/r/incels banned from Reddit. Holla Forums BTFO

Today /r/incels was banned from Reddit for violating their terms of service.

The great incel boogeyman is gone.

(Also, there is an alternative if you want that I found on a previous thread

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Oh thank God it's gone.
What will be the consequences of this?

This is a big deal

Even more /r9k/posting on 4chan.

I remember back when r/fatpeoplehate was banned, it helped breathe life into Voat, which is basically bizarro world alt-right reddit now. I'm sure they'll be able to capitalize on this latest ban as well. Whether or not Hiro will be able to attract any of them to 4/pol/ or 4/r9k/, we will see.

who is Hiro?

The current dataminer owner of 4chan

Another huge victory for us comrades! How shall we celebrate? Personally, I will be enjoying some erotic prostate stimulation in the bath while reading my collection of anthropological literature.


who gives a fuck about that garbage torture chamber of a website?

OP hhere, not really, it was just facetious
it's not a victory, just interesting. /r/incels wasn't that political

what are you so paranoid about now?

What did they do? Coordinated harassment or something. This is actually pretty bad though, I recall that community being huge. This will just feed thier victim complexes

it got smaller tbh
ALso Elliot Rodger wasn't even a member of that forum, nor was he a right-winger

Sodini also wasn't a right winger

Leftypol is truly defined more by their contrarianism than any real principles. As to be expected from an illiterate band of edgy college teens.

Do this more often. I want to see them suffer more.

You are such a pussy you can't take getting banned from Reddit without posting a picture of two men dming each other pretending to be women for the 100th time in a week where you've been banned a thousand times.

Take the message.

I think you need to get laid.

Classic leftypol.

Nazis hate the, Communists hate them

What of the contemptuous Incel?

What is unreasonable about banning you

[DMing a girl a thousand miles away from me that I'm going to kill myself if she doesn't text back] I'm a master w the ladies

What does /r/incels have to do with Holla Forums?

You: here are the steps to building a strong left movement in this country that expects reasonable demands to all the working class around us. The right to work, the right to also have leisure, and as we speak we have the resources to make this seemingly utopian idea a reality.

Me: socialize my four girlfriends to impregnate they are my vessels of flesh lol. What I'm banned? What the fuck? Why?


Being anti-woman or anti-feminism is usually seen as a reactionary tendency which is, obviously, on the right wing ideologically.

it will come to this website and enrich it

ME:(lists ton of bad personality traits and the belief women should be caged and I get off on women becoming pregnant because I am both a sadist and inflation fetishist) oh & I'm also short, which is, the real reason why I've never had a girlfriend and women hate me.

THERAPIST: are you sure the height is

Women will forgive a lot shitty things if you are attractive. Of course guys are even worse about this sort of thing so it doesn't matter much.

Elliot Rodger described his views as "fascist" read "my twisted world"


Honestly, that would just make me sad.


I see you are not acquainted with Iranian instagram

It sounds amazing.

It is the most amazing place on Earth where anything and everything can happen

Do they all wear their hair in a that ridiculous mohawk pompadour?

Sometimes they spice it up with a beard.


You're afraid you can't compete

We leftypol lefties don't have a problem with incels. 80% of us are incels.

We just have a problem with a buncha people running around making everyone 100% less sympathetic to incels.

Also I'm pretty indifferent as to whether the site stayed up.

Incel here, I habitually fear women due to how little relation I can make with them. Any woman friend I've had has seemed to just tolerate me really.
Thanks to Holla Forums I dodged a fucking bullet being turned into a r9k betafag.

Capped. Lol this is fucking gold.

Was a new pasta just born?

I wasn't kidding. Holla Forumsyp thought pervades every betafag, and the need for instilling rational equality on the basis of physical inequality is needed. These people think they're marginalized by people because of their "betaness", and not because they're shit at handling social situations/making an effort towards sociality. I believe this is the result of "inherentness" that comes with believing fully in inequality. The Chad/Virgin dichotomy and so on.

This style of unfunny shitposting reminds me of some posts I've seen on SA.


I'm not even that guy, and I find it weird you would think this is pasta.

People will endlessly complain about how /r/incels rapefugees are shitting up their community and call everyone they don't like /r/incels.

The sexual free market NEEDS to be abolished

When will you give it up dude?

That hapa freak didn't even know the meaning fo the word.


Give up what? The sexual free market needs to be abolished there is no reason for you to continue to accept the haremization of society. Sexual liberation is beta male enslavement.

We (as in, the normal majority of society) would sooner lynch the likes of you than give into your demands. Do you understand that?

Winds change quickly my friend, the patriarchy will be restored either by us or by all of the hyper patriarchal and hyper fertile newcomers our neoliberal governments are importing. And there is nothing you can do to stop because Feminism and sexual liberation literally destroys societies.

sex is for gays and losers

They aren't. You freaks are a tiny minority.

I'm gay, I also sex


about 10-20% of the male population are incels

about 2-5% of the male and female population are virgins

It's probably 3000x larger than the trans "issue"

Go to a high-tech asian country
Try Japan and get back to us on how this can't be a majoritarian issue

First mistake, cuckdem, first mistake.

right-socialists like you will get the gulag

Why are you so idiotic? The old chads of yesteryear understood they needed to keep the betas happy to keep society heathy. That is why alpha rulers adopted the egalitarian policy of one man one wife while keeping harems to themselves. Flat out denying betas access to sex was a liability.

They'll go to voat to bitch about how women cucked them off reddit.

Yeah and you cucked yourselves incel faggot. Computers are the ultimate betas and they don't spend all their time bitching on the internet about women that won't fuck them. Buy a mini pocket pussy and learn to deal with your obsolescence incel coward.

You can't be serious right? Did you pull that stat out of your ass? There's no way male incels are more than 2% of the male population

Come hell or high water the patriarchy will be restored and you cock carousel apologists can do nothing about it I'm afraid.

Is this what people who don't get laid gripe about?

Damn how could I forget every people woman has tons of free time for orgies

And then promptly dismantled again once enough people get tired of your prudent shit.


2015 NSFG survey number of lifetime partners age 15-45
9.6% of those men have never had a sexual partner.


Also on the incel thing, in the US, a little under 20% of both men and women go a year without having sex. Those 20% of men aren't all volcels.

The sooner the left realizes acknowledges these statistics, the sooner it gets it's head out of it's ass.

sorry 50%

Incels truly belong here on Holla Forums. There's sluts, whores, skanks… all for the taking, millions at your fingertips. Yet these losers can't even get one of them, much like the plebs here that still manage to be poor in this world of opportunity and whine people who do manage to make something of themselves.

What's wrong with the patriarchy?

There will be no justice for incels until we solve the crypto-volcel problem. A vocal plurality or perhaps of self-identifying incels are young white American men who are simply average looking or worse and poorly socialized. Maybe they're severely depressed and have bad social anxiety, but they aren't irredeemably mentally ill. Every time one of these threads rolls around, people ask two questions. First, do you want to have sex with hideous white women? After all, their standards are low. No, reply the "in"cels. Do you want to have sex with women outside of your race? They'll find you attractive because you're white. No, reply the "in"cels. These are not incels. They're people who are only ugly because they don't have a work ethic. They revel in their mental illnesses. It's largely their own fault that they aren't getting laid, everyone besides them realizes that, and because they're so loud they overshadow people who are actually involuntarily celibate, and give them a bad reputation.
Crypto-volcels are mistakes, but we shouldn't help them, only make a society which will no longer produce them. Incels on the other hand deserve at least pity.
As a huge caveat, a crypto-volcel quite obviously doesn't have to be white, it could be an attractive but socially retarded nonwhite as well. I focused on white crypto-volcels since they get the biggest boost from their race.

It's not really cool to enslave half of the fucking population you know

incel here I was forced onto psych medication as a younger person and it ruined me, I want to have nothing more to do with the mental healthy industry or mental health drugs

Well most of them probably aren't incels. People are single for periods of time, there nothing wrong with that.

YOu didn't take 2 seconds to understand.

It's 20% of the population in any given year, not at least one year of their life


physical dependency on benzos
hyperactive nervous system from long term withdrawal, so can't tolerate fluctuations in temperature or much of any stimuli really


Oh sorry. I'm just trying to get this through my head, I never imagined this was an issue of this scale

Women can't bel incel though.

I agree with you that 20% is a *minority*

It's just if we keep up with this commodification shit, it's not hard for us to turn into something like a techy asian country and for this to be a problem for a majority of people.

But regardless it is waayy bigger of an issue than trans issues.

I can't imagine what we can do to combat it

Sex robots are inevitable. In a world where it's increasingly more difficult to socialize and dating gets more and more worthless, it's natural for fully automated pussy to enter the public sphere.
Why would I go out on a date with a girl when I could stick my dick in Argilla-Bot 2.0 in half the time?

Robots with AI that I can model after my ideal girl when?

go back to Reddit

It doesn't have to talk, it just has to take dick. You don't need much AI for that.

It never seizes to amaze me how little there is to the people on this site, how loveless they are.

those are called blowup dolls or real girls and aren't very popular

Come on, user. The whole point of a fuck robot is that can give you a little oomph back, you know? It doesn't have to make me dinner or tell me I'm pretty, it just needs to be able to counter-thrust. This is already being developed and is inevitable in our lifetimes.

There's nothing to me because I don't like dating? You're making a hasty judgement about someone you don't know.

