The absolute state of America


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freedom aint free

I'm surprised that anyone is the least bit shocked by this


Inb4 school shooting insurance and those that didn't have it will have to pay out of their own pocket for forensic clean up

your not that far off

kill yourself lol

No you retarded assblasted burger, its the fact that school shootings are such a common issue in the first place.

Take your prozac burgeranon
On a related subject, how many of the recent shooters weren't doped up on all kind of meds, prozac has been known to cause violent and homicidal behaviour and the Texas shooter had been complaining about his meds

The egregious thing is thst theyre sold, once again proving that capitslism exploits tragedy and human suffering for monetary profit, if that shit province reslly is doing this the least they could do is give them out for free
Instead of having kids dying because of lack of funds
Seriously fuck the usa

now imagine if the gun manufacturer, the bulletproof panel manufacturer, the metal detector manufacturer, the metal detector installation service, and the shooter insurance company are all owned by the same guy

Do American kids carry guns to school or something?

Knives are easier, to sneaj through, and think, what could possibly be cooler to a kid than to take doen an active shooter with his knife like something out of Naruto?

I don't have to imagine that because it's a reality.

I hate America and like 50% of burgers, but I don't disagree with them on guns. Hell, I wish I had a gun.

Maybe if you loved your kid enough you would quit being such a deadbeat parent and get a third job or a fourth mortgage on your house you lazy bums. It's not my fault if your kid winds up dead during our FREE School Shooting Ultimate Experience Packageā„¢ donated generously from our company to public schools in need.


Sorry you're to poor to live in a school district with Barracuda Intruder Defense Systems

Land of the free to get shot

Yes, Americans are the true alpha nation, teaching kids to curl up in a ball and hide under their turtle shell whenever they hear a moped backfire.

They teach them to shoot back in the general direction of the moped with their Kids Glock

I wish there more american spurdo memes, and I say this as someone who lives in burgerland. I really enjoy them.

delet this
t. pharma

that's because Britain is basically just America without any advantages

the 56% one is great too, for some reason Americans can't take the bants on it
t. burger

I can't even get mad.
Burger memes are a gift.

What even is this 56% meme?

Under communism, we will have more guns.

Anyone have the screencap of Holla Forums's reaction to Americans supporting mandatory labels on foods containing DNA?

Enjoy your kevlarless backpack for when the racist USSR invades, Europoor