Who's ready for the Lebanon Civil War 2017 edition

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I'm going to the Lebanon next year. I hope it gets fun.

Yeah, that's what a country with rapidly dwindling cash reserves need, more wars. While executing purges to consolidate a fucking monarchy.

I can't wait for KSA to collapse into civil war, and drag the petrodollar, USA and China with them, because Trump has no idea how US imperialism works.

Wtf would the Saud do? Tbh Israel is still more of a threat to Lebanese sovereignty than Al-Saud.

Also reminder these are /ourguys/:

Mate, China is in the process of establishing the petroyuan as we speak, it is meant to go online next month.

Saudi Arabia is probably counting on Isreal to come in on their side for this
ironic ey

Even my reactionary mind wants to bring out the guillotines, thinking about this.

this is the future you chose

The two biggest military powers in the Middle East ganging up on tiny little Lebanon, great.

Just because China figured out that USA can be as irresponsible with their budgets as it wants without consequence thanks to the petrodollar, doesn't mean they have the military strength or the capability of global power projection that USA has.

Just like capitalism, you need to actually have an already huge pile of capital, to make an even huger pile of capital. USA got rich off two world wars, China has zip.

Hezbollah are probably the toughest fighting force in the middle east, they won't go down easy.

The Lebanon has gone through a lot of shit, why can't people just leave them alone?

Can someone explain to me what's going on?


The Dry War between KSA and Iran is about to get a lot more moist.


Mate, Hezbollah have more armour than over a dozen US military bases in Syria, experience of some 3 decades of warfare and support from the IRGC. Remember that Israel has never beaten Hezbollah in any conflict.

Great, what about air superiority?

Anti-air missiles blotting out the sun. Not even kidding.
Israel has been bombing convoys for years now trying to stop the stockpiling.

This. Lebanon used to be a fantastic nation and Beirut was once nicknamed the Paris of Middle East

Air superiority is overrated, Daesh conquered half of Iraq and Syria without so much as a glider. Also Hezbollah have MASTERED the art of ground-to-air insurgency, how do you think they beat the Israelis the last times?

even Hamas know to use drone to "infiltrate" deep in Air space and land small homemade bomb.

Meanwhile in Iran

It also points up a new trend as a majority of those arrested since then, 19 out of the 30, have citizenship in Europe. Previously most of the detainees were Iranian Americans.

Detainees’ relatives and lawyers said the Guards were using them as bargaining chips in international relations and to put off European firms that sought business in Iran after the government agreed the deal with world powers to lift sanctions.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has vast business interests as well as being Iran’s most powerful security force and has criticized the government for handing contracts to foreigners.

As capable as gorilla warfare is at holding an organized military at bay, while wearing down their will to keep fighting, I'd rather see KSA under a serious threat. There's still Jordan between them.

you have too much hope mate.

Jordan couldn't do anything. KSA is the major threat, their army is huge fuck… 230k effective staff i believe

If Hezbollah had planes, they could bomb KSA without having to cut through Jordan. Would they even go into Jordan? Do they have functional SCUDs?

those fanatic are worthless

M8 the 21st century was never about making communism happen. Capital is invincible. This is about settling scores and Hezbollah, fanatics or not, stand the greatest chance of kicking Saudi/Israeli ass. The plan is to crash this plane with no survivors.

the only thing good about hezbollah is the song by Julia boutros


nigga their army is a huge joke, they constantly get btfo'd by the Houthis in Yemen despite having the best hardware NATO can offer.

Altough small the Communist party of Lebanon is pretty based, they are the only party in Lebanon (seriousely the only one) that accepts and haves people form al ethnies and religions, also they have armed commandos fighting against Isis infleunce in certain regions of the country
I hope this gives them an opportunity to grow, and help their people.
And their flag is great

A quick rundown on possible factions, andregions they currently control?? (I only now Hezbollah and the goverment)

KSA has a coalition (puppet army) like Egypt , to a extend Morocco.
the main thing is those who have the advantage are the defensers like in Yeman, those how know where to fight wins.

This has my full support.