Wrong, we love it, when you guys juke it out with each other.

Why don't you support internationalism fren? Workers of the WORLD, they said, don;t you agree fren?

Probably because he's a spooked nat cuck

it's the victory of capitalism, people simply don't want to leave their comfort zone.
People like you look like zombies always with their smarphone doing something.

Stay mad beta fag. No one's afraid of you because the incel is inherently a coward. You faggots construct elaborate narratives to reduce everyone you hate to pathetic generalities while constantly wishing you were part of the world you pretend to loathe. It's the sourest of sour grapes.

You know why you beta cucks will inevitably lose? Aside from being completely pathetic, you've isolated yourselves. One worthless shitcel could maybe hope to take on a "Chad." But Chad has "Stacy". In human terms, mature, functional people in healthy relationships.

If you losers weren't so constantly, disgustingly pathetic I might have some sympathy. Monks and yogis are volcel. They gave us illuminated manuscripts and pass down the wisdom from the ages.

All you incel cucks have produced are soiled dakis and rambling shitposts blaming everything but yourselves for girls not coming into your anime dens to fuck you. When you kill yourself be sure to put down a tarp or something so when your disappointed mother cleans up your last mess she can dump you and your shit in the same fetid hole.

How do you know how I use my smartphone?
You wouldn't happen to be making shit up to feel superior, would you?

Technically I'm incel but I would consider myself more of a volcel considering I'm not looking for or interested in being in a relationship with anyone.
I'm not picky at all about who I would fuck when it comes to looks, race etc. I just rarely leave my house and I'm not looking to hit on girls at the grocery store when I do leave.

Why does leftypol hates incels?

Because you suck.

we don't

Same, but I mainly don't bother with girls because I am 31, live with my parents and unemployed. I'm a real catch. I am in graduate school and a technical school however, so I am not strictly NEET.

then why do anons celebrate shutting down a reddit board for incels?

1) It's a reddit board
2) Crafting an identity for yourself around not having sex is even more pathetic than crafting an identity for yourself about having sex.

Just shut up about your life, nobody cares

because 'incelism' is reactionary
people who think of sex, relationships and human contact as a commodity, and those who pathologically identify with their social inaptitude and virginity are cancerous people
they need help, sure, but only in the same way a nazi cultist needs help, their problems are far more fundamental than just not getting pussy or being a racist

That image sort of encapsulates why I gave up on PUA shit long ago and it figures that I would become a communist. I did not realize it at the time that we have been made into commodities.

I hate incels that are just misogynists


I had to look at that a few times to understand it, shouldn't have used red fore multiple people.

thanks, doc

Do you make fun of cripples and rape victims too?
Its not their fault they cant get laid, it isnt called "involuntary celibacy" without a reason
We all should feel bad for those people not make fun of them
But no
Its just another example of a matriarchal culture we live in where men are expendable and their health being both mental and psychical is a reason for jokes.

Because in current state of capitalism we all "are " a commodity

This pic
Anglo "parenting" everyone

Is that hot wheels?

yes, and the people who are most caught out in this ideology are the incels themselves
just look at this thread and the 'regulate sexual free market' guy

I personally don't hate them. Some of them have pretty shitty personalities, sure, but their situations can also be explained by the ongoing atomization of individuals, capitalism-induced hypercompetitiveness, commodity fetishism and so on.
They also have a point when they say women have it easier than men on that front, because from my experience, it is true. Quite a few of my male friends have poor sexual/sentimental lives, while the girls I know often find a bf only after a couple of months of celibacy, or have a lot of different adventures in a short timeframe or even several lovers at once. Then, there is shit like this that makes you want to kill yourself : slatestarcodex.com/2014/08/31/radicalizing-the-romanceless/
I hope Angela Nagle will continue to analyze these dynamics because almost no one has done that from the beta point of view, except Houellebecq.

That said, the online incel community these days is retarded and unironically toxic. One thing I don't understand for example is why they are so hung up on that "purity" shit. I would have never known what it's like to build a long-term relationship with someone if I were so high on this kind of spooks.

Get off the computer, dad

Yeah, I saw the liberal feminists who pose as leftists crowing about this. Less than happy myself as this is a win for the people who want to expand no platform to any view they find objectionable. I think no platform is no longer works in the internet age, but I can live with it being applied to actual fash. I don't agree with it being applied to people who simply hold reprehensible views.

1. so chadmod wouldn't delete it even though virginmod wouldn't have a problem with it

2. copy-pasta from (this), free (you)s
We leftypol lefties don't have a problem with incels. 80% of us are incels.
We just have a problem with a buncha people running around making everyone 100% less sympathetic to incels.

2. copy-pasta from someone else
We ldon't have a problem with incels. 80% of us are incels.
We just have a problem with a buncha people running around making everyone 100% less sympathetic to incels.

It's cuz the manosphere has been steeped in right wing shit ever since feminists took over the left and ostrasized the MRAs.

RIght wing shit isn't inherent to being a beta or complaining about it.

That's why someone's gotta take back the right's (and feminist) narrative about it. Both are toxic and horrible.

Whoever can carve out or help carve out a space for lefty incels and foreveralones would be appreciated

What is an incel? I have not heard this term before.

There's bound to be a few incels who aren't beyond hopeless…

There comes a point and he clearly crossed that point

involuntary celibacy

You know what good parent would do?
Help their child not ostracize it, he wouldnt let his kid grow up like this first of all, and even if he would take the responsibility and help him, not kick him out of the house on the street because >muh personal comfort > family

a term righties stole from a buncha liberal women complaining about not getting dates

also a universal human condition


So "lefties" cant be incels?

gotta add it to the pile. who has the master list?

Top LEL user. What world are you living in?

Involuntarily Celibate. A diverse group of people who can't handle the idea of being celibate because it violates human nature or dumb shit, despite men being able to do this for over a thousand years,; and they just create a persecution complex instead of trying to cope with the fact is dramatically different than it was even ten years ago.

So they do what anyone would do in that situation from calling women to become Mad Max Fury Road birth/milking machines to Hand Maiden's Tail property and servitude only for sex. Now this is not all of them, but most of them are spiraling down a rabbit hole that they can never return from.

At a previous point in time we could have just called them DeviantArt tier autists who have severe mother issues and a pregnancy and humiliation kink with a dab of sadism, but its too politically correct now to call these people who they truly are. The 2001 era Sonic FreeForum Fanbase without the video games wrapped into political ideology.

We have lost our filter for these plague carrying rats and god help us for that.

12.3 to 14.3 percent isn't that fucking much of a difference

It sounds retarded.

Is it bad if i find it hot?

You're a fucking pseud. Kneck yourself.

Egalitarian redistribution of sex will come back and there's nothing you can do about it. Civilization depends on it men will defend the haremization of society no more.

Top KEK user. Socialists failures like you who live off of government welfare have no right to call us pathetic. You could never make it in life, your entire ideology is built around irrational hatred and envy of the financially superior and successful. Leftism idolizes weakness, but only because leftists have no other option. As soon as leftists find a target lower than them, they proceed to emulate every single behavior they chastise the evil racist sexist WHITE BOURGEOISIE for doing. Leftism is a genetic selector, all the degenerates self segregate into one of its various cliques eventually, and for this reason leftism will always fail. Every socialist revolution was a failure because socialists expect inferior proles to actually outsmart the bourgeoisie. Stay cucked faggot.

This is literally true. Even try and suggest that these people are responsible for their own misery and you start a chorus of losers screeching about their persecution. Anything that doesn't reinforce the notion that they're being suppressed sexually is more evidence of the cultural marxist conspiracy, not evidence that these people are utter faggots

Females are virgins by choice because they have lower sex drives you cuck. That is why they control the sexual free market, since they have a monopoly on the supply. Femoids are only gigantic sluts for Chad, beta providers get a half hearted handjob once a month at best.

I have a job.




Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Yea, a government job stealing money from hard working people. TOP KEK user.

leftypol anus status == R A V A G E D

Yeah, why don't you see the fact that you're the problem?


Wow this is actually an interesting read. How much leverage would a proper leftist incel movement have if they used a more mild and universalized approach?

Neither do I work for the state, I'm a journalist

Females of leftypol, would you?

Hey, it's just natural selection at work. Only natural that grain-fed keyboard warriors are biologically unattractive to almost all women.

Because I'm not. I'm perfectly average. Women are too selective and would rather share a chad than date a beta. This why one man one wife needs to be restored anything else is reactionary and social Darwinist.

Are you the deadly mainstream meteor we've been hearing about?


Enough, im fit, average when it comes to hight, have a job with decent income and have a collage degree. Im not ugly and i keep my personal hygiene on top level.

And guess fucking what? Im still a fucking incel

Sounds like to me you aren't average at all. You're really incompetent.

Women pick up on bitter men filled with anger against everything, you know?

Correct. The free market in all its forms is natural selection. If niggers fail to be successful, then it is also natural selection at work. If you, socialist failure, didn't get anything other than a barista job with your gender studies degree, that too is natural selection at work. Why do socialists love natural selection up to the point where it no longer benefits them? Truly a difficult question to ponder.

Well you're butthurt about being a virgin, that isn't attractive.

Yeah I don't believe that at all.

Males of leftypol, would you?

I'm perfectly average. I'm not the problem women and the society that enables the cock carousel is the problem. One man one wife MUST be reinstated. Societies depend on one man one wife so much they need to import hyper patriarchal cultures from the hell holes of the world to keep the birth rate at replacement level.

