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thank god

How's your relationship with your father, user?

leftytrash is still up

you can't post in it.

wish leftytrash was back alive because i'm tired of the other threads

can't be bumped anymore. let's celebrate the birth of /leftytrash/ 2.0 by laughing at carlgon's latest "response" to existential comics regards to antifa, wherein he argues that leftists are antisemitic because we want to kill porky jews and that fascists and communists are the same because they use the same red and black color scheme

Why is Holla Forums so suddenly back to normal? What the fuck happened that turned back the flags/wordfilters and the BO drama discussion stopped over the night too.

Anyone have any videos/debates where Sargon gets btfo?

Are you designated leftist from britpol?

who and what


i missed this thread

I hate the BO for trying to kill the board

it's pretty autistic what's going on

They like to ban people and laugh in their faces about it.

Some user made this OC recently to mock us, but the thread got bumplocked with 0 replies. Are we BTFO or can any one of us counter this picture?

How do you pronounce Bordiga?


you don't


a handy guide to pronounce Italian (and other latin derived languages) words, the vocals are shifted by 1 in pronunciation:
A is pronounced as I, I is pronounced as E and E is pronunced as A.
Yes it's weird I know.



Board eyy incest?

Bored nigga
Bored nigga


I'm afraid we can't. We have been BTFO for eternity.

This looks like a promo graphic for a prequel to Elysium/Deus Ex

Why are right-wing libertarians so retarded? Anytime you bring up libertarianism in a socialist perspective the replies are almost always the following (at least for me)


Their entire ideology is based around preservation of property. Unironically believing that and squaring it with things like kindergarden prostitutes or whatever drains whatever minds they once had.

New Left of Wreckage:


how do I stop the masturbatory porky

Realize you're killing your children every time you blow a load.

Try jerking it to fantasies instead of porn and slowly wean yourself off. Nofap is a meme and the boost in testosterone is minimal and peaks in a week, keep jerking if it's not impacting your ability to get it up.

Aren't these the same people who couldn't understand bookchin


Is this PJ Crook?

My father is the best man in the world.

You know how one of the hallmarks of low intelligence is a lowered capacity to grasp figurative language, such as sarcasm?


I think we all know reddit is retarded.

I'm sick as fuck and have been for the past three days, idk what the fuck to do. I'm tired and trying not to puke. I'm being warned I could be fired soon but I'm physically too weak to work right now.

2017 has so far been one of the most excruciating years of my life and part of the bullshit is knowing I can't escape and it only gets worse

I am slowly watching men turn into monkeys and morlocks and I've had just about enough of it.

I pay prostitutes to talk and cuddle with me

what's the best ereader?

the real movement that abolishes the present state of crushing lonliness

tfw men are finding novel and creative ways to feel entitled to womens bodies

I see nothing wrong with claiming everyone's organs after they die. Corpses don't need their fuckin kidneys so why waste them?

He died 7 years ago, i miss him

terfs get the bullet too

you are merely renting your organs from the benevolent (vaugely) technocratic social democratic state.
upon death or becoming a lolberg/ancap your rental agreement comes up for renewal and subject to mandatory cancellation.

spooks, as usual

Bernie Sanders is ridiculous

A fucking rose.



What would if you inherited millions from your parents? What would you do with the money?

Do you expect any of these idiots to actually get off cultural centrism?

He literally means an indefinite gender, it's not to include tumblr sub-genders. What would you have written then, latina or latino families? In Spanish and Portuguese familia is a feminine noun, but it would hardly make sense to transpose it to English would it?

Exactly what is wrong with what he said? Are you so intimidated by the reactionary right that you refuse to acknowledge social injustice out of internalized aversion to muh idpol? Racial prejudice is an extension of class prejudice, dimwit.

I just thought it may be interpreted as shifting the blame on white people no matter what class they are :V

Is it okay for a commie to unhealthily crush on white millionaire celebs?

not too off the mark


sure but not the fucking underage ones you sick freak

Hey she's like 19 now and I don't obsess over kiddie Elle. But of course sometimes it's hard to tell if the picture is of her at 16 or now

I'm sure whites could have only $2,000 in the bank if they really tried.

It's been about six years now, I think I can officially call the term Reddit

Golly, the descendants of literal slaves and more recent immigrants from poorer parts of the world have less inherited wealth than an ill-defined category of people who have had longer to establish themselves and benefited from historical racist institutions. Who knew? So now what? What exactly is a socdem proposing to do about it beyond just pointing it out for cheap likes on twitter (or the corporate establishment media equivalent of cheap likes) to improve his public image? Burgers love to wring their hands over this shit but seem culturally incapable of coming up with any ideas of why it should be dealt with, how it should be dealt with or what the result should look like if they did.

Heavily dislike him

TERFs just keep hopping up the gulag list

wealth tax now

Actual TERFs are extremely rare you know. Most cis women just don't like the idea of males speaking for females in a political context. Read Engels.

well lucky for them transwomen aren't males.


ayyy my favorite anime!

what's up with me.me?
it seems to crawl leftypol content (and other sites too) and seems largely automated.

really weirdly, it even seems to do character transcription: me.me/i/made-by-deaths-by-ideology-ideology-social-democracy-1-milion-17706820
for example there, it actually reads off "deaths by ideology" which is in the image - it's not from a surrounding post, as far as i know.

(not sure if that one's actually been taken from /r/fullcommunism, but the thing flows the same anyway.)

Wait, is that automated? I figured it was some meme sharing site like 9gag or ifunny.

Terrible, but then he died so it's a moot point.

Masturbation is literally seizing control of your means of reproduction. What you need to do is despook.

Donating organs to save lives and donating organs to help people transition are not the same though. Not to mention that by donating a womb you are also donating eggs, meaning that you are donating the ability to have your genetic children.
People should probably be able to opt out of donating wombs and testes.

Just use latino, it doesn't oppress women, only bourgie uni students with nothing better to do think that.

This is pandering to representism tbh, but it makes some sense, seeing as how weak he preformed with blacks.

I mean, it seems automated, but I'm not sure how it works compared to something like sheekyforums which blatantly just ripped 4chan threads.

You do get weird things like chinese characters appearing in the bits it's transcribing from the image, or odd image-reply combos.

With something like me.me/i/capitalism-is-the-astounding-belief-that-the-most-wickedest-of-16933836 an entire post is clipped onto the image.

following an image around the internet leads you to weird places.

just hope they electrocute themselves playing with a toaster before neoliberalism collapses rather than after, for accounting purposes.

You should post your mêmes on the booru.

can communism fix him?

Will Communism allow me to move to another country to be with a loved one even if I'm mostly useless in said country?

sonic fans will be shot during the revolution

Will I be able to buy adult diapers to wear and jerk in under communism?

And if I unpotty trained myself, can I get them on the universal healthcare plan?

Marx was controlled opposition!

Boredom is counterrevolutionary.

And the words of the prophets were written on the bathroom stalls and facebook walls.

Long live Zoroaster!

>tfw you will never hold hands with mexie While she sits on your face and edges you for hours

Why live

Have you ever been really fucking horny but you don't know what you want to jack it to? I'm confused I'm really torn between JAVs, thicc latinas or hentai

He should have tacked on something like
just to let people know who the real fucking enemy is. As it stands a lot of people will just interpret the tweet as "WHITEY GOT ALL DA MONEY"

kinmoza is my shit

God damn winter smashed into Michigan over the course of like two days, this is awful

This is a comment on half chan about the movie industries unwillingness to put out challenging artistic films.
How do you respond to something like this? The issue is obviously rooted in the profit motive but I'm completely mystified as to how to approach people like this.



Father Abraham was a desert pimp!

become porky

This is why Marxism is dumb.


Move to be with loved ones and use remainder to live a modest life with half of the money going to Rõjava

I'm probably going to inherit about a million worth of land plus various stocks, bonds and other securities

Yeah, I either alternate between two options of flip a coin.

Oh god damn it my Friend has becoming a Asserit. I have a feeling he's not too far away from becoming a fascist fuck sake

Build a self sustaining farm and bunkers.

Force him to read.

Probably just live a comfy NEET life where I can focus on my hobbies without having to worry about working a shit job. If I can help some form of cause with it aswell thats a bonus.

**Maybe set up a coop milk shop though

Dose him with acid if he stats to get violent.


Update: a former NazBol turned Nazi used the "Jews control everything" with this image. I'm hoping I can get my friend off the Asserist kool-aid before he upgrades to Fascist kool-aid


You know what I always find ironic is how they fail to mention how the USSR strongly opposed Israel at every turn

Abraham's gang were the original bourgeoisie!


Why aren't you a nihilist, user?


I wonder if the religious leaders might play a more important/special role than is indicated in that graphic.

Thanks for the modern one user

Anyone with a Google+ account or a Discord want to bully someone out of Asserism?

All of it is former farmland, actually. Family farming isn't sustainable anymore since large industrial operations have longer growing seasons and can grow at a scale that allows them to undercut anything I'd produce (apart from local specialties)

If I can't afford the property taxes I'll just sell it to developers

God is Potential !

The new Sonic game is literally about a communist revolution against the bougois Eggman. you fucking IDIOT. you are fucking idiot. atleast play sonic before you start HATING TROLL. FUCK YOU.

I wish they'd read better examples of the authors whom they're critiquing. Like, actually read Bookchin or Bordiga's real theories and not just intro pieces.


I know it's called /bunkertrash/ but it's for offtopic shitposting, not for posting actual garbage.

checking in with the autists at 4/pol/, here's some shit that totally happened

Is the Dragon Kropotkin?


stopped there

Speaking of bunkers would Albania be a nice place to go and see? I kinda want to see a fabled bunker in person but thats not really enough of a reason to spend all that money

Fucking embarrassing.
I can't imagine anyone believing this even if they really wanted to.

I heard that the rest of the former Yugoslavia is a good tourist destination, especially if you like beaches or interesting varieties of cuisine and alcohol

Why do capitalists seem to have such a tendency to BTFO themselves on accident? Pic related


Why do Holla Forumsyps love to do those autistic rants?
I see those everywhere, and they are always cringrey as fuck.

What even is the second pic?

…A greentext story?

I'm sorry what the fuck is the acronym? I don't understand it and don't want to contaminate my google search with something extremely dumb.

How likely that this shit is fake? Her hand is completely fine besides the nail, probably this bitch got her nail torn off by accident and blame some random person.
If someone here have a twitter with a good amount (or even a meh amount) of followers, try to spread this. (I'm asking this in vain, but it's a try)
btw, I putted the image on spoiler because is goreish

She was probably assaulting someone and her nail broke.

Ironically, sleeping with prostitutes has made me respect women more. When I hear the stories these women tell and the shit they've gone through makes it real difficult to sustain my female hating delusions

Always wonder about the intersection of politics and entertainment.

Very much enjoy Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister for instance, but in ideological terms - rather than humorous or factual terms - it's an abhorrent work of Thatcherite, Public-Choice propaganda. (i.e. everyone in government is a self-interested "rational individual*" who doesn't actually care about the public) A difficult problem to resolve.

Although I will now attempt to: Through slight of hand - perhaps not even intentional - the series completely shifts the tone of what's being considered. Because it must remain ambiguous which party the Minister/PM belongs to in the series, the important elements of policy and ideology are removed. i.e. because it cannot be openly stated that Hacker is a Conservative minister (and this is how he was imagined by the creators - as a Conservative 'wet') he cannot push for a concrete policy like privatisation, instead things have to be kept vague and temporal (i.e. dealing with a specific problem hospital, construction plan, or "reducing bureaucracy") and so instead of the (realistic) scenario where you might have a fudged privatisation (where say, a compromise is met and the state holds 40%) which is how British government works, you wind up with "British Government is civil servants serving themselves while ministers try to look good on telly" which creates an image of conspiracy against the public than the reality, which is that ministers do have to balance a variety of concerns including their own reputations and the feelings of the civil service, but nonetheless do try to implement government policy, which is often created with an eye to helping the public. (I mean, obviously I struggle to take the Conservatives on good faith, but in Labour - which has a more democratic policymaking strategy, that's certainly the case.)

*I would say "Bastard", but here's the problem - and also part of the ideology of the thing. The characters aren't bastards. Indeed many of them are portrayed as very nice people. They're just self interested - the kind of people who'd help you cross the street, but quietly shelve a poverty-reduction policy if implementing it would cost them their own jobs. They're only bastards at arms length, and most people would do the same in the circumstances. The problem with public-choice thinking is completely ignoring those circumstances: That sometimes ministers do resign on points of principle.


I saw Zizek today, and when I was walking to the lecture hall I unknowingly passed by him and the other speaker he was with, however I realized it was him when I heard his sniff, and turned around to see him. It was a really surreal moment.

What kind of prostitutes are you sleeping with that they tell you their life story?



Not life stories but often I pay for an extra hour because I like to cuddle after sex and through casual talk it comes up

This made me really sad.

I wonder how much of his life he spends fantasizing about worthless nonsense like this.

Your response?

Not a dilemma in the slightest.

