Questions For "Real" Socialists

Has there ever been a True Socialistâ„¢ State?
If the answer is no, what makes you think a true socialist state is achievable, after the many many people who tried to make it a reality?
If so, why is said state in worse shape than the 50 United States of porkies?

no because socialist state is an oxymoron

read a book

To the retarded anarchist who doesn't know why we need a government.
If the answer is no, what makes you think a true socialist state is achievable, after the many many people who tried to make it a reality?

You're a fucking idiot.

A Communist state is an oxymoron,socialism NEEDS a state.

Yeah, plenty. Currently, the only states with actually-existing socialism are Cuba and the DPRK.
Because the US developed over the course of 200 years, which includes imperialism and exploitation of slave labor, whereas socialist revolutions happened almost exclusively in shitholes which got besieged afterwards to this very day. Considering their conditions, socialism proved itself to be more capable than capitalism. Practical example: The DPRK has the GDP of Rwanda. Now, I dare you to compare the life of a North Korean with your average Rwandan, this doesn't even include the fact that the DPRK is suffering from the toughest sanctions in history.


Socialism needs a state as long as there are capitalist states trying to overthrow it.

cuz without a daddy to beat me and force his cock down my throat how will i ever know how to behave?

you know once Musk and his bourgeois buddys colonize another planet, with a fully automated labour force and no scarcity, that will be communism?

lol no

i will personally slit the throat of any fuck like you i find to prevent another revolution from failing

I fucking hate talking to you fucks, If I address the honest socialists, you anfags come screeching.
If I address the ancoms, the pure commies come in screeching.

Look at you, all emotional.


Socialism is stateless, for a start, but anyway, what makes it achievable was explained a little in a small book you may have heard of called Capital.

Welcome to the left wing, where the only thing we can agree on is that we all hate one another. Membership is free, provided you sell your soul.

Almost as if we actually have different opinions and shit. Remember that everybody here wants to shill his special snowflake ideology, so of course they come screeching.

I don't support the idea of a state, but I guess if I were to play devil's advocate, I would say that the state is somewhat of a necessary evil depending on the circumstances. Maybe I wouldn't exactly mind a state, just as long as it doesn't restricted civil liberties or downplay workers' self-management

some educated

yours, not so much

Don't ask people here for answers, this place is just for shitposting. Read books.
Read Marx

Says the shitposter.

yes im sure your extensive discussions oin reddit wer highly enlightening and all the education you ever needed

read marx

Mate, your idealized socialist world can't come out. But the only chance of it happening is what said. Robots on other planets doing work, but the thing is the "Food and circus" system the roman elite held could also work this way, if you were to replace the slaves with robots. But that wouldn't really be a victor for socialism, but for our technological advancement. Anyway I really doubt you anti-money retards can colonize a planet before a corp or state can.


I would but the guy is still alive and even vice president of the Supreme People's Assembly

Yes, Cuba is such a wonderful utopian paradise, all the people who swim to the US must be insane. And you never hear stories of families sending supplies over to Cuba, because their socialist always gives them what they need.

No it is not utiopian by any means , but still after 50 years of terrible blockade by the USA, and losing their major tarde partners 25 years ago.
They still have a higer life expectancy, lower child mortality at birth or higher literacy rate than the USA and export thousand of doctors to save people in countries in need.

*Honorary Vice President of the Supreme People's Assembly

It's purely symbolic. And besides, he should have taken power after Kim Il-sung died. He would have saved the DPRK, whereas Kim Jong-il and his retarded songun policy fucked everything up.

Can we all agree that North Korea is just a neo-feudalist dictatorship at this point?

At this point yes. RIP socialism in North Korea, 1948-1972. We hardly knew ye.

The DotP necessitates a state. Socialism/communism are stateless. Read Marx.



that's not the point m8

a fully automated post-scarcity society, without private property etc etc is communist

Musk et al are capitalists extraordinaire - you don't need to be a communist to be working towards it.

It is inevitable

who has the basic economics vs advanced economics meme

beat me

How do you account for profit if it is not the surplus value extracted from labor?

So you're planning to over throw an existing colonized world, rather than making your own?


No because if I'm still a prole by then I'd be dead

Once all labour is automated the bourgys will just genocide the proletariat because half of it is like you and thinks we need leaders to follow

Mate, if a robot slave-like force were to come around, the poor would be getting free food and entertainment from the wealthy.

Even if that were the case it doesn't resolve the issues of wealth inequality and dispossession.

That stuff wouldn't matter seeing how the wealthy are poring their resources into keeping the poor happy.
How much would you care that the emperor makes more than you, if you have all comforts you need, handed to you from robot owned by the elite.
It happened in Roman, and I sure hope to god it can happen again.

the poor would be a burder on the bourgeois, as they serve no purpose other than to take up space and drain their nice new world of all it's resources

it would be hard to prevent scarcity with a society of leeches on your back, wouldnt it?



I'm only a Nazi ironically.
Mate it happened in Rome, it can happen again, and aren't you guys the ones promoting the idea that people would willingly give away their resources to help the poor?

It's not about caring that x makes more than me. It's the fact that x's wealth gives that person a position of undue influence within the politico-economic sphere. Bread and circuses are a refuge from and a compensation for the masses inability to participate in the political process in any meaningful way. You're a classcuck.

Rome was shit for the vast majority of people within it.
No. We aren't.

Yes you guys are, the ancom half is, and the honest half thinks we'd willingly stick our heads into your chains and shackles.

we're not 'giving shit away to the poor' we're allowing the poor to read the benfits of their labour, you stupid fuck. There seems to be this myth pervading capitalist society that there's this scarcity of resources like food and not everyone can consume as much as they'd like because we'd all have to be equal and then we'd have nothing, those bullshit american lies about how multiple families living in the same house and getting meager rations from the central government. In reality, we already have more than we need, america itself produces enough food to feed the world twice over but people still starve, why? capitalist profit margins. so we're taking back the shit we're owed from the bourgs, then we can have all the food, technology, and cuteboys we'd ever need. Simply put, you're a faggot who hasn 't read The Conquest of Bread. Pls do so.