We will not tolerate the haremization of society for much longer and the cock carousel. We will launch our own sexual revolution soon to reinstate more egalitarian distributions of sex. Society depends on it.

Socialism is an economic system. Most of us aren't totalitarians that want a government micromanaging every relationship and sphere of people's lives.

Belive what you want, im not stupid enough to post any proofs of that on a imageboard and dox myself

Also fat women have more sex than skinny women

Neoliberal societies you forgot to mention

I don't think it's wise to make this a Holla Forums vs Holla Forums issue, but hey, you do you.

Surely you can be more creative than that.

Why not lifetime voluntary polyandry? That'd make men scarce and therefore valuable

ANYTHING short of a chad who makes 200k euros a year is considered not attractive these days and that is precisely why we must reinstate one man one wife.

Correction. They picked up on my height, then attributed it to personality to make themselves feel better.

If socialism is an economic system then why do socialist failures spend more time defending feminism instead of building a leftist economy? Answer: socialist failures can only laugh at the right wing because thats how they cope with being slaves to the liberal establishment.

But you wouldn't be in a long term relationship with her. You'd fuck her and leave. I thought you guys actually wanted love and intimacy?

Post your torso with a timestamp. Unless you have tattoos you won't be doxxing anything faggot.

Society depends on people spending their time working instead of posting on dumb image forums

Because human population is around 1:1 with gender ratios with slightly more women
That would create imbalance

Nigger we have redditors and socjus cunts call us mysogynists snd sexists all the fucking time

You're absolutely no different from liberals

You come here all mired in faulty thinking and woman hating, but short on solutions. You cannot and will never go back to an imagined past of one man one woman. And luckily, you won't need to, because bureaucratic socialism has everything you need. Your lack of companionship can be perfectly ameliorated by social welfare programs that distribute vouchers for co-op prostitutes and masseuses, and put you in touch with social workers, mental health professionals, and romance counselors.

Support bureaucratic socialism, and you will be helped. It is more than you deserve!

So you don't even know the person and you would? Sounds to me like you have a shitty personality tbh.

read liberals
Correction. They saw I lied about my height in my tinder profile and decided not to have sex with a dwarf.

You're delusional. How do I get laid then? It's a matter of socialization and less of looks. You probably don't know how to flirt, don't have friends, don't attend social events. And you probably were lonely when you were younger that led to this lack of socialization

Am I right or wron

how many levels of pathology is this on
also now that this thread is inevitably degenerating with femoids and sexual free markets, wasn't there a fucking countainment thread for this nonsense?

Society is predicated on an egalitarian distribution of sex and relationships if it not maintained society will collapse.

As I've said before, either we will restore the patriarchy ourselves or our hyper patriarchal hyper fertile new comers will, either way the feminist experiment is fast coming to an end because the results have been catastrophic.

Cool. Meet your new bride

The sexes will be paired off based on relative attraction to each other.

EITHER way a woman that ugly is about as rare as amber heard. Statistically speaking my wife will be perfectly average.

Societies have outlived the mass deaths of men in war countless times.

What have you done to make yourself less bitter and more amiable to women?


I don't know how you get laid all I know is how I don't get laid and its because women would rather share a chad than date a beta.

Really applies to everything under socialism.

Socialism for niggers, because welfare is more than you deserve.

Socialism for women, because divorce rape and alimony is more than you deserve

Socialism for white trash, because imperialism is more than you deserve.

Truly socialism has it for everyone (except the hard working people who actually keep things running, but no one cares about them)

Heightism is real, glad leftypol admits it. Now where is my social movement for the liberation of short men from heightism? Oh right, that would require women to give something up, and that is clearly against socialism.


They would date you if you were properly socialized. But because you keep to yourself, they don't

Who will be doing the pairing? Who will determine who is hot or not? Who will make sure that the elites don't game the system to choose all the hot women for themselves? Will men/women have an opportunity to opt out and remain volcel?
Post a picture of a woman close to your hotness level.

What I find attractive and what you find attractive are probably very different things. There is no objective defining of attractiveness.

That is false. There's plenty of women who would date a beta.
I am a proud beta and i'm on my second gf…my current gf is autistic, introvert and friendless like me.

You're literally echoing SJW talking points lmao


I'm perfectly well socialized, the idea that the only people who are incels are sperges who can't make eye contact betrays your privilege.

The government office pair bonding using ai statistical analysis

Nobody believes this not even you

Good for you hopefully I will be as lucky as you once one man one wife is reinstated and the sexual free market is regulated again

I thought you hated the chads.

I find women with hibernian much more attractive then most other men: curly hair, freckles, slim chest and ass. lots of men would consider my 10/10 woman above average at best.

Where'd you meet her? The problem with finding people like that is that they tend to stay to themselves. I don't really know where to even start.

Im pretty skiny but still fit, i run, do pushups, pullups and other exercises

I do believe it. So…

Leftypol is latent SJW central actually. If you spend the majority of your time laughing at the right wing instead of building socialism you are just an edgy idpoler. Your entire political career is laughing at other people for having a funny identity. What a bunch of has beens this board is.

Who will program the AI? Who will make sure that the AI is impartially programmed? What parameters will be chosen to determine hotness?

You also haven't answered the last two questions:

No shit your 10 is different from somebody's else's 10, 10 is subjective, your 10 is somebody else's 9, that is the way the system works.

average looks howrvef and the overall spectrum of average are definitely not subjective and always tend toward an objective standard

Holy shit, these comics are just fucking dead on.


Clearly not enough, you are a skeleton.


ah yes, I remember when Holla Forums all teamed up to help anons turn cis white males to respect women
yup, sounds like leftypol to me


Yeah im, 75kg/180cm
50 pushups and 10 pullups and guess what, im still a fucking skellton
I guess its just genetic and fast metabolism

Let's not the perfect be the enemy of the good okay? The idea you can't develop a good enough algorithm to match people based on looks is laughable. Don't reply to any more of my posts I won't read any more of your replies.



If your grave does not say rest in piece you will instantly be drafted into the incel wars


Face it, you know it's a bad fucking idea. You just want people to give you what you want without any effort. You put in so little effort you didn't even think through your own dumb totalitarian AI society lmaooooooooooooooooooooo

Look, its simple. You take the redpill like you take Chads dick up the pooper every day. Obviously, even this may be too much for a femoid like you, but surely the analogy makes it easier for you.

I met her on interpals, neither her nor me had profile pics and started writting letters to each other and well…the letters started to become bigger and bigger.

What about things other than looks? Like compatible personalioties?


Yeah, you're gonna have to eat big and probably hit a gym to look human. It's your sexual cross to bear.


There are algorithms to match personality as well.

oh my sweet sweet summer child


When they invent time machines, the first thing I'm doing is going back in time and killing Michel Houellebecq's parents

Love watching roasties melt down. You are literally an argument against female intelligence.

We know his problem it's his victim complex
we're making fun of him because even after being shown the problem he's still refusing to accept that anyone other than muh big bad cultural marxist conspiracy is to blame

Programmed by who?

The point is i did that 2 years ago and was much fitter and ripped
And guess what, it didnt help me because it not dependent on the looks, ive seen ugly guys with gf, fat guys with gf etc…
It all comes to character and charm, and while im a pretty confident guy and i dont have problem when talking with other people im scared of dating and even the thought of rejection, i dont want to be rejected

you're literally spamming the thread with 5 images and no arguments, I'm not the one melting down
also, I'm a male.

Face it anons, advocating for rape is not a bad thing at all. After all, its what all women really want, to be utterly used by a genetically superior alpha Chad and be implanted with Chad seed. Since we are a Chad board, we should be advocating policies which are beneficial to Chad, amirite


You and me both. But you should still be ripped for your own sake.

A nu male is not a male faggot. Defending femoids online automatically reduces your test concentration by 50%. by this time next year, you will finally have that pair of tits you always wanted (you will still have an ugly face tho)

Well tell me what my problem is then mister enlightened
I didnt utter a fucking word about it and never even think that

This thread is a total shitshow.


The literal state of r/incels

mods are clearly asleep once a fucking gain
fuck 'em, I'm spamming gore(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Incels seriously need to read the ego and his own, nothing cures that self loathing fetish quite like it.

this board is dead, I give up

You're just a useless cunt. A leech, a parasite, a generic dude…you don't have anything to interesting to say.
It's very dangerous to keep people like you in society, peopel like you shouldn't be tolerated in society and shoudl be shipped out the gulag fast. Consider yourself lucky for living in liberal democracy which tolerates your existence you useless cunt.

serious talk, maybe the fact that your worldview has been poisoned by ideology is a self-fulfilling prophecy?
You've internalized so much anti-feminist propaganda that when you try and date you naturally assume that she doesn't want you, she wants chad


Refute a single one of the info graphics normalnigger. Oh wait, you can't because they are true. Stop with the science denial leftoid cunt, its why socialism has always been a failure. This thread (and 50% of this boards content) is literally nothing more than the biggest losers in history shitting on an easy target to feel better about themselves LEL.

if nazis can spam, why can't I?

who are you quoting

Why do socialists call other people losers when, despite over 200 years of existence, not a single communist has actually gotten off his ass and tried communism? Why do a bunch of lazy cunts like socialists feel entitled to run society? Do you people have no self awareness?



