Idpol nonsense

ITT we share the worst of idpol-obsessed SJWs and laugh at them.

— Karl Marx letter to Friedrich Engels, 1868

— Friedrich Engels in The Origin of the Family, 1884

— Bolshevik leaflet in Ukraine, 1915

— Program of the American Communist Party, 1921

— Leon Trotsky in Pravda, 1923

— W.E.B. Du Bois in The Crisis, 1933

— C.L.R. James speech in Fourth International, 1948

— Stokely Carmichael speech at UC Berkeley, 1966

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Why is it literally fucking impossible for r/socialism to understand what is and isn't idpol?

I honestly don't know where you hail from or if you are even a shill at this point.

fuck off

Way too many people on this board seem to confuse being anti-idpol and being a reactionary.


Who wrote this and why are they so stupid?

Leftypol is not revolutionary, dude. You're in the wrong place. They're red fedora tippers.

I agree, they're straightup reactionaries who literally believe in the "jews made up racism" conspiracy. The average leftypol poster unironically belongs in the trad worker party.

Universalism is the future. idpol is nothing but tribalism.

Eat my ass

A lot of people here are braindead Holla Forums converts but common, the Trad workers party? You have to give us more credit than that.

"racism is over now that I'm a communist"

"I don't see race, why are BLM creating racial division"

None of those things are idpol

Read a book.

What did you expect out of reddit?

not arguments

Everything you posted belongs in another time, when idpol actually made sense. Now it's a non issue in the west.

I'll just leave this here.

shit forgot

No I don't. The majority of posters are literally angry at the idea of black liberation because they see it as racism against white people. Where have we seen this before.

I dont think the OP is necessarily impaling that those quotes are idpol but pointing out how a lot if users here sperg out about idpol at the slightest mention of things like women's or minorities issues.

BLM is literally funded but Soros and The Ford Foundation and has ties to Hillary Clinton. You can’t support BLM and be a communist, sorry.

How the fuck is it a non issue? Do you deny that black people are oppressed as a class? You think it's all in the past?

still an unforgivable conflation. that conflation is the single biggest problem with contemp. idpol

Oh fuck George Soros supports BLM now it's not a righteous movement anymore, now they're wrong now.

Fucking kill yourself, pol.

What the fuck do you mean “oppressed as a class” blacks make up 8% of American millionaires **keep in mind they are only 13% of the popularion* are those blacks oppressed as a class?

how do you propose to solve racism without addressing economics or redistributing the wealth in some way? name me a policy that could be implemented that addresses racism directly that isn't also an economic policy.

I'll wait.

Regardless of whether Soros supports BLM or not it is still liberalism incarnate. They literally do not give a shit about capitalism. The closest they ever got was Shaun King having the balls to tell BLM supporters not to vote for Clinton.

They also have the same organizing downfall as OWS, IE decentralized, horizontal etc. They have literally no revolutinary potential whatsoever and their IdPol doesn't help

What the fuck are you talking about? You see this as a binary fashion choice you dumbass?

Dude, I think you mean well but BLM as a org isn't worth support. Black people and their problems, how they are often discriminated against is worth fighting against but BLM really isn't.

can you read? I'm clearly suggesting class reductionism (i.e. Marxism), the idpoler's boogeyman

BLM is the movement of black people today for justice outside the system. You literally owe it your support for that reason alone and this is not an alien concept to genuine Marxists. Them not having your own perfect snowflake praxis is not an excuse, they are a legitimate liberation movement.

I don't give a fuck about Oprah you stupid NutSac. I want to hear you say "black people are not oppressed as a class." Post that I dare you.

being against IdPol does not mean being against basic human decency OP.

No you dumb illiterate faggot you're trying to imply support for BLM somehow is a priori anticommunist. You want me to accept your premise that support for BLM means supporting capitalism. I support immediate violent redistribution.

Black people are not oppressed as a class (anymore)

Also not even Cornel West thinks BLM counts as a movement yet. Theyre too busy fucking around with their college degrees.

amazing digits racist


And no I never said any such thing. Support them all you like. Better yet, be like a Marxist and critique them in good faith despite your phobic idpol tendencies

you literally just called me a faggot lol why should I trust your judgement for who counts as a bigot?

Oh you don't want to argue anymore? You take it all back?

Everyone look at this post and tell me it isn't pol.