Do I just gtfo now and hope I can find a job back home?

depend what's your job ?

lul, get scudded on

Where's the communist party to support in the middle east? Stop memeing, this is the real world

I work for a food processing factory where the needed someone with english experience

lol wtf is your problem? I'm not a saudi prince you autist


Just gtfo, jesus.

Well yeah but the question was whether I can take a few months to find a new job or is the country about to get btfo next week. My bad for asking I guess

you're retard ? they are communist party, there small like europe, the need our support like in europe.
Supporting Reactionnary is fucking retard, Support your camards.
Open a fucking books.

try to find a work in other arabic country, they are a lot that need english speeker translator. try north africa country or the "golf emirates"

The modern SSNP is literally the sons of the most corrupt members of the old SSNP, though. Every worthwhile member left it 50 years ago.

the kurds need to stop fucking around and help hezbollah and SAA now

Being a genuine commie in that part of the world is just a free ticket to die in prison. It's like the red scare x1000. I'm not saying it's not "right" to support them but destabilization needs to come first, which means you need to critically support some "non comrades" so that a shake up actually happens.

You're in a country currently starting shit with Iran, Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon and parts of its own government.

…If this is a moralizing argument you realize the alternative I'm talking about is running home to burgerstan right? There is no "good guy" country option.

Hezbollah probably hates the kurds, though.

who doesn't?

How does everyone fell about that?

why do you say that?

It's not. You're currently in an absolute monarchy. A monarchy currently undergoing a purge. How interesting and how fast do you reckon thing can get in a succession crisis?

Not, when a "communist" presence is avaible.
it's only worth to support reactionnary when insignificant presence is found.

Oh gotcha. I guess the answer is it depends? I'm not gonna lie and pretend I'm an expert on regional geopolitics. I just got an unprompted email from the US embassy telling me everything is chill and to not worry for some reason and it's having the opposite effect on me tbh so forgive me for not being totally rational here

you probably have a couple months user

Is there a real presence available? Everyone I know is either in prison or on their way. Maybe in other countries there are stronger presences I'm unaware of.

Protip: You're not panicking as hard as you should be.

Saudi Arabia holding Lebanon PM Hariri, Beirut to seek foreign pressure on Riyadh – official

" Lebanon believes Saudi Arabia is holding its prime minister, Saad Hariri, “with restricted freedom” in Riyadh. Beirut plans to work with foreign countries to secure the PM’s return home, a senior Lebanese government official told Reuters.

“Lebanon is heading towards asking foreign and Arab states to put pressure on Saudi [Arabia] to release Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the Lebanese government has not yet declared the initiative."

"The official added that Hariri is still Lebanon’s PM, saying that “keeping Hariri with restricted freedom in Riyadh is an attack on Lebanese sovereignty. Our dignity is his dignity. We will work with [foreign] states to return him to Beirut.”

Hariri resigned as prime minister on Saturday, in a televised statement recorded in Saudi Arabia. His shocking departure from office has led to speculation that he was coerced into stepping down, having found himself caught up in a regional power struggle.

In his speech, he attacked Iran and Hezbollah for sowing conflict in Arab states, and said he feared assassination. Saudi Arabia has also accused the Iran-backed Hezbollah of “hijacking” Lebanon’s political system.

Riyadh, along with aides to Hariri, have denied that he is under house arrest in Saudi Arabia. However, he has not released any statements himself denying his movements are being restricted.

The official’s remarks come just three days after Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan said the Lebanese government would be “dealt with as a government declaring war on Saudi Arabia,” and blamed Hariri’s administration for not having acted against Hezbollah over the past year.

“The Lebanese must all know these risks and work to fix matters before they reach the point of no return,” Sabhan said in an interview with Al Arabiya. He declined to elaborate on any actions Saudi Arabia might take against Lebanon.

Hezbollah, for its part, declined to comment on Harri’s resignation speech, with leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling it a “Saudi statement” earlier this week. He added that Hariri had been forced to resign by Riyadh."

This can only end well.

Or you could stop being a little bitch and just primarily support actual communists.

passing out pamphlets until you get caught and then dying in a desert prison is the only way to be truly revolutionary


A fucking ☭TANKIE☭.