Don't spare gore, just open up paint and create an image that says "I can't refute the egalitarian principles of one man one wife and wish to uphold reactionary social Darwinism from before the bronze and haremize society" in big bright letters and spam that instead.

This is a leftist board. A radical egalitarian leftist board that wishes to build a more egalitarian society. If you want to be a red liberal you belong on reddit.


Why, I was quoting the person I was responding to. How nice of you to ask, socialist failure.

Do you people lack the ability to read a book?

All failures. I thought socialists said communism was never tried to save themselves from admitting that they have a proud 200 year legacy of FAILURE.

you started the "one-liner" bullshit you fucking dumbass

What should i do then? Sign up for some pathetic dating portal? Just pick up random girls from the street?

If you ever read something other than communist propaganda, you wouldn't be a communist. Expand your horizons before you take that attitude with me kid.

Why is a nigger primmie defending feminism online? Shouldn't we both agree that enslaving women to alpha chads is the natural order?


Post pics like these, but of women plz. I need to fap today.

anprims don't want slavery. no hunter-gatherer was a slave

I practice communism every day in my personal life.

And if you have ever read a book on the subject you are currently criticizing you would know that it is completely moronic to say "try communism". Communism isn't a blueprint to which reality will have to adjust itself.

So immature.

Why not just be mature and say "I concede my points and I have lost the debate. I will take some time to reconsider my defence of the reactionary social Darwinist cock carousel".

I can spam what I want because the mods stopped giving a fuck about spam anymore clearly

you forget Holla Forums is a chad board

this is why we had the damn containment thread
But user, this is literally impossible, liberalism is the hegemonic ideology and as such works of culture and science are built on that hegemonism.
The reason the earlier user wanted you to read a book is because it is clear from what you posted that you have no idea what communism is or what we are advocating for.


the actual effect of communist parties has always been gynocracy. We don't need to read in order to see your agenda, normalnigger.

this. these are some dickpics and my gf after a good pounding

BO got rid of the "containment" thread for whatever reason

No matter. This is a pressing issue of our time and should not be contained.

THIS is some high-level ideology

Post pics then faggot. If you were truly Chad, you people wouldn't run away like little bitches every time someone asks you to prove your physique.

leftypol is filled with numales like every leftist movement.

Yeah that's way more important than things like climate change causing the human race to go endangered within 100 years, my bad.

kek come to Europe then, i'll show you real leftists. you'll take a beating of a lifetime you pathetic and cultureless americunt

Even if all of the icecaps melted large parts of the world would still be habitable by people


Top lel, Eurogays voted to let their women get raped by muslim savages. You can settle this nonsense by just


Source on your claim?

Never change faggots.

Look buddy, incels are much more more numerous than trannies. We are important and deserve a voice. Birth rates are down and the only solution is to literally import patriarchy from abroad.

Patriarchy is going to be reinstated if you like it or not. Make your peace with it.

Oh? So you people don't complain when a leftist or antifa punches one of your larpers? That's some nice historical revisionism. I hear "leftists are violent" just as much as i hear "leftists are weak betas". Don't lie friendo

Okay rabid SJW, whatever you say. I don't want to be responsible for any psychopathic rampages you commit so I'm going to stop speaking with you now.

He was pointing out a contradiction, which is not the same thing as deflecting. I'm not sure I can explain it to you if you're seriously too dumb to understand the difference but I can try


Incels are a major component of society and are only growing by the day. Feminism has been a unmitigated disaster and will not last much longer and you need to make your peace with it. I'm sorry the patriarchy will return when we launch our sexual revolution to restore more egalitarian norms.

no thanks, faggot. my left nut probably has more hair than your entire body anyway

No one wants to post pictures of themselves for some non white Holla Forumsyp to fap to. Have you never heard of opsec?





They're worms, they make me ashamed to be a leftist. No honor.

It's sad how these threads never go beyond "Women are all whores who deserve no rights and free will" vs. "You are not entitled to sex, loser ! It's your fault if you have a shitty personality !"
There are many interesting things to say about this phenomenon. For example, about the double standard between the macho "shit personality" and the beta "shit personality", about how incel-activists use images like to prove their point while they wouldn't want a relationship with some bitchy cunt like that (no, you really don't want to be with someone like this), about the failure of feminism to free us from the old stereotypical gender roles, and giving in the process an advantage to women who don't want to take a more active role in flirting but now also have the possibility to cry loudly when an ugly guy is assertive toward them, while at same time NEETs addicted to porn, vidya and anime insist to keep these macho standards in the hope to end up with a "pure" waifu one day, etc.

But effortposting in these threads is utterly useless. Since the subject involves penises and vaginas, people get crazy.

Incels, you should become volcels. At an age where masturbation is tolerated and the annihilation of humanity is imminent, you should let normalfags reproduce, apy child support and cry when they will see their children in pain during their last breath, as they will realize they did nothing but creating more suffering in this cruel world.
Take drugs, drink a bottle of jenever and shitpost, smoke weed and play music, read books on Adderall, watch a sunset on 1P-LSD, whatever. Putting the dick in a wet vagina is fun, but it's overrated.

Pic related's literally you.


lol calm way the fuck down. Emotional instability and hysteria is a sign of dangerously low T

You know it's kind of funny if you think about it. I would have enjoyed speaking with you and I don't even know what you look like, but your terrible personality turned me off. Have you ever considered that it might be the cause of your social isolation?

Actually, leftypol is full of traps


Oh, but when I say that, everyone jumps on me for bullying the poor deluded incel.

This issue has nothing to do with feminism. It's capitalism. Capitalism destroyed families, capitalism created a generation of narcisist shit cunts who rather have meaningless sex than actual relationships, they're scared of everything that requires effort, people who abandon their parents in retirement homes or in their own homes only to be discovered 3 months later completely rotten.
Shit standadrized education to keep people smart enough to be able to work later in life, but dumb enough to not ask questions. This has created generations of zombies who can talk to anyone, who don't want to live their comfort zone.
As soon as capitalism is removed, life will become more community oriented and if all the gadgets are banned, even faster it will happen.

we aren't against you calm down, I'm an incel too. we're just against you acting like an asshole (or people who aren't incels pretending to be asshole incels)

Only one person you replied to said that this was a chad board, and it was done in a joking manner.

said like a porkie

gOD DAMN, it feels good to be right again

Absolutely comrade. Feminists are just sexual fascists at the end of the day.

More excuses not to show pics. loserpol BTFO

If they cant handle us at our worst, they don't deserve us at our best.

Another human being's time and energy is not a luxury good, you fucking subhuman.

No hablo taco bell, ese.

I dont really see a difference

I'll post pics if you admit this is a trap board

They why does leftypol feel entitled to redistribute the fruits of hard working taxpayers to dumb niggers and white trash? Socialists are subhuman by definition, good to know.

Probably is a trap board. Too low test to be otherwise.


Cowardly. Why even bother if you're going to end your post like that.

for one, people aren't property

I wish…the fruits of hardworking taxpayers is going to useless bankers instead.

People are not the same thing as goods and currency. This is the last post you'll get out of me with your awful bait.

Being an incel doesn't make you subhuman, but being a redbaiting dipshit who falls for state department propaganda just because you don't have sex does

Both take time and energy to produce
And yet workers are exploited of their time and energy like machines i.e. property

those 2 posts are from different posters

watch as the femoids you defend online refute you with their insanity user.

Actually, demanding hard working people give their money and businesses to dumb proles who can't do shit is subhuman and socialist. Its not red baiting if its the truth, commie cuck.

Women are not objects to b used as commodities by men who are abusive and defective.

Sorry but that is just reality.

you people are full retard

The patriarchy will be restored, if not by us then by the muslim immigrants. I'm sorry but thats just reality.

i agree


Yeah that's it keep slobbering that Koch. Have whatever opinions the last billionaires paid for you to have, classcucked halfbrain

The bourgeoisie, business owners and other productive laborers are not objects to be used by unproductive layabouts like socialist failures.

Sorry, but its just reality.

Just because you are 300000 in debt for your gender studies degree doesn't mean we have to pay for it. Grow up and work it off like a man (if you haven't already chopped it off of course)

That is true as well. People are not commodities. Why is this hard for you to understand?

*rolls eyes*

And capitalism is being a corrupt useless fag everyday for years then when the bussiness goes to shit the state will bail him out, no question asked.

To be fair, I can understand their frustration, especially if they are past 24 and still virgins. And if we didn't have this overwhelming desire to do it, the human race wouldn't exist today which probably would have been a good thing tbh
But my main gripe isn't that people are making a big deal out of sex, it is that it makes them unable to have a discussion that goes beyond an angry exchange of clichés.
As I said, there are many interesting things to say about this phenomenon, but they aren't uttered by anyone. We don't even ask ourselves the right questions. It's like GamerGate all over again, when both sides just become hysterical and devolve in a boring "us vs. them" mob mentality, because thinking hard is too hard for the brainlets that we are.

Its not hard to understand
But their labor is a commodity
Whats the difference between a factory worker and a sex worker? None, they both sell their bodies

I'm not from a country with a meme education system like the USA.

Sex work should be illegal. Capitalists are the ones who love that sort of thing.

You are pretending to be high minded and above it all but you basically told us to just get hooked on drugs and die. You're no better.

Then why do commie cucks support a womans right to divorce rape a man, state subsidized birth control and abortion, and affirmative action aka sexism against productive men?

