How come the most blatantly Marxist movie to come out has been co-opted by the alt-right...

How come the most blatantly Marxist movie to come out has been co-opted by the alt-right, I don't mean in the sense that they are deluded and we are the real red pilled enlightened or some bullshit like that, but why don't the Holla Forums new members whose number only grows by the day question what the source of the redpill meme (probably the most central one to the alt-right) was actually trying to say.

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I'm trying to think of a better example but can't.
I don't want this overrated trite be the "most blatantly marxist movie"

Bee Movie.

They Live


Bugs Life

You mean Antz


no such thing as a marxist movie OP, movies can be interpreted in a lot of ways.

Ayy, those fucking comments.

I mean there's a lot of things that people can perceive as "the truth"


Speaking of blatantly leftist movies that have been co-opted by the alt-right

They just say things don't they? They just say anything and get away with it.

Libertarians are just confused closet leftists

Thankfully based Revolver Ocelot put them in their place.

how has this movie been co-opted by them? did I miss something?
I thought it was being meme'd by Zizek and leftists

They think it's about aliens/lizards/jews instead of class struggle & ideology.

I wish this was irony. But this is actually the sort of retardation common with burgers.
Nothing prepares you for hearing this stuff in real life.

I was a libertarian years ago. I was influenced by the books and short stories I read in public school. Read a short story about how making everyone to same is oppression. Took me years to realize that's not what leftists want.

The Matrix is a Baudrillard movie, not a "Marxist movie." Though I will agree that the retards have ruined what the pills represented.

Taking the red pill wouldn't mean "THE JEWS DID IT ALL!!!!!! REEEEEEEEE!"

Haha one of the directors is now a trannt
y and the other dude is fucking xer.

So many blue pill/red pill jokes to be made.

You know who to blame

I thought this movie was commie propaganda. Thanks for confirming. I always new Keanu was a good boy.


Alt-righters all think they're the main characters in an action/political thriller. They think that Twitter posts and pictures of frogs are actually capable of stopping a globalist cabal that is at least centuries old, beyond all laws, with virtually unlimited resources and capable of manipulating anyone and anything. Of course these idiots will co-opt any film that sounds remotely like it supports their side.
Which is somewhat fitting, as Neo never actually left the Matrix. In the end even the "Red Pill" was just another illusion from the machines. This real message is much more bleak, and no side will ever accept it.

that's mostly a theory that hasn't been confirmed

He has superpowers out of the Matrix, if I recall it correctly.

But only against the machines.He doesn't "bend reality" like on the matrix, he "sees" the machines infrared like and has some degree of control but all of that is easily attributed to his body still being full of their implants and him being "the chosen one".As in the individual the matrix produces every now and then that precipitates its reset and starts up a new reality for the vat-humans. I seem to recall this includes razing the human colony and allowing a new one to be built.

In the end Neo agrees to confront the machine's problem, the rogue agent Smith that is taking over the matrix, in exchange for leaving the shitty human colony out of the cycle this time and allowing humans who reject the matrix to be taken from the vats into the colony.
IMO the end represents the ending of the cycle, even if most of the characters have no idea they are just the Nth iteration of human-resistance-group-hopelessly-awaiting-for-messiah.

god dammit

Hit that like button if you masturbate to the sexiest pair of twins ever put on film


This film is garbage, and it was coopted by the right precisely because it's superficial garbage that can be comprehended by them.
There's far more marxist films out thereā€¦even in the realm of Hollywood. I don't want to appear a hispter who doesn't liek things just because they're famous.


They have the same number of ips as a year ago and their widely publicized fuck ups make them look like fools to everyone. You are delusional.

Sounds like Harrison Bergeron
Of course burgers interpret a story attacking conservative retards as supporting conservative retards

futurist bdsm film written by two trannies about fighting for Zion. Enlightenment is when a black man offers you drugs and you become his student

this is the best description I've seen, it's like what
a Holla Forumstard who sees the matrix as leftist garbage would say

But it isn't, for leftists should take the green pil: the ability to see the system, but not have to remove yourself from it.
t. Zizek.

It doesn't really sound like a satisfactory explanation to me but why not.

That being said, how do you explain:
- the possibility to see the future?
- the fact that Neo has the same face every single time? Is he a clone or something?

I feel second hand embarrassment just by reading that

Giving Neo superpowers in the real worldn outside the Matrix has pretty much ruined the movies for me. What were the writers thinking? I'm sure they weren't as elaborated as you make them out to be, I think they were desperate. How is his body filled with special implants different to the other humans? There was no reason to transplant the concept of being the "chosen one" into the real world, I mean, fuck, the entire appeal of the first movie was the dichotomy of Neo and his clique being supermen in the Matrix but useless meatbags in the real world.

watch more movies

it turns out you can just put words in any order

Yes, likely. The architect implies that, like in every iteration on the matrix and Zion, Neo is the same and does the same thing, except this one.

Not necesarily special, It may be that his "program", as in the mind that drives his body , is just that special, however the other chosen ones never actually fought the machines.

The whole idea is that Neo has a lot of power over the machines because he was created as such by the matrix, but the machines/programs grow arrogant in their cold calculation of the developing events.The oracle , originally put there to cajole every chosen one into following their marked path, is bloody tired of the architect's cycle and after 5 iterations of learning how humans work, tries to manipulate Neo(the sixth one) and his followers into doing the things that would mess with the predisposed path.

Methinks they saw how much money the original movie made and decided to promote the oracle from human-friendly program to full blown plot device, and this requires a lot of "but the oracle/wizard" did it and more contrivances to allow the machines to be "defeated" .

Try again.

It's a pretty over rated film, if I'm honest.
But I'm biased because I hate the le red pill may may

take the third pill. Watch Zizek

I thought it was ahead of its time. But it didn't age very well, almost all movies from the late 90s and early 2000s didn't. It's perfectly fine to re-watch movies from the 80s but I can't sit through a blockbuster from 1995-2005 without cringe.

In the matrix Zion was a literal Jewish city run by jews populated by majority mystery meat anyway. The machine simulation was run and upheld by white anglos (Agent Smith, the Merovingian, the architect). The matrix was pure Jewish subversion and reads like a plan verbatim for destroying white societies and institutionalizing formal Jewish rule over the brown masses of the word and the destruction of the white race. The chosenites who wrote the matrix couldn't be more blatant and it reads like a script for their actual plan for world domination verbatim.

How is The Matrix Marxist?

Google Bookchin

This, Green Pill: allows you to see the matrix and its operations without having to leave it. As such, we can see the systems of capitalism and bourgeois hegemony without having ot be totally detached from them.

never change Holla Forums

this makes me sad

The spoon is a metaphor for toothbrush

Matrix is Plato's Allegory of the Cave 101.