Daily News Thread 11/9

Saudis Urge Citizens to Leave Lebanon as Iran Tension Rises

Saudi Arabia advised its nationals to leave Lebanon, further fueling fears of a heated confrontation with the Iran in a country long known for being a battleground for proxy wars in the Middle East.

Official: Lebanon's Hariri Held 'with Restricted Freedom'

The Lebanese government plans to bring Prime Minister Saad Hariri back to Lebanon amid accusations that Saudi Arabia has the PM under house arrest.

Saudi anti-corruption probe 'finds $100bn was embezzled'

Saudi Arabia's attorney general says at least $100bn (£76bn) has been misused through systemic corruption and embezzlement in recent decades.

Saudi king appoints 30 judges, promotes 26 amid anti-graft purge

King Salman has appointed or promoted 56 judges, Saudi Arabia’s state news agency SPA reported on Thursday, a step coinciding with an anti-corruption crackdown in the kingdom.

Police question Netanyahu for fifth time in corruption case

Israeli police questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday for the fifth time over suspicions of corruption, Israeli media reported.

US imposes sanctions against 10 Venezuelan officials over election

The US Department of Treasury has imposed sanctions against ten Venezuelan officials, including several members of the recently elected Constituent Assembly.

Queen should give her offshore cash to Grenfell residents, Kensington Labour MP says

Queen Elizabeth II should give the money her estate invested offshore to desperate residents of Grenfell Tower, says Labour MP Emma Dent Coad following revelations about the British monarch’s financial affairs.

$360mn cocaine bust: Record 12 tons seized by Colombian cops

Colombia is the world’s largest manufacturer of cocaine but the police seizure of a staggering 12 tons (metric) of the white powder far outstrips anything cops in the South American country have ever seen.

Arab ‘mafia’ infiltrates German police, state services – German police union official

Powerful Arab criminal clans are actively trying to plant their members into Berlin’s police and other state services, a local German Police Union head has claimed. He went on to say the mafia gangs are seeking to control police actions.

Donald Trump hugged an 88-year-old sex slave and that really annoyed Japan

US President Donald Trump embraced an 88-year-old former sex slave at a banquet 8 November as South Korea made a bold statement that will infuriate neighbours Japan.

Humans to vet Facebook revenge porn photos

Humans rather than algorithms will view the naked images voluntarily sent to Facebook in a scheme being trialled in Australia to combat revenge porn.

New WikiLeaks 'Vault 8' release reveals CIA's cyber-espionage source code

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has released a fresh batch of secret documentation allegedly pilfered from inside the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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uff, seems like Iran will have to face freedom again


America's opioid crisis & modern anxieties prove the limits of capitalism - Slavoj Žižek

The drug crisis in America and South Korea's frightening suicide rate both come from the same place. The flaw in capitalism which has gradually removed much of the meaning and ideology from life.

Reviving the Spirit of Existential Rebellion in a World of Propaganda, Lies and Self Deception


Anarchism through the Silver Screen : Why Are Anarchists Suddenly Showing up in so many Korean Films?


Chicago Police Skirt Punishment as Disciplinary System Fails Yet Again

Even after reporters identified lost cases, only some officers served suspensions.


clone jeremy and install the clones as leaders of all major western left parties please

I think Trump is smart enough to know that an Iran war would sink him right?

Did he grab her by the pussy?

The Saudi crown prince is going to declare himself king in the next 36 hours

Is there even a point to doing that? He already has all the control as is. It would just be ceremonial.

Opioid article is pretty interesting. Also funny to consider Russia's motive in publishing it when it shit talks religion and populism. No doubt they sense that there is weakness in the West for leftism to help forward as well.

Doesn't communism have this problem of a "global view" as well? I mean, on this board you have people who all say they're committed to communism and they can even hate each other. Maybe the unitary illusion of communism means these enemies must imagine that the others aren't "real communists" in the way that capitalists can hate one another while acknowledging their common status as capitalists.

Nevertheless, I think this article is good at pointing out that there is substantial rot there underneath the image of power. If we could muster something potent it's sure that many are waiting for something new to latch on to. The old problems of years of anticommunist indoctrination and intraleft disagreement remain, however, as well as the fact that the rot is inside of us, too (laziness, pettiness, ambivalence, etc).

This sounds so weird.
nway, ty based news user.


Why would Napoleon declares himself Emperor when he was already some kind of dictator?

oh wow

Let me clarify. I'm not arguing he won't do it. I'm just asking if that extra step would mean anything practically speaking.

This, But unironically
t. New Englander who's lost multiple classmates to fentanyl already




for information on the leaks.

so was the CIA busting Kaspersky's balls recently unrelated? or is there some connection I'm missing

Where the fuck do these people get their numbers

sheesh, these people are hard to please

Shit Comrade
My condolences to the people of New England


I saw someone somewhere claim 400 million