It's Okay To Be White; in other words distilled autism


However if you join the Police Federation of England and Wales you will be able to vote to decide their delegates to our party conference.

depends whether or not she has a dick


The real reason Social Democracy died in the 1970s wasn't material economic conditions, it was sheer hubris. The technocratic administrators made a calculation error. Normally a simple thing, the trade unions would certainly catch it… Or so we thought. They reused the same formula, all the way down. They dug our graves. All of our graves.
On the 6th of October 1973, union delegates and government approval committees approved the proposals for war on easter. Immediately, the rebranding started… "Milk Chocolate Egg" everywhere, even at the price and income control advisory board… but it was a mistake. We attacked on their territory - spiritual warfare - but we had no idea that god would respond by attacking on our territory: Economic warfare…

By the end of the 1980s, there were no social democratic governments left to accept terms of surrender. The war on easter was the second most crushing military defeat of the 20th century. (The first being the American withdrawal from Vietnam.)

It makes sense to deny your literal flesh being used to advance aims you disagree with

TERFs are my comrades

somehow genuinely coming to oppose opting out of organ donation the more i dwell on "it's the state's property once your a corpse"

Womb donation to men for the sake of their desire to live a woman’s lifestyle is not really in the same category as donating a heart to someone who needs one to live normally

I would 100% support a program to donate wombs post mortem to a real worker’s state for experimentation, but I suspect I would have to defer to the women in that

What I find key is that it's in the category of the state having that choice, not corpses.

Also I'd note that the image itself has someone saying they'd rather people die, which I read as implicitly avoiding all donation in case a transgender person needs a kidney.

I’m sure that person would elect to donate everything except the womb if permitted

I don’t really care either way if the state decides it is necessary for them to take organs from corpses and that taking wombs to give to female‐identifying men is a good use of them, I suppose radical feminists will probably elect to in some way damage their wombs before death if at all possible in that case, if they are unable to democratically win the right to forbid it

What did he mean by this?

I'm not sure, since usually that is an option when donating organs (i.e. lots of people want to keep their eyes iirc.) and the risk of people dying because of there being no womb transplants available is surely tiny.

Sorry guys but i just can't take this old debate video seriously with those avatars. Ancient busts and classicism art are the political male version of the "myspace angle"
Yes i know

WTF Holla Forums ? Why aren't you watching this show? By the first episode the good guys were called commies and they portrayed the Pinkertons as cold blooded killers. The whole premise of the show is the main character trying to start an armed uprising.

where can I watch it?

N pls go


Every fucking time

How long until she becomes "RageAfterStorm" 2.0.? As in first being a "anti-sjw" then slowly transforming into a Holla Forumsyp.

Last night in Shanghai. God why is China such a late capitalist hellhole. Wait sorry, I meant
Socialism with c h i n e s e characteristics

Anyone who complains about capitalism needs to come to China to see the future that awaits humanity.

Daily reminder to get today's fill of revolutionary philosophy from Lorne "Scorn the banker, leave 'em Hanging" Lanning


idk. Gucci Gulag has a nice ring to it

If you're going to protests don't have long nails dum dum
she is literally the only aut-rightist I'm thirsty for

So why isn't 95% of Holla Forums banned? Or any other board for that matter, seeing that nigger is a common insult. Guessing I just made the volunteer who monitors that thread angry.

4chan mods don't bother enforcing the rules 99.9% of the time
you've either made one of them angry or there's a new janitor on a power trip

halfchan and its mods are shit
especially the Holla Forums mods

Having a single mother moderate Holla Forums of all boards is a terrible idea


He's based and I'm still looking up to him.

Pandering to the alt-right is still a largely untapped niche for people who want to turn vlogging into a career. Bonus points if you're either a waifu-able white girl or a stern looking JAQ-off.

So I guess shit like this is only going to get worse.

I shiggy the diggy for you.

Have you ever visited Holla Forums? This is pretty tame compared. Let alone fucking Holla Forums, weere they have a logical fallacy image stickied and yet every other post is nonsense.

Does anyone have the meme edit of this tweet? twitter.com/StefanMolyneux/status/845291728626241536

Holla Forums is the best leftist community online - i like you all a lot
even with the drama and in-fighting

pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni pepperoni


If my parents had millions I wouldn't be on this board famalam.

Buy remote land and await the nuclear apocalypse and our ayy lmao comrades

alright, or about as alright as one can get without talking about anything past how the weather is.

It's cheap, but also extremely Balkans. A lot of mule drawn carts and people sitting on the side of the road in plastic chairs next to dilapidated houses. Cheap meats.

You can probably drop the probably.

autismphobic tbh

it should be so easy to troll them with busts of the more degeneratë emperors

damning us with faint praise

I have a boyfriend so fuck off


What actually happened: pasty white dude printed hundreds of those things and walked around nervous with the posters in his backpack looking for a semi-hidden spot to put his posters and take photos to put on a Nauruan spearfishing website.

Thanks user

In reality he only put 2 posters up and went home.

Ayy another Wobbly poster




What if I look at Hentai for the penis, and not for traps either



pic related

It's a crypto leftcom message: the party elites realize they are only practicing state capitalism, and they slyly point out that to follow the party is to in fact become a capitalist yourself.

late stage socialism

It's always funny seeing Americans claiming they support European culture but who are fine with Americanization.

Anyone got a source on the original image

Literally the most cancerous story I've ever seen posted. I don't know what to say really

increasingly find that the problem is not any isolated case of social isolation but the overarching structure behind it.
i.e. for a hypothetical example, any one person not inviting you to their house is a fine, understandable behaviour. you don't know one another that well, you aren't really friends, etc, etc. sometimes this explicit rejection hurts, but it's something you can be numbed to, ignore, or accept "Isn't really personal."

the problem arises with the realisation that you will never be invited to anyone's house, never know anyone that well, perhaps never have friends again. all the while, others do, others who started later than you, others who appear to have no meaningful upper hand*, that's what hurts.

*this is actually an interesting equation in itself, since it's often better to be obnoxious than merely boring. i.e. while comparing people in this way sounds smug, if you actually did so out loud you'd attract (a) fists, and (b) people who remember that trait and find it amusing or such. by comparison if you don't judge anyone, it may so happen that you're just too boring for anyone to care about, rather than being a polarizing individual. or at least, that's my theory, since i can only generalize the "objectively" obnoxious part from the internet.

/leftyabdl/ when?

so just to be clear, not feminine penises? Real manly man penises? thats gay and that's perfectly ok

and the ones who always go on about saving "muh western culture" are the ones whose highest form of entertainment is most likely watching WWE while shitfaced in their mom's basement



Don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed for finding it


Any of y'all do anything fun this weekend?

I'm trying to stop myself from correcting reactionaries because it's occupying too much of my time. But then I get recommended videos like this: youtu.be/D8bgMuzre9g were Sargon says retarded shit like "who gets the ferrari" even after muke debated him and told him to read two books on how allocation works in socialism.


what books did he tell him to read?


tl;dr labor vouchers for commodities, planning with computers for factor markets

anyone who wants it, provided the workers who made it agree. you don't need to read two books, it's a fucking no brainer, it's a ha-ha-gotcha question for people who think that socialism is when the government does stuff. there's nothing stopping you from making ferraris for everyone under communism.

Yes, but you also have to explain how it works or it's just empty rhetoric. There's a lot of holes in what you're saying, e.g , if there's a limited amount ferraris why would anyone work for another person's luxury? Is one of the workers secretly porky? It might also help to explain how 'wants' in capitalism are mostly fabricated through propaganda or how car culture is a societal/economic/environmental burden (obviously because of capitalism)

who dis qt


This is the same logic ancaps use

it took you twenty minutes to come up with this weak ass bs?

Yes, I'm a busy person. Go read a book.

The right wing's token tranny blaire white did a "social experiment" where she walked around in Public wearing a MAGA hat and got attacked by vagina hat liberals.

Why the fuck a man is wearing a fucking vagina hat?

Post the books that made you the intellectual giant that you are, so everyone else can avoid them.

Don't you love it when you're on a Facebook rip off site and the third largest anarchist group around gets hijacked because the owner became a Asserist so instead of giving command of the community to someone else they decide to change it to Asserists anonymous so they can keep all the members from the old board and attract fascists who endorse the change heavily

Im so autistic i wish i lived in the Kaiserreich world

I'm not giving that views. Did s/he get his/her ass beat?


Disgusting nails

Did they file a police report? If not it didn't happen.

A communist sophist is walking down the street with his wife when he is accosted by the genius modern day Socrates and famous Youtuber Stefan Molyneux, "Imbecile, how can you oppose corporate monopoly but have a monopoly on the affection of your wife?". The communist is frozen, his mouth agape he tries to muster a feeble incoherent response before he is interrupted by Stefan "Not an argument". His ideological world view reduced to vapid sophistry, the communist tries to flee, but realizes he is on a leash, held by his wife's boyfriend. He is a cuck.

Wait, what happened to OG /leftytrash/?

BO probably realized what a huge mistake they were making, the same thing that happens every time Holla Forums starts to split and everybody forgets about it within a week.

Only that's just not how Spanish and Portuguese work as languages. They already have an indefinite gender version of that word and it's "Latino", the idea that "Latinx" is necessary as a word is pure anglocentricism.

My bad. Damnation airs on the USA Network on Tuesdays and I read that Netflix picked it up too.

The board was glitched and had to be restored from a prior backup. The mod thread also got fucked up, as did another sticky.

So I was watching videos about electronics, then I click on this one, I Immediately started to sing.


forgot to turn on my flag after running the cleaner.

Lmao, we have an Anarchist teaching some neat tricks

Anyone else notice >>>/sg/ won the autism Olympics?

Pretty nice but he didn't draw the real base of the pyramid, the semi-slave farmers, sweatshop workers, salvagers, miners etc. of the third world.

Well at least it's prime shitposting material.

And that dad was Albert Einstein.

He's not wrong tho. Not having a Porky breathing down their necks every second to synergistically-leverage-disruptions-via-downsizing meant, slacking could be a problem. Job security was so high that the would-be NEETs didn't care about half-assng it. And frankly, the lack of profit/wage motive shouldn't be ignored.

Imagine how much more you could be learning if you slept with them unironically.

They has the hands of an aristocrat.

Only because they unfairly disqualified the good boards.

Absolute madman!

What is that logo and the guy in blue paint?

Did you shoot that? Because it's pretty cool, and it's already making the maymay rounds.

This is more true than I would like.


BO should just filter YT links.

The fact that it defaults to the male form triggers them.

So what did you utter retards do to cull the users down to 900-1000?

BO had a spergout that ranked only a 1 on the Chris-chan scale, causing Holla Forumsyps to blow their wad too soon by unveiling the brand new hotness of /leftpol/. It's Holla Forums but with ∞% more divide-and-conquer.

Fuck off BO, I didn't ask for your shit excuses.

Titus (1999)



Is this the dopest music video ever made Holla Forums?

People who own a fucking silencer on their gun and claim it's for "home defense" are people who I seriously think are just waiting for some random person to step on their lawn when no one is around so they can murder them and claim "it was self defense"

'person who watches the daily show' tier post

t. gunowner :^)

lol guncucked by the state

I own a gun you dipshit but I find people who own fucking silencers with it as batshit insane

why would you not want to own one if you could legally?

i am the state

Makes the gun less likely to damage your hearing you stupid fuck. And silencers don’t silence shit, hence why they’re properly called suppressors.


live audio recording of gunowner actually using their firearm for self defence circa 2017

What did they mean by this?


Anyone care to debunk this?

Off to a bad start. This would take a long time. Maybe I'll try tomorrow but can't guarantee anything.

Who dis? BO?

As if it wasn't obvious the guy whining about the BO pissing off "half the board" was a polyp…


I need the counter signaling meme about degenerates, it's a Holla Forumstard and a computer screen with scat porn and he's saying something about investigating it to expose degenerates

using historical materialism for video game designs like age of empires

Marxism uses a bunch of fancy sounding words that can be mined to give a pretense of authority to dumb shit.


When I was searching for a website that had a ruler so I could measure something I accidentally ended up on some site called "The Patriot Post" and their shop specifically. Other than the entertaining "Don't Tread On Me" plastic cups, and "I miss Reagan" pins I found this one not just funny but also a bit interesting.
It really shows the fact that the capitalists are not only using the right wing hate of liberals to sell them shit merch but also that they can exploit them as workers. What they are basically saying is keep working for us, that will really piss them lefties off. So what about our shit working conditions, pay and so on, don't you want to trigger them?

How do people track gets?

Here's another poster who is totally telling the truth

Sorry, I couldn't find it, but at least the booru had this.

Boy, I got not one, but two very bad news for you. One is that rightwingers don't even know what "Western culture" even means. Th other is that, well, it's already dead, another invisible victim of capitalism.


The only thing Holla Forums wants to preserve is their vidya from the ess jay dubyas.

Here you go.

There is another video?

Alright trashwomxn, guess who said this.