Liberals aren't communists

How is sex worker different from a factory worker?

none of those positions are communist they're just liberal positions. Also fucking lol at you not liking abortion/birth control even though having a kid gives women way more control over men than if they don't have a kid in the first place

Right, commies want all this shut under a government with a red flag instead of the stars and stripes. Gotcha.

Sex work is the highest form of exploitation in terms of wage labour, it is literal selling of the body.

Sex work isnt wage labor tbh.

Im not opposed to abortion, I am just opposed to me having to pay for it. If the courts weren't stacked in favor of women, having a child would not give women an ounce of control over the man.

How is it not?

Incorrect. Literally read Marx.

No surplus value being extracted

How so?
Just like factory worker

Prostitutes literally have control over the means of production

Not an argument.

Wrong. Selling of the body = organs on the black market. Whores provide a service and remain in full possession of their body.

It always annoyed me being part of incel communities the lack of self-awareness and irrational hatred/obsession with women. Yes they're full of shit but so are guys as well.
Nothing new under the sun.

I wish there was somewhere I could get together with other cripplingly depressed/socially maladjusted folks without having to deal with all the borderline psychotic/purely emotional bullshit.


Because it is a fundamental violation of the body, forced into it by the substandard provision of the capitalist system.

Or maybe we can reinstate one man one wife and make society much healthier as a whole again…

If its forced by capitalism why is it the worlds oldest profession? Checkmate, commie.

Exactly like menial labor

I'd rather pay for condoms and pills than pay for 18 fucking years of someone and their mother living off welfare, plus paying for them to go to prison when they grow up, plus pay for extra policing when the neglected child grows up to be a criminal, etc.

Actual "commie" countries and the DDR had comprehensive sex education and readily available birth control/abortion and it was one of the things that led to unequivocally better outcomes

Prostitutes don't need pimps or brothels therefore no surplus value is being extracted. A factory worker has to work at a factory to produce surplus value for a boss because he cannot open a factory on his own.

Menial labor does not involve you literally being fucked.

Because exploitation is part of the historical human societies as well.

Well you should actually get hooked on drugs because your idea of "regulating the sexual free market" is retarded and utopian, and it might give a few new ideas.
You have been pushing this meme for months instead of thinking about how to mitigate the incel problem while letting us free to choose.

Having sex cost 0€. Let's say a blowjob cost 40€. 40€ - 0€ = 40€. Well guess what, these 40€ are literally surplus value.

LEL, nice goalpost movement there comrade.

Starters, most prostitutes are not in conditions of working just on their own.

Secondly surplus value is part of every transaction they take part in.

Thirdly prostitution exists because of the inadequacies of capitalism, forcing some people to subsist by terrible means.

Not at all.


It's not utopian at all it is simply a return to previous norms that have been Universal since proto civilization. Its literally underpins complex society. one man one wife. If your only suggestion is that incels get hooked on drugs and accept that nobody wants them refrain from posting please.


Whatever man this thread's boring who cares

Yes i agree, the sexual market forcing males to seek prostitutes is truly a terrible thing

That's not surplus value you literal have no clue of what you speak. I knew you were a red liberal get off this board.

You know what has more stable families? Socialism. So be a socialist.

Im, i actually think that life was better under socialist rule in my country, especially with the fact that there was no sexual revolution in my country during socialist times.


Sexual revolution and Feminism as we understand it are utopian just go look outside a window for proof

PEOPLE are despondent both males and females entire societies are breaking at the seams because of it

So you admit leftypol is trap board

Mandatory reading for the liberation of incels

I think both the right and the left can come together on the issue of incels and admit that these people are vile and sick and deserve to be killed because they're a threat to society.

We are one fifth of society and the patriarchy will be restored and there is nothing you can do to stop us.

One man🙏
One wife🙏

>The character and tendency of the process M-C-M, is therefore not due to any qualitative difference between its extremes, both being money, but solely to their quantitative difference. More money is withdrawn from circulation at the finish than was thrown into it at the start. The cotton that was bought for £100 is perhaps resold for £100 + £10 or £110. The exact form of this process is therefore M-C-M', where M' = M + D M = the original sum advanced, plus an increment. This increment or excess over the original value I call “surplus-value.” The value originally advanced, therefore, not only remains intact while in circulation, but adds to itself a surplus-value or expands itself. It is this movement that converts it into capital.
Extracting surplus value doesn't necessarily mean having a boss. It means making money from an invested capital, sales revenue less the cost of materials used up. If you buy a SNES 10€ and sell it 15€ later, you make 5€ of surplus value. In the case of prostitutes, the capital is their body and work force (i.e. sucking dicks). All these materials cost 0€.
But yes, maybe there is no extraction if the prostitute work by her or himself, I might have said bullshit. That said, the majority of prostitutes work for a pimp (or a brothel).
Not an argument.

My suggestion is to think beyond DUDE STATE ISSUED GFS LMAO. You are like anprims in the sense that you can't get rid of the ideology of sexual liberation just like you can't get rid of technology. It's too late and you would face massive protests if you try to go against the grain.


Lol and thinking us women will give in that quickly to a bunch of beta losers like you. We've fought with blood, sweat and tears for our right to be seen as equals and we're not going back anytime soon. You need to accept THAT reality.

You're dead wrong and you need to read some basic marx. Try wage labor capital it's short you'll be able to wrap you empty little head around it.

Radical reorganization of society usually involves social upheaval. Again this is a revolutionary leftist board, not a red liberal one. Most of what this board talks about "goes against the grain" if you're not comfortable with revolutionary politics you need to fuck off back to reddit.

i do wonder who gon win

Females literally cannot run society. Just look at this.

You didn't fight for anything. It was given to you tbh…

Like everything in a female's life, feminism was the product of men who mistakenly believed she deserved it.

I read one of their guys set up Tinder dates with fake profile pics and then when the girls showed up he made videos berating them for his youtube channel. He's also rumored to spread CP on discord, to have taken an underage girl across state lines, and tried to bully another underage girl to suicide.

If you can tolerate reddit, I think r/foreveralone is supposed to be the non-psychotic version of these types of subs.

Dude you've been at this for two hours non-stop by now.

fun fact
socialanxietysupport.com is actually the largest unnofficial incel forum

like 70% of it's 300k male and female users are virgins


Roasties are pathetic

I've already read WL&C actually, but yes I just realized I'm retarded after I hit reply. I feel stupid but whatever, I'm just an user.
Of course, but the vast majority of people here, Marxists and anarchists, are against the extraction of value from the working class by the bourgeoisie and so on, and want to abolish that shit. It's first and foremost an economic issue which affect most people and their ability to have access to food, housing, education, sex, etc.
Meanwhile, most leftists, people here included, find your state issued gfs bullshit stupid, just like most leftists view anarcho-primitivism as a joke, because it's utopian and doomed to failure.
And Holla Forums too has opinions that goes against the grain. Doesn't mean they are right.
My point was just that these threads has a low quality of discussion for a high reply count by minute, and therefore don't warrant effortposting, which is sad because the subject is interesting and deserve more than banal edgy one-liner. That's all.

As I've said before, if telling incels to just get hooked on drugs and to accept their fate is something you consider an "effort post", best not post at all. Your pretensions are off the charts.

One man one wife is progressive, anything else is reactionary and social Darwinist and you're just going to have to make peace with that.

Godammit, do you always take everything people say to you at face value ? Have you been formally diagnosed with autism ?

Too normie places for me, but thanks for trying.

well, I guess and sort of prove that it's true
if these two walking masses of pathology consider it too sane for their psychotic needs I guess it might be worth a try if you're trying to find a support community

what do you think 'progressive' and 'reactionary' mean? they aren't just placeholders for 'good' and 'bad' you know





I support Swedish socdem in his struggle against the sexual porkies (also known as Chads).

me too
Swedish socdem is my comrade

thanks doc!

Thirding. I've got a gf now but it doesn't mean that the years I spent lonely are invalidated. No one should have to go through that

I work for The Intercept. Not the most reliable but it could be worse.

My son, what have you done with your life.

I recommend all incels to become more woke and read this book.


Also LOL, I've been banned for "incel posting" like 5 times. Sad hambeast mod.

let's leave your heterodox views of anthropology aside, and go to the definition of the words
as far as I understand, you advocate for some kind of return to Victorian sexual values and norms, with the addition of a state-mandated system of pairing between people. you expect this to happen via some kind of AI that matches both physical and personality of the pair.
the return to victorian sexual mores is reactionary by definition; if you use modern technological means to achieve such ends is irrelevant
that's not how it works
I honestly thought that 'sexual free market'-succdem with the one graph they always spam was some kind of parody but you've been at it for so long now I'm starting to get convinced you actually believe this stuff
especially since you came out as a Swede




my post disputes your claim that your return to victorian sexual values is progressive, because by definition it isn't






M8, lets finish it, you said what was needed to be said, but its almost 3am in your time zone, its time to go to bed

and when we want to talk about feminism they sperg out and call it 'idpol' even though there is blatant misogyny on the left

I will literally pay you to make youtube videos
100% serious

calm down buddy
and read some political theory, that's not what 'progressive' and 'reactionary' mean
my experience with swedish girls is that they aren't really all that picky or haughty, even the 'preppy' ones are quite agreeable
even if liberal idpol is the way of the land there

sweedsock and the /pol9k/ femoidposter aren't particularly left tho

LEL, the left has given women all the advantages they need hole. It is impossible to satisfy women, which is why every political movement that caters to women ends up being ruled by them, and subsequently disintegrates.

