What the fuck went wrong?

What the fuck went wrong?

Why did they have to drink the koolaid so hard?

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The IWW is one of the only remaining radical unions left in the world, and the things that held it back (lack of central organizational structure) are also the same things that ensured that it didn't descend into liberal bullshit.

you could read their wikipedia page at least jesus

Healthy young organization goes to spread its ideology, gets pumped with massive shot of many liberals and gets coopted - IDPOL. Many such cases!

But that's not what happened tho

The first red scare happened. Also the US government enacted a ban on explicitly communist unions.


"Yeah but those fucking brocialists are the REAL problem"

JUGGALOS happened

That's what happens when you indulge in crappy theory. The IWW was opportunism central since it's inception.

That prison strike they organized last year was pretty rad.



Most burger prisons are filled with nonviolent drug offenders and the like. Are you pretending to be unaware of America's draconian prison system or are you just fishing for (you)s


IWW started out being the only union willing to organize blacks and the chinese, whatever you think was "liberal bullshit" was part of their methods and ideology from the very start and actively part of its early success. If you've got a problem with the IWW from that direction… you probably actually are the 'brocialist' liberals believe all of us to be.


No one said that it is filled with liberal idpol because blacks and chinese could join.

the things that you think are "liberal idpol" come from the same praxis as organizing blacks and the chinese. If it's filled with liberal idpol now, it's always been filled with liberal idpol, and if it wasn't liberal idpol to organize blacks and the chinese, then it's not filled with liberal idpol now

Except neither the chinaman nor the black man has advanced their society beyond feudalism at that point in time, thus leaving them unready for capitalism and certainly not ready for socialism. I dont have anything against either of those races, but let's be realistic.

you're an idiot, but i can at least respect the consistency of "the IWW was always bad" instead of "WAAAAH WHY DOES THE IWW KEEP DOING THE SAME THING ITS ALWAYS DONE"

(it doesn't matter whether they were were ready for capitalism because they were already in the United States, laboring under capitalism, that genie was already out of the bottle.)

Incorrect. There is a difference between letting workers of all backgrounds join an organization and focusing on trivial things like "hate" and "trump is a meanie-head"
Take off that flag. Black people and chinese people didn't work within different modes of production as white people all in one country.

good thing the IWW focuses on organizing workers, same as they've always done, then

That might have been what was done in the past but today the focus has shifted to protesting with lifestylists and larpers against "fascism".

this is literally idpol

no they dont, you have no idea what you are talking about.

idpol to attract more workers, and more so the end of of the great depression meaning all the dumb normies went back to being good porkey workers.

Also on their website

Literally selling queer queer anarchist books

What does it mean to "queer" the world around us? How does the radical refusal of the mainstream codification of LGBT identity as a new gender norm come into focus in the context of anarchist theory and practice? How do our notions of orientation inform our politics—and vice versa? Queering Anarchism brings together a diverse set of writings, ranging from the deeply theoretical to the playfully personal, that explore the possibilities of the concept of "queering," turning the dominant, and largely heteronormative, structures of belief and identity entirely inside out. Ranging in topic from the economy to disability, politics, social structures, sexual practice, interpersonal relationships, and beyond, the authors here suggest that queering might be more than a set of personal preferences—pointing toward the possibility of an entirely new way of viewing the world.

The only idpol I see is you buddy


Races are real, there are differences, leg length,skin color,height,weight. Actually denying this is stupid.

Definition of Race
Each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

What is not correct is shitty imperialist propaganda and pseudo science saying since x has y so therefore x is stupid when environment is pretty much the only factor of any real significance in intelligence. Along with taking Darwin's original theory's at face value which these have been changed and been far more researched.

Also oppressing others or making racial laws to single out different peoples is obviously wrong and gets in the way of worker solidarity

race realists are so fucking moronic.

That's literally the definition. Is there a difference at all between people from Sudan and people from Japan, anything and all which is distinctly different.

If you got a native to Sudan and a native from Japan could you tell them apart? If they had a test where they switched clothing could you spot the difference

You'll also notice the definition says the divisions in humankind, meaning yes obviously all humans are humans however there are different physical characteristics that's what makes a race.

Racialists you mean, race realists are just "I'm not racist because i'm backing up my racism with shitty science." Racialism is believing in the existence of race.