I feel like I heard something similar sampled in a song but no idea.

albert einstein

am I a cuckold for not caring about the skin tone of the person I'm watching fuck themselves with a dildo

if the dildo is black ur a cuck

But I'm not straight or white, would it be cuck if it was white? What if it was a wand, is it only acceptable if the wand is a vague tan color? Fuck I might be a cuck…

We're lit

and that makes me uncomfortable

forgot to take off shitposting flag

I'm not straight so these problems just don't effect me. At most its "Milf seduces nubile brown virgin" and its eh.

Yo, somebody help me out here, I need that old picture of Hoochie in the mom jeans.
For reasons.
You will be compensated for your time.

Give the man my ass

I know how you feel. I'm a classical musician, and I love it, but the only way to make a living with it is to cozy up to a bunch of old rich fucks and basically beg them for money. This is one of the biggest things I hate about capitalism: the way it denies most of the population access to appreciate art, allowing only the privileged few to take part in our centuries old traditions.

Why do Right Wingers insist upon the "alt-left" being a thing?
Every single fucking conservative I've met calls me alt-left if they have a vague ideas of my views even if I insist it doesn't exist, and that nobody self identifies as alt-left.
Oh right, and another random person said I'm a Democrat even if I proudly proclaim myself as a Syndicalist and state how I hate the Democraps

trump said it so it's true

I am going to laugh my heart out when anti sjw twitter is infuriated in their 80's when the first transgendered president does absolutely nothing like Obama

Freudian slip I meant youtube. But yeah just the same big wad of poo


It will. Mark my words, it will.

I hope global warming burns me and everyone else on earth to death if that's the case tbh.

global warming is a shit-tier armageddon scenario
why not nuclear eradication? or even better - biotech doomsday communism?

Global warming is boring but is relevant outside shitposting and probably happening so w/e.

please respond

Motherfucking Ron "rEVOLution" Paul.

I can't comprehend how some libertarians are aware enough to see things are fundamentally broken, yet reach the conclusion is to break it so badly it can't be broken further.

give this man some viet-american ass
it's for the greater good

What do you respond with when people say "capitalism has changed"
this guys says it a lot, he's not wrong but you have to admit it's all changing towards a left ideology. could this be proof that socialism is inevitable

just because you asked


Who the fuck is the guy

Holy hoochie is thicc


Stop spending so much time on the internet.

I looked in the mirror and realized I look like Alex Jones in his before/after picture.

How tall is alex jones?

alex looks pretty good for his age honestly.

1m78. Close call, manlet cutoff is 1m80.


remember that time lucas came to /leftytrash/ to defend himself?


Memes aside you don't hit manlet till 5'6"/167.5cm or shorter if we're going by burger standard of 5'10" average height. 5'7"/170cm looks short but not so short it's a rare occurence to see a guy of that size.



It's pretty rare to see a guy of that size if you're a man because most of us don't just stare at the ground all day

Nice try, manlet

Sincerely considering ending it

Guys give a strategy game like tropico where I can make fucking wars, purge assholes, make a planned economy, make a Hypercapitalist economy or shit like that. I want deep relationship systems and complex shit. I want to create a world where something like the cold war can happen

Wear lifts bro. Trent Reznor and Al Pacino are same height as you

Might as well need a wheelchair.

It unironically never used to bother me until I found the manlet memes. Ever since my social anxiety has skyrocketed and my self-esteem has never been lower. I actually feel hopeless in a way I didn't before the manlet memes.

I'm not being ironic or anything, deadly serious.


It's okay, comrade

The manlet meme might be a joke to you, but it isn't to women.

Different country, different time. Most people were probably a similar height due to malnutrition and the like.

Might just try and come to terms with being alone and dismissed. I mean, people with disfigurements and disabilities manage to accept their fundamentally unappealing nature, I suppose I can too.

Is 8ch glitched for anybody else? post replies don't show up for me and its not letting me post half the time

You can always just be gay, user.

I'm shitposting at high speeds and it's working just fine.

Go for taller women.

I've decided not to go for any women. The idea no longer even crosses my mind; it's like telling a poor man to "go for a Prius over a BMW." Can't afford either.


I'm 5'9" and saw a dude who I figure was maybe 5'6" with a woman who was 6'. Ignore the memes and height queens fam.

Is that a silhouette of her butt. or am I retarded?

Dude patrick dempsey the hot doctor from grace anatomy is like 5'7" irl. Name 1 girl who doesn't want to bone him. This height thing is bullshit. I never saw anyone complain about my height and I'm 5'9".

It is. She derails everythread so we use that when we need her. otherwise she better shut the fuck up.

She used to be better at it tbh

updated version

And btw thanks liberals for the manlet memes.
It's literally a scapegoat for "fatshaming". The latter is not PC enough so they had to shill for the manlet memes.

I'm too much of a pussy to pull my height off, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Maybe if I was confident, but I'm just not.

I'm thinking of getting out of University too tbph, it'll just end in disappointment. I start in September, but just don't feel like enduring five more years of humiliation.

Worst part is, I'm not even autistic, so I have no excuse. I've been to plenty of therapists, and they all tell me my social skills are perfectly fine, in the sense that I understand how to act and the like, I'm just too frightened of people. So, basically, a pussy.


You love my posts you hate my posts you need my posts you don't neeed my posts

Fuck you guys I'm taking a well deserved booze nap

I'm white with red hair just like Anglin lol

post options aren't working for me, when I click on a post number nothing happens, (I had to copy/paste 2251237 right here) and when I click on an image it opens in a new tab instead of enlarging.

i luv u hoochie slep tight

reeee stop using these unenlightened measurements

How can you sleep at night knowing that you won't see socialism in your lifetime? and that Nick Land's skynet-tentacle-rape dystopia is more likely to happen.

My bed's pretty comfy

just take amphetamines and you won't have to sleep anymore!

Don't be like this. I think you are just shy.
But this is the worst thing you can do.
The Important thing, above height, above fitness, above dick mesures, above money too, is confidence. You need confidence. I was never a shy type but one think that worked for everyone I know is to think of others as inferior, or something like that (don't become a cocky asshole or you'll get ass whooped). Know what you are good at and think of yourself as the most competent and skilled motherfucker around.
You were bullied or something like that? How the other act with you? Girls? Do you have buddies? Are you american?

I wanna do a cum tribute for hoochie

Yeah, that's where it finds its genesis. Prior to that I was a normal kid, decent group of friends, but from then on I've not been the same.
I haven't really spoken to many people for a few years now, so I wouldn't know what people think of me.
Not for 3 years.
Nah, English.

All this and you're really just 5'6? I kind of feel bad for my friend who's that height now.

pls dont

How's he doing?

Well he's a virgin I think but he's kind of unattractive in general. He at least has some friends and a good job.

Is the height thing an American thing?
I've never heard of anyone giving a shit about that until recently on the internet.

Is americanism. Me too btw. And I'm 5'9". No one even ever cracked a joke.

Ah fuck. I'm sorry. But time has passed. You should learn to kick some ass, that would make it better. I'm totally serious.



Well, that confirms it.
5'6" = incel

Ah dang I shouldn't have said anything.

Why americans are so dumb?

It's better I should know I won't succeed than to try and fail.

I'm not American. Tbf my height never bothered me massively until the manlet memes started to gain popularity, now I've unironically developed a complex.

I bet I could make 5'6 work tbh. Though I also feel like there's a 50/50 chance I would have just become a trap.

Oh shit sorry. I thought the 5'6"=incel was someone making fan of you.
Manlet meme are an american thing, don't listen to them. Seriously, I've started hearing all this height shit only here and on the internet.
Irl no one ever said shit

because you are a massive faggot. If becoming a trap is an option, even the last of the options you are a beta fag. What the fuck. Why people think that this is a viable solution? There will always be at least one girls, even if you are the ugliest mother fucker in the world, who will want you

It is and apparently you can bet on Holla Forums users to perpetuate it without a second thought.

Real internationalists.

The american virus is present here too. If it was for me I'd make special id for americans on the internet.

Dude calm down I was 50/50 joking. Besides I'm bi anyways so I was talking more about myself than him.


Nah, those tend to knock me out for a couple hours right after I take them, then I get really focused, but I'm weird

Internationalism sucks, I'm an antinationalist.


Why not

Do it pussy you won't

do it please

There are far better things to beat your meat to, I guess.

It's rude and misogynistic. i only reposted it for educational purposes.

there was supposed to be a wordfilter there, now i feel bad for typing it out.

I'll have access to a printer sometime this week

Hoochie is communist weev, it is not an insult but a genuine recognition of her power to shitpost and derail threads.

Mom jeans are pretty hot tbh

I wait in anticipation

Chairman Dore livecasting about getting Prof. Wolff on his show and sperging out on CIA vis-a-vis Russia hacks right now youtube.com/watch?v=5Y_onL1xya0

maybe you're thinking of this

amor fati

im sorry
but thats funny as hell
have you tried becoming less online?

What's that trot group which supported every movement in the 21st century that would ultimately hurt us in the long run?
There was a thread about the a few days ago which got 404d eventually

For all you who have watched Blade Runner 2049
What was joi? a superconscious A.I. or "everything you want to see, everything you want hear". The first time I saw the movie I thought it was left pretty ambigous on pourpuse, now that I saw the movie again in original language the bridge scene where she calls him a good joe made it less ambigous. Holy shit It's sad as fuck just to think about it. It makes it all the more depressing even if it was uncalled for. They really wanted to rub this shit on his face didn't they?

Post Blade Runner and 2049 Wojaks

I tried but my load was really weak, wasn't worth posting the tribute

Cum on a picture of me dude, its fine. We all laugh. I would mostly laugh at you but its fine

soccdems can't nut


I'd do it if i can see you face

Under that black square is adam friedland

Whatever mechanism makes me lose my trip every three posts needs to be fucking fixed right now.

If you post photo with your face (or allow the other poster to do it) I do cum tribute to you, ticc tiger woman

To be truthful it felt really creepy and kinda depressing when I was going through with it. I should reevaluate my life by going to the Philippines and living with a stone-age tribe

You have to fuck underage girls to go full Anglin.

That's unfortunate, since as you can tell from my attraction to mom jeans I can only really get off if the girl is double my age

Then you're not good enough to be a 5'4" internet nazi, guess you'll have to stick to

You're cute

t-thank you senpai


this is true
sexuality is inherently un-socdem

Keynes used up all the aggregate sexual demand in the 30s and now we've realized that the more important measurement - aggregate life satisfaction - is much better increased by having people design brutalist towers and planes that go really fast. (Not to mention, much more politically feasible to monitor and manipulate.)

I appreciate the sentiment, but pic related

have pride, manlets


do u have a twitter

Roo has exposed himself as an all-out TERF.


Jason is one of the most hyper aggressive dudes on the internet. Hasn't he threatened comrades in the past over petty shit?

Unruhe unironically begins to sound like some ☭TANKIE☭-flavored SJW.

We already outed all our rage and/or agreement two months ago.
Also everything before the word leaching is true.

No better feel

I just realised that the manlet memes were representative of a harsh reality. If I had reason to believe they weren't true perhaps I'd try and improve.


Ok now, this a manlet

Should passengers have the right to elect an unqualified pilot because they like his personality?

Is it tyranny to deny them this?
Is it populism to allow it?



the important thing is that the right policy is decided.
the problem here is that politicians are rarely actually qualified.

image is annoying because the real pilots are socdems but the cockpit is full of neoliberal flight attendants.

The Get Out outrage is the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while.

how do i find out which one is better?


This but unironically

Kek. I like him a lot, but he's autistic as fuck (in a friendly way).
He's totally right in that reviewm but jesus what a ☭TANKIE☭

Nothing I can do but make the best of it innit

Plato please

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧finnish🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 bolshevik indeed

perkele, are you being anti-finnish?
SuPo will hear about this!


Are you american?

Anyone else notice Holla Forums isn't quite as effective as before?
What happened? Every time they try something it seems to just fall flat on its face now. Think "It's OK to be white", the Nov. 4th thing, all the times recently they've tried to blame shootings on "antifa", now they're trying it with some kind of "makeup remover" app? What the fuck happened?

But they were never effective. It was just memes all along.


Wondering this as well, they used to be quite effective at online warfare. Maybe this is what happens when you accept massive amounts of cancer into your movement, or perhaps it's a symptom of their post-Charlottesville decline.

Its interesting how there is simultaneously a love hate relationship with anime and Japan in the right, so you have a lot of people in the anime community who are attracted to anime and simultaneously whip themselves because anime is "degenerate".

*attracted to the right my bad

But they where though. They created a broad movement that affected public discourse.

On what issue? And don't say they helped elect Trump, 'cause then I'll know you're trolling.

To sum up in a few sentences:

the "trad right" attacking anime after it came out that Lucas was a fat pedophile is only because they want to use anime as a scape goat for all the trad pedophiles that are politically aligned with them.

