Romanian Thread

Romanian Thread
U guys think there is a posibilty to build a strong marxist movement?

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No, fuck you.


How? aren't you guys almost fully EU members? After that you will have lots of mney pouring in that most likely will go directly to the pockets of useless people and some small percentage will go to actually developp the countries infrastructure, but then you will see your country become a dumping ground fro french, german and spanish products as the productive apparatus of Romania will be fully dismantled, becaue you can't compete against those countries i mentioned. So what's left? Tourism! ROmania will be a nother safe heaven for tourists and retired old folks go to relax and enjoy themselves while you're busting your ass 12 hours per day in the kitchen cooking for them(like i do)

Oh this kid is romanian then. Did they conficaste your family's castles or something?

Try heat during winter, they wanted everyone to be equal. Some people couldn't get heating, so they decided to make us all not have heat in the name of equality.

Your goverment was the worst socialist goverment in the hole Europe in my opnion, Ceaucescu was an opportunist, still it was a CIA organized coup what took him down it seems years later.
Still you are a minority in you country mate:

Watch the vid faggot.

Ok I'llw atch it and respond later

How retarded you have to be to actually believe this?

A commie elite, that's how retarded you have to be.

democratic centralism is wonderful thing

He’ll ya Bich ur damn right it was real communism

Now, I know they're just old fuddy duddy economic marxists and not your new fangled 'cultural' marxists, but hey, marxism is marxism.

On a side note, if you're serious about this, you should go talk to your oldest living male relative so he can slap the bejezus out of you.

Now, for you outsider kids, you'll notice a dichotomy of romanians hating communism whilst still thinking it was better then. Let me give you a comprehensible analogy:

Ceacescu was the Lich King, and the communist party was the scourge. He may have been bad, but he kept the scourge from devouring the country. Now the Lich King is dead, but the scourge didn't die with him.

You'd think that would build you enough character to stop being a little bitch.

Fr? Its still wrong
Go read a book

Define Marxism, kid.

"cultural marxism" is americanism you retard. The more the people in Romania are drinking coca-cola, eating McDonald's listening to shitty american music and watching american movies, the more retarded they are going to to become.

It serves two functions: allowing regional anons to connect (however few), bringing in newposterst from the overboard.

Can't my mom or grandmom slap me?
This is your brain on meme politics

like ceramic

This is one of those idiotic tirades about how still, after the regime change, after all the rampant privatization, homelessness, debt slavery, etc. the ebil gommunists are in power. You do realize you are living under capitalism, right?

Yeah but not in Romania

Cultural marxism=SJWism
It's a disease that only negatively effects 1st world countries. Only one I've seen be immune to it is Japan.

Someone post a MP4 I don't want to give views

Isn't Japan literally dying now because nobody is fucking?

The video is about a guy who is rambling anti-communist stuff.


They're finally letting more people in.

Trust no one, not even your Western allies

His name is Vee, his is a Romanian liberal skeptic.

Oh god, vee. Yep no clicks from me

What is it with retards and making everything a fantasy analogy?

Isn't he an E-beggar and sargon fuccboi?

He's a poor doctor/lawyer Romanian gypsy.

I tried having discussions of a more elevated level here before, you lot seemed impervious to nuance. Excuse me for speaking at your level.

I dunno, you tell me. 1st pic related.

How is it capitalism if no one can accumulate capital or means of production? You have to be a mega-corp with already existing capital, or a goverment employee (former commie) to get anything past the glorious bureaucracy and all the taxes. And even the mega-corps are leaving with the rules set up by these bastards in charge.

Is a man not entitled to the fruits of his labor?So it was here, before you lot came along and fucked everything up. Pic 2.

Infinite population growth is a meme. Japan's population will stabilize. Africa, on the other hand….

did you go full retard and got bullied?

Nato and Usa don't have much longer we still have a chance Russia and Putin will be on a landgrab after america falls its good that putin is an oportunist at the moment he doesn't care who he supports he just want for russia to be safe if we play the cards right we might get a chance to become neutral and actualy do something but bc the leadership is so fucking retarted i doubt that