Why is leftypols answer to anything "go read a book"? Because it is the ultimate deflection, and given the quality of this boards discussions, a way to hide the fact that no one actually reads here. Eat shit and learn to argue fag.

because people such as yourself come here to spout ignorant rubbish, and we are egalitarian here so we believe that even the lowest of brainlets such as yourself can learn eventually, if they only put the effort in. communism still isn't when everyone is paid the same and the state owns your toothbrush, and the appropriate answer to any such claims is to ask the person making the claims to educate themselves.
sweedsock here was misusing terminology, so I corrected him and asked him to learn more about the logic behind the terminology, so he would understand it better in the future

because the books have words on them that help you understand things


Prepare for daily “Will socialism get me a gf” threads.


Well will it?

hopefully this will inspire them to go out and kill people.

I am going to need a quick rundown

they've been here for months

I will never not love that image.

Hooboy. Thanks Rosie, I needed that.

I sure wonder why nobody wants to be friends with you guys.

You do things to earn people's attention and affection. There are reasons you like talking to some people and not others, and there are reasons you like having sex with some people and not others. Different people have different positive qualities that make them more or less fun to spend time with.

There is no substantial difference between being accepted as a person and being accepted as a commodity. You're just spitting faux-profundities. All voluntary association is bound up with exchange, it's only a question of how blatantly.

The mod should have deleted this thread long ago honestly.

Seriously though, their understanding of Marxist is grade A retarded, and I say this as not a Marxist. Makes sense that the main shitposter was a succdem in that regard at least.

Don't know, the haremization of dating is bad for you too if you ever wind up on the lower end of the totem pole one day.

This is true, why do you think most major religions require marriage before sexual relationships, to stop harems.
Women are materially better off with a rich chad then a poor beta, so if they're free to choose that's exactly what they'll do.

Don't know how you can say that. Incels were a fringe of a fringe 7 years ago. Now even normies know about them.

This isn't true really anymore. Maybe internationally this may still hold true but in first world countries all the hookers are on the internet.
Think about it, you really think its more profitable to have a pimp and hook on the streets.
Why do you think alot of posts on Craigslist say no black guys. Its because those hookers don't have a pimp and are afraid of a john who is a pimp trying to make them accept them as their pimp.

Does he have makeup in his eyebrows.

I've never understood this dismissal of incels. If they're so impotent why is there so much anger directed at them.
Mentally handicapped people often revel in their own retardation but it doesn't fill me with anger to see them abondoning their toward mitigating their condition, which yes there is plenty they can do to do so.
All this anger at incels, at least this kind of anger always struck me as a n admission they really are on to something and their complaining and increase militancy is undermining someone's vested interest.

t. incel

But seriously, what surprises me most is that even the whole industries that exist to fill that hole the lack of a gf leaves isn't enough to pacify them completely. That makes incels a real wild card. If it's true most want genuine attention and affection it is not something that capitalism can ever deliver on

This makes a whole lot of anti incel rhetoric click. I guess haven't spent so much time on chans I'm numb to saber rattling online.
I'm not an incel but I've definitely had to date down to the point of that I've had to date women who were pretty fat with very significant mental health problems. And I seriously can't do better, and no I'm not a slob, poor, or fat myself, maybe at most 25 lbs over weight.
So this women collectively disciplining men by with holding sex affects more than just incels.
I always thought that was probably what scared people, that incel rhetoric would catch on with normal men that are extremely frustrated with dating and courtship under post feminism capitalism

What anger, you mean the posts calling them losers in response to their tirades about h.ypergamy, sexual market value and all women being evil?

Otherwise I'd have no idea what you're talking about.

Because Holla Forums by and large consists of passive receivers of information, fetishizing the book as physical object as signifier of intelligence. This is demonstrated perfectly by this user we are egalitarian here so we believe that even the lowest of brainlets such as yourself can learn eventually, if they only put the effort in. as you can see, he believes he can be intelligent too if he confirms to the signifier he associates with intelligence, like how neckbeards believe they can also be cool like Humprey Bogart if they wear a fedora.

t. dumbo who doesn't read books and is desperately trying to justify his lack of knowledge

god fucking dammit I hope they go to halfchan r9k and not this one


Don't be so mean towards imkampfy(Board Owner of Holla Forums)

isn't he a turk

Only hardcover, preferably first edition, having at least 500 pages so that it leaves a bulge in my pocket. Other than that any book will do, for when I read it's not about that what is written down, its about reading a book.

There's Instagram for Iran. Iranians want to be Jojo Characters, they get plastic surgery and botox and have their faced chizzled in iron to not even let a single blemish show. Then they work out tirelessly every week every day every hour every minute, every second. The make up comes after this.

Then they are fully built like a t-800.

This attracts too much ass for one man. And so they all do it now. Iranian Instagram is amazing.The fact we will likely go to war with them….and all of this…gone…it brings tears to my eyes…

Woops posted one twice. Forgot one.

Dude in the hat is 100% a jojo character

He was mentally ill, but unknowingly understood leftist concepts.

Holla Forums is crippled from the start


Yes that anger, and it's universal, from normies to democrats to leftists who I feel should know better. It's anger that's way disproportionate to what they're saying. I don't know what's so universally offense about their ideas about hypergamy or sexual market value, do you really think women don't do this to at least some degree and that some women abuse the good faith courtship of some men (the friendzone).

Yes they hate women, but not because they are blaming them for exploitation another party did, like how racists blame black people for their problems that porky causes. I'm not defending it but it's not analogous to misogyny since they aren't trying to oppress women out of some economic interest.

You can advocate for dismantling the welfare system, the effect of which would be poor people dying in the street and most people would still weigh it as a legitimate political position. But saying women won't fuck you because they're gold diggers brings everyone out of the wood work. Like I said makes me think they're hitting on something. I frequented /r/incels for a few months and never saw the violent rhectoric or even women hatred they got banned for. Sharply criticising a group isn't hatred.

Maybe not, but they are generalizing their experiences and the subset of bad women to all women. It's akin to the "I got robbed by a black guy so now I will rant about how blacks are inherently criminal". A lot of people are assholes, women are people, a lot of women are assholes. But to go around ascribing all these traits, gold digger, hypergamous, etc., to half the population just based on some bro science and prejudice is asinine.
I will admit that in liberal circles, doing the opposite is perfectly accepted, and it shouldn't be. Most bitching about toxic masculinity is no better than femöid rants, even if it appears in the Atlantic.

Because all their experiences with women have been negative. If all your experience s with one group are negative how can you not generalize. Again I don't feel their movement is analogous to racism becasue as you said women are half the population so these men defiantly have had social experiences with women where as I've found much of a racists racism is based on conjecture or limited experiences with other races.

Also Christianity and Islam de facto recognize the issue of hypergamy with their marriage restrictions to one wife, and limiting women too having sex only within a marriage.

So this notion that hypergamy is this rationalization invented whole cloth by bitter virgins is silly to me.

Why is it that this place makes the incel thing some "grand issue". Yes, modern capitalist society is alienating, and a side effect of it is that it will produce some bitter virgins on both sides of the sex dichotomy, but why is it made a big problem for us to care about?

I don't think its made into a grand issue by anyone but incels themselves. I think of appears to be a grand issue because it's legitimacy is so bitterly oppsed. Which prompts defenders to defend it and you wind up with 400 posts of back and forth.
Leftists are more well read so their able to defend their denial of the issue better than most which produces more drama. Seriously most normies on /r/incel were successfully shouted down.

Former incelfag checking in here. (Now volcel / antisexual for about 6 years - I'm 34 now.)

It's obvious to me that the violent reaction against incel types is for two reasons
- Contempt for the weak
- That the incel condition reveals some uncomfortable truths about our society and about humanity, that reactionaries don't want to face for some reason or another (and I'm including much of the so-called "left" as reactionaries).

No one who knows anything would think the incels present a legitimate threat to much of anything, aside from the sporadic rage-killing. If society were genuinely worried about incels attacking them, they would react quite differently than they do, rather than unloading with impunity. There are a shit-ton of reactionary institutions and memes that don't receive the same degree of hate as incels, some large and some small, that pose far more danger. Clearly it's not proportional to the threat or odiousness, because any reasonable person would have killed Nazism in the cradle. So I can only conclude that the majority of the backlash is purely because incels are weak and, as humans will naturally CHOOSE to do with no sobering influence, weakness is attacked.

The ugly reality is that there is no way to reconcile sexuality with socialism. The sex instinct, and all that arises from it, is itself problematic, and no amount of self-policing and self-criticism is going to change what an abomination sexual reproduction is.

I believe this will be more apparent as society is dominated more and more by total institutions, like schools and megacorporations (or, in socialism, whatever forms of organization humans design). Using sexual behavior to control peoples' minds is nothing new, but in modern society the control is total and the slightest deviation from socially accepted norms is ruthlessly punished. Men who are deemed unfit are thrown away by society (and this will be the majority of men as society progresses - there is absolutely no reason why a woman would freely choose not to share men they find most desirable, if the material needs of the children are met or children were raised communally). Women who do not make themselves available to the new sexual elite are manipulated into compliance, except for those who are, like men, simply thrown away (and society treats expendable females far worse than expendable males, at least for now).

