What would help the socialist cause more in the USA, electing trump or bernie?

What would help the socialist cause more in the USA, electing trump or bernie?

Bernie, to show how the system in inable to reform. Read Zizek.

Electing Hillary

Trump is a communist so him

Electing the man, the myth, the legend: ==JEB!==

But many people view Bernie as a socialist, if he failed wouldnt that discredit socialism in many people's eyes?

No because he wpuldn't be able to do shit in the first place

There's no way in hell Trump could win another election. In fact there's no way in hell the republicans could win the next election at all, unless something major happened.

Don't waste your next vote on accelerationism, burgers.

Good lord

This. Ain't his approval rating dropped to like 20% amongst his core supporters? Republicans like McCain and Paul Ryan (before the MAGApedes bullied him into submission) saw this coming a mile away and now Ted Cruz is going "Don't call it a grave, this is the America you chose" somewhere in the corner.

Bernie 2020?

It absolutely would discredit socialism. The progressives who don't think Nazis are communists think that cops are socialism and every American to the right of them thinks that anyone who isn't possessed by the spirit of Ludwig von Mises is a commie. A massive portion of the population would see a social democrat being stonewalled as a refutation of every leftist ideology imaginable.

Elect Richard Spencer

He'll likely have a hand-picked successor run instead.

The real question is: Is Trump going to survive the next Republican primary?

I think you mean he'll pick who the democrats tell him to pick or he'll end up with a mysterious gash on his face like he did at the convention.

If a third (socialist) party stole half of the democratic vote, would they get to decide the president together if they get a majority against the republicans, or would the president end up the republican candidate because republicans would be the biggest standalone party?

I'm not well schooled about technicalities of the American political system.

Sort of but not exactly. You're right that if no candidate gets 270 electoral votes, Congress gets to pick the president. However, remember that America does not have a traditional parliamentary system. You vote for candidates rather than for a party, so the winning presidential candidate's party doesn't automatically get a majority in Congress; every Congressional seat is won individually and independent of party. Also remember that our elections are winner-take-all.

Even if a socialist (or any third party) got enough votes to prevent anyone from becoming president, there wouldn't be any socialists in Congress. Congress would just pick a Republican or a Democratic candidate, depending on who has the majority in 2020.

I see.

I was asking because I hoped for this scenario:

Oh well.

Electing Jill Stein/Vermin Supreme

Do people really think there is a "socialist cause" in the USA? And that it can be advanced through elections? Serious question. Not sure if joking.

a lot of burgers (especially younger ones) are legitimately demsoc and a lot of those burgers are supportive of communism or can be radicalized

it's just the mentality of "violence doesn't solve anything" that causes even anarchists to support the Democratic Cops of America

and for a lot of people, the existence of a "socialist" party gives legitimacy to socialism somehow

Well how would YOU go about helping the working class, wise guy?

Holy fuck, I seriously can't wait for 2020. People like the poster above will make the wait completely worth it.


Here is my plan. We need to convince the working class to read X and then once they have a solid grasp of 1800s utopian economic ideology, a revolution will begin to overthrow the ones oppressing the working class. Basically we need to completely eliminate market economies and have the working class migrate to a communal system enforced by the state. This will be accomplished globally of course because the working class exists on all continents and makes up the majority of the population.

Self destructive minimization of imperialism with self destructive demands that the capitalist system cannot provide. Or, we can just wait for another economic crash.

There's a hell of a lot more hope for the left than there was before 2008. It's not a lot, but it does have some serious potential if the trends about younger generations being more open to left wing ideologies.

in 2020 Trump will run against Zuckerberg so you're wrong about that.

It entirely depends on who he runs against
If it's Clinton or Zuccerberg he could still win

If we want socialism, we need to elect a certain someone whose initials are N.B.


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