Daily News Thread 11/8

Marine Le Pen loses immunity over Twitter IS images

France's parliament has stripped Marine Le Pen of immunity from prosecution over a series of grisly images she published on Twitter in 2015.

At U.N., Russia slams inquiry into toxic gas attacks in Syria

Russia rejected on Tuesday a report by an international inquiry blaming the Syrian government for a deadly toxic gas attack, casting doubt on whether the U.N. Security Council can agree to extend the investigation’s mandate before it expires next week.

May on Brink of Losing Second Top Minister in One Week

Will May fire Patel? Tory who held ‘undisclosed’ meetings with Israelis summoned back to London

Philippines' Duterte to Trump: 'Lay off' human rights when we meet

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday he would tell U.S. President Donald Trump to “lay off” if he raises the issue of human rights when they meet.

Bolivia's Evo Morales Urged to Run for 4th Term

Bolivia’s first indigenous president, Evo Morales, is being pushed by supporters to run for a 4th term.

Assad adviser says Turkish, U.S. forces 'illegal invaders' in Syria

U.S. and Turkish troops are “illegal invader” forces on Syrian territory and Syria will “deal with” them, a top adviser to President Bashar al-Assad said on Tuesday.

US deploys final missile interceptor in Alaska, efficiency claims remain dubious

The 44th and final interceptor in the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system was installed in Alaska under an Obama-era order, months before a deadline. The Trump administration is now seeking 20 more despite the system’s dubious success record.

US Admirals Probed for Trading Military Secrets for Sex

The total of 60 admirals represents double the number investigated last year, but their identities have yet to be disclosed.

Holocaust victims’ memorial stones uprooted in Berlin

Multiple “stumbling stones” bearing names of people murdered or abducted by the Nazis were uprooted overnight in Berlin, German media report. Police are investigating, and some local politicians blame far-right extremists for the theft.

Delhi schools shut for rest of week as toxic smog thickens, chokes

Delhi’s government on Wednesday ordered schools shut for the rest of the week as air pollution worsened and criticism mounted over the failure of Indian authorities to tackle the public health crisis.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia surged by almost 500% since start of Yemen War

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia have surged by almost 500% since the start of its bloody conflict with Yemen.

Cuba Celebrates the Great October Socialist Revolution

More than 182 global representatives from the parties participated in the conference in recognition of the importance of the socialist revolution.

Virginia Elects First Ever Openly Transgender Legislator

In a heated Virginia election which gave Democrats their first major victory since Trump came to power, Virginia’s first openly transgender lawmaker was decisively elected.

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How Doctors Are Getting Rich on Urine Tests for Opioid Patients

Want to turn that pain clinic into a real moneymaker? Open your own urine-testing lab and start billing Medicare.

America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just Beginning

The so-called retail apocalypse has become so ingrained in the U.S. that it now has the distinction of its own Wikipedia entry.

Saudi, Lebanon, Iran …WTF?


A Year After Trump, Democrats, Socialists, and Populists Sweep Elections



I really don’t want to defend LePen here but from that article it sounds like she’s being railroaded.

She probably deserves it for all the shit she’s done but it doesn’t sound like she did anything serious with the pictures she shared at all.

The Conservative Party keep manufacturing JUSTs at a dangerously unprecedented rate.

The Democrats fucking conquered Virginia. Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General , and House of Delegates are all in Democrat hands.

That Charlottesville protest backfired horribly.


that was exactly what it was intended to do

Yeah, then some sperg made the poor situation into a fucking catastrophe completely independent of any machinations but an autistic mind.

bonus points for bakuon

Why the hell is Turkey still in NATO

Because they know NATO can fuck up whatever they want. The Balkan Wars showed that the USA and the EU can do whatever they want, so staying in NATO is like being the butt-boy of the bullies. Yeah it sucks, but it’s better than the alternative.>>2235322

Maybe the landwhale shouldn't have thrown herself in front a moving car then.

Maybe you shouldn't entice the urine out of your bladder every fight you get into.

2018 is going to be a hell of a ride.

As someone working in management for a very well-known retailer, it's worse than people on the outside think. Workers are being asked to do more and more in less and less time, and they are unfairly punished and criticized when impossible goals are not met daily. Working off the clock has skyrocketed in my particular district. Manager-speak is the order of the day even more than when things were less terrible. Receiving 50 hours worth of freight with only 25 hours available to push. Shit is bad man, and this is only one district, one store, out of thousands.

It won't be a collapse, it'll be a fucking Hindenburg.

Wasn’t it a Sikh?

Man that's fucked.

Sounds accurate and I’m just a drone who works at a chain that nearly everyone considers “healthy”

Only Americans would consider a transgender legislator getting elected a great victory of leftism.

It's highly amusing to find out that of the 3 Payless stores I've worked at, 2 have shut down due to bankruptcy/mall closings.

Make sense though, they are resorting to those practices to stave off bankruptcy, not to just extract greater profits. This isn't regular porky action, this is scared porky action. I mean look at Kmart, that shit is collapsing and they don't even have enough assets to pay off all their debts in case of bankruptcy.



Wolfstreet has been doing great coverage of it, both retail and the auto industry are on the verge of implosion

can you pass some articles

Is the Virginia election what has Holla Forums all uppity lately? I swear there's been an increase in raids today

The quintessential burger.

Yup, tbh we're not being good sports about it but fuck that

Stupid Holla Forumsyps trough they could control meme magic.