, Anarchist.

'Mary Was a Teenager.' Alabama Republican Uses Jesus to Defend Roy Moore



hi, alabama user here

facts literally don't matter, my stepfather is from fucking AUSTRALIA and he buys into this bullshit just as much as everyone else

the south is far better at propaganda than any other place on the planet, prove me wrong

That goose has pretty blue eyes

Holla Forums will defend this

a gift that keeps on giving


please tell me that second pic is fake

It isn't. What were you expecting

a thread of hope

It is. And fuck you for making me check.

This was yesterday.

Throwing my full support behind sexual predators that would have been on To Catch a Predator to be in a powerful office just to own the libs

Age of consent is a spook.

I can smell the fear off your breath from here now that anyone on the internet could tell how fucked up you've been in the span of the last 40 years.

I haven't even been alive for 40 years.

You will be.

We're headed down the path to where some hyper wealthy GOP knob dick senator is gonna be found in bed with dead kids and the conservative media will question the parenting that got them there

Absolutely disgusting.

Reactionaries are really twisted.

Don't look up the hashtag it's worse. And it isn't Holla Forums reddit types, it's mothers and fathers defending this man's actions.

That's the future

Fuck off porky.

As if porky won't use as fucking game

Eh, par for the course.
>he actually molested a girl
Holy shit, that's new.



Too soon

I'm not terribly surprised by this and I kind of doubt anything will happen. My parents voted for him and are convinced it is all made up by the Democrats.

Honestly? Just disown your parents for a while.

I'm a NEET until April so I'd rather put up with it for now.

Eh, age is a spook.