Shameless Bourgeoisie culture

Seeing how music nowadays (Mostly rapper culture) has become a series of expensive branded clothing being promoted alongside the rapper often bragging about how much money he has (for instance Post Malone's Congratulations) is it true if we say that the Bourgeoisie are now shamelessly showing their true colours in culture today?

Is this a symptom of late-capitalism? Why does no one seem to complain about it despite it being so obvious?

Rappers aren't the bourgeoisie

The people that sign them onto their labels are which is who are responsible for the particular image shown in rap music (promoted bourgeoisie culture, shameless consumerism, etc)


Rappers aren't bourgeoise, but they imitate the bourgeoise by wearing luxury brands like Armani and Gucci. In the same way many proles imitate the bourgeoise by wearing sports wear. There may be many things to say about how the ruling class engages in spectacular hedonism while their societies crumble, but servants imitating their masters is nothing new

"the bourgeoisie" don't exist
people exist who own capital and extract rent, but those people can also have rent extracted from them
the property system is a class system, but it's far more complicated than something like the indian caste system. you have certain class privileges, but not the same as anyone else's, and those privileges can be taken from you and given to someone else if you screw up too much in the market

Ok but look at what i posted and it isn't rappers

It is the sons of Mugabe who are definite bourgeoisie

So back to my original question, why are the Bourgeoisie getting so overconfident in themselves these days?

rappers who own intellectual property literally are the bourgeoisie you fucking retards.
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Ok so back to my original questions

1: is it true if we say that the Bourgeoisie are now shamelessly showing their true colours in culture today?
2: Is this a symptom of late-capitalism?
3: Why does no one seem to complain about it despite it being so obvious?

Becasue we have echo chambers and torture chamberes where we can yell and scream untill we feel better. Freedom of speech not action. We can bitch and vent so keep the pressure from going over the top.


Well, 70% of it was..
The elite of the African ruling class aren't so much bourgeoise as they are feudal oligarchs. The actual insustrial bourgeoise (at least in western countries) still sport modest suits since it symbolizes how they're men of action secretly ruling society (remember the sports coat originates from hunting clothing, hides their body's shape and most of the skin). The reason oligarchs families like Mugabes sport ridiculous jewelry almost in the same way as feudal kings did is because they know their power is ultimately brittle(most countries in Africa are basically balancing on the brink of civil war, coups and ethnic uprisings), and based on the people recognizing them as rulers. The more these rulers powers are threatened, the more gold and jewelry they have to adorn themselves with trying to prove to the people that they're actually above them.

I find your analysis lacking from a Marxist point of view but granting your points what do you think the unceasingly glitzy culture of the Western bourgeoisie symbolizes? Not OP btw

I don't really experience any of that, where I live it's mostly petit-bourgeoise wannabes and immigrants from the ghettoes that flaunt their wealth. Used to work at this turbo-bourgeoise land owners mansion (it was more like a castle actually) and the family all wore expensive but modest clothing and drove extremely ordinary cars. Compare that to the kid flashing a brand new BMW and massive diamond earrings because his dads small business just started running a profit

Thatโ€™s a fair enough point. But gaudiness and conspicuous consumption has always been associated with new money. And Europe is the only place I know of where old money makes up a slight majority among the super-rich today

It's a word filter

One moment let me just go ahead and make a water color painting, file it as intellectual property, and become instant bourgeoisie

"Now"? When have they not? It's everyday propaganda. Altho I reckon they really are cranking it up to 11 ever since the USSR dieded.

There are small rap musicians and all the way there are all manner of small artists. But when you hear "rap music", your first thought is the modern blackface theater of famous, disgustingly dissolute black bougies.

You're like the faggot arguing that renting out property isn't inherently bourgeois because some middle class parents renting out a student apartment they once bought for their child would be considered bourgeois. Guess what? It still means they exploit people and they share interests with the landowners.

No, its black people being plebs, not just them though, the only people in this world with taste are western europeans, belgians excluded.

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Bourgie "culture" is investing capital to secure more capital, not pissing it away on this crap.

That nigger Warren Buffet got breakfast at McDonalds every morning for 2 dollars and change for decades.

Africa isn't a country.

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How did rap become this bad?
All rap songs nowadays drop brand names at least 5 times, they're all trying to one-up each other. And the effect is that the kids this generation know all about brands like Gucci, Balmain, etc. even though their shirts retail for $500 and their hoodies are over $1000โ€ฆ What's the strategy here? Why make the main demographic (black working class people) aspire to horrendously overpriced luxury goods?

This is real bourgie culture. Not diamonds on your wrists. This is the kind of thing Zuckerberg and hedge fund managers are up to.

This is unfortunately true

that's the example you're using, dumbass

To prove their not โ€œghetto trashโ€ but the irony is that only ghetto trash would buy the kind of overpriced garbage that you see rappers hawking.

Rap is good.

Niggers think buying overpriced stuff means they're rich. It isn't the fault of rapers.
Arabs do the same with their gold cars but at least they give cash to people who suck their dick.

This is exactly what bougie "culture" is. Petty displays of wealth and power. It's an affectation, but its bouegie as fuck nonetheless. Accumulating capital is the objective part of it, the capitalism proper.

You're fucking insane if you think the rich don't spend plenty on ridiculous luxuries away from prying eyes. It's just that mainstream rap has commodified showing off their luxuries. Buffet's bullshit is a personal, not a bourgeois, affectation, just like his other "philantropic" shit or not giving his children all his money and crap. It's the last vestiges of guilt in his capitalist reptilian brain coming to the fore. And he does this because he can afford to, ironically; he could live in the most lavish, dissolute way possible, and still have almost his entire fortune left to invest and get more capital. He literally has money money than he can spend for personal enjoyment.

time to dust this old relic off