Heavily discouraged the cult of personality around him

Explain this

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Because liberals today get triggered over the fact that he didn't make special bathrooms for fags

Liberals hated Stalin and socialism in general long before this though

Sounds like a pussy to me.

You forgot that he got democratically elected. I love it when Leftcoms point at Lenin's supposed testament which didn't favor Stalin, so what? The USSR wasn't a monarchy, which is funny, because one of the more common accusations is that Marxist-Leninists want red monarchs. Honestly I'm glad Lenin didn't got his way in the end, Lenin would have probably let the NEP continue for another decade.

Didn't realise shadowy inner council realpolitik was 'democracy'.

Maybe because of the part where he purged hundreds of thousands of old-guard bolsheviks with show trials and gas vans.

He was elected by the Supreme Soviet.

lol what, next you are saying he was responsible for a Soviet Holocaust

is this what historical illiteracy looks like?

Gas vans were used by the NKVD during the Purge. Isay Berg came up with the design.



trust a nk flag retard to not know what democracy is

The NKVD pioneered gassing as a method of execution.


a system of governance by all


guess it's not democracy

How do you define democracy? A Borg collective?

Stalin himself was not as bad as people think.

The NKVD leadership is to blame for every atrocity under stalin, and stalin didn't have very much direct control over what they did

Regards, Ukrainian

You guys are as bad as Israelis with your collective identity that's built arround a single tragic event in history.

If it wasn't for stalin and lenin you wouldn't even have a country you ungrateful little shit



Lenin invaded our country.


ukrainian slavs online are almost as butthurt as polish slavs


That's a strange way of saying Pilsudski

Explain your logic


He went to war to annex Ukraine, that is aggression.

Why do tankies insist on apologize for Soviet crimes. It's not productive. Is it more important that we worship dead socialist states or that we craft a new socialism for the current world


How is your neo-nazi government implemented by America working out for you? :^)

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Definetly the second, but I consider myself an ML (I don't now how people are that retarded to define themselves as "tankies"), but there are two reasons why it is important to take into account socialist states:
1st. To account from their erors and succeses, because just saying "it was not real socialism" when inndeed it was , actually implies we do not have lessons to learn from them (and of course also mistakes to correct)
2nd. Because the argument of calling them just "horrible" and "criminal", is unhistorical in many cases (in others no of course). And makes people specially within the left, to buy into Anti-communist propaganda, and reject the ideas that actually achieved this revolutions. Let me give you an example, lots of people who have left-leaning thoughts but are not yet politically informed, just now that the USSR was bad, so therefore they think that anything that had to do with it such as Marxism-Leninism is bad. And as such if she/he does keep thinking this (normally withouth even trying to inform himslef) she/he moves his ideological thoughts to the right, or just adquire other leftist utopian or unpractical ideals. (To give you some examples I indeed had some anarchists friends that did not even bother to read Marx or Lenin, because their ideas were upheld by the USSR)
Thats why an action of countering anticommunist propaganda is needed, and will always be.

It's a way of telling the "USSR is not real socialism" to fuck off.

which government is this?

decreed in 1952.
stalin was fucking gay


nigga how would you feel if your country was facing history's biggest military invasion?



I think you meant to say:

As good as Hitler.

And I dare to say:
He was almost better than Htiler.

It was the only good event

man you might be joking but some anarchist literally said they hate stalin because he criminalised homosexuality. im starting to think these things are connected

Come on, man. Humble-bragging is as old as time. Saying "please guys stop with all the statues you're making me blush seriously" doesn't mean he intended to. I'm fairly sure a man with undisputed and complete authority would be able to stop 10 cities and a fucking mountain, plus a lot more stuff in Eastern Europe, from being named after himself.

8/10 yes I triggered

What's the name of that soon-to-be-executed guy?

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no, u

Except he didn't and he knew this. Confirmed bullshit.

Actually there a records of private conversations and apparently Stalin really did not like the personality cult.


I'm aware of it, but again, saying it is not the same as believing it. It's common practice in politics, especially in Stalinism, not to speak the plain truth aloud even when surrounded by fellow powermongers. One must always pretend to have the best intentions in mind, even when one's company is well aware of the disingenuousness. Besides, enjoying the praise or not, he sure as fuck did nothing but token gestures to look like he tried to stop it. Lenin, who is known for a fact to have hated the burgeoning cult surrounding him, eventually admitted it did have its use in helping unite a crumbling country. Stalin really took that to heart.


