Bobby Fischer

So why was Bobby Fischer -undoubtedly an educated genius with an I.Q of 180, an intelligence beyond measure and possibly the best chessplayer of all time- so strongly anti-communist, racist and anti-semitic?

You can't really call him a brainlet or tell him to read a book, that's for sure.

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Ironic answer: He was a retard
Unironic answer: You are a retard that fetischizes Autism Level but doesn't understand that even intelligent people like Fischer are not free from cognitive bias leading to irrational conclusions about the world

He was an all-around genius who happened to play chess, not a savant restricted to one field.


He was playing 3D chess.

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He had a huge I.Q and was called a genius by almost everyone that met him tho

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Except all those people who considered him autistic, schizophrenic or paranoid.

The man was an schizophrenic, that's why.

Yes I goddamn can.

James Woods also has a 180 Autism Level. Just look at his fucking tweets.

Would Bobby Fischer be one of those incel neoreactionaries who writes pages upon pages of purple prose about jews if he was born in our era?

He only died 9 years ago

Bobby Fischer was NAZBOL

IQ doesn't change the basic functionality of the human brain
-Wilson, Robert A. Prometheus Rising

That's actually bullshit fam.

You can tell by that quote that he had false consciousness about the current state of things. Surely a genius wouldn't resort to have such cognitive dissonance? (He was a Jew)


So it turns out claiming that Communism is a mask for Bolshevism which is a mask for Judaism is actually a mask for Judaism.

If you consider Autism Level to be an authoritative method of measuring intelligence, let me use an example that ought to be familiar to you: boilinh intelligence down to Autism Level is like boiling a PC's power down to only processor clock speed.

True, but he also named the Jew like no other. He was one of the good ones

This is rather intriguing, and here we do see the limits of the human genius. There's gross misunderstanding in curious and smart individuals who eventually come to the conclusion of a one big abstract international Jew that is slowly strangling the western world, but this is simply false consciousness and misconception because he failed to identify capital and its social totality that rules our lives to a broader and lengthier extent, moreso than just the mere few rich Jew. This is an interesting topic that Marx wrote about: The Jewish Question.pdf