What is wrong Saudi Arabia, and why are they so incapable of diplomacy?


"Yes, support the Kuomintang against Japan Imperialisme,the commie have lost the majority of there troops in the long march & they are irrelevent now "
1937 in the mind of ☭TANKIE☭

I'm not a ☭TANKIE☭, I just recognize the state of the wider middle east at the moment and the only movements that even come close to representing the wider will of the people are ones that are not even ostensibly communist. I can whine about it or I can admit that I would still like to see those other movement give Israel/the Sauds a hard time


They managed to get the EU on its knees, aggression works.

Historical materialism is concerned with how humans and their ideals drive forward history, not the cultural hegemony of the present. If you fail to use your imagination; you fail to change the course of history. Have some spine and believe in those who want actual change not those who want to change Lebanon into a proxy battleground.

Is it possible to be a bigger cuck than Martin Schulz?


Hardmode: Start a (Foreign) Workers and Peasants Red Army.

Fuck I should have put more points into charisma.

Economic pressure is going to be the Saudis first move and it's going to really hurt the Lebanese economy, like crush it into the ground. This course of action will likely backfire with Iran and Syria trying to fulfill and pick up some of the slack.

The more worrying issue is that there's a lot of rumors that the US and Saudis are planning a joint air campaign against Hezbollah, it has Israeli approval but no news on whether the IDF will join in

t. fatalist

I should have used the term 'praxis' instead of 'ideals' but my point still stands.

This sounds like you literally want to support Islamist movements that want to run all the Jews into the sea. Islamist movements that have historically turned on communists the moment they could.

Fuck this. Seriously, fuck this.

I "literally" oppose apartheid and "literally" don't give a fuck what AIPAC talking points you have in store for me

He's saying the country you're living in is about to get real unstable real fuckin' fast. How did you not realize that?

"I oppose Apartheid and therefore want to support Islamist movements that want to run the Jews in Israel into the sea. You see, there can't be Apartheid if there is only one group left!"

Fuck off


Israel are the ones supporting Islamist terrorists my friend.

Fuck off racist assholes. Jews deserve their own homeland and only Islamist terrorists want them gone. If you want Israel to be defeated then you hate Jews and/or are a brainwashed Arab

Vur Vur Telaviv'i

Aryan Iran

Hebollah: No power can overcome us

Fuck off



Are the Lebanese communists folded into Hezbollah these days? Do they still have militias?


Isn't the lebanese communist party ML if a revolution does happen what if they fuck it up and create another soviet union situation.

You see Israel and the house of Saud as oppositional powers? I admit there are elements within the Saudi family​'s power structure that "fund terrorism" against Israeli interests, but in reality the actual Saudi governance has done little to thwart Israel's plans in the region over the last 40 years. Unlike Iran, the Saudis hardly do more than symbolically posture against Israel to save face.

define this
are you referring to the government? economic policies?

And if they lose then America gets fucked super hard by that on top of the everything bubble popping

Literally a win win

Sorry you bust you're Nazbol Bubble but Nazbol are of Jewish decent/

That was your humanity, screaming out in righteous indignation. Pay it heed. It's what separates us from Porky.

There will be no war guys, the Saudis are in weak position internationaly at the moment, with problems with Qatar and Kwait (tehy are proving to be problematic Allies) , and fucking up in Yemen, and most importantly internaly with lots of unrest in the prospect of the king abdication, they won't enter in a war,as it will probably extend to their own country, or creating a Civil war.

nazis are of jewish descent

your whole ideology is a jewish ideology.



You whole ideology is sno nigger ideology. We don't take kidnly of snow nigger ideology around here.
Stay in Germany fag


That Aryan Iran video looks like a NazBol meme

I mean in the sense of a one party state that despite high hopes of forming a socialist society in the beginning only goes on to become a corrupt embarrassment to marxism.

If they stop gullaging people i'm sure it will.

