ITT: Funny lefties

Any good leftist comedians? Or any good comedians with left-wing leanings or sympathies? Or just leftists with a sense of humor in general?

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I guess I'll start with the late Harold Ramis. Not really a leftist (Ghostbusters was kind of attacking le big gubermand interfering with muh small bizniz), but his comedy generally took an anti-authoritarian and anti-elitist perspective. And I heard that he wanted to make a movie about Emma Goldman.

Lewis Black
Jimmy Dore

Richard Wolff cracks jokes all the time actually.

Frankie Boyle
George Carlin
Bill Hicks

Badiou laughs all the time and nobody understand his jokes except him. What a weird and genius fellow.

He's not laughing anymore.

steve hughes says some pretty lefty things

George Carlin is most likely a closet anarchist

Zizek is Christian, not "leftist".

List of angry manlents, so quimtesentially "leftist" basically.

Altough some right-wingers try to appropriate Carlin and Hicks as one of them.

A Juden

whom I cannot help but like for some strange reason.


nigga what are you smoking

One of the big problems we have is that there aren't any comedians on our side anymore

The cumboys

dsa president nick mullen.

Bill Burr is vaguely /lefty/ but he is also a moron and not very informed

he's starting to buy into reactionary idpol now tho.

Last time I checked he was complaining about how he was tired of seeing white people villains in movies or some shit

George Carlin is /ourguy/

nigga what are you doing

His wife is black, he shits on white people all the time

They literally went to the mayor to ask for help. The big government fixed itself.


Seth MacFarlane

seconding Frankie Boyle
perhaps more of a succdem but clearly into class politics

Ghostbusters was literally gubberman saving the day
How many layers of ideology are you on my man

This post is my favorite right-wing comedy act. lold hard


So this is the face of antifa
Good luck with your revolution lol

Can you stop doxing me pls.


I'm going to become an annoying asian woman stand up comedian who gets outed as a sexual predator by someone I forgot existed and I'll be devastated.

You could probably count Richard Pryor. I think he was buddies with Huey.

Hoochie why are you so sexually aggressive to grills?

He's also pretty damn funny. I'd recommend Sunset Strip.

Comrade Dore, anyone?

They were asking for it

Louis C.K.

That's idpol of the lowest form too.

Literally a liberal.
Also Americans can't be commedians, they are never funny.

Thicc hoe

Although a comrade, Jimmy Dore is a comedian by name. He's not really funny imo…

Do it


Nick Mullen and his friends are basically fascists. You should hear how racist they are on a typical show of theirs.

Alex Jones is the greatest act by any comedian in the history of comedy. Only a master like Hicks could have pulled this shit off. I'm extremely waiting for the pay off.

Josef Stalin

Only a true genius has this level of commitment. I agree, comrade, the reveal from this is going to be the defining moment of comedy for the 21st century.

Cumtown is pure how dare you.

If ypu completely remove the context and misrepresent the actual message of the jokes sure

He didnt say it to spook his audience, shit felt like an actual critique of society than some random pessimist jokes

go watch MDE you absolutely pedantic moron