So? It's just as easy to kick it back in the other direction. A couple of major left/liberal wins would probably embolden a major shift in dialogue: you'd see the discussion center around questions like "what's the best way to integrate undocumented immigrants into society" or "at what point do we even need borders"

Well yes certainly your right on the mark, lets take for example "giantgio" in the first pic, you literally just have to look up his name in google to find that his earlier timeline is chalk full of anime and whats more hes a morbidly obese ham planet which you can see from pictures that he took of himself which funnily enough he seems to have tried to delete so people wont call him out for being even fatter than Lucas and yet trying to make fun of Lucas for being fat.

The right wing focuses on the most important matters that affect you. Not like those elitist leftards.

Tbh, nationalise Greggs.

We must outlaw boycotting Israel but we have to boycott literally every brand in existence to own the libs because they don't appeal to my specific form of autsism!

What's depressing is that there will absolutely be #resistance people eating tins of vienna sausages just to own the tories now

just got called racist in greggs

If you're unaware of the reason. It's because their twitter posted this.

This is what got some right wing org triggered?

Sure was. So much for the free speech right.

Ok so he actually researched it, nice.
Fair criticism I guess, though there are things to say as to why it only dropped to 8 hours a day after over a hundred years of exponential increase in productivity
Oh no he already misread it. Does he really think that is the socialism Kropotkin is aiming for?


they were basically correlation not causation anyway.
what's happened is that real life is moving on.

their movement and discourse amounted to a human spam wave.
which is impressive in one sense but without any real meaning. fox's exploding vans up to 11.

i mean, 'anonymous' was a 'broad movement that affected public discourse' far more meaningfully, even if it got less airtime and clicks.

It's a picture of a Greggs sausage roll in place of Jesus in the manger. Whats not to understand?

And I'll see you, and you'll see me
And I'll see you in the branches, that blow in the breeze
I'll see you in the trees
I'll see you in the trees
Under the sycamore trees

And I'll see you, and you'll see me
And I'll see you. in the branches that blow, in the breeze
I'll see you in the trees
I'll see you in the trees
Under the sycamore trees

As a former avid Holla Forumstard, I'd blame the fact that their only real momentum was the election of Trump. Everything after that has been a slow downhill ride from there, until they crashed at burned by Cville and then continued to decline even more after that. Mark my words, in 1 year time, Holla Forums will cease to have anything to do with aut right and they revert back to being centrist liberals with edgy sense of humor they were back in old Holla Forums days.

All the while Holla Forums keeps going strong since socialism has nothing to do with hipster idpol shit of SJW side nor right-wing conservative side, and keeps being absolutely timeless and ever-living, vibrant underground subculture to one day return the fire back to proles.

Unfortunately it still is infected by it.

Fully Automated Warehouse in Shanghai

Nah the SJWs tend to auto-purge when actual socialists take power in major orgs.

That shit will become second of importance when capitalism really hits a big crisis, not even due to finance troubles but due to climate change.

I want to bury my face in Comrade Jeremy's sweaty armpit.

When all the world seemed to sing, why, why did you go?

How can a heart that's filled with love, start to cry?
When all the world seemed so right, how, how can love die?

When did the day, with all it's light, turn into night?
When all the world seemed to sing, why, why did you go?

Questions in a world of blue

The porky meme has been used irl.
Time to abandon ship!


Inb4 she's a femanon.


i mean it was used irl as propaganda before we made it an internet meme

baked alaska is banned from twitter now

He's blind though so it doesn't matter

what did the dumb fuck do now

Dialectics in motion

What is best leftist anime?

Fuck your "Pyramid of Capitalist System" thats a ridiculous concept of the societal structure. This is a real representation of it.

wait, this makeup remover is a Holla Forums thing? I saw people using just for fun, what is their end goal with this? Is so innocent lol

What's the name of that co-op people on here always reference?? I think it's south american if I'm not mistaken.

Some women have tweeted about how it's violating them.


To me its just a reminder that there's nothing wrong with putting on make up to help be who you want to be. Sure its commercialistic, but really there's not much ethical consumption at this point.

Why did men stop wearing make up anyways? If anything this just encourages my point I've always had men would do better if they put on make up well enough.

I'm pretty sure that's it. thanks!

that's odd, maybe Holla Forums is pretending to be outrage on twitter to blame SJW's from ruining everything (like they do with antifa).
The faceapp that turns every face in whatever you want (a black person into a white one) would have seem more of a target for SJW's than this one, and still I didn't see any people outraging this app.

If I remember they had this as a mode but deleted it due to outrage already.

…but they removed that app due to no_fun_allowed.jpeg thereby making Holla Forumsreddit feel proven right

I still have nightmares over Black Trump's pale flesh mind.

It's also centered in Spain, although they do operate in South America as well.

But tbh he and the rest of the trad right have done this shit before, they all do, so I was just wondering about the tendency for them to secretly enjoy anime and simultaneously claim to hate it or whip themselves for liking it.

I got you something better than a Wojak.

I would be partial for the one that didn't namedrop Figes.

IOTBW got some traction. Are you sure they're behind makeup remover, because that's actually amusing.

But Corbyn is the only such event.

Somebody use one of those face apps to put a smile on Mayakovsky's face.

I was just made a 34th degree freemason, thanks a lot faggot.

Can't just be me that does this
I suppose I often learn something completely irrellevant though. Such as that Albania has an "Institute for Communist Crimes (ICC)" and they wanted to ban Albianian Communist era films.

Whoever made this is a god

This kills the chad.

This meme is so fucking boring. Expanded brain was funny at least.


Virgin detected.

Not in itself but they're trying to bait SJWs with it and they were false flagging here earlier about it. Like with IOTBW a lot of the mad responses are from Holla Forums sockpuppets but there are a handful who actually took the bait. Point is it isn't as effective as they'd like it be.
The app isn't even accurate much anyway.

You sure about that? See pic.

Why do you think it lightens her eyebrows and eye color? The app makes inaccurate assumptions.

But no. the app is retarded. It adds a lot of flaws that are not there before. Proof would be if someone takes a photo of himself without makeup. Not everyone look like shit without make up

haha jesus, so Holla Forums was reduced to a place where the primary objective is to trigger SJWs?
what a sad death.



>I respond to pic 1 telling them to read this article: themilreview.com/fiscal/2017/8/27/roads-are-not-socialism
Sometimes I wonder why I bother with Youtube comments. 90% of people never bother to look at the things you link them.

made me think…
what if someone made a fake facebook for the most generic, white, middle america looking dad. Joined a bunch of those generic, "go murica" type facebook groups. then posted picture quotes and the quotes would be from famous leftists but attributed to their heroes like Dale Earnhardt or Tim Allen or some shit.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" - Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

The boomers already accidentally do that themselves



That is indeed quite cucked

why does this look like dollar store owlturd?

it is owlturd

Oh my poor and innocent normie…

  _,, ;;=^゙゙,゙`-¨,゙二'-..,,、
                   ,イ'"./ ,i'゛ .,/ / ´ _,,.. -….`''-、
               /,'゛ / ./ . / .,r'"., ‐'"_,,, -‐'' ゙\
                 / !  .| / / / ./,/´           ヽ
              ', l_.. .リ`゙゙¨´゙´゛´゛ ̄´゙',二二ニニ二;;ー   \
               ヽ"              l―――― 、    \
                 /             l――ー- ,,,,         !
                / . 、    __,       !ー'―– 、 `      .|
               ,ト,  .ゝ -'"  `-      `',二゙゙゙''''- ミへ、    .,!
            lエ/    ',こ丁゙゙l゙',、        ヽ `^''‐  ゙゙‐.`‐   .',
               レ゙    !二、  .`        ヽ -'"r'",゙,゙''、   l
              /                         ,'.'、 .l .l   .!
             /   .、  'ッ、                 !  ゙l l !  . l
          ゙-、´…. ,,..、_.゙、                  /゙‐'''./ ,/ ,/
              / .,' ,' j .i /゙.l               `  ",iノ/
           |''|゙li;;',i ヽ,|、ヽ ゙',             ,  ,/ .}゙
            |    ゙̄~゙l''            `^´   !
               ゙l- -                       l
            /                        |
               ヽ、    ._,,,,,              ,..;;,'ゞ'',
              ゙'!',"^^゙゛                ,..ィ,'r'"   !
                  \           ,..∠r'"         ヽ
                 `'、       _..イ/'"       .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,゙ニi..
                    _,,,',、  ._..-,'ノ/〃'',、     ,,,./        `'-、
                  i,'フ  .!.l|<-'゙_ ;;|/',;;`'i.l.l  .,.;;,'"゙`' !-、           \
              ,..;;i|l!゙/゙!" …イ゙゙´.,..;;ソ'゛ ゙'ニッ;;ソ'゙_..;;,"     ゙ミ-、        `'-、
         _ ;;レ'!" ./  .,. |'"|..;;,"  ._.イ",゙ ;;,"゛        ゙''ミヽ         \
       ,..;;レ!~゛  ./ … /  .l´  _ ;;ソ'゙..イ‐゛             `' \         .゙」
     i;;レ"    /,. |ヾ,i'゙゙/i .| ,.;;,'"./ 彡"                 `ミ>、_,,,,.. -ー'" .ヽ
    …/      ,i!./   .`-'゛ .il彡彡'´      , ..,,,_           ,./          `i
   /      .',フ゛     ./ `´        /',|,゙',7/        /            ゙i
  ./        /      /            i>""       /                 l
  /        /      ./              ィ-ヾ.',_         l                l
 !       /      /            ,/_、 r'"        l                 l
.,'       ./ ノ゙/ト ./ ._,,, –……….,,____ .゛ .゙‐'        ,'                    ',
     /  ,彡゙ ノ'"゛           ̄ ̄^"'-、      /                   !
      ./     /                   /      /          

Getting pissed wouldn't change much though. If he's more emotionally well off this way then who gives a fuck?

My own bike was recently stolen and although I could not give two shits how much enjoyment the thief got out of it getting angry changes precisely nothing.

Instead, I've simply resolved to
a) get a U-lock for my new bike
b) not take it to shady areas
c) build my own bike and make it look shitty so nobody wants to steal it
d) take the seat with me and replace it with a dildo when I lock it up

We must critically support utilitarians in their struggle to implement redistributionist policies on basis of marginal utility

Meanwhile, in the wonderful world of VIDYA GAEMS

More and more fedoratippers who attacked Gamergate are being outed as sex offenders. I hope some has been keeping track of them: thedailybeast.com/unsafe-and-just-plain-dirty-women-accuse-vice-of-toxic-sexual-harassment-culture
I'll eat my keyboard if Chris Plante doesn't turn out to be one of them. You can tell some people are psychopaths just by how they behave on Twitter, and he's one of them.

The CEO of the Marvel Heroes dev turned out to have a… colorful past. Or is it checkered? Anyway: davedohrmann.blogspot.com/

Normies are finally having enough of nickel-and-diming by AAA, after Holla Forums has been shitting on it for the better part of a decade. I had a hunch Jim Sterling would jump onto the dogpile so he can keep his pretense of being a consumer advocate, and sure enough, the craven toad is doing exactly that now that bashing in-game purchases is the safest opinion possible.

To prove again that they actually do hate their own audience, one gaming journo, Klepek, started defending fucking EA because he had heard that one of their devs received death threats. Leaving aside the fact that death threats on the internet are literally nothing, there's the wee little matter of said person not working for EA at all. Too bad Klepek had already written an article about it to show how horrible and violent gamers are. When he found out he had been had, he did the SJW thing and doubled-down because he was right about gamers even if his proof didn't exist.

The next Game Awards will have a category called Best Chinese Game. Yep.

even prince-gendered yaoi fangirls(?) on tumblr are calling him bike cuck, jesus

Does anyone else occasionally catch themselves being brainwashed by porky and want to kill themselves? Every once in a while I start absent-mindedly singing a jingle from a tv commercial or have a catchy slogan running through my head and I seriously want to die.

Maybe you're thinking too much into it

There's nothing wrong with enjoying catchy music etc.

c'mon son

Does anyone have that meme of a ladder with people of different non-conforming gender people on, it, with the gender-non-conforming man at the bottom really sad?

Distracting my mind with whatever entertainment is avaiable is the only time when I don't want to kill myself.

He's a nice guy who gets shat on unfairly a lot, but this bike thing was downright pathetic.

I haven't even seen Holla Forums use it, only cuck/tv/. They did get some nice salt from it.


does anyone have the version of this pic where its labeled Holla Forums and Holla Forums respectively? I know I saw it on here recently


thank you kind user

There's a better version floating around somewhere with the board logos on each one

I love how women act like they are in total emotional control of men by saying that all women make a sexual decision to reject certain men in some occult way

so many layers of desired female supremacy I can't even count


also women


the incurable: people who have sex
the insufferable: people who want to have sex but can't get it

incels get the bullet too

this but unironically

see twitter bio

immediate urge to consume cocktail of kitchen products to ameliorate the horror of wasted years

Kill yourself

no u

Please stop, for god's sake


rip lil peep

had to google who this was and wtf is up with those tattoos?



If people gave as much of a shit about the exploitation of workers as they do the "exploitation of gamers" we'd be in FALC by now.

The Tweet is fake.