The only way this is averted is if humanity makes a concerted effort to short-circuit sexuality altogether, and we begin completely engineering our offspring through a non-sexual process. Such life forms would not only be far superior and far quicker to adapt to their environment (since you would basically only need to think genetic modification and it would happen), but it opens the possibility of reproduction being a truly social activity rather than a necessarily private activity between male and female. Of course it does not wipe away the sin of reproduction completely and there are different possible problems and contradictions posed by this new model, but it does allow humanity to elevate themselves to a higher level of being, where men are no longer slaves to the flesh and their genetic programming.

Reactionaries reject this movement to overthrow the flesh because, usually, they base their morality on appeals to nature and other such nonsense, which should be easily dismissed but in the absence of any sobering influence feels surpass reals.

I don't even think it's so much a matter of capitalism itself. Capitalism surely contributes to the commodification of sex and the prevalence of prostitution, but I believe it has more to do with the rise of total institutions that dominate our lives - and some of that is the result of capitalism's tendency to creep into all sectors of society, but it would persist even in a hypothetical socialist society where new total institutions are created (and no matter what the narchos say, there will be institutions of some sort, if not by law then in reality - humans will just naturally form institutions because the only alternative is unworkable for an industrial society and undesirable, and primitivism is a dead end (and also not even desirable, the idea of primitivism as a solution is just a continuation of the noble savage trope)).

Historically, it wasn't really a problem that many men - and it is predominantly men - find no one or must resort to prostitution to buy the illusion of sexual success. It was problematic to women of course, but up until very recently that didn't count for much in the eyes of society's controllers (and really, it still doesn't). Why incel became such a big deal is because total institutions began probing mens' sexual behavior as a way to enforce eugenics, starting with the campaign to criminalize and/or cure homosexuality (and the very idea of homosexuality as an identity only formed around the turn of the 20th century, precisely due to the influence of the eugenics movement). This inevitably extends to other sexual behavior, turning them from behaviors or pathologies into identities which can be isolated and marked down on a piece of paper. The point of marking down these traits in men and women isn't because society thinks there is a cure, it's to organize people into groups based on their behavior to enforce a rigid social hierarchy. Hence, why there is such a backlash against the idea of gay men engaging in a straight life and especially against gay men who are uncomfortable with their desires and want to change themselves. Gay men are supposed to stay in their box and do gay stuff, live a gay life, etc. I've heard complaints from gay men about this phenomenon, even if they're happy with their personal life. I guess many are just happy they're not being killed or institutionalized.

Anyway - I do think the men who seek out incel forums are predisposed to be particularly whiny and unhappy with themselves, while there are probably many incel men who are not sick in the head who know to stay quiet and just live their life, out of fear of what will happen if they're exposed. Also, there's a whole culture surrounding incel that exploits the vulnerability of these men and feeds them a steady diet of reactionary propaganda. Back when I started visiting incel boards around 2006-7, it was a much different scene, and there weren't so many incel blogs running about. There were PUA camps that were getting in on the business of exploiting male misery, but the incel boards still had female members and many liberal or lefty males. I was around for the big dustup between Incel Support and Love-Shy (which was rightwing as fuck, though still had a few left and liberal men), where the divide between the left and right wings really became apparent. I'm not sure when Roosh V and his ilk swooped in to really feast on the rightists, but it was definitely before I left. The internet became far more of an echo chamber, and the rightists eventually won out. IS is long since dead and good riddance (they were overrun with too much fucking liberalism and social criticism was basically banned when I left), and LS.com is a closed community (and as far as I know they're near-death).

I do think sometimes about offering a left perspective on the issue, but since I fully embraced antisexuality I just don't have the desire to engage with what the incel boards have become. There's too many RW interlopers who are clearly not incel (if you're fucking prostitutes regularly, you're not fucking incel, you're just a whore addict with way too much money to blow). If there are more moderate incel boards I could probably interlope and spread the gospel of antisexuality, but I'd probably be banned quick. I don't think women want to go anywhere near the word incel any more, even though the term was invented by a woman.

Wow good post

Another insightful post

Thanks, I try harder.

There aren't any factory workers that make $800 for 2-3 hours of being around a lonely person. They tend to make that much per month.

Not all hookers make a ton of money, but most of the hookers on leftbook trying to rally support are high end and completely petite-bourgie, making enormous amounts of money for stuff that often doesn't even involve sex, like going out on dates and stuff.

Factory workers also don't capitalize on human isolation and broken relationships. If society ran well, there'd be little to no need for hookers, hookers feed off of social instability. Factory workers are necessary in even an ideal society.

This literally sounds like a quote from a jim crow era klansmember. Also, lol at the volcel thinking he's somehow better than an incel.

anti-incel is a right wing position, fite me

Doesn't your own experience as a volcel paint a different picture? The solution is not the elimination of sexuality, but in the acceptance of non-sexuality by those not sexually selected. If they find inner peace, and the population is reproduced at replacement level by the sexual elite, all will be well. Get incels into Buddhism in stead of aut rightism.

Incels deserve to become pregnant.


I'm not for "accepting my fate". I believe sexuality itself is the problem, not that certain people are engaging in or not engaging in sex or doing it in the wrong way; more important is the psychological and physical impulses that lead to the act than the act itself.

I suppose you could argue that any form of reproduction is similarly fraught with the same instinctive desire to reproduce and expand endlessly like a virus, and we could argue all day about antinatalism.

The question for someone who is rejected from the sexual process is then, what is there to live for? If genetic continuation is the goal in of itself, then those who are rejected have every reason to reject society and humanity and detach from reality. The only way past that is to look beyond genetic continuation of the self or some abstract concept of the species. Put another way, if not for reproduction, why should people care about sexuality at all? All other functions of the sexual organs are not truly necessary, and basically amount to a trick of the mind that people play on themselves, for example engaging in sex for "intimacy" (chemical reactions) or masturbation.

The way I see it, anti-sexuality is an inevitability for the many who realize there is no longer any function to the act, whether they accept it fully or not. Perhaps some people will continue to reproduce, but once bioengineering a functional person without sexual reproduction is a possibility, it would be as foul as multi-generational incest is today. But, we don't need high technology to even see this - the people who are already rejected already know they must do something, even if they're led astray by ideology or beaten into submission.

As far as religion and whatnot - I don't think the elders of old religions were stupid people, and they were well aware of the human condition. Maybe at some level religion is necessary for humans to be slightly better than mindless sacks of chemicals. I think though that people were drawn to the traditions of anti-sexuality in religion because they spoke to something they felt true, rather than religion pushing people towards anti-sexuality.

I'm insulted you consider healthcare on remotely the same level your petty complaints. Fuck off

I disagree. Not an incel but I believe healthy sexuality is good. More importantly, it's enjoyable.

You'll notice that everyone who opposes sexual liberation is for whatever reason not able to participate in it themselves. The challenge is how can we create a society with healthy sexuality that everyone can engage in.

I wouldn't want to live in a world without sex. Yes, perhaps it'll disappear in some world where we achieved singularity, but that's still a long time coming

The problem with that is that sex isn't a beneficial service in this case, in the case of prostitution or arranged wives. I know from experience that access to prostitutes or wives doesn't really help what's going on there, and if you're talking about something like government-sponsored girlfriends or boyfriends that's just an extra bit of humiliation.

The only other thing I can think of would be Brave New World style sexual orgies in place of traditional relationships, which is just another level of squick.

It's closer than you think though. Certainly we're going to come to a point where reproduction and human relationships are strictly controlled. It's already happening in fact, due to the pressures of capitalism in part. I already detailed the backslide into totalitarianism and how sexuality is a part of that movement, because sexuality is one of the most basic levers that can be used for psychological manipulation.

As for doing whatever I enjoyed, why is it that the sexualists are so adamantly opposed to the idea of anti-sexuality, and why is antisexualism so vigorously attacked? Part of that enjoyment from sex comes from the very real power people have over each other, the happiness doesn't exist in a vacuum. That is why some of the incels are so upset - it isn't purely because their bodies need to cum inside a woman, it's because they are socially marginalized, weak, and impotent. If it was purely a matter of tricking the body and mind into happiness, a good pair of hands would be enough. Also, cripples who lose the function of their sex organs still feel lonely, and castration by itself is not a solution as the practice used on sex offenders should tell. I don't believe there is a way to divorce the sex instinct from its unfortunate implications, even between two people who ostensibly "love" each other. There simply is no innocence.

Wrong. Incel are nothing but vapid people. It's pointless to have pity over them.
I have lurked on /r9K/ and other similar communinites and they all spend their time complaining about women. I have also witnessed some making fun of random men marrying unconventionally attractive women, whoch means that the majority of them are exactly liek the women they criticize so much. They don't want sex, love or comanionship, they want a trophy 9/10 wife to show off.

You're wrong and you aren't even trying to know a damn thing about what is going on. In a world where relations are tightly controlled and sex is used to manipulate people more and more, such distortions will become more and more commonplace, particularly among the rejects who are left with nothing but lies and phantoms to chase after.

There is no such thing as healthy sexuality. Sexuality is the disease. Antisexualism is the only cure.

Why be a decent human being when you can abuse male trust and loyalty to fuck Chad? Femoids are heartless cunts who see betas as mere resources to be exploited, and you nigger faggots all know this is true (which is why you always get so triggered KEK). Please save yourself and embrace the blackpill before you cut your balls off for real.