No the communist militias are still active and are mostly stationed in the Baalbek area.

that's an unfair comparisson since the first two are 19th centruy philosophers while the other four are 20th century ones.
If you made them both the same time period then you would get Emma Goldman in the left and Mollinari and Bawerk.
It's just that the left actually read their classics while the right are modernist degenerates.

read a book

As a Not Socialist, I welcome your cooperation against the Zionist Oded Yinon/Greater Israel plan. It seems that there are certain things that we can agree on, after all.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
- 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Leon Trotsky🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Why do you think that 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 fund both political "right" and "left" but ban BOTH "Boycott/Divest/Sanction" AND "Holohoax denial"???
We're reaching levels of Goyim knowledge that shouldn't even be possible!

Y'all have some pretty gay-ass word filters now though…
And to think I used to post here instead of Holla Forums awhile back…

All of that is true, but… why are they stirring shit in Lebanon? Plenty of work consolidating the position of MbS and winding down the Yemen war without needing to start shit elsewhere in the meantime.

>>>Holla Forums

The SSNP is mostly based in Lebanon despite the name.

this post really made me think


Good luck with that. 8/pol/ is off the Nat-Soc train and firmly in the camp of BASED ziocons like Kushner now.


Are you even a Nazi?

I'm a proud national-socialist, yes.

Its so frustrating that the left has no state power anywhere. We are missing a golden opportunity to take advantage of all this MENA instability. If there was a global base to provide funding to these groups who know what sort of potential they'd have. The collapse of the USSR was an absolute catastrophe.

These is absolutely no chance of this happening but I'm confused as to why you think it would be a bad thing.

Cuba, DPRK, and even China.

Unfortunate, I know some real fucking fine lebanese girls man

the fuck is Saudi arabia doing here?

No shit. You don't even know the argument. You probably think Israel is a theocracy.

So 7 members, 4 Jews, and Lenin was 1/4 Jewish, though he may not have known that.

the LEFT

Kind of, but 8/pol/ is really not coherent at all.

There is a larger issue in that "the Muslim menace" meme, supported by charismatic faggots like Tommy Robinson, has been very effective in recruiting idiots on the right, and drawn attention away from Israeli and American crimes in the Middle East.

The Kurds supply the Israelis with oil, for starters.

Hezbollah has been walking back from its Islamist roots for a long time. Don't confuse them with Iran.

Comrade, the Chinese communists who fought against the Japanese were not strictly Maoist in the modern sense and hence not only non-revisionist, but also an effective class-conscious, anti-imperialist force. They did nothing wrong.

That's not saying much regardless, but at least the DemConfeds. are blessed with naivete in their acceptance of American help.

You know how Imperial Japan's ambitions got them squeezed for oil and steel? And they had to choose between war and decline? Same here.

Does that make Yemen the Saudi equivalent to Nanking?


Lebanon is not going to fall into civil war because people still remember how much the LAST civil war fucking sucked and are willing to do basically anything to avoid it.

This isn't even mentioning Israel literally said they make no distinction between Lebanon and Hezbollah anymore, if Israel invades Lebanon it'll be an incredibly thinly veiled war of conquest.

hezbollah is actually relatively hardened by Syria and the israeli army no longer has anyone who's ever fought anything tougher than teenagers with sticks, there is a not insignificant chance that a war with lebanon means hezbollah gives syria back the golan heights.

Hezbollah is badass, but the sheer malice of Israel and all their toys means that they will take it out on the civilian population of Lebanon, like they did the last time they invaded.

From the days when the United States didn't completely kowtow to Israel.

The real point is that Israel has a long history of targeting civilians in Lebanon, just like they do in Gaza, and they'll do that again if they have an excuse to invade.

Do you know nothing about Saudi? He's probably safe from execution because he's a westerner but they could still throw him in jail for that. Saudi beheads people publicly.

Say what you want they're literally one of the best fighting forces in MENA

they're good guys

We should spread this around more. It might help some Holla Forumsax see the light.

You forgot your shitposting flag and name, champ.

Anyway, in the third pic, it starts by trying to win over NutSacs by saying Bolsheviks hated jews too? Terrible idea.

You can thank that slimeball Barzani for that.