We must support gamers against DLC and loot crate imperialism

All power to the players


DonnaGail is comedy gold, this is supposedly a 49 year old white woman.


Mental illness+drug abuse+needing a rap persona that stands out from the rest. Honestly I'm surprised he lived this long.


But he's right.

But he's right.

Stealing doesn't really bother me but if you're gonna do it at least steal from a company not just some dude. I suppose bikes are just so easy though so people go for them.

find myself unreasonably amused that TV tropes makes very political statements.

summary of economics:
Feudalism/Serfdom: Evidence-based, works in practice, appeals to elites.
Mercantilism: Evidence-based, works in practice, appeals to elites.
Capitalism: Evidence-based, works in practice, appeals to elites.
Marxism: Theory-based, can deliver meritocracy but rarely democracy, unappealling to non-idealistic elites.
Keynesianism: Evidence-based, works in practice, unappealling to non-idealistic elites.
Neoclassicism: Theory-based, does not deliver meritocracy or democracy in practice, appeals to elites.
Austrian: Theory-based, cannot work in practice, appeals to some elites (e.g. finance) but not others (e.g. industry).
Behavioural: Evidence-based, works in practice, unappealling to elites.

also note that Keynesians are the most broad based and interesting

Feudalism/Serfdom: History, Classics, Politics, Theology, Sociology
Mercantilism: History, Politics, Sociology, International Relations
Capitalism: History, Politics, Sociology, International Relations, Philosophy
Marxism: History, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy, Statistics
Keynesianism: History, Politics, Sociology, International Relations, Mathematics, Statistics
Neoclassicism: Philosophy, Mathematics
Austrian: Philosophy
Behavioural: Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, Statistics

Which raises an interesting tangent actually, a surprising number of historians seem to be weird Keynesians. (The kind of people who contrive long fantasies where Oswald Mosley takes over the Labour party, but from a "the great depression was shit and the gold standard was dumb" perspective rather than a "muh fascism muh lightening muh fire that will never extinguish".) I'm not quite sure why that is. I mean, I love it but it's weird.

did i just admit to reading tvtropes

The only way that testes or ovaries would be removed by some would either be that they died or had them removed ergo they already didnt/couldnt have genetic children assuming that hadnt have any before the event.

I wanna make you warm.

Farming for sustenance not to participate in the capitalist money making scam


Ancaps are the kind of individualist that want to defend their individual rights while being able to restrict the individual rights of another.

Between 1965 and 1979 in the darkest days of the Social Democratic Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, approximately 400 people were killed by state owned British Railways according to official government statistics (excluding those arbitrarily defined by official state propaganda as "trespassers") and the true number may never be known. because the document only contains a graph that i had to add-up by eye. Yes, I didn't just bullshit a figure, I looked it up. How's that for dedication?

Still think state ownership is 'cool'?
memorial foundation

Anyone got a link to the video where a Franco supporter talks about how they stole shit from socialists? I've got a Asserist shill who claims they were somehow socialist

I miss my ex

You have a beautiful soul

As long as you don't have any fellows like this around the track you're alright.

Can any of you dance, Holla Forums?

I'm going now

People from Holla Forums seem convinced that we're on some kinda permanent raid into their shit which I just don't really see. Even if we were theres only 1000~ users here so we couldn't really make a dent if we all went.

I can drunkenly flail my arms around, but that's about it.
nice song

I thought we were the ones who are being permanently raided by Holla Forums

The presence Holla Forums has on 4ch is, according to Holla Forumsreddit, immense. Look through the archives of boards like Holla Forumsreddit, Holla Forums, /int/, etc. We are an excellent bogeyman for them.

Apparently we're always bragging about shilling over at Holla Forums.

it's amazing how quickly Holla Forums became the new boogeyman of Holla Forums
I'm pretty sure Holla Forums talks about us than we talk about ourselves.


There's only one discord I know of and it's just over half of the active people there being Holla Forums thinking it's the official Discord

What's funnier: pol being paranoid about us or pol falseflagging as us then being paranoid about the falseflags?



this upsets me. the red scare really did a number on these people. All it takes is attributing leftist ideas to people they don't know and they're on board.

so when is Holla Forums gonna let us fuck their women?

I took an anti-anxiety pill for the first time before taking my first test and I got an 83 (one of the best in class).

Anyone know if you can become a Wobbly even if you aren't in the US?


I would have been fucked even if I did pass A levels though because I would have either gone to uni for something I hate or something that would never get me anywhere.


Thoughts on fashionable Eyebrows man?




Here's one of his songs: youtube.com/watch?v=qwzQPh7dW_4
/mu/ hates him.

Tbh his stuff is shit.

How much you wanna bet the only reason they pulled the cultural Marxism card is because is grandpa is a communist?

wrapped in what

they pulled the cultural marxism card because they think not being racist is marxism


They're mentally ill males who deserve our pity and help.

Oh no, not


listened to a few of his songs and while its not my thing I can understand the appeal.
Under socialism will soundcloud rappers have to be shot or do they get reeducated? This is an important question I feel.

We shoot XXXTentacion on the spot, the rest get a show trial.


How did Michael Moore go from shutting down the NYSE for a bit with RATM to being an anti-wikileaks Hillary shill?

he's always been a liberal

8 years of Obama pacified a lot of would be radicals. I'm not saying that Moore was ever a comrade but lots of people like him bought into the Obama prosperity meme and became so terrified of republicans they refused to criticize Hillary

It scares me to think that millions of brainlets in burgerland think of Michael Moore as pinnacle of left-wing activism.

Post the song with the most plays (on whatever music service you use, if you use one) and your political compass


I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused.

Not gonna bother with that bullshit compass but here's a song: youtube.com/watch?v=rmJ_mcvRQsI

Only great pain is the ultimate liberator of the spirit….I doubt that such pain makes us ‘better’; but I know that it makes us more profound.

I've got a better idea 💡

Everyone post your favourite album, and then people try to guess your ideology based upon their personal impressions of the sort of individual who would choose such a record.

Pic related.

(no flags, obviously)

I love early Elliott Smith, I know Roman Candle basically by heart.

You are a socdem.

You are a Landian Accelerationalist.



I don't really have ONE favourite album

EXCELLENT taste, my man.


you are literally theodor adorno brought back to life



Egoist Anarchist


No, I'm a communalist fam.


Stay classy my dude

My suspicion would be Maoism-Third Worldism, but difficult to say. Could easily be Anarcho-Primitivism too.


Buddhist Marxist

Luxemburgist Leftcom


Odinist Monarchist Tradcuck

Good taste, but probably Keynesian



Pretty sure all the market anarchists have been bullied off this board


i'm actually offended by this


Good taste, Stalinist

Social democrat





Maoist *How can you unironically listen to that shit*

Good taste, Ancom

Ho Chi Minh Thought, obviously

Guess I'm a leftcom now!

LOVE that album.

[vacuum noises intensify]

Hoochie Minh Thought, actually.

What if the waifu consents tho

How can you not love this:

Hoochie, you look beautiful

My ears do not consent

epic, simply epic

And there it is.


Nature abhors a vacuum.

onanist socialist

I've already posted an album, but I'll post another one of my favorites.


I will slit my throat for this transgression.

Like the band but haven't heard that album. I'd probably assume weed smoking hippy becoming Right Libertarian in later life.

probably just picked this one because it got me into listening to music outside videogame shit but w/e


Lil Peep was truly a friend of the worker.


Taking this opportunity to shill their music btw

Good taste, anons.

Thanks for the links, shit's bretty good.

I'm shit at "favorite X" but this is usually what I go for



Classical Marxism




Ho-chi-minh thought

Just straight up anarchist

Hey, I'm the user behind several "read bordiga" threads and have been bumping them vigorously too. I haven't of course read bordiga but it's funny as fuck to force that meme. Do you think I should continue or move on to forcing something else? I gotta get my shitposting dose of the day, so not shitposting is not an option.

I balance it out by bumping good discussion threads, providing context for discussions if I got one that is relevant, supporting anons posting in good-faith but insecure about something, and even effortposting where applicable. Just saying it's not like all my posts are shitposts, it's roughly 50/50

Read Sanders

I forgot to turn my flag off like a fucking idiot.



not my favourite album.

is it








I know because you keep posting david sylvian stuff

Best boy




(note: I would have posted my personal favorite but the artist never did cover art for it so I could only go for my recent favorite from the same artist)

you're a M-L

Is that an album cover or just a photo, if it's an album I'm gonna assume Maoist or Juche


Any anprims here have that documentary webm about how hunters can't replace predators, it's a guy speaking over nature visuals. I think it mentions something about how an area of of a national park was restored when wolfs were introduced .


i don't feel so good



No thanks.

i don't feel so good

Muke rn

Who the fuck keeps spamming all this shit?

the ghost of bordiga's armchair


When anxious or uncomfortable there's something remarkable about how quickly my behaviour slews towards the consumer norm.

i.e. when I think "tomorrow, everything will change" due to a large event like an impending firing [but not that.] it's impossible to conduct usual behaviours that require focused thought, and this even includes imageboard shitposting. The end result is almost inevitably sliding into [a] watching review videos on youtube back to back to slowly run down the clock. or [b] playing a repetitive game like Runescape where thought isn't required to conduct tasks that still yield notional progress.

Wonder if there's any generalisable lesson to be learned here about human behaviour under the stresses of late neoliberalism, or just a footnote of reflection.

I never used to hate feminists until I started going into deep discussion with them

Jesus Christ are they challenging my faith in humanity. They literally believe in female supremacy and weeding men they dislike out of the gene pool as policy. And will lie profusely to say they don't believe this.

muke is a real fuckhead

real horseshoe theory is both republicans and leftcoms calling marxist-leninists liberals



Come on, this one's easy.




Communism thread up on old-chan, in case anyone cars to read. Starts as expected, some discussion occurs later.

How many times are 'jews', 'kikes' and helicopters mentioned?

Jews - 2
Kikes - 2
Helicopters - 1

This is in 100 posts. Pretty tame tbh.

They're going soft

Why? Half of them are kids who'll grow out of it, the other half are unreachable brainwashed retards.

So the same as this board?

Dude most people here came from /lit/, Holla ForumsReddit is almost completely newfag

Nah, because people here base their opinions on economic and political theory, whereas those on Holla Forums base their worldview on memes, Fox News, The Daily Shoah, and what other people on Holla Forums think

never sure if i'm coming to accept new realities without crossing uncomfortable frontiers, or merely delaying another terrifying realisation of the reality a few more months, kickstarting the cycle again.


Liking anything of Kanye's other than some of his early producing… Why not fuck with some working class heroes?
shit taste/10 fam

Only plebs don't like Kanye's new stuff

Come on man, he AT LEAST three great albums, The College Dropout, Late Registration and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I also like Yeezus a lot but that's more polarizing

There is potential in this pic to be turned to lefty propaganda. Someone with paint skills should do something with it




Only Patricians defend his new oeuvres… While I am 45 it's not that I exclusively prefer old stuff… been bumping A.F.R.O. all week for example

College Dropout was dope and Late Registration was ok, but like I said his productions in my opinion are better than his lyricism and his other bullshit. He's more gimmick than artist at this point anyway…
It's really a question of taste, I'd rather bump some Hieroglyphics, Boot Camp Clique, or Justus League created/produced work than say Rocafella…

excellent taste fam. at least he has shown an understanding of class consciousness.

I miss the Yeezus era of Kanye and the whole "fuck your corporations" thing he was preaching. I do agree, Kanye is at the very least self aware and has been on the record multiple times to say classism is a more important issue than racism, which is honestly more "woke" than what most rappers give us.

What did you guys think of this record?

The greek communists from KKE are celebrating right now the anniversary of the 1973 polytechnic uprising.


Stream: youtube.com/watch?v=FFVfzUdLK7c

Checking it out now on tubes, sounds like something I'd throw in my rotation, as far as the beats go…

i hope they fight with the riot cops

I've never listened to Joey before, but from I read online I got the impression this album was a watered down "To Pimp a Butterfly"

Looks like anarchists are protecting the demo? The have syndicalist flags on their sticks

the anarchists have arrived

Pretty weird, because they had a situation 2 days earlier.

Anarchists on Nov 15, 2017 "occupied" the Polytechnic Institute in Athens to try to prevent the commemoration of the 1973 uprising, erasing the anti NATO and anti US slogans that were written there by the students in 1973.

Cmon, you have to post source if you're going to make claims like that

absolutely. Yeezus is in my top 3. Shame it didn't resonate as well with a lot of (for lack of a better word) normies who were looking for his more "traditional" stuff. I loved it. His semi-estranged father was actually a black panther so I hope we see more of that in future projects.

also semi-related, the music video for No Church in the Wild is like an anarchists wet dream.

I've known about Joey for the longest but never really got into his stuff. I've been meaning to give him a second go since I liked him so much in Mr. Robot. Is this album a good place to start?

Kanye is an open Black Panther sympathizer. He's name dropped them a few times in his songs, usually only in passing though. The most direct reference on LR.

Luckily we got this gem before the Yeezus era was over.



Do you think I can read Greek?