Because lies don't have to be repeated often, right?

Did Hitler ever discourage his personality cult? How about Saddam Hussein? How about Mussolini? Hell even Mao blatantly and intentionally consolidated and perpetuated his.

The point is that if Stalin's intent was to intentionally craft a cult of personality it would be counter-productive to discourage it. If I'm a cult leader what exactly do I gain by trying to resign from this position over and over again? It's a universal trait of those who intentionally desire a cult to indulge in open and blatant narcissism to the nth degree and the hard evidence is that Stalin did the opposite. You can speculate all you want but until you provide actual EVIDENCE that Stalin's intention was to actively pursue a personality cult rather than discourage it your argument doesn't hold water

What Stalin thought of the cult surrounding him is unclear. Like Lenin, Stalin acted modestly and unassumingly in public. John Gunther wrote in 1936 that "He is the only dictator who is serene", citing Stalin's politeness and good manners to visitors.[3] In the 1930s Stalin made several speeches that diminished the importance of individual leaders and disparaged the cult forming around him, painting such a cult as un-Bolshevik; instead, he emphasized the importance of broader social forces. Stalin's public actions seemed to support his professed disdain of the cult: Stalin often edited reports of Kremlin receptions, cutting applause and praise aimed at him and adding applause for other Soviet leaders.[21] Walter Duranty stated that Stalin edited a phrase in a draft of an interview by him of the dictator from "inheritor of the mantle of Lenin" to "faithful servant of Lenin".[3] Additionally, in 1936, Stalin banned renaming places after him.[22] Gunther noted, however, that he sometimes spoke of himself in the third person.[3]
To some degree, Stalin accepted the Soviet people's dedication to him as an embodiment of the Party, but he discouraged all interest in his private and family life, and divulged only limited personal information.[22] He rarely appeared in public, by the mid-1930s had met only seven foreign journalists for formal interviews, and during the first five-year plan made no speeches or public appearances for 18 months.[3] The Finnish communist Arvo Tuominen reports a sarcastic toast proposed by Stalin at a New Year Party in 1935 in which he said, "Comrades! I want to propose a toast to our patriarch, life and sun, liberator of nations, architect of socialism [he rattled off all the appellations applied to him in those days] – Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, and I hope this is the first and last speech made to that genius this evening."[23]

It seems that Stalin generally aceppted the cult around his name, but didn't really felt comfortable with it

Yeah this is really a good argument to show that Stalin was actually alright with the cult the whole time

To me, it really seems like he personally thought the cult of personality was fucking stupid, and didn't like it when people kissed his ass too much, but that he still realized that it was useful to some extent.

This is categorically different then intentionally creating, fostering, and perpetuating it.



Whom are you quoting?

This is exactly why I can't stand Anarchists.
They say the USSR wasn't Socialist meanwhile resorting to leftcom arguments that basically make even Anarcho-Communism "not real socialism".
Really they are just upset because nobody wants them walking around smoking weed and fucking men in the ass.

You retarded fucking ☭TANKIE☭. The whole reason there was a kulak problem was because Stalin let the NEP go on for too long. If Lenin lived, he would have ended it before things got so out of hand.


not democracy

Different yet very relateed. If it was useful, he had a direct motive to foster it. Let's face it, it wouldn't have reached the heights it did without him at least nudging it along.

if that's not Democracy then what is an existing one?

or I should've said "what's an example of democracy that's existed?"



The most charitable interpretation possible is that the bourgeoisie idea of individualism subsumed and destroyed the idea that the "good life" could be one lived towards societal rather than individual ends. In this light any society that doesn't give us a million cosumeristic and faux-moralistic choices is a bad one and probably tyranny. If I cant like wooooah be "myself" man, then your society is like too far out and conservashit for my starbucks progressive sensibilities.

It's literally the other way around

Liberals can't into history

Lenin would have let the NEP continue way longer than Stalin.

Which would have been the right thing to do, Read Zizek and Lenin 2017.

party van > gas van

Rule by: the people

If unelected people elect their leader from among them, that's not democracy.