Conservative tears

we all know electoral politics are a cul-de-sac and social democracy will never be good enough, but fuck, if this isnt a good sign, what is?

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well their butthurt is delicious so

Really makes me think…


I'm enjoying the salt rn
Karl Popper said the exact same thing about communists and conservatives ate his shit up
The antifa supersoldiers were real all along
Republicans are cucks for cops, news at 11
Union songs! oh no how horrifying. Next thing you know they'll be letting dames vote!

As opposed to… you know… docile Marxists?

It's both hilarious and sad how Americans are scared to death of anything even remotely related to socialism. It's a legit phobia.

50 years of Cold War propaganda really did a number,

Who is he quoting?


You don't have to be a succdem to enjoy the schadenfreude here. All three of these people won anyway despite running against incumbents so terrified of their opposition they have to resort to shitty redbaiting mailers. I wonder how terrified they are that people saw this and still said "nah, don't give a fuck"


Read Tony Blair

I mean he's not lying

fucking hell

No one said he's lying, it's just funny how blatantly he can be on both ballots and no one even bats an eye. How can burgerland be this cucked?

Plenty of locals are mostly or even all marxist. Internet memes tho amirite?

Does USA have an actual marxist organization then?
It seems that every single one peopel mention here, someone else then comes and say they aren't real marxists, they are just soc dems europe style

Why is the right so terrible at web design?

i have had reasonable intelligent people call Sanders a communist with sincerity…
Socialism isn't coming here till all boomers and most of generation X is dead

They all vary chapter to chapter. Broadly speaking ISO/SAlt are trot, PSL is ML, and D.S.A is "broad tent" which translates to "national is socdem and local chapters vary widely" so they're harder to pin down. My local chapter has about as many unironic bordigists as there are typical bernie bros but we're an outlier.


Yeah but even BEFORE the commie came on the scene how did absolutely no one in the city go "hmmm, weird that the Dem and the Repub are the same guy who's been in his position for over two decades". They all seriously just pulled the lever checking the letter next to the name and thought to themselves "all good here nothing to worry about"

Nobody gives a shit any more. Shit's fucked, we're probably headed for +5C, the government's corrupt, people are getting poorer. It's not that people don't know better, it's that they're worn down and scared of losing what little economic security they have.

That's the current zeitgeist.

My brain agrees with you but my heart needs hope

kek, these are actually pretty good pro-D.S.A mailers to send out. Idk why republicans think that attacking someone for "not being a democrat" is a good strategy, people fucking hate democrats

also lol at the ben garrison-tier autist who made the last one

Don't give up, that's not what I'm advocating. If we give up there's zero chance. If we keep fighting we can inspire those around us to fight too and maybe we'll avoid collapse.

Yeah I haven't given up. I admit I worked hard on the campaigns in my city and I'll be damned if I won't take pride in them, and seeing the slimy establishment fucks we kicked out of office moping around is the cherry on top.

I just know that sooner rather than later I'll have to sober up and think about next steps and realize we've barely taken the first step. And it's such a long road

It's a very long road, but I think we'll be pleasantly surprised once the working class gradually becomes more conscious. Socialism isn't a dirty word any more, as proven by how terrified Porky seems to be right now.

Dear Media Matters,
Democrats are winning in areas where Hillary won in the presidential election.
Shill harder, please. The future of our children depends on it.

But that's the thing, the American PEOPLE aren't, just the elite.

European here; What are these elections all about?

Also, remember that politics tends to act like a pendulum, and what happened in the 2016 elections was a hard shove from the right. It'll swing back with comparable momentum.

They're mostly local and state elections in traditionally conservative areas.

US has weird local government; a "city" of 20k has a town council, district judges and sheriffs are elected; stuff like that. The elections were for local and state governments.

Also btw SAlt member Ginger Jentzen won in Minneapolis.

True enough. For tonight I'm just gonna get blasted with my bros and not worry about the end goal for just one night. I'm just so exhausted and want a break

lmao what? One of the guys I helped get in today unseated a Dem/Rep dual candidate as an independent. We're not out here celebrating the Northams

Yeah but if that pendulum is just swinging "back" towards some Hillary or Biden clone then I'm gonna need a strong rope

Heh the flags are back. As for pic related, I know 9 democrat, 11 independent and 3 green (not sure about the other two).

What article is that from?

Pick one, but yeah, conservatives freaking out about socdem is pretty funny and a bit pitiful.

So the dems took full control of Washington state in a byelection. If they don't immediately pass auto voter registration they are thoroughly incompetent and deserve whatever hell awaits them in the next world

I don't think you understand how "pick one" works unless you think Marxists aren't radical

Expect the worst first when talking about the dems. Anyone who expects anything less than the worst will go through life constantly disappointed

I understand I'm just not going to bottle up my frustration in the name of """"""unity"""""" anymore

Dunno, just found the SC on the Democratic Cops of America twitter-sphere.

Alo reminder that the Democratic Cops of America had 8k members last year, they had 30k at halloween. They aren't the solution, but the road to the solution.

Radicalism is not just about "being" marxist, it's about your action, your praxis, if you just sit and talk about marxism, you are not radical.

Top kek those fashy fucks are barely even trying

Memes aside, being a marxist and being a radical aren't always coincident but they're certainly not mutually exclusive

I'm curious about the Democratic Cops of America. What does your average chapter do throughout the week/month?

Really tough question to answer since the chapters are so variant. Just check out your local if you're curious, most of their shit is open

If you're not a burger and you're asking then I'll say it ranges anywhere to "sucking the local cop union organizer off 24/7" to "a mix of campaign work/organizing and social events" to "fundraising for local community outreach and strike organizing"


I honestly find loyal Democrats more repulsive than Republicans these days. Just check out the responses to this tweet.

How the fuck are the 8% of registered dems who hate Bernie and anything else vaguely left of Hillary all on twitter?

I'm sure a lot of them are paid to spew propaganda, but it still doesn't stop me seething.


Not an argument.

imagine being this scared of motherfucking succdems

The horror! Free healthcare and quality education for all!


so the unofficial left wing of the democrats? lel

To be fair rosa killers USA has attempted to stop Associating with them mostly

Right, they'll still line up and vote lesser-evil in the name of antiracism though. Nothing new under the sun for the American left!

Except that's the opposite of what they have been doing. New members have been pushing the old red liberal guard out since last year.

It doesn't matter who they push out. Are they voting Democrat or not on election day? In a legislature, can they reliably be counted on to vote Democrat on everything but capitalism? May as well consider them an arm of the Democrats, if so.


deal with it nerd, we're the only game in town B^)

Libertarian communism against social democracy and Leninism.