That's fair, it's hard to top a record like TPAB. Still one of my favorite hiphop records of the year.

I remember very clearly that phase of college, when communism and marx were unknown to me and my mates, and were introduced only in glorious theory by our professors.
Then came history - and ruined everything. Cambodia, Soviet Union, China, Yugoslavia, Albania, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela. Grass roots? Well, by force. No glory in its application.
I concluded it's best to keep "the revolution" in theory. Pure and safe and unblemished in your dreams, because it is an impossible dream to change human nature, and a nightmare every time we've tried. The answer is always somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, remember that.

good memeing

Wait, is that really dead Lil Peep? That's fucked up.

t. someone who has never been to college

I feel sad. Today at work a customer said I short changed them, then when I was about to open up the register to give them the difference I asked "are you sure?" since it comes out of our wages if the till is unbalanced and that made him really mad. Then he started shouting at me so I started getting mad too and we went on like that for about 10 minutes, when he unironically pulled "the customer is always right" line I felt like giving him a smack so I stopped talking and started to breath deep so as to calm down- which for some reason really pissed him off. At this point I decided even if he is lying paying a few quid out of my own pocket for him to fuck off is well worth it.

Then my manager told me to close off half the lobby and clean it up since it's coming close closing time. I spent like half an hour doing that then pretty much as soon as I put away the mop like 10 14 year old girls walked in and sat down there, despite the 2 bright yellow wet floor signs and the seats being on top of most of the tables. So I started yelling at them but now I feel a little guilty because they didn't mean to be bad, they were just being stupid.

It's ok man, they won't hold a grudge against you and will forget it in a day or 2 most likely.

Do these retards believe they are the only customers? Or are they somehow so important that a single retard will make the place go bankrupt?

I have no idea what's going on in the minds of people who believe that. I haven't even seen a real business using it as a slogan in like 10 years, it seems like everyone has decided that's a horrible idea except douchbag middle-aged middle-class people.

Who are the 3 theorists from the left in bottom row of the "get theory" panel, kind anons?

Pic related.

I busted my ass at work today and will try to find the energy to do back, shoulders, and chest. Was going to try and meet a girl I matched with but busy with university shit and too tired to fuck her good. Feel bad most of the time and lonely. Solidarity in despair fam.

Pannekoek, ?, Harvey, read bookchin

pannakoek, some black guy, david harvey and bookchin

pannekoek, c. l. r. james, david harvey


What's this I hear about dril being doxxed?

Anyone have any details? Or is it just a giant meme?

triphop is the patricians genre



Triphop is fine, but i hate every fucking talentless soundclown hack who just opens FL Studio, puts on DJ_Sound_Effects_Pack_Acoustic_Loop_1.wav, the default kick + snare and some low pass filters and calls it a day
I still haven't found much worthwhile outside Nujabes and Robert Glasper Experiment tbh

Oj Alija Alija ljiljanima babo
i tebi će leđa okrenuti švabo
Oj Alija Aljo primi hladan tuš
u brk ti se smije tvoj prijatelj Buš

Oj Alija Alija muslimanski izrode
prevešće te Tuđman žednog preko vode
Oj Alija Aljo male su ti međe
da si ost'o sa nama bile bi još veće


Oj Alija Alija ljut si na nas strašno
što ne možeš Srbina prodati za brašno
Oj Alija Aljo šta će tebi hrana
kol'ko bolan misliš imat Ramazana?

Oj Alija Alija izgubićeš čast
kad ti Tuđman ovce uzme a pošalje mast
Oj Alija Aljo tebi nešto fali
misliš da si veliki a tako si mali


Oj Alija Alija imaš grdnu manu
što si babo izabrao skroz pogrešnu stranu
Oj Alija Aljo šta ćeš bolan sada
izdala te izdala Tuđmanova garda

Oj Alija Alija i mi smo te zvali
al si htio da postaneš ti veliki Ali
Oj Alija Aljo možda nisi znao
visoko si poletio a nisko si pao


I promised my roommate I'd clean the bathroom and kitchen since his arm is broken and he's currently out but I sprained my wrist lifting up shit for him so my right
Hand is almost completely useless and I can't have the wrappings get wet. What do? I promised I'd clean shit for him but I'm missing a hand.

New puke vid lads

Clean it and clean it thoroughly.

That music is so distracting that it's hard to hear him speaking.

He always uses that music. I guess I've gotten used to it.

I haven't watched him in a while, since he started "distancing" himself from Holla Forums. He should maybe turn the volume down; that could help.
Also, I wish people would stop giving Carl attention. The only ones watching him now, I'm sure, are teens who are only just now knowing about the "anti-SJW" stuff. His moment in the sun is over & Muke shouldn't give him any "legitimacy" by acknowledging him. But he seems to have a major boner for Carl, so whatevs I guess.

Here's a webm I dusted off from years ago.

Holy shit, pic related is a post from an Ohio supreme court justice and dem candidate for governor. Do I smell a new copypasta?

I agree he shouldn't make so many videos on Sargon, but he can't really give him any legitimacy when he has such a smaller audience than Sargon. Also I don't think his moment is over as he's steadily moved towards antifa as his new boogie man. If there is anything Sargon knows how to do it's stay relevant and honestly the left could learn something from that. The only person we really have talking about current events on youtube is Unruhe and we could use more people talking about currently existing problems caused by capitalism. If muke wants to keep debunking reactionaries though he should diversify his targets and make more videos on Sargon's cronies that eat up everything he says uncritically. They're easy targets and show how stupid his followers are.

fucking white people i s2g


this truly is the best political timeline

Something that I've personally wanted to do for a long time ever since I was a liberal was for in history class during the end of year exam was to write a history of communism as a whole which ironically me investigating into it made me a communist now. What an interesting rabbit hole I fell into

Fuck erryting else, Ashton-Under-Lyne forums is where te REAL *W O K E* political discourse is happenin'

seriously WAT!

Remember when Jezebel was leaking unretouched photos of female celebrities? Nah, me neither.

I just read pic related
The amount of ideology hurts
The issue's villain is a unionist turned terrorist who uses capoeira to fight against evil tenant farmers and somehow he's the villain. Absolutely revolting.

I'm thinking about possibly creating an Audio book and posting it on YouTube. Thoughts?
I also need suggestions for some books which aren't already covered and for a brainlet like me to possibly do.
I'm shit with editing and I have a soothing voice so an audiobook works for me.
I'm mostly thinking of doing LibCom books but all suggestions are welcome

Neither of those two are trip hop

I mean, why would you read DC without expecting that kind of things?

Guys I need some help, my social skills are completely destroyed, after 8years of self-imposed Isolation.
So this is the deal, at School there is a really cute looking girl, that I like a lot and noticed her at the beginning of the semester.
I said to myself, well tough luck, she won’t ever notice you(me) I’m nearly a ghost, that only my mom and grandma cares for, so I said, meh, I will keep creeping on her.
Some time went by.
Then she starts to look at me shyly and sometimes I feel like I’m being watched, it’s her, damn…
I went abroad on a school trip and came back, she keeps looking at me, I couldn’t believe it.
I kept glancing at her shyly, but never took it to the next step, (talking to her) because I’m too much of a coward to do that, instead, I followed her around (sometimes) in a stalkish mode and even took some creepshots of her.
One day, she and her friend ask me about the time. (The first day, that I wore my newly acquired Casio w217 h).
But then the following happened.
>I calm myself and start talking.
After that I confirmed that she likes me and she knows that I like her.
But I was in shock, after 8 years of not having a gf and 5 years without female friends, it was truly shocking experience, 6 years ago, I decided that I would never seek a relationship again, keep myself single and played World of Warcraft for almost 2 years nonstop (best time I’ve spent so far in my life.)
I’m 26years old.
After that, we haven’t talked to each other, just awkward brief encounters and sometimes she has ignored me, like I’m not even there as she just passes in front of me with her friends.
Some shy glances have been exchanged, but not quite as intense, as the previous encounters.
Did I fucked things up?
What should I do?
I want to get to know her and talk to her.
Please, I need help, I’m not Autistic, but I’m fucked up in the head.
Sorry for my 3rd world English.


Childhood/teen Traumas over failed relationships of every one around me.
Domestic violence.
low self esteem over Acne.

why not?

That picture looks really fucking comfy.

W-We're not SJWs/pol ,we swear!

If you think she's into you, just go for it famalam.

Any portuguese speaking niggas out there?


right now in portugal


They're campaigning for a minimum wage of 600€ and an end of precarious work.

should've raped her tbh


Read Stirner and become AnChad.

Dog just ask her to grab lunch sometime. Like don’t even think of it as a date, think of it as just making a new friend. If u think of it as a date you will psych yourself out. And let’s be real, lunch or a coffee or whatever is too casual to be a date anyway.
If she says yes, just talk with her, she clearly already engaged with u in banter so there’s interest. All u gotta do is just ask questions, don’t fear the awkward silences. Idk it may even help to brainstorm questions the night before, write them out so if an awkward salience comes about you can fire off another question from memory.

All this being said just be nice and cordial. When u wrap up and things went well say you’d like to do this again and ask if u can exchange numbers.
I hope you see this and do this cuz I like to see fellow anons feel better in this fucked up world

Bumping this message again, come on this is the only day my roommate is out so I don't get called a commie and kicked out of the house he technically "owns"

funny you should ask

It's called motte-and-bailey fallacy.

Isn't that basic escapism?

Soon enough we'll have posts here going "I moved there because I genuinely thought they were serious but turns out it was COINTELPRO"

You forgot to indicate an artist.

Wait, I recognize that badass…

He was an old FYAD has-been who became a Twitter early settler, like just about the entire core of Weird Twitter, but he had the decency not to help start socjus. I mentioned things like this before a few times here. Funnily enough, I thought Drill was one of the few core Weird Twitters who wasn't a goon.


It was perfect copypasta material until it got to the sensible opinions on weed and opioids. Those killed it.

Honestly, among the internet things you can do to spread leftist ideas, audiobooks seems rather too much effort for little reach.

As a chick because it's extremely relevant I say go with this.
You can just ask for her number, you both have cells, right? Texting can be a godsend. I was also painfully shy. I met my SO randomly online & we just became like penpals. Best option, ever. I didn't even know what he looked like until some months in, because at first it was more a "friend" type relationship. I was like you, not looking for anything. Once I stopped looking, then it found me.
So anyway, do the texting thing. You both don't have to see how awkward you are feeling because it doesn't translate through text well.
Once you ask for her number, she'll know you're into her. She probably fell back before after the first encounter because she thought you weren't into her. That's really cool that she approached you. Not a lot of girls have the balls to do that… You should reward her for that by asking for her number. Text, go from there.

To some extent, but escapism for me is usually a slightly more thought provoking activity. In those circumstances there's an escape into base activity without any creativity.

i.e. instead of watching a film with a story that will actually "take me" out of the room and into the fantasy of the film, there's watching a youtube video that is consciously just talking about a hunk of plastic in a way that is very obviously 'me alone in my room at 4am' but falls into a sweet spot of requiring no intellectual activity while also crowding out thought. instead of playing a game to complete quests or some kind of activity that stimulates imagination, it's just rote clicking and path following. That's the really interesting element.

Do it, that's a good idea. For fellow brainlets, audiobooks are where we get our start. Maybe just start with some basic leftist material. I'd recommend some, but as I said I'm a brainlet as well & also just woke up, so I'm not much help to anyone.

Better than nothing, fam.

Ok I've been absent on Holla Forums for about a month, since the flags were taken away & wordfilters screwed. Someone give me a general update on what I have missed?

BO had an autistic spergout after efforts to shore up MLs failed and now there's a splinter board >>>/leftpol/. Other than that you didn't miss much.

That's basically what I was after. I saw some craziness in the mod thread. Tbh it's about time this happened. Things have been a little weird for a while. I stopped browsing daily for a couple of reasons, but a big contributer was admittedly that I was butthurt I didn't get a mod position. Things just got weird & I never had to worry about getting banned for what I posted, but more recently I was nervous & felt I couldn't post what all I wanted to.

Honestly it seemed that BO & /leftypol as a result had changed somehow after the April 1st hack. Like, honestly I wondered if it was the same person as BO. Maybe it is & they're just going through some things. I dunno…

I anyone can share screenshots of what I missed, that would also be cool. That is, if we're allowed to talk about it openly. Otherwise I'll shutup & do my own looking around.

Beria approves.

Damn. Most of those links are broken, lmao.

BO claims to be the same guy, but being a mod caused them to go ☭TANKIE☭ and apparently such a metamorphosis destroys any sense of humor. You can check out for more context.

You da real mvp. Thanks user.

feel like this board still has a Holla Forums infestation but i'm still not entirely sure if simply being Holla Forums is a valid reason to report people.
must remember to stick to a small number of threads.

I just died… Bless whoever did this

Some pop music ""singer"" who died from an OD or something.

How in the ==FUCK== doth one use TORRENTS?
Do you have to be a machine man with a Cyberbrain or something?

realy mages mi dong

Marxism = satanic confirmed

What's your problem?