Just fucking lol @ any of these femorrhoid defenders threatening anyone or anything. The fatass who is actively cucking himself with cuck pills will never amount to anything other than a mutilated pile of agonized flesh. The only thing femails can do is whine and bitch to get manlier men to do their shit for them, but since you faggots will forever be uggo, the Chads who run society will have literally no reason not to put you in the gas chamber you belong. You fucking abortion. Fuck off and die already delusional tranny pigs LEL.

Leftists see nothing wrong with corrupting children with objectively violent sexuality because sexual liberation comes above everything else to your typical numale faggot. Why this is is not clear, but the workings of the feminized mind are beyond rational comprehension. The only logical solution to faggot sexuality is death.

Incel 4 lyfe. Not a single one of the dumb roastie whores or coping NUMALES in this thread will ever in a 100 years fuck this piece of shit. Lookism is genetic and is inescapable. Muh personality is cope and nothing more than capitalist ideology trying to keep males from taking what is ours by right of birth.

Reminder that 2 inches can be the difference between a successful life with femoids and eternal social damnation. If you aren't 6"1 in 2017 its over.

Actually, I changed my mind. If you are at least as attractive as illustrious BO is here, then you too can get laid. You just have to be a tranny faggot with no dignity or sense of shame, but its workable. See you later, fellow volcels.


And these posts of pure diarrhea are why I learned to hate all sexuality. See what it does to people?

Now, incels may be human failures and shitty people, this is true. There are some who manage to be superficially successful but know deep down they're human failures. The question I pose then is, why does sexuality become the focal point? Why should it fucking matter?
If you can see the common thread throughout the diarrhea poster's posts, he is overly obsessed with power and social standing, and this is no accident. I've observed a great many incels and see the same pattern, even in the ones that claim to be successful - an obsession with power and control.
No amount of sex and no amount of therapy will cure this affliction, because the external conditions of society reinforce hierarchies and just assert the same mindset. No sex becomes not enough sex, becomes sexual addiction. I've seen plenty of sexual addiction too (and suffered from it myself). The same issues appear with fetishists who can't escape tranny porn or bdsm.

There is no such thing as healthy sexuality, only socially accepted sexuality and the power to give no shits about it. All people are forced to live with their position, even those who are supposedly successful. So what is the objective basis for healthy sexuality? Perpetuation of the race? Chemical feefees? Conformity?


>Then, there is shit like this that makes you want to kill yourself : slatestarcodex.com/2014/08/31/radicalizing-the-romanceless/


look, Holla Forums is here, as right as always


Don't get hung up on the word service. Just replace the sentence with the word "service" to "people aren't entitled to each other" and it works.

I don't know how anyone the beginning stages of the era of Tinder and complete social isolatoin could believe that. We are heading either toward extreme haremization (which has happened before in homo sapien evolution) or both genders dropping out like in Japan.

NO ONE proposes gvmt sponsored girlfriend except for one person in Croatia or something. That sort of system might be worth discussing if it's voluntary and it's based on incentives.

But the Netherlands and other European states basically already adopted the band-aid of government provided GFE prostitutes.

The results are in, it DOES lower suicide and depression of the disabled people the prostitutes service

"Reports show that this program has significantly reduced depression and suicide rates among the disabled, many of whom have previously never had the chance to get their freak on."

The solution I would propose would go further than most EU states have gone, which is: androgynize the population ala Nordic countries, outsource the daddy role in relationships to the state, and somehow encourage a culture where men approach women less. That or lifelong polyandry, which I think would decrease the disposability of sperm and males by making them scarce.

The fact that most *vocal* incels, publically, are right-wing and bigoted and racist, is the result of anti-meritocracy shifting from the left to the far right. The online incel communities oppose increased haremization that comes with the decline of lifelong monogamy and the justification for that being meritocracy.



The funny thing is that the group that pushed for the disabled to be the centerpiece for a revolution of workers are also the same group that hate incels the most. The SJWs They are quite selective in which disabled people they elevate.

you could just say virgin. don't identify as incels and feed the victim complex you rube.


i actually can't tell if this is a parody of how incels work or if you're serious


We aren't liberals you dumb shit. We don't care about what you do with your sex life, keep it in the bedroom and only talk about it with friends and family, maybe even coworkers. We don't want to give awards for the oppression olympics.

He's serious, this is a serious problem for many. I know a lot of people on this board are young and think by not treating something serious it elevates you above it but it just comes across as cruel and immature.
Chapo is infamous for this and the whole irony culture. Only poor people that are weak take this politics stuff seriously amirite.

The thing is society tells them the exact opposite of the comic. That they're not treating women well, that its not because they're ugly and that dating is a meritocratic.

Here's the thing reactionary leftists always fail to at least agree with. That having state mandated girlfriends is wrong because using state violence to enforce a sexual relationship is icky, but we do have state sponsored husbands.
Husbands either stay in relationships because they fear divorce, or their wives divorce them anyway and they are forced to continue to labor for their wives.

Just accept the fact that you are a genetic waste and stop bitching like an annoying faggot.
It's not the females fault. If you really want to blame someone then blame your parents for having you and passing their shitty genes forward. Be coherent and be honest to yourself, the same way you probably don't want to date a fugly hamplanet is the same way normal girls feel about you and there's nothing wrong with it, just accept that this is nature's way.

incels get told by women who read Reddit they don't get women because they are mean assholes

incels get told by dating coaches they don't get women because they are too nice to women

incels get told by people in bad relationships that they are crazy for getting worked up about girls and should be themselves

incels get told by SJW rape victims that they are entitled rapists and need to be on more medication

normal, nice people help incels by setting them up with someone or being their wingman

Just accept the fact that men are stronger and smarter then men. That's why practically all levers of power all held by them.
Just accept the fact that femininism is against nature and that women are ment to have babies and be subservient to men.
Just accept the fact that women cannot be trusted with any type of power and the power they do have was heavily regulated by religion and society for centuries.
Just accept the fact that women need men to meet the majority of their material needs, most of the construction, R and D, and physical labor is completed by me and that if some sort of social contract can't be worked between men and women that men will stop supporting women and civilization will stop developimg.

*completed by men


*men are stronger than women

I completely agree with this video. Beta males absolutely need religion or some other sort of superstructure cocersion to reproduce.
But I think you're forgetting that women and society in general need betas more for labor.
Right now its easy to dismiss betas because the state protects women. They imprison men, deny custody, welfare and demand child support and taxes all at higher rates then women.
Trump is set to start rasing taxes on the middle class, the next thing hell do is start targeting the state protections women enjoy, which are legion, relative to men.
When all women start having to compete with men under no holds barred neo liberalism all these sassy women are going to be begging for betas. They won't be able to afford to risk courting a chad like they can now.
Feminists like you are just about to over play your hand and get eaten alive by women when they are faced with the prospect of unfettered competition under capitalism.
Why do you think so many women in the past willingly followed reactionary religious dogma like no sex before marriage and not divorcing, its because they was no welfare state.

If betas can't get what they want out of society why would they continue to follow its rules. This is fatal assumption on this video that's otherwise true.
You could just subjegate betas, that'd work. I think that's what feminism will ultimately push for.

More /r9k/ bullshit whining across the internet.

that's right. Sex belongs to everyone, not just the chads.


Yeah, good luck with that buddy.
I tried to help an incel cousin of mine once but the retard just won't settle for girls of his own league. The dumbass believes he is entitled to an at least 8/10 girl, god knows why.
I'm done helping those retards.

I have a communist friends that’s lazy and dirty yet expects his friends and family to give him money because he won’t get a job. This proves that all communists are just lazy bums and are just jealous of hard working porkies and Proles like myself.

wow, bugged internet mechanics

Christ, is leftypol really going to align with this loony now?

Please stop the virgin shaming, I doubt that it will be productive in any way.

You need de-spooking badly. The defenses of sexualism are just getting more and more unhinged the more people must abandon such disgusting things. There won't be any choice, except to chase after spooks forever and die wanting.

If you're an incel male you should be getting on board the antisexual train yesterday. Anything else is just asking for more misery.

stop making me like him

I just with he went with the sexual egalitarian argument in the end and not the "temporarily embarassed alpha male" in the end

Do you have a link to that guy's channel or his videos? Cuz this is anti-incel ideology in a nutshell.

It's psycopathic fascism

have you really never heard of varg?

which video is it?

No such thing! If humanity had half the arm and leg length, everything would be different. If dorfs can't face up to the fact that they are abberations, the fuck them all!

w E w L a d

this guy is actually way above average in today's society and his looksmatch would be phenominally cute

Alphas, yes.
Beta incels are usually retarded and either an overweight faggot who can't run for a minute or underweight and weak as fuck.

According to whom? your fee fees?

Again. According to whom? and why?
Also the last time I checked all the tyrannic mass murderers were men. Or did Hitler had a vagina between xyr legs?

The thing isn't getting rid of men but just cleaning the gene pool of inferior beta retards like you. Alphas can do all the heavy work, betas shouldn't even exist.

No you fucking weird ass.
People that happen to be disabled and people that are victims of rape (after recovery) still manage to get laid because they have decent personalities.
It's called "involuntary celibacy" because no one wants to fuck you.
I hate idiots that think under capitalism, their lives aren't expendable and exploitable.

Punch a feminist in her cunt, and a fascist reports you for rape.


No wonder we think incels are linked to low I*Q, since they don't even understand the ideology they try to "critique"

According to "capitalism" companies benefit from a diversity of ideas and opinions.

Feel free to get your autism treated

lmao take your brain meds