You misunderstand. I was talking about their recent activities.

Take the flag off.

Thy didn't. Solidarity forever bitches.


Their songs live on

Take off that flag

man this board sucks

The IWW has done great things. The massive prison strike against forced labour was suppressed out of most of the media for a reason. That does not mean we need to make excuses for when local IWW orgs go astray and start venturing from dealing with class and conditions to dealing with identity. I'm not a yank, but a few of my socialist yank buddies have completely given up on the group because their dealings with the group have been solely "GAIZ U HAVE TO REMEMBER TO #RESISTDRUMPF!!!"

I guess banning Nazbols did nothing for this board

It really was.

Ummmm actually it was liberal idpol


Thats nationality you moron and people from north sudan look very different from people in south sudan.

idpol is white dude for empathy and basic human decency.

Calla liberal conchatumadre

Nice job moving the goalposts

Organizing blacks and chinese in a time when they weren't unionized has nothing to do with what they became

"Screw those reactionary workers, it's to fight islamophobia and lgbt oppressun! yay!"

you might need some reading comprehension skills

get that shit out of here.

'fighting racism' is codeword for ignoring the working class

"fighting racism" is literally useless under Capitalism
racism will always exist no matter what.
sorry, just a fact. the actual problem arises when racist people are able to get into positions of power and enact their beliefs.
hence why abolishing the state itself is more important than fighting racism will ever be.

Not if the anti-racism is linked to class struggle and anti-capitalist critique you retard. But please tell me how Democratic Cops of America and IWW helping to fix tail lights so cops dont gun down and imprison black proles is "ignoring the working class"

Because the "ANARCHISTS" got BTFO here, how will you ever recover, commies?


It's no coincidence that racial inequality is a problem that goes hand-in-hand with being poor. But trying to fix the problem from that angle doesn't actually do anything to fix class-based inequality. It just slaps a band-aid onto racial issues. Nothing will really change without directly attacking the system that makes niggers poor in the first place. And I'm not talking about fucking "systematic racism." Niggers may get the shit end of the stick, since they're always been part of the underclass, but everyone who is born poor has got it rough.

you have truly fucking outdone yourself this time. You are complete and total scum, repeated the most misinformed, reactionary bullshit, just because it happens to be an "anarchist" issue.

FACT: There are people in US prisons today who are in prison for not being able to pay off debts. The history of the US prison system is very closely tied up and expanded a lot with debtors prisons

FACT: The grand majority of prisoners are in prison for non violent offences

FACT: A great many prisons are private, for profit institutions

FACT: The mass incarceration of the US population contributes massively to the inter-generational spiral of crime and family break down, making the working man suffer 1)the burden of dangerous neighbourhoods and 2) The tax burden from keeping these places running.

The prison system plays a huge part in propping up capitalism.. YOU SHOULD FUCKING KILL YOURSELF

i retract what i said this is a (admittedly clever) Holla Forums falseflag. Well done Holla Forums i was convinced for a minute so probably a 6/10 for you but you blew it with the obvious "race realism" bit

how does the IWW purge IDpol, humanism, liberals, and activists tho?

I dont really want to organize consent to capitalism by advancing trans rights…


Gotta fucking Love BO's censorship.

this is dumb
that's like saying "i don't really want to organize consent to capitalism by advocating for a 4 hour workday"

like the IWW hasn't advocated for this sort of thing to begin with

take your flag off.


I was thinking the same thing, but just in case. honestly, the flag isn't the only issue, I don't think any stripe of leftist would think this way, leftcom or otherwise.

you are not a leftist, you are about 2 sargon videos away from becoming a chud.

Race is literally real. People have differences,
Black people dominate in sprinting events for instance.
Center of mass = Very important in sprinting

Are there not distinct physical characteristics between say West Africans and the Japanese. You can go stupidly sjw and say we're all literally the same and black people having longer legs is not real and it's only culture that's the reason black people dominate in sprinting. Or you can retard right and say black people are all dumb and whites are the le master race.

I'm a goddam wobbly I don't want or think we should discriminate at all against anyone and we should all be in solidarity and work for equality but saying race isn't real is literally like the right blocking their ears when they hear about climate change and how it goes against their feelings

shit you have to post that one on tumblr

(X) Doubt

nice argument