I'm basically compruda illiterate but can manage it. You mean like downloading &/or using them? You just need a program like BitTorrent. Find the torrent, I'd suggest through duckduckgo search engine for less censored results than Google. You could also use a VPN to be safer, once you find the torrent, before download. Check comments & ratings to be sure it's the best option for that particular download, then click to download it & your torrent manager/downloader does the rest.

She asked for your name to report you to administration for being a fucking creep. Stop stalking her and taking "creepshots" you disgusting piece of shit.

No one is that normal.

step one, install a bittorrent client; examples include Transmission, Deluge, qBittorrent (not recommending proprietary clients)

optional step, get a vpn so your isp doesn't come knocking if you don't believe in intellectual property

step two, find a torrent file/magnet link you want to download. some sites you can use to find them include the pirate bay, worldwidetorrents, rargb, skytorrents.

step three, seed if you can manage it and enjoy the file you downloaded.

all there is to it. you learn to find the sketchy files and avoid them with time. best option for that is going for the ones with many seeders and if the site has comments/ratings, that too helps.

best breakdown from a more knowledgeable user

He described using a fucking torrent client. that isnt 'knowledgable', its like knowing how to operate the fucking kitchen sink.
Its fucking 'double click the file'
or 'press the big plus button and pick the file'

Holy shit I hate everyone.

How in the ==FUCK== doth one use KITCHEN SINKS?
Do you have to be a machine man with a Cyberbrain or something?

Yes you are.

Next timme you catch her alone, chat a little about whatever, maybe the classes you had that day and shit, nothing serious, and at the end of it, ask if she wants to go to a cafe/hookah bar/naked sushi place/whatever young adults congregate in your particular shithole. Always keep in mind: she's a human being too, and tho she can process negative feelings things better than you because she's a normie, she feels anxiety and fear of rejection same as you do. All the pressure you feel, both personal and societal, she does too. So treat her like a human being, and notice if she becomes anxious with a certain topic or conversation or something, or seems particularly eager to talk about another one and so on.

Topic baleeted. What was it about?

Oh, then I know exactly what you mean. It's not something you benefit from or even enjoy, it's just something to distract you. Stimuli to occupy the idle cycles of your brain. My hypotheses are:
- Aside effect of consumerism in LSC, as every waking moment should be filled with consumption of some sort, be it physical or not. This keeps us away from creative activities, contemplation, personal relationships, self-improvement or even enjoyable consumption. After all, Porky a) want people to consume every waking moment if at all possible and b) doesn't have a formula for quality entertainment, for example, but he does have for addictive entertainment and for marketing it. Whole books about it, in fact. Main evidence: vidya industry, where AAA make a "good" game by committee then spend outrageous sums of money on marketing in order to convince people that that hamburger helper is actually filet mignon
- A personal defense mechanism to keep you away from introversion, because if you have certain disorders such as depression, spending too much time doing introversion wil lower your mood. Thus 24/7 distraction is a matter of basic mental health.

As far as I know this literally never happened. What does it even mean? Im fairly sure it was divide-and-conquer faggotry by Holla Forums, no doubt as payback for /ggrevolt/.

I found this, for whatever it's worth: archive.is/sI1q8
Also check a plugin called Resurrect Pages.

yeah just listed that beginner stuff out in a couple minutes, though that's not to say i don't know my way around a computer.

take it easy user, /bunkertrash/ should have nothing to get that bothered by.

It's brilliant, but I can't be the only one who keeps mistaking Ismail and Rafiq, can I?

Okay, I'm calling bait.

Well what ideas do you both have?
I don't know personally what the fuck to do and I want one that's unique enough so it isn't lost in the crowd (a.k.a. communist manifesto since there's fuck tons of readings of that)


Any editing software I could use?
I'm a tad bit new to this and I used to use windows media center only

What do you want, exactly? If just audio and a picture, I would use Audacity to cut the audio first, maybe you could even upload it separately to archive.org or somewhere else to make it easily downloadable. For the video I would recommend Blender, which actually has a pretty good video editor.

Thank you

Ok i've gotta watch Walin, Stalio?

Thank you kind anons


Calm your tits, man… Damn.

user is the hero we need, based zero dubs.

>I found this, for whatever it's worth: archive.is/sI1q8
Will do, thanks user.

Welcome, buddy.

thanks for the websites at least. I was using KAT for years and when they took it down I didn't know what to do.
I had used some other two between then and now but they both got taken down in the same month at the start of the year.

you're all boring

and your fantasy world is shit


I don't have headphones, what is he saying?

Well his argument boils down to the fact that he cannot be arsed to discuss. Such a deep thinker. Who is this idiot?


There's a big chance that Destiny is COINTELPRO, I honestly think that. He's too smart for Twitch gaming channels, imo. Or he's just cashing in on the drama/muh centrism angle. I dunno… Brb unsubscribing from that tool, now. I found his Sargon stuff to be interesting, but the shit he talks here is not what I'm down with at all. Establishment hack.

Also lmao
You get the bullet for fighting against your fellow workers.

rip ac/dc guy whose songs all sound exactly the same.

Basically, pic related.


he's talking to a lefty right now

The BO went to /marx/ trying to get more MLs to post here and floated the idea of a sticky on Holla Forums and a thread to compile resources to help MLs argue on /marx/. Ismail seemed apathetic and relatively happy with how /marx/ is currently so it didn't go anywhere. See >>>/marx/6663

update, could only do korsch and i had to stop after the second paragraph because my hand was killing me. i've saved the links on notepad

All these posts will be lost, in time, like tears… in rain.
Time to die.

Just some random dude?

Your hand?

yeah just a random viewer

He is a "socialism is when the government does things" sort of guy, so this is not going to go well

Jack needs to save us

So just talk to her as if she was a friend.
I have thought about making a list of things, I wanted to ask her, but my best friend told me not to do it, because it would seem like I planned our encounter and could creep her.

So asking her phone number is a priority, our conversations will ride smoothly, because the physical awkward barrier, will be removed.
uhmmm, I thought she was disappointed, because I wasn't brave enough to talk to her.

it wasn't like up skirt pictures, just some pictures of her at the distance.

That's one of the problems, she's always escorted by her friends, and I'm frightened to ridicule myself in front of them, but I'm feeling anxious of not being able to advance.
Ok noted, I thought normal people didn't worry that much about all of that stuff.

So guys what should I do? should I talk to her even if she is escorted by her friends? or should I wait for her to approach me again?
because she is always always with her friends.
I fear, that I might be loosing time, and that she will lose interest in me.


Just wait 'till you catch her alone, it's bound to happen famalam.

I fucked up my wrist from overwork.

So apparently mongrel posting is such an effective trolling tactic that the mods over a 4/pol/ have started deleting/moving them to /bant/. Jesus these virgins are pathetic.

They can take jokes about genocide but can't take being called ugly. What the fuck happened to cuckchan?

you just said it


I caught that after posting.

Didn't they literally say that idk a fucking year ago that Saudi Arabia is the source of all terrorism and we need to destroy them?
Why the fuck is 4chan so pathetic

There are a lot of redditors there now. It's basically just a trump board now.

can a real selfless hero post the pic that's in the comic?

is shadman /ourguy/ ?

I didn't even know he had such a cute sister. Kind of want her to replace her brother now.



Dunno man, just saying that I think very few people listen to audiobooks, so it will reach few people. Besides, books in general, especially non-fiction, may rely on the book's "physical non-linearity", if you get what I mean. It's easy to go back and re-read a part you forgot, or maybe that part makes more sense now, for example. Audio and video aren't practical for it. Also audio obviously loses the visual element, a valuable didactic tool.

I don't mean to shit on your idea comr8, God knows you're closer to doing something than I am. Effectively,I'm explaining why I don't make audiobooks, I suppose.

They do worry, just not to the point people like you and me do. We can't process these emotions while they can, partly because with the experience of a normie life comes some insensitivity to such negative feelings. This should have happened to us but for whatever reason, our sensitivity is cranked up to 11 and the knob has been ripped off. Anyway, my point is, they don't dwell on these feelings like we do, but they definitely feel them too.

gator begone

Their mods are allegedly salt-left plants.

Go back to reddit or call him a ni/gg/er.

Planning is smart, not autistic, comr8.

Anyone have dead pictures of Asser? An Asserist is being an edgelord so I thought I might as well retaliate

Im at a club. rec me a drink

Midnight oil. Anchor steam beer. Melon soda float

it looks like a fasces

Long Island Ice Tea is the drink of drunk thots everywhere, so naturally it was my fav. But white russians, rattlesnakes & Jager bombs are also good.

Is it bad I want to fuck Joe Hill now

just had some gin n tonic
drunk as hell right now
in bed gone go to sleep
night night comrades
I appicchiate you all, despite how stupid and sectarian you all can be

sleep tight, user

Warmed my heart, thank you.

Is it weird to have a foot fetish and still be into dominant sex? Like I really enjoy choking or tying up a qt, but something about cute feet really gets me going.

Nothing sexual is 'weird' (the Sexual doesn't exist). Go forth and fornicate in hedonistic pleasure.

Why are greek protest chants so good. Can anyone give a translation?

Ask her to grab coffee or a drink (depending on whether you think she'd be into that kind of thing.) Definitely don't go for lunch like that other user is suggesting, that isn't something you do on a first date when your 26 years old.

Someone want to make a Greentext story on Asserism? I would but's 1 here and i'm shit at writing

Dang I want this too. Someone post it.


Yes. Thank you, comrade roseposter.

while i was looking that up i found this and now i'm not sure whether to laugh or spit blood.

'letting you keep the full product of your labour' is howlworthy though.

Can't tell if they're deluded or dishonest, and I don't know what's worse.

catgirl drawfriend i'm not sure if you still come here but if your lurking I'm thinking about using pic related for a presentation i'm working on and I wanna know if that's ok

I don't know why lolbergs think tremendous and malicious corporations will suddenly disappear or start being nice once regulations are lifted

Gonna post in OC thread.

how fucking dense are lolberts, seriously???

That made me puke.

In an Anarchist, Communist world:

What is the leftist equivalent of the nazi salute? The fist is cool as fuck but was used by Breivik.

love saying 'i am the state'

no salute


feel as though i'm undergoing a transition from regretting not being part of communities to simply disdaining their existence.

although this may specifically be in the context of imageboard communities with their general tendency to be just as stupid as any other community, but pretend they're above it all. (a degree of psychological projection perhaps?) In a way that removes any possible sympathisability.


DemSoc is angery at Muke


"InCel" poster here again from the top of the thread.

Turns out I underrated my attractiveness, went on first date yesterday, had my first kiss (at 19) and the girl told me (after a few drinks) loads of people had thought I was "super cute" but that I was too standoffish and they thought I just wasn't interested in people (I intentionally did so to avoid interactions). Second date with her on Wednesday.

Feels good man.

hope he gets kidney failure

Good for you dude
this gives me hope


muke utterly btfo

Is winter time the most perfect time to listen to black metal?

As a 25 (soon 26) khv, I'm happy for you. We all going to make it!

What's holding you back mate?

winter is the most perfect time period


P.S. fuck B.O.

If any of you comrades going through a tough time want some advice, I'll help you out.

I'm 25 going on 26 and have only had one relationship in my life but a lot of sex due to being good looking, using apps liberally, and living in a major city. I'm uninterested in dating most women I meet but still want a gf to watch movies and read books with. Do I hold out hope for finding a long-term gf/wife or should I just say fuck it and engage in hedonism while working on screenplays and teaching myself how to make films?

I used to think so too but over the recent years I've come to prefer the summer. Can actually go outside and chill most ot the time and read outside.

I'm not even all that sure what exactly it is. I'm no ultra autist so I can talk to people just fine but whenever it's about more than just more talk with girls I chicken out. Over the years I just grew more and more scared. I'm also a ultramanlet (I'm not totally ugly, I'd say, but I'm no beauty either) so no confidence there as well. I don't meet to many new people either and I still am at university with no (useless) degree and live at my parents house (which I don't actually mind because fuck living in a small appartment)

Absolutely agreed there.
Will check out that band. Currently listening to Drudkh.

Thanks, might come back to that in the future.

This is more a matter of personal preference than anything else. There's nothing concrete to advise you on.

The issue, then, is not to chicken out.
Because you're avoiding interactions.
So 5'2"-ish?
is explained by


fucking finally

This but unironically

people will just stop buying their products since nicer, and more moral corporations would out compete them :^)

Holla Forums is literally not white

Basic economics prevail once again!

Such extravagant demands, competitiveness ruined.

He provides great masturbation fodder, I will brook no disagreement.

It's like the GMIL comic with the tag "capitalism" being replace with "communism", only it's "state" and "corporation", and an ancap-ball says "pretty good".

He starting to realize where his true strengths lie.

so many bug eyed freaks hiding behind sunglasses

At least they didn't bring any tiki torches this time


As someone from Europe, these nerds can fuck right off.

162cm so 5'3"

They don't accept Europeans.

Speaking of the alt-right
Why do they all wear chinos?

