I just watched a vid where he claimed that african americans benefitted from slavery...

I just watched a vid where he claimed that african americans benefitted from slavery. His argument being that America has developed into a wealthy state and Africa is a shit hole still.

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Do people agree with him on this or disagree?

Disagree, and even if it were true…

Ask any african american or african dude if this is true or nah. Literal Holla Forums tier argument

The ends don't justify the needs to the "ended". Even if they did, they could have been carried out in a much less parasitic way than actual slavery.

if you're a liberal then it makes perfect sense.
you can make the same argument for capitalism.

I wouldn't exactly call an African americans life in the us now marginally better. And considering Africa's history for slavery I don't think that it's much better.


of course that slave work, in some american farm was better than slave work in some african iron mine. This is however not an argument to let inefficiency of slavery continue.
read marx

That's objectively true. From a historically materialistic perspective, Blacks in America are incredibly fortunate and have benefited immensely. There's a reason they don't want to go back to Africa.

is it because they're fucking burgers and africans don't want anglo garbage polluting their continent?

nice meme

You're not fooling anyone Spencer. USA is poor as fuck. New York and Los Angeles do paint "nice" postcards, but the fact is USA is poor, washed out, completely backwards.
Even in my irrelevant small town with 33k people on my country i have access to all sorts of shit, there's theater, arts center, urban bus lines, there's no homeless people and crime is non exisstant…
I would love to see if irrelevant small towns in fucking Wyoming or Alabama have the same type of things i do.


let me guess does he cite sources from aryan_boar_hunter1488.wordpress.chud

It's true. Apefrican americans use welfare to buy air Jordans and iPhones living in heated housing projects while their african cousins die in mines mining cobalt that will go into their iPhones

America is a wealthy nation though. When you compare the living conditions that most african americans live in the us today compared with most Africans in africa today I dare say I know which is better.

The Africans were doing this to themselves before Americans came along. They have still continued to do it to themselves afterwards.

Heh Coltan not cobalt heh

These arguments are generally based on the assumption that Africa would be equally as bad now if there had been no European fuckery

They benefitted from being brought to America, they did not benefit from being forced to work, treated as property, and discriminated against for over a century afterwards.

Slavery is a very small subsection of the effects of colonialism and imperialism. Besides this, how is this argument functionally different from a "muh black on black crime" deflection? Yeah, slavery existed before the British empire all over the place. It doesn't mean that it didn't have a particularly striking effect when the biggest empire on the planet does it in a coordinated fashion

Meh, economies of scale exist. Having 2 units of capital in place A and 0 units of capital in place B will produce more goods (including capital goods) than having 1 unit of capital in place A and 1 unit of capital in place B would unless there's a large competence difference in favor of B over A.

America is wealth for some, but for the overwhelming majority it is a leper colony.

I just found the interview. It's full of jump cuts. youtube.com/watch?v=puJ-arJgkZU

On this I agree.

I didn't think of it like this.

imagine my shock, horror, etc.

Nope, I'm pretty sure that they are still Africans.

Marx actually believed slavery was necessary at one point of history to fuel development, so…


As far as I know he didn't.

There are probably better ways to educate black people than forcing them into slavery for centuries, bring about a massive civil war, going through Jim Crow for the better part of a century, and having them fight for basic civil rights.

I ain't even mad.

Is it because they've never been there?

Better ways yes, was it the worse way? No. A lot of them didn't even have basic civil rights in Africa.

you mean ancient slave societies like Rome?

He's just doing it to get a rise out of people and piss them off.

Spencer is still nazbol though

Why does half of leftypol like Nazbol if Richard Spencer is Nazbol?

Well, he's not wrong.

Ignoring the disingenuous reason he's bringing it up? Absolutely. Even funnier that this is one of many common shitlib apologetics for mass economic immigration recycled from pro-slavery arguments.

The sooner modern conversations about historical slavery shift from race/colonialism/etc to economic class, the easier we'll be able to pry shitlibs loose from laissez faire capitalism.

Proportion aside, most authorities believe there to be more African slaves today (in spite of their illegality) than there were slaves worldwide at any other point in history.

Nothing wrong with Laissez faire

True Laissez-faire cannot exist in a democracy.

Why the fuck does his chin keep disappearing

Is his status as a punching-bag/laughingstock triggering him so much that he's just fucking wolfing down mcgriddles to keep the stress away

Well considering that the slaves probably would have ended up in Arabia had they not been brought to America. Well there aren't all that many Africans in Arabia considering slavery of Africans in particular has existed there for centuries and still does to this day.

In case anyone doesn't know what this poster is obliquely referring to, Arabs routinely castrated their slaves.



Well, Black Americans are better off than any other Black group barring those who live on islands that exist only for offshore banking and money laundering. If you were Black, would you accept being enslaved so that your kids could grow up in America vs. staying in, say, the Congo?

Because Dick Spencer is not Nazbol
Also where is NAZBOL FLAG?

And what of the second half of the last edition of alt right politics (the podcast)?

what is he thinking, Holla Forums?

Ill do whatever you say Officer.

Reminder that the slavery->wealth argument doesn't work because Africa also has a history of slavery. Reminder that when human hands are very cheap to have, this is a disincentive to developing and using machinery. Reminder that white people don't put all money into a white-community pot and that they do this inheritance-of-wealth thing usually only within their families. Reminder that most white people in the US are not the descendants of slave owners. Reminder that Richard Spencer is a descendant of slave owners and still owns that farm.

The world's richest third world country.

True laissez-faire can't exist at all.

I live in an irrelevant small town of 50k people in America and all those things are true here too

Fuck off Holla Forums

But Africa is a shithole because of colonialism. Besides even if the Comfederates got to keep slavery like they wanted to, it'd be the same kind of 3rd world resource extracting shithole that Africa is, because their industry would be severely underdeveloped in favor of exporting whatever cash crop you can grow. That slavery persisted so long in the South is probably the reason they're behind the other states

Because they have no grasp on theory and just jump onto whatever looks like the next "subversive" trend

There is original flavour countercultural ironic nazbol from Russia, and nouveau unironic nazbol for redpilling rightards from USA. Different things.