There are deep ecologists posting on this board right now

Anti-humans please go.

Daily reminder: Communism requires transhumanism.

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I don't even own a smartphone because I'm too afraid of being tracked with GPS.

I wonder if we could infiltrate Holla Forums with an ecologically-centered shitposting ideology? We could call it "Primitive Nationalism"

"You guys who call yourselves na.zis are the tools of international jewry. The [[[internet]]] is a way to spread jewish ideas open to subverting muh hwite race. Only by destroying technology can we live in a specialized ultranational militaristic fascist nation. [[[electricity]]], [[[medicine]]] and [[[agriculture]]] were all developed by jews to destroy the hwite race."

Wrong. Communism requires not a complete break from the human, but a return to the human. Enjoy having your eyesight disabled by your iThink cortex due to violating the DRM while I'll be working on a communal farm with Kurdish qts

Then turn it off.
A lot of people seem to associate transhumanism with capitalism, proprietary software, etc. When this was never proposed by the original proponents. Read Fyodorov. The goal of transhumanism is autonomy, including from capitalism.

You joke, but that stuff is more common than you think. The whole organic food craze for example started with the Nazis.

Without transhumanism people can never transcend the economic relations that are a prerequisite for a modern quality of life. Democracy is not a guarantee for personal dignity, only autarky is.
And note that most Syrian Kurds have no access to plumbing or modern medical care. And how are they going to deal with climate change? Aggressive neighboring powers? Or just ensuring access to common modern conveniences?
Primitive socialism is not just undesirable, it's reactionary spookery.

I think communists at some point have to realize that our luxurious standard of living is not compatible with the planet's survival, and will not exist under communism. Sure Syrian Kurds have it rough right now, and obviously running water, electricity, shelter and healthcare is a must, but we really can't or shouldn't strive for any material standard of living outside satisfying those base necessities
By not contributing to it massively? How are you going to deal with climate change when automated self-replicating factories have turned all fertile land into concrete deserts? Transhumanism developed out of capitalism will only lead to reproduction of its logic


There is literally nothing wrong with Deep Ecology.

No amount of intelligent life is compatible with the planet's survival. Species have gone extinct before the first cities even emerged. A place like Australia used to be a lush jungle covered continent before 'primitive' humans burned it all down.

Then why would anyone want communism then? If it's just more of the same?

Do you socprims really believe this? Life is about more than just surviving.

Even if we stopped all emissions right now Earth would still reach catastrophic levels of warming due to all the greenhouse gasses we've already pumped into the atmosphere. The solution is global warming is geo-engineering. Anything else leads to the death of the biosphere.

By switching to hydroponics, by migrating to space, and thousands of other technological solutions that would actually let us preserve life on Earth and enjoy the fruits of scientific progress.

People since ancient times have dreamed of overcoming human limitations. It's hardly a new idea. What do you think inspired people to develop flight? The name has changed, but the ideal is as old as history.

Except it's not more of the same, it would mean freeing ourselves from the domination and relations imposed by capital and start living together as humans again.
Can't comment on this (or the part about Australia) since I'm not well read enough on climate change. Will read the study though
I agree, however life is about our relationships to each other, not our relationship to things.
New farming techniques and searching for new land to colonize have only lead to two things so far in recent memory: expansion of capitalism and destruction of the climate, I really don't see any technological solution saving us any time soon. Progress can still be made in philosophy and the arts, areas that transcend the logic of capital.
And what have that led us to? People suffering in nursing homes at the age of 90? Prozac to treat the stresses of modern life? I like human limitation, it's what makes us human in the first place.

Not when it just forces us to embrace a way of life common to thousands of years ago. The problem with these reactionary aspirations is that it ignores that humanity already developed out of that. And may just do so again.
When the Khmer Rouge evacuated the cities it didn't prevent capitalism from being reinstated later on. To abolish capitalism you need to surmount it, not just destroy it.

I'd argue that at it's base it's about satisfaction. Even if that requires relationships between people. But even that may require the mediation through things. Be it means of transportation or communication.
To liberate us from the constraints imposed by capitalism we'll need to be able to satisfy our material needs on our own. Primitivism neither provides that, nor guarantees that capitalism won't rise again.

Civilization emerged independently in the Indus valley, Mesopotamia, the Nile, Yellow river, coastal Peru and Mesoamerica. Trade likewise emerged separately.
Ancient Rome may not have had jets and combustion engines, but their traders traveled as far as India. In centuries that passed these trade networks and their merchants grew in size and influence. See the Silk Road, the Hanseatic League, the East and West Indies trade companies, etc. From this trade and the accumulation of wealth into the hands of a few, emerged capitalism. Banks, factories, capitalist dynasties. It's a historical development, an evolution of economic development, that eventually culminated in capitalism as dominant mode of production.
The idea that we can just set the clock back several thousand years and assume it won't happen again is wishful thinking and doesn't correspond with anthropological, archeological and historical evidence.

As said earlier, the latter was already happening before the first combustion had been developed.

There are technological solutions. We can embrace vertical farming to stop the clear cutting and burning of forests for farmland. We can use stratospheric aerosol injection to reduce temperatures. Better recycling and additive manufacturing can end our reliance on importing goods and raw materials. Solar and nuclear power could power all of mankind even with current technology.
Primitivism offers no solutions other than the mass death of billions. Traditional farming and transportation methods would be unable to feed the entirety of mankind. If there is a solution, it's a technological one.

A lot of that is the result of capitalism, and not of growing productivity and scientific advancement on itself. As for the latter: Take this from someone that actually suffers from chronic illness.
I personally don't feel my illness contributes to anything. It doesn't make feel better, it doesn't enhance my life. It only turns it - at times - into a nightmare. If there were no light at the end of the tunnel I'd probably just end it.
If primitivism was the norm, I'd not only have been unable to find out what I have. There'd be nothing I could do against it. And that goes for a lot of conditions.
The solution here is not to discard technology, but to use it in such a way that it liberates us. I don't mind death, but I'd very much not like to suffer while I live, as well as having the choice when to end it.

Our victory is already assured, city-dwellers.


I only want to turn the entire world into a paradise garden and hippies start autistically screeching about how we're going to ruin the beautiful pristine malarial swamps and frozen wastelands or that growing beefsteaks in labs is unnatural.
Oh well, at least we'll get to terraform Mars.

Communism requires a return to the material conditions of the neolithic farmers in pre-Indo-European Europe

Hippies are reactionaries. We must stand with our cybernetic human-cyborg counterparts in their noble battle against natural imperialism. We must liberate nature from biological existence, every animal and plant must be turned into cyborg hybrids and will become immortal.


No, reincarnation is real


Of course you'll get reincarnated, unless you want to spend your eternity shitposting in cyberlimbo.

devotional religion is the antitheses of spirituality

Can you expand on that?
You've got me interested.

basically the concept of the devotional religion comes from the clergy asserting excessive power as it is Kali Yuga

You see this in both "Eastern" and "Western" religion today notably through the Hindu concept of Bhakti and the colonization of Christianity in the West.
It leads people astray in the hopes of both revelation and salvation from a monotheistic god, all focused on the denial of reincarnation. Bhakti denies this the same as Christianity as it requires the devotion to a single god in the hope of revelation leading to Moksha.

I'm sorry if this doesn't come across right because I am a bit drunk at the moment but you should check out Evola's writings on Devotional Religion


already an ideology

I call it "Aryan Congo"

watch Varg