Where in yuropoor are you from?
I'm a 175cm burger and was anxious about my height for years

Well it was worth a shot.


usually i hate private sector pseudo monopolies but i must confess some glee at seeing IRC punted into hell by discord

They're all cookie cutter young males who went through the same phase of online self-improvement on leddit together

tfw you really want to masturbate but you're afraid about your mental health

I'd give lots for 10cm but then again the grass is always greener etc.

The absolute state of Holla Forums: they aren't even pull off pranks anymore.


they never could

I dunno, it is pretty accepted that they started the independence day Tumblr - Holla Forums war of 2014.

Oh wow, they did THAT?

No, tumblr started it by "raiding" Holla Forums and Holla Forums answered by posting porn.
Holla Forums was little more that a cheerleader.
t. was at Holla Forums when it happened.

You can't be that stupid.

is /int/ /our board/?


Firstly, that 175cm guy is just paranoid. He's average height for his country, and in reality has no right to feel hard done by, especially considering his supposed sexual exploits.

Secondly, exposing yourself to your perceived threat (in this case, women and interaction in general) is the only way to improve anything. In the same way an agoraphobe needs to go outside to overcome their fear, so too must you gradually expose yourself to that which you fear. So what does that mean? You first take difficult, but manageable, steps in the right direction.

I don't know the exact severity of your particular situation, but start small and build up. Start a conversation up with a girl (or anyone) you know, but have grown distant from. Or, if it's quite severe, resolve to go out once a day and speak to the cashier or what have you.

Small steps, building up progressively. Keep a note of your progress so you can see improvement, otherwise the process (which can seem quite sluggish at times, and will likely be marked with the shell craters of setbacks and disappointments) may seem like more trouble than it's worth.

You'll probably feel like shit as you go, but you need to stick to it.

You guys are pathetic

You are right, but most now believe that the original call to arms post was a pol false flagger.
t. internet historian.

topkek. Ofc Holla Forums thread Screenshots are well known for their accuracy.

i'm really sad that there's a person that spent an amount of time making an infographic about some gossip piece of news that speaks ill of his taiwanese mailing list.

Boy, burgers sure are thinskinned.

Why is the US making dumb mechs, the one of the left is the US the one on the right is Japan

Because american mechs are influenced by EarthSiege/Mechwarrior, while Japanese mech are influenced by Gundam/Macross

i mean why are they making mechs in general? It seems really really dumb and a waste of resources.

My favorite genre of conservative threads on Twitter/Facebook/Anywhere really is people talking about how much their whole family and friends hate them now/are being disowned, because they won't stop talking about how "Good Trump Really Is And You Are Socialist And Globalist If You Hate Him, Actually"

Lot's of broken families this Thanksgiving. Glad I have no family left and I won't see them again for years, because I wouldn't shut the fuck up.


That's just sad in all honesty, this is why I pretty much refuse to talk politics irl with family unless it's "relevant"

It's pretty hilarious how many of them are willing to open up like "Yeah! My family isn't inviting me for Christmas anymore! They hate me because I'm right! LOL".

Holy shit this is sad as fuck.

Owning the libs by becoming a lonely pariah

You don't spend money on Christmas if you have no friends or family left

Is fascism basically just pseudo-intellectualism?

Reminds me of this

can't answer that, sometimes human creativity takes us in silly directions.

I'm curious if that's archived or if Holla Forumsreddit mods deleted it

For fun. Some people spend their free time on tv, others on vidya, others shitposting and others making machines of death.
Not more than any other form of entertainment. It probably doesn't even cost that much since plenty of people watched the boring fight.

Do you have that picture of soccer moms discussing on the_donald how they are going on Holla Forums?

I'm making an entire "I've been disowned by my family during the Holidays, they hate me now, I don''t know if they'll ever invite me again, #worthit!" folder

I don't understand why these people are so candid about losing their family and friends in, what's basically public



btw what kind of people are so thin skinned about this shit? lol literally disowning your son because he spergs about cheeto man, jesus christ america is like some sort of real life satire.

When you won't shut the fuck up about politics and start an argument at thanksgiving/christmas do you really think people want that around. They just want to spend time with you, but someone just had to open their mouths and now everyone is like, god fucking damn it Charles why

That's why. I'm sure it's not exclusive to America people get disowned for being so politically obnoxious during a family event

wtf is america? i remember when i was Holla Forums as shit and talked about hitler all the time, my family didn't disown me or anything like that, they just sort of went on with life, i grew out of that phase thank fuck, but what even is america

how easy is it to just lie to your parents about who you voted for jfc


These people posted it on their facebook accounts = their friends and family who are also going noticing how obnoxious "That Part" of their family is, and people begin to notice + they have a history of doing this shit = pressure = Annoyance = Bye Bye

That post actually fucking pisses me off, my grandfather died when I was 10 and barely got to spend time with him, selfish cunts like that Holla Forums poster actually make me want to hit someone

Personal experience, I have socialists in my family, but I have one Holla Forumstype. The Holla Forumstype got disowned. I think it's just the fact that Nazis aren't that beloved, and when you associate with people who associate within a degree of separation with nazis

It's just a farewell.

It was actually through my family i became left wing, started as Irish Republicanism, not that im not one rn

mein gott

Look at them, these people don't merely announce their opinions, they scream them and call you a cuck when you ask them to be quiet.

even worse, pseudo thinking

Does it get any more pure than this?

There's going to be some sad, lonely people bitching about politics this Christmas.

I thought you were the pirate poster and got happy but looking up he's 26.

Anyone tell me if this image was shopped? I'm 100% certain I've seen this image before with different flyers.

dunno but Ostia is the only place in italy where fascists managed to get seats in the municipality administration
grill doesn't strike me as their type, but i wouldn't be too surprised honestly.

Who would ideally be governing to produce a successful left-accelerationist situation? Libertarian capitalists? Centrist neoliberals? Fascists?


Globalist libertarians and people like Elon Musk.

Can't wait for Holla Forumstards to get fucked when net neutrality is gone

Pic related is what they believe

Seeing this almost makes me wish net neutrality would die just to fuck over pol. almost.

I couldn't have built a strawman that beats their arguments in retardation. How much of a cuck do you have to be to think net neutrality is bad?


What the fuck is the bug supposed to represent.

These people are perplexing

What does this even mean.

You are looking into the mind of a suicidal autistic man.

Me? No wait, even I'm not dumb enought to be Holla Forums

I meant the image in

Remember that a good portion of Holla Forumstards are genuinely autistic and schizophrenic

I want to get away of my fucking hometown because of their political views shifting towards the right

I think the bug is supposed to represent the average internet user. It makes about as much sense as anything else Holla Forums does.

I still don't understand why they chose a bug.

It's Holla Forums, the only thing to understand is you can't understand them.

How is this shit different from reddit rage comics?why would anyone post something this cringy?

it's probably a videogame character or some shit that the guy who made the pic finds unlikeable.

It isn't. Holla Forums and reddit are one.

This picture feels like a quentin comic, only unironically.

That's kind of sad. America is polluting the internet by having a population of mentally ill people who have no psychological help.

Don't worry, they're not electing the brightest people to represent them.

America isn't the problem neccisarily, there are plenty of Americans who are disowning these people.

I would argue a lot of these posts come from outside America, even if it is Holla Forums. Places like Brazil, or the Philippines.

The great thing about the identity europa nu-swastika is it looks like either briefs or panties

Well the idea is that even in a country that doesn't address the problems of their mentally ill they're still a statistically small part of the population.
But yeah sure it's probably Brazilians too.

Looks like the Unity Engine logo

Another group also has a symbol similar to Overwatch

I will throw down with you, put some punch behind your words, skinny punk. Oxford University, Oxford, UK. I can travel if need be, But bare in mind when I say throw down I mean THROW DOWN.
Real men don't sit around on the internet being skinny and gossipping about ideas, they test their ideas in combat. I know 3 styles of martial arts, l powerlift and do 3 hours of cardio a day
I am also very well read, I've read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stirner, ALL the commie propaganda and destroyed the ideas by countering them with Sowell, Hayek, Rand, Hitler and Nietzsche. 
Debating me will not be easy, what books have YOU read? What styles do YOU know? How much can YOU lift? Do you do any cardio? More than 3 hours?
These are the questions you need to ask yourself if you're serious about throwing down with me.
I am not at my apex when debating online or in a physically restrictive environment. My combative and aerobically explosive style does not translate well into text as you are unable to see my intimidating physical stature.
I can see your tactic is to get me drunk and weaken my brain, this will not work, l am able to see through your strategy. I only debate through physical combat because this is historically how ideas are passed on.
Christianity was not debated into dominance it was FORCED. Hitler did not politely debate his way through Europe he FOUGHT. When Chamberlain tried to negotiate against him with pieces of paper he failed and it was up to Churchill to FIGHT for the unfortunate destruction of Nazi Germany.
This is Darwinian reality, when I have your head clamped against the floor in glorious combat my words will be at their most powerful and you will know that my philosophy is dominant.
It is also when we are at our physical peak our brains function most optimally, when I am powerlifting to my audiobook of Mein Kampf the words of the fuhrer truly come to life and our ideas become as one.
It is during aerobically intense activies such as truly come to life and our ideas become as one. It is during aerobically intense activities such as this in which our ideas are most powerful.
This is why simply talking into a camera has never changed anybodies mind while Alex Jones' explosive and confrontational presentation of the news has inspired millions of minds worldwide. Try me, kid. Say some of that bullshit again about us.

Posting another schizo Holla Forums meme

what the fuc

evidence of "antifa violence" in America
a picture of anarchists in SYRIA fighting ISIS
some graffiti that says mean things about white ppl (wait, I thought it was feminists who were triggered by words)
a picture of someone with a dead cops sign that has been proven multiple times to be at least 4 years old and has nothing to do with antifa, trump, or the 2016 election
people wearing shirts with a communist symbol on them(more right wingers being triggered by nothing)
a website in GERMANY being banned by the german government (far right hates free speech example one million)
"official antifa" a twiter account that has already been proven to be a right wing honeypot likely created by right wingers on 4chan
two black women who vlog on youtube
a dilbert comic
kathy fucking griffin

The Dilbert guy is honestly just as insane as them. Is the comic supposed to be evidence or reaction?


More hilarious shit on the Representative Wes Goodman (R) scandal

This is so weird. Do they pick their political identity out of a catalog without thinking twice about their personal identity? Or is it all some elaborate roleplay?
"Oh yeah fuck my anti-gay christian family values ass this is so WRONG and so HOT"

New Pasta?!

They probably have their politics because they grew up with it, and they don't sincerely believe in its social or moral messages, just like anyone who grows up with an ideology their whole young life believes. I mean there's probably a list of reasons for this phenomenon.

I would find it rather hard to discover some Trad who isn't a freak.


Yeah a lot of them are probably just going with what they know. I wouldn't be surprised if there were people elevating politicians with secrets like this in order to blackmail them though.
Actually that just made me realize something. If you grow up in a harsh trad family then "degenerate" sexual acts will probably be a lot kinkier. Hell maybe it makes the sex so much better that it's worth doubling down on the trad values. If anything socially liberal types are trying to take this away from them by making their kinks more "open" and "accepted".

Evidently there are lots of gays working for the Republican party. They just keep it on the DL and focus on their careers.

I can't find the exact article I'm thinking of but



that's all there is to it

Kill me.

It already had a shitty movie and retarded "prequel comics" so I don't feel anything anymore. At least Lindelof seems to like comics unlike Snyder who was always a pretender.

At this point the stories and characters I loved as a child have been warped to the point I no longer care about further desecration.

literally announced on alan moore's birthday
I'm convinced they did this on purpose

We lives in a world where Before Watchmen and Doomsday Clock exists and some people still don't see how capitalism hurts art.

They're not even trying to hide their age anymore

I honestly admire how much balls Lindelof has. After throwing the Alien franchise more off course than it was left off on in 1997/2007, and ruining Lost with possibly the worst ending for a television series

And he just keeps trucking. I really do admire that. When you have that level of steel balls I begin to admire you.

I mean I like Prometheus in concept for being so up in front "You like that mystery? That mysterious mystery over there, been there for little over 30 years? Fuck that mystery, it's a human, it's people all the way down" with Prometheus because the amount of balls required to destroy the #1 mystery of a beloved franchise like Alien is just immense.

What I'm saying is Lindelof's balls make me admire him as a writer who let's everyone down repeatedly. I can relate to ruining everything, and the fact he just ruins things everyone is invested in and hopes he can manage makes me love him.

I'm saying the more you infuriate everyone, the more I consider you a friend.

Lost was great and only plebs didn't like the ending.

That's kind of what I'm saying. Lindelof doesn't care about what the audience expects and that should be required for any writer.

Yeah yeah sticking to the bit and all, I get it. Lost had a fine ending. Hell it's not even that crazy weird of an ending considering it's been done before.
People also don't give Lost credit for having a writing team that had to fight for three seasons to wrest control from a network that wanted it to go on indefinitely until they could cancel it without an ending like what happened to many shows before it. People are really lucky there's an ending at all tbh.