People "sperg out" because those mention such topics are doing so simply as a wedge strategy to turn everyone into self-flagellating privilege checkers who do nothing against capital and scream fascist at anyone who questions them. Vide n1x. People upset at this stance should go and join organizations like the US democratic party who are only to happy to champion feminism and BLM while the poor stave in ditches, regardless of sex or colour.


Because I back my arguments up while you look for excuses to disengage.


what a poor excuse of a troll you are OP. Really a sad little thread you have here.
None fucking cares about your shouting. You win ok? Can you go away now?

"Enlightenment universalism" is just idpol for white western Christians. This kind of stuff doesn't emerge organically from any other culture and, quite frankly, will inevitably be western chauvinist when put into practice.

Here is another good example.

Everyone look at all these posts. Look at all of them and tell me leftypol isn't just pol reskinned.

you know if you want to falseflag someone, you don't proclaim it like you just discovered oil in your backyard. A bit of subtlelty can do a lot.

oh pardon me

lad we're all happy for everyone to read through this thread cos you're the only one making a fool of yourself

You've just proved that poster right.

Everyone look. Look and don't look away.

we're looking . . .

Don't pretend that isn't you.

Oh I see it's a fucking strawman

You can go back to raddle, now.

I'm loving this even more because you don't know which things do and don't mark you as obviously from 4pol.


I have more if you want

btw it's not a strawman, that's the telos of idpol in practice. They don't even realise it themselves. That's the critique.

Please sage raddle's thread.

who the fuck are you quoting?

Not a single one of these is a defense of your *active* class reduction, they're just criticisms of neoliberal idpol. You're still expecting me to just swallow your premise that intersectionality implies capitalism.
You only think that because your exposure to these ideas is based solely on consuming and enjoying reactionary agitprop literally targeted intentionally at you and people like you.

In what way does idpol do this cryptoporky work?

no they're criticism of idpol across the board. they're saying idpol itself is neoliberal.
No I provided a load of links to digest.
How is this reactionary in any way? It's literally Marxism 101.
Read the links.

You cannot be serious. There's elements of the movement that are literally teaming up with banks. That's not working outside the system, that's bending over and letting the system continue to fuck you in the ass.
They don't even have mediocre praxis, let alone perfect praxis.


Am I supposed to disapprove? Black Panthers, not BLM ok?

I thought our critique against idpol relied on a few things
1. Commonly these movements have no tie whatsoever to the revolutionary potential of the proleteriat, and may in fact weaken this potential through appeasement
2. These movements while coming off as solidarity refined create new barriers between differing groups with their iron fist for their own perspective.
3. Almost every movement does not contain the kernel of fraternity that they say they do, relying on the actual marginalizations of groups to enforce dumb shit like language policing.
4. However they come off as stemming from class analysis, do not contain any of it really. For example BLM: they have no issue whatsoever on the Capitalist area of their opression (which can even be enforced by other blacks themselves due to culture and disproportionate black on black crime) but instead rely on a massively construed stories of a white cop killing black people without reasonable process. This actually happens of course and is a problem in policing in general.

However none of the left it seems accept criticism of the BLM movement over pure sensitivity. They think if we criticize them we remove any essence of change that they are after. And if you criticize this essence of change for not hitting the nail on the head when it comes to oppression and instead sidelines actual problems they face through appeasement of their one time outrage, you get called a brocialist or something.

You dumb motherfucker how did a hashtag team up with a bank? You're watching a bank try to attach themselves to a popular movement and… believing their press release 100%?

How the fuck are the people in ferguson teaming up with banks?

Bullshit. If it were 68 you'd be saying CPUSA not Black Panthers.

Lmao you forgot to say "we."

wow how Marxist

You know I never said anything like that.

You're desperate because you slipped up. You started that post out pretending to be leftypol and literally forgot.

Once again literally just look at this thread and see who is posting what.

How new are you? leftypol has always been anti-idpol. It's like our defining feature. You're more likely to be from Holla Forums here than any of the people you're arguing with

No, no. This is what I'm talking about:

He literally forgot to false flag part way through the post.

I'm the poster you're talking about, I'm honestly unsure of the false flag you're speaking of or where I went wrong. pls no bulli

I'm honestly not picking up what you're putting down here. What about what he said was wrong?

The post literally switches to calling the left "they" after the first paragraph. There is no ambiguity to hide behind.

…. are you serious?




i accepted that i made a mistake producing ambiguity, what are you even mad about still?


lmao bump so more people see your posts

He's not some pol falseflagger you fucking dipshit, though